tagErotic CouplingsAustin In The Summer

Austin In The Summer


It was my first week away from home. Inside myself I could feel all of these new things, the nervousness of being in a new place surrounded by new things and at the same time the excitement of it all. Things were good though. Equipped with my smile, the kind of smile that says 'I want to be your friend,' I started to meet people and slowly become comfortable in my new life.

I find when I'm nervous or too much is going on in my life, I like to go for a run. It helps me refocus and keeps me in the shape I've become accustom to. I changed into my running clothes and I was off to the track.

Austin in the summertime, it's hot and humid. As I walked along the track warming up for my run, I scanned the horizon. The promise of a beautiful sunset ran through my mind as I started to jog along the track, which made me smile my cute little smile. I think that's when he first saw me slowly jogging away from him. As he entered the track my shapely legs and cute ass swaying from side to side catching his attention as I left his field of vision.

I didn't notice him at first as he was behind me but he must have seen me. He decided to head in the opposite direction on the dirt track hoping to cross paths with me face to face. As I approached, I didn't notice him, but he must have noticed me. Taking in my long brown hair bobbing above my angelic face as I slowly jogged in the opposite direction. Unknowingly I must have smiled that smile of mine and he was hooked. He wanted to be part of the world that makes me smile that smile. He was immediately hooked.

Looking me over, he took my body in wrapped in very short maroon jogging shorts that clung to me so tightly you could almost see my feminine folds between my long legs. Accenting my breasts, I also wore a very tight baby T that hugged my body in a way that you could almost see my nipples through the material. My shirt was short enough that you could see the sexy lines of my flat stomach and the arch of the small of my back.

As I passed the usually confident guy, he stared at my sexy little body and was reduced to a bumbling idiot. By this point I noticed him too. He was older then the other boys I've been with, a man and not a boy. As he walked, I could see a slight bulge in his khaki shorts. I thought I must have had something to do with that the way he was staring at me. I took a deep breath, collected myself, while he managed to squeek out a "Hi' still staring at me. I smiled briefly and responded with a friendly "hi" of my own as I passed him and went on my way along the track.

Looking over my shoulder after I had passed him, I noticed he did a complete 180 to stare at my tight little ass as I disappeared into the distance. He started to second guess himself, not believing his stupidity of stopping me to talk while he had his chance. He ran his hand over his forehead trying to make sense of the moment that just passed him and decided he wanted another chance, he had to see where this would go, he had to pursue her.

With the size of the track, he knew it would be another 20 min's before he saw her again, what to do. Should he head the other way, trying to run into her again or should he play it cool and await her return. It seemed like an eternity as he pondered what to do, why was he feeling this, he's always so cool around women but this was different. He could feel her inside him, he needed her but he didn't know why. There was just something about her...

Opportunity presented it's self again while he stood there like a lost child trying to figure out what to do. Venus had smiled on him as I was jogging closer and closer, it was his lucky day. This was his moment, he would either talk to me, get me to talk to him, or die trying.

With his confidence back in tact just at the right time, I approached the spot he was standing and in an almost cocky yet charming way he said "how are you today?" His eyebrow cocked slightly as he asked the question and openly checked me out. I hate to admit it but I could feel something stirring inside of me, I was getting a little wet. He walked closer to me, enticing me to stop jogging and chat for a moment.

I can't say why now but I did stop to chat. Before I knew it, I found myself in a conversation with this, this man. "I'm okay...just out for a jog," I replied as I looked around. What else would I be here for, I thought to myself.

"I haven't seen you around here before, are you new?"

"umm...yeah, I'm just about to start up school here."

"It's a beautiful place, you'll learn that the more you get used to it", he said as he motioned towards the skyline.

"I noticed that, I just love it here when the sun sets. But it's humid here." As I said this, I unknowingly pulled my shirt away from my sticky body, exposing more of my stomach.

"First time away from home?"

"Yes, first time living away from home anyway."

"It's never easy, is it?"

"Not leaving my family and friends, no, but with everything around me new...I have to admit, it has me excited of what's to come."

