tagGroup SexAuthor, Author! Ch. 02

Author, Author! Ch. 02


The morning sun woke Julia from a deep slumber. She was curled in a soft feather bed, naked as usual beneath a thin sheet. Sunlight glowed on her blonde hair and a faint smile played across her lips as she stretched and sighed. The sheet fell away from her pert breasts, and she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her golden skin and pink nipples. Her body was pleasantly sore, as though from a good workout. Her smile widened as she considered her adventure from the previous day:

She had been staying in a friend's cabin so she could finish writing her novel when she met Eric, a handsome farm hand working in a field nearby. He was charming and ruggedly attractive, and Julia admitted to herself that she was a bit starved for male attention. A hectic career as a successful author had left her little time for relationships.

A brief, unsubtle seduction allowed Julia to discover that Eric also had a beautiful, large cock, with which he fucked her throughout the afternoon and evening. She reached down to softly stroke her pussy at the memory -- Eric had fucked her hard and fast, and she'd loved it. He'd left with the promise that he'd be back working in the nearby field the next day. Today.

With that thought, Julia realized she could hear a clanging coming from outside, and knew it was him. He'd been assembling a large irrigation rig, and was apparently not done. She drew her hand away from her clit, already wet at the thought of him. With a deep breath of morning air, Julia slid out of bed and took a shower.

While the cabin was secluded, with no neighbors for miles, it did have electricity and a water heater fueled by propane tanks. So Julia was able to take a luxurious, hot shower. She shaved her legs and even trimmed her pubic hair. She'd always had light, soft hair, so she didn't shave it completely, just trimmed it down, preferring a nice faint triangle of hair. After the shower, she dried and put on a hint of make-up, just some lip gloss and a little eye liner. Summer sun had left her face lightly freckled and golden-skinned. Julia didn't bother to put on any clothes at all.

She walked toward the front door of the cabin, her heart thumping with excitement. She figured she would give Eric a nice morning surprise. Slipping a pair of flip-flops onto her feet, Julia opened the door and walked out into the morning sun totally naked. It felt wonderful, and she loved the freedom that the isolated cabin offered. She could see Eric working on the irrigation pipes on the other side of the fence, crouched down and whacking them into place with a hammer. A dusty pickup truck stood a few feet away.

As Julia approached the fence, she called out in a teasing voice, "Hey, Eric." He looked up smiling, but when he saw her lack of clothes, his eyes widened and he seemed about to say something. At that moment, another voice called out.

"Eric, did you say something?" A young man stood and stepped out from behind the truck, looking toward Eric with a confused look on his face. Julia made a high-pitched squeak of surprise, and the young man turned and saw her for the first time. His jaw dropped and he yelled "Whoa!"

Julia had nothing to hide behind. She made a half-hearted effort to cross her arms in front of her and cover up slightly. Both Eric and the other man were staring at her. "Who is he?" she asked, sounding exasperated.

Eric spoke up. "That's Desmond. He's a college intern. They sent him out with me today to help, since I didn't get much work done here yesterday." With that, he cracked a wry smile.

Desmond turned to Eric. "That's her? Wow, I thought you were making it all up."

At this, Julia was outraged. Forgetting her modesty, she put her hands on her hips, frowning and stomping her foot as she berated Eric. "All that fun we had yesterday, and not even 24 hours go by before you're bragging about the conquest to your friends, huh?" With each foot stamp, her breasts bounced. "I thought you were a nice guy. Jerk!"

Eric stood up, took his hat off, and looked contrite. "I didn't mean it that way, Julia. I'm sorry. He's just a college kid and we were talking this morning, before he got assigned to come with me. I didn't think he'd actually be here." Desmond, for his part, was staring dumbly at Julia's tits.

Julia wasn't really mad. She just didn't know how to react, finding her self standing naked in a field in front of a complete stranger. She sighed and said, "It's not really a big deal Eric. You just surprised me, him being here." She noticed Desmond's stare and returned it. He was probably 20, with dark curly hair and dark eyes, a clean shaven face and a lanky build. Julia's shoulders sagged as she realized his presence meant she wouldn't be able to have her way with Eric today. Then she had an idea. As bold and wicked as she'd been yesterday, this was really crazy. Her heart sped up again. "Hey, Desmond, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Me? No, not right now. Broke up with my high school girlfriend last semester."

