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Austrian rambling


Last summer my wife Sara and I went on a walking holiday to Austria. There were two group leaders that led the walks from our base hotel in a mountain valley. Each day we had the option of the harder or easier walk. So for the first walk we took the hard option with the younger members of the group. We were out for 6 hours and some steep assents were involved. Sara was not up for that again the next day but insisted that I sould go while see took the easier option.

I was out for another 6 hours but was free to enjoy the senary without Sara's moaning. When I got back I found Sara sittiing at the outside bar with four mature guy's. She introduced me to them and we exchanged descrptions of our days walks before we headed off to change for dinner. After dinner we returned to the bar and I inroduced Sara to young lady called Jane that I had talked to during my walk. After a while Sara made a trip to the ladies room but was waylaid on the way back by John, one of the guys she had introduced me to earlier. And so I found myself alone in the company of Jane which was quite nice but having not spent time with Sara that day I was a bit put out to have been left. At about 10:30 we thought it would be appropriate to turn in as another long walk was scheduled high in the mountains the next day. I told Sara my intentions and she said she would be up in a bit. So I mounted the stairs to the first floor where our room was with Jane who's room was along the same corridor. we reached Janes room first and to my surprise she went to kiss me as we said goodnight.
Politly I did not pull away and received a warm kiss on my lips. Jane had a little twinkle to her eyes as she shuted the door behind her. I went off to bed and my thoughts were distracted from my missing wife by that last look form Jane.

The next day proved to be a warm one and so it was decided to cut the walk a little short which ment we had somee time at a bar whilst waiting for the bus back. Jane had been rather flirtasious during the day and bbeing tempted I thought I should engage others in conversation to distract me. As a lot of the group were couples it seemed easiest to chat to a young guy on his own, who turned out to be from Chelmsford and was called Andy. he was a very interesting and knowledgable young man and sat with Jane and I waiting for the bus.

That evening was rather like the previous, the main difference was thta I got left with both Jane and Andy while Sara flirted with John and his mates. I decided to join them and found that they were in fact very good company. Asked which walk I would go on the next day my reply was the easier walk with Sara.

The next day was the last walk before the offical days break in the program and dawned very sunny and warm. The walk was up through the tree line past a high lake the meander back through some forest. By mid day the sun was at its peak and we were about half an hour short of the lake. It was decided to continue on to the lake for our lunch break. When we got there the water looked very cooling and inviting. Our group consited of John, his three mates another couple of mature gennts who had come together and the walking leader who was also a bit on the mature side. John asked the leader Peter if it was safe to swim in the lake and wheen given the affermative stripped off and waded in. His three mates did like wise and followed him in. I watched Sara as she watched the wade into the lake. It must have been rather cool as one of the guys soon started making his way out of the water, his cock looking rather small and chilled. Suddenly Sara said she was going in and took off her boots, socks, shorts and her lycra top. She then made her way to the alke in just her pale blue panties. She swam towards John and then turned and came back towards the shore. She looked georgous as she came out breasts hanging free aand clinging damp panties.

We did not have towls with us but the hot sun would soon dry Sara if she laid out on the grass.
She lay on her back watching three naked men emerge from the lake. John came over and engaged Sara in conversation, he lay next to her and she joked about his little cold cock. He told her not to worry it would soon be back to size. Sara turned onto her front and asked me to pull her panties off, wring them out and lay the on the rucksack to dry. John's cock started to grow and pretty soon he was erect. Sara told him he did not need to impress her any more and to put it away. He souted for his mates to bring hi sthings over and so they trotted over still in the buff. Sara said her arse was getting burnt rolled over, stood up in front of the guys, picked up her panties and put the back on. Then she took the sun cream from her bag and covered her torso in the sticky cream. Now there were four hard cocks that needed puttiing away. And so we prepared to set off walking again. When wee did it was at aslow pace as there were still laarge boulges inn the guys shorts.

After a while we got to the woodland and Sara asked if the group would wait while she went of a piss and went off the path into the trees. However John fopllowed with his mates and myslef close behind him. Sara had got her panties around her angle and quating for a pee. "Can't you go and pee somewhere else?" she called. Johns response was to get his rock hard cock out and ask how he was expected to pee like that. "Have a wank" said Sara standing up and pulling back her shorts and panties. John said he would find it easier if he had her lovey boobs as a target.
"Come on then you dirty barstard" she said, again pulling off heer lycra top and expsing her boobs which now sported rather erect nipples. She knelt before John and hed started wanking infront of her face. Sara looked at him sternly and told him her boobs only as she lent back and braced her hand son thhe floor behind her. The other guys had now got their cocks out and the other 3 guys were wondering over to see where we had got to. John sprayed a thick load of spunk onto her chest and asked about the other. "OK them too" was Sara's reply. So I watched as the guys lined up and each one came on her boobs. She stood up not being able to stay kneeling any longer. The spunk strted to slowly run from her chest.

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