Without knowing it, we started to walk together as we talked. Making our way around the track, through the park, we continued to get deeper and deeper in conversation. I noticed him as he became more engrossed in me. His eyes kept scanning my body. From my long legs, up to my ass, my hips, they way the curved into my tight little waist, up to my breasts, and finally pausing when he would stare directly into my eyes. I could see how he studied me, never pausing for too long in one area but taking me all in. As the conversation went on, I could see he became more confident in his abilities. His body language became more seductive as he walked closer along side me. Innocently brushing up against me every now and then, flashing that cocky smile as he did so.

He made everything seem so natural between the two of us. He didn't force anything, it just seemed like things were headed where they were supposed to. Very simply, very innocently, he turned the conversation to more personal matters.

"I'll bet your boyfriend was sad to see you leave him when you left for school"

"I wasn't attached to anyone when I came here, I knew it was coming so It was easier that way"

"You're telling me you haven't had a boyfriend?" He looked at me in a way that made me blush when he emphasized the word 'you.'

"I didn't say that, I just didn't have a boyfriend when I left for school."

"So you have had boyfriends then."

"Of course..."

"How many have been lucky enough?"

"To date me?"

"To get...close to you"

I smiled before answering "Two...only two."

The conversation continued like this. We talked about past boys and girls we each had been with as well as our likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom. We continued to talk about these very personal items but the way he went about it made it all seem so fun and playful as if there was no weight to the conversation we were having. But like any conversation revolving around sex, things slowly became more intense. I could see the passion building in his eyes as he imagined the things I was explaining. I glanced down once or twice and could see that bulge once again in his pants.

Just as things were getting heated to the point I felt I was going to burst inside, he lightened the mood doing a very childlike thing. "The playground equipment is calling me," he said as he smiled and took me by the hand. He led me to the swings and in an instant all that tension was gone. I just love those moments when I get to forget everything and play like a child again.

Sitting beside me in his own swing we pushed off the ground. We took turns seeing who could go higher then the other, I found myself laughing opening. Not only at the fun I was having but the situation it's self. Two grown people in a kids playground laughing and playing about. After the swings it was the merry go round. We took turns spinning each other round and round. Even though it was all in good fun, there were these very seductive moments. The way he stared at me as he stood on the outskirts of the merry go round and spun my body round and round. Or when we were done with one thing and moved on to another, he was always very close to me, always touching me. His hand on my forearms, or the tips of his fingers against the small of my back, making the little hairs on my body stand on end, it was electric.

After spinning my head not only with the event of the day but also the merry go round, he took me by the arm as we headed deeper into the park. As we walked further away from the playground, disappearing from sight, we saw a gazebo. What is it they say, timing is everything...it was in this instant. From above a light warm rain started to trickle down upon us, it made me smile and look up to the skies.

He jogged ahead of me, stepping up into the gazebo and waited for me, holding out his hand. As I reached him I took a step up onto the old wood floor with my now wet shoes and slipped. I didn't fall far, I fell right into his arms. Awkward at first, we both paused and fell silent, but fate made its presence known as our eyes met in a dreamy gaze...that's when he kissed me.

I heard the rain falling around the gazebo, I felt his lips touch mine. His first kiss was a short, soft kiss, he moved ahead with caution at first. When he felt my lips respond to his, he kissed me longer, more intensely. Still a soft kiss, his lips interlacing with mine, taking my bottom lip between his. I felt a slow trace of his tongue sliding against my lower lip and felt a tingle starting between my legs. There were defiantly sparks in that kiss, but it was sweet, the way he didn't push too hard, move to fast.

Still in his arms as he kissed me, I felt one of his hands running against the small of my bare back while his other hand cradled my neck, lightly pulsing against my skin. The wetness of the rain against my skin had a cooling effect on my body but I felt the warm of his body radiating against mine. He slowly lowered my body to the floor of the gazebo, kissing me all the while.