Julia thought for a moment. She wasn't covering herself at all. She couldn't believe what she was about to do, so before she could talk herself out of it, she said it. "Could both of you boys come over here? I need help with something."

Desmond looked questioningly at Eric, who shrugged. They both climbed through the fence and walked up to Julia. She smiled at Eric and held out her hand to him, which he took gently. His blue eyes were squinting against the sun. Julia ran a hand down his solidly built chest, then up to tousle his sandy hair. Eric was about ten years older than Julia, who was in her mid-20s, and she found him extremely attractive. For that matter, Desmond was pretty hot too. She held out her hand to him, then pulled both men's hands toward her, directing them to cup her breasts.

They stood there for a few minutes, each of them gently caressing a breast, stroking her nipples, and sliding their hands across her silky skin. The chirping of birds was the only sound until Julia spoke. "Would you boys like to come inside the cabin with me for a little while?"

Desmond looked overjoyed, but Eric looked back toward the irrigation rig. "Julia, you know I would dearly love to, but if we don't get that done today, I'll probably be fired."

Julia looked so crestfallen he immediately added, "But there's two of us here working, and I'll bet we can get it done by lunchtime. Once we're done with that, we're free for the day."

"Allright," Julia purred. The men turned to head back to work, but Julia grabbed their waistbands and held them back, turning them toward her. "But how about we release a little tension here first? It'll only take a few minutes."

She dropped to her knees in the soft grass and began fumbling with the buttons and zippers of their jeans. That was when she noticed her hands were shaking. It was as if she were watching herself in a movie. She couldn't believe she was being this slutty. If word of this ever got out, she could only imagine the headline. "Best-selling author brazen slut!" It didn't stop her though. With some assistance, she soon had Eric's penis free of his jeans, and fished out Desmond's as well. "Damn, is it something in the water around here?" she exclaimed. Desmond's cock was hot, hard and almost as big as Eric's.

And that's how Julia found herself on her knees, stark naked, in broad daylight, in the middle of a field, with a big dick in each hand. She stroked slowly, enjoying the firmness of the flesh. Looking up, she saw that Eric was grinning like he'd just won the lottery. Desmond looked half dazed and half terrified. She leaned her head forward and licked the tip of his head. That seemed to break the spell he was under -- he ran his hand through her silken hair and smiled too. "This is amazing," he said.

Julia agreed, but didn't say it out loud. Instead, she plunged her warm mouth down onto Desmond's cock, taking about half the length at once. He gasped and she moaned. It was a great cock to suck on, so she occupied herself for a few moments doing just that. She kept a hand working Eric's dick at the same time. Then she switched and took Eric into her mouth. For some time she continued in that manner, moving back and forth between cocks, always jerking off the one not in her mouth. Desmond and Eric stared down in disbelief. Julia was extremely pretty, fresh and natural looking with her blonde hair, petite body and dusting of freckles. Yet she was stuffing their cocks into her mouth one after the other, slurping on their dick meat like it was her last meal. Julia was smiling the entire time, finally sitting back and using her hands to pump their penises, wet with saliva.

"I know you have to get your work done, so how about you boys come all over me right now? Then we can play more later?"

"Fuck yeah," Desmond responded. Julia quickened her pace stroking their cocks, then moved in front of Desmond to take him into her mouth. She bobbed and sucked at him, working to get him off quickly. Eric moved closer, and she stroked his dick just inches from her face. Desmond began to thrust his cock into her mouth with short, rapid strokes. Julia moaned as he came, filling her mouth with several warm spurts of come. She stroked out every drop, but she was still sucking fresh come from the tip when Eric lost control. With her left hand, she continued jerking him. Since Desmond's cock was filling her mouth, Eric's load splattered across her face. She was so preoccupied with the mouthful of come she already had, Julia couldn't aim very well, so come shot onto her cheek, her upper lip and the bridge of her nose, with some blasts spraying droplets into her hair.

It all happened in a matter of seconds. She pulled Desmond's cock from her mouth and swallowed his load, then turned and directed Eric's still spurting cock into her mouth. She caught the last of it on her tongue and swallowed that as well. She grinned up at them, idly stroking her hands slowly along each dick. They were both speechless at first, enjoying the sensations of their orgasms and taking in the vision of a cute blonde splattered with their come kneeling happily before then.

"You are one hell of a girl, Julia," Eric said.

"That was unreal," Desmond added. "Thank you, Julia. Wow."

Julia sat there happily. She could feel come slowly dripping off of her face, down onto her shoulders and tits. "Well, guess I should go get cleaned up. Just knock when you guys are done working."

Eric and Desmond agreed heartily, fastened their pants, and went to work with a vengeance, both speaking admiringly of Julia the entire time. Julia went inside and washed herself off. She figured it would be couple of hours until they finished, so she got dressed and tried to get some writing done. It occurred to her that she could just stay naked, but she suddenly felt a bit shy about what she had done.

Around two o'clock, she heard a knock at the door. Julia was bursting with excitement. She hadn't touched herself at all, but she'd been horny since she woke up, and sucking off both guys had driven her wild. The tension inside her felt like she was plugged directly into a wall outlet. She hardly got any writing done, her thoughts constantly spinning and thinking about the fact that she was planning to let two guys fuck her. "I'm going to get double-teamed," she thought, and wondered if she'd be able to tell the story to her best friend once she got home. She'd never done anything like it, nor even imagined that she might.

Julia and the two farm workers tried to act casual, but the expectation was in the air. Both boys were starved from a day of hard work, and not a little sweaty, so Julia suggested they take turns showering while she prepared lunch. She made a potato salad and they grilled some burgers, but for a change, Julia made Eric and Desmond stay naked after their showers. She couldn't help but laugh at the situation, with her the only one wearing clothes. After accidentally brushing up against them a few times, she noticed they were already growing erect. Lunch was an incredible tease as Julia casually stripped off her shorts and t-shirt throughout the meal, never letting them touch her. But finally, the food was gone and all three of them were naked.

Julia stood and went up to both men. She ran her hands over their chests and stomachs, trailing down to playfully touch their rapidly hardening dicks. Just as they moved to return her caresses, she scampered out of reach, grabbed and blanket and skipped to the door." Have to catch me first!" Then she disappeared through the doorway.

Eric and Desmond ran to the doorway, only to find that Julia had spread the blanket on the grass a few feet away, and was lying there in wait. "Oops, you caught me."

She patted the blanket of either side of her. "Lie down." Once they were reclined on the ground beside her, she turned on her side to face Eric, snuggling against him and kissing him heatedly. Desmond pressed himself against her backside, his cock trapped throbbing against her ass. He kissed the back of her neck as Julia began to slowly grind her pussy against Eric's hip. She jacked Eric's cock with her left hand while Desmond reached around from behind and groped her breasts. When she turned over again, facing Desmond now, he reached down to her pussy and found it soaking wet. As he fingered her, Julia relaxed on her back and jerked off both Eric and Desmond. She loved having a dick in each hand to play with, and felt very relaxed and comfortable with these two. The warm summer sun shining down on them and the cool breeze blowing across their skin felt exquisite.

After a few minutes of stroking and fingering, Julia was ready for more. "I want you to take turns fucking me now," she said. "Desmond first, since Eric already had some." There was laughter as Desmond got up to his knees and moved to Julia's legs. She spread them with a smile, and Desmond looked down at her. Julia's pussy was pink and cute, covered with soft, blonde fur. Eric hadn't moved, so she continued working her fist up and down his meat. Desmond used some saliva to moisten his cock, then pressed it against Julia's lips. She'd been so turned on and so wet all day that her pussy was open like a blooming flower, and he hardly waited at all before sliding straight in. Julia gave a happy "Ooooh," and soon the air was filled with grunts and gasps of pleasure.

Desmond held himself up with his arms in a pushup position and pumped himself into Julia's pussy with long, steady strokes. She ran her free hand all over his body, grabbing his ass, tweaking his nipples, the other hand still on Eric's cock. She felt like she could come at any moment, but resisted the temptation to touch her clit. He wanted to savor the feeling before she finally let herself have her long-delayed orgasm. "Ok, switch."