When I felt my shoulders and ass touch the floor, he pulled away from our kiss. Stopping for a moment to look into my eyes, I looked back in a dreamy haze...I wanted more with him. When his lips pressed against mine again there was more passion, I tasted him as his tongue pushed past my lips and entered my mouth. I felt his tongue slide the length of mine, pushing firmly against me, his lips mashing into mine, the pace becoming more fevered.

Opening my eyes yet again, I could sense the romance of this moment, the light drizzle of rain around us, the sun beginning to set on the horizon, the moment had just as much of an impact on me as he did. Knowing this was going to go further, he lifted me off the floor of the gazebo and led me to a more secluded area. As he walked me to our destination, he held me closely, pressing his fingers against the small of my back, running down against the waist of my shorts pulling me closer against him. When he stopped, we turned staring into each others eyes. I don't know if it was the moment but when I looked into his eyes I saw indescribable colors, colors I've never seen before...it must have been the passion in his eyes I was seeing.

He grabbed me hard, pulled me close against him. I could feel the firmness of his hands against the small of my back, the tightness of his chest as he pressed against my soft breasts, I could also feel that bulge, pressing against my stomach. Kisses of sex filled my mouth, wetter, hotter than before. I wanted more, I needed more, I wanted him inside me the same way his tongue was inside my mouth. Our bodies almost steaming in the rain, I could feel beads of water running down his face off my hair, trickling down my back. He kissed me again, my entire body rang with a shudder of anticipation when his hands slide down my waist and wrapped around my ass.

I moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid into the crack of my ass, squeezing each cheek tightly with his firm hands. I could feel his cock growing between us, I moaned again but this time in surprise. He was much bigger then anything I have seen or experienced before.

I've never even dreamed of letting a guy kiss me like he was after just meeting him. I have to admit, I was swept up in this moment, this moment with him. His kisses, the way he touched me, left me stirring inside the way no other man had. As his fingers pressed into my ass, his lips wetly pressing against mine. His tongue dancing around my tongue in a way I can only describe as confident. He didn't push too hard against my tongue but it wasn't the feel of an unsure soft touch either. He was the kind of guy that made me go week in the knees and wet between my legs with passion. He knew what he was doing, I knew what he was doing, I couldn't say no...

I was struggling inside though. I could feel the guilt of my actions, knowing I was about to fuck a man who's name I didn't even know, colliding with the feelings of passion. But his kisses, the romantic aura of the rain, the sunset, and the warmth of his body against me pushed the scales in his favor. I wanted his cock inside me.

Moving away from my mouth, his lips left a trail of kisses along my neck. Feeling his tongue pressing against my neck through his lips was driving me only wilder, getting me wetter then the rain ever could. Leaning down my body from kissing my neck, his hands slid off the cheeks off my ass and ran to the backs of my thighs. I could feel his fingers dig into the inside of my thighs, sending jolts up to my pussy, and in one motions, he had lifted my feet off the ground and held me against him. His cock pressing directly against my wet little pussy I couldn't help but feel my hips thrust forward grinding my pussy hard against the back of his cock.

Before I knew it, we went from being vertical to horizontal as he laid me down in the wet grass. His firm hands sliding from under my thighs, over my hips, stopping to give my waist a little squeeze before moving his hands up further. I aided him, pulling my shoulders just high enough off the ground to feel his hands run up my sided, taking my shirt with them. When his hands ran under my arm, I could feel his thumbs at the base of my breasts, his finger wrapping around the side to give them a squeeze before removing my shirt from my body. Exposing my breasts and tummy to his eyes, I could feel a jolt of nerves and excitement run through me. His eyes weren't enough, his hands followed his eyes, running up my stomach, circling my breasts. I could feel his lips kiss along my collarbone sending the waves of his kisses down my body and radiating in my pussy.

As his lips reached one of my nipples, his finger teased the other. Running his finger tip from side to side over the hard center of my nipple, his tongue swirling around my other nipple. My body was on fire, I could feel my hips gyrating against the ground, he made me so hot, I wanted more. He ran his finger from my breast to the center of my chest and up my neck. His finger tips against my neck sent shivers down my back causing it to arch upwards. My head tilted back, my breathing heavy, I felt his finger slide between my lips into my mouth. I wrapped my lips tightly around his finger sucking and swirling my tongue around him. I wanted more...His moist finger trailed back down my chest reaching my nipple again. He began to swirl his finger around my nipple, much the same as his tongue against my other breast. He knew what he was doing. He was driving me wild...