Eric practically leapt up as Desmond moved out of the way, kneeling on the blanket beside Julia. She cried out as Eric shoved his thick cock into her in one thrust, spreading her legs even farther apart. Her hand found Desmond's dick, slick with her pussy juice, and she tried to concentrate enough to give him a decent handjob as Eric started slamming into her. Desmond seemed taken aback by the force of Eric's fucking. Julia noticed his surprise. "When it's your turn again," she said, "I want you to fuck me this hard too."

The physical sensation of Eric's abdomen slamming into her clit, his cock filling her aching pussy, became too much for her. She finally reached down between them and rubbed her fingers rapidly against her clit. It only took a few strokes and then she was exploding, her back arching, toes curling, yelling and gasping filthy words, her vision even going black for a second as pleasure suffused her mind and body. Three words kept going through her mind: "I love cock!"

Then her vision cleared and she realized Eric was no longer in her, and she had let go of Desmond. She also noticed that she was actually saying those words out loud, in a shaky, distant voice. "I love cock, I love cock, I love cock." Eric and Desmond were both kneeling there with their own dicks in their hands, stroking them and staring dumbfounded at her. She laughed out loud. "You silly boys, I love your cocks! Switch!"

Desmond climbed between her legs and took his turn, driving his cock into her much more furiously this time. After only a minute, Julia yelled "Switch!" Eric moved into place and pounded away at her. She was growing close to a second orgasm already, and only gave Eric a minute himself. "Switch!" She was giggling and yelling and coming as it became a sexual relay race, her shouts of "Switch!" coming closer and closer together. Eventually, each of them would only get a few hard, fast pumps into her pussy before they changed places quickly. Julia enjoyed the game thoroughly, and when she had yet another stunning orgasm, she called a halt.

"Oh, wow, that was fun," she said. The men were holding their own cocks again, and she noticed how swollen and throbbing their cocks looked, as well as the nearly frantic expressions on their faces. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize how bad I was torturing you two. I guess it's your turn to come now." She turned over and got onto her hands and knees. "Here, I can take care of you both this way."

Desmond moved in behind her, pushing into her and enjoying the view of her firm round ass. "As much as you love our cocks, I think I love your pussy," he said. Julia looked back at him with a grin and wiggled her hips, causing her pussy to slip back and forth along his shaft. Eric, meanwhile, was kneeling in front of her. She grabbed hold of his cock and opened her mouth, taking him in and starting a steady jerking/sucking motion as Desmond began pumping her cunt from behind. Although Julia had a trim, athletic build, she had a petite frame. Her tight little body was pounded back and forth between the two large cocks penetrating her. Desmond held onto her hips, pushing her forward as he pulled back, then slamming her back onto his cock as he pumped into her, his balls slapping against her clit. This had the effect of driving her mouth back and forth on Eric's cock as she sucked him, all three of them falling into a smooth rhythm. Eric even began thrusting into her mouth -- Julia could not believe how much cock she was taking into her. It felt wonderfully slutty and hot to have a dick pumping into her at each end. Both men were so far gone, so turned on they were basically using her holes to get themselves off, and it didn't take long.

She felt Desmond throb and pulse, and he pulled her hips straight back so he was all the way inside her. She cried out (even with Eric's dick filling her mouth) as he spurted his hot load deep inside her pussy. With just the head of Eric's cock in her mouth, she jerked his shaft frantically to get him off. The effort was barely necessary, as he soon shouted in ecstasy and filled her mouth with a thick, gooey blast of jizz. It was difficult to swallow with his dick still in her mouth, but she tried and managed to get most of it. By the time he'd finished coming, she had semen on her lips and chin. Most of it, she licked up.

The three lovers laid on the blanket joking and talking, basking in the sun. Eventually, the breeze picked up and they began to feel chilly, so they headed back into the cabin. Once they'd collapsed in a pile on the bed, their talk resumed, this time punctuated by kisses, caresses, stroking and teasing. When Julia had both of her men rock hard again, she spread her legs and let them take turns fucking her once more. This time, though, it was slower, more sensual. The frantic lust had dissipated (though they were still incredibly turned on), allowing them time to enjoy each sensation. When one of them was grinding and pumping her pussy, Julia would motion the other to lie across the bed. That way she could rest her head on his stomach and enjoy his cock in her mouth. They sucked and fucked in this leisurely manner for almost an hour. There were no messy, loud orgasms, just a state of incredible, prolonged bliss.

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