His lips slid away from my breast to the center of my chest. Kissing down the center line of my tummy first, then back up between my breasts. I could feel his thumb and finger press against each side of my nipples. With my nipples between his fingers he pressed them together, pinching me tightly. This caused me to inhale deep holding my breath. His tongue ran up the side of my neck as he rolled his fingers, twisting my nipples. With a deep exhale I let out a loud moan, pushing my back hard against the ground. I was excited like I had never been, the wet grass blades tingling my back and legs like millions of little lasers to coincide with the feeling of his hands and lips against my body.

He kissed my neck again and in a breathy whisper he said "I can't believe I'm here with the most incredibly beautiful, amazingly sexy, woman of my dreams. I could get lost in your gorgeous body, I can't stop touching you, you are the sexiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on."

Releasing the grip on my breasts, his hands slide down my stomach. I could feel his finger tips running against the goose bumps of my skin sliding lower, lower, past my shorts against my thighs. His fingers slide to the inside of my thigh turning to feel the outline of my pussy. I could feel a finger slide up and down each one of my lips, he could feel how wet I was. I thrust my hips up, wanting to feel his fingers push harder against me, I wanted his fingers, hell I wanted his cock, buried deep inside my pussy.

His tongue lapped up the beads of rain on my stomach while his fingers slid up each of my hips, curling down into the waistband of my shorts and panties. Sliding each down my thighs, past my knees and off my legs. I saw a grin creep across his face when he looked down to see my smooth, hairless, pussy lips. His tongue first made contact with the hood of my clit. I let out a very vocal moan as I could feel my clit sliding beneath his warm, wet tongue. My hips had a mind of their own, I couldn't stop sliding them back and forth as his lips pressed down on either side of my clit, sucking gently as his tongue flicked against it. His tongue started to move faster, the faster my hips bucked up against his mouth. He pressed his hand firmly between my hips, against my stomach, holding me steady as his tongue worked against my pussy. With his free hand, He pressed two fingers deep into me. His tongue steadily flicking up against my clit. My tummy tightened as I grew close to orgasmic bliss, he knew I was close.

In a moment of surprise, my back arched tightly as he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and slide one into my ass. I had never had that done to me before, I had never felt that. Before I was able to think anything else I felt he tongue slide down and push into my wet pussy. I exploded, that new sensation of feeling something in my ass as my pussy was being eaten, I couldn't control myself. My orgasm swept over my body starting from deep inside and traveled like a freight train rumbling down my legs to my toes and all through my tummy, and breast, I even felt it in the tips of her hair. "Ohhhh YEESsss!!..." I moaned. He did it, he had made me scream like no other man has. I could feel every vibration run through my body, I couldn't stop trembling.

Passion filled me, I couldn't stop shaking but I needed more, I needed him to fuck me. I pulled him up and onto me before turning him over where I was on top of him. Now I had the control but not the patients. Undressing him quickly, I kissed down his stomach to the tip of his cock. My lips opened, pushing the head of his cock into my mouth. Glancing up to see his reaction, I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and saw his eyes roll back. Taking him deeper into my mouth, sliding his cock against the back of my throat, I heard a moan from deep inside him. Bobbing my head up and down, my eyes looking up watching his face, I felt his hips start to move with the motion of my mouth. He began to twitch in my mouth, letting me know how well I was sucking his cock, my pussy was tingling with anticipation.

I wanted him inside me now. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I pushed off against the ground, sliding up his body. Leaning down I kissed him. A slow lingering kiss as my hips slid downwards, feeling my pussy lips slide down the base of his cock. My hips came to a rest, he felt so big inside me, I could feel him pulsing against the walls of my pussy. Finally, the kiss broke, he let out a loud "Fuck me..."

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