Liz put up her hands defensively.

"Absolutely not," she tried to reassure me. "We will do only what you want, as long as it includes getting a blow job from Rob."

That didn't sound too bad. I thought again for a few seconds and then reached across the table to shake Liz's hand and close the deal.

Rob was back in a few minutes with the drinks and Liz smiled up at him.

"Bill has agreed to join us tonight," she explained to Rob.

"Great," Rob said. "You know, not everyone is open minded and can deal with Liz and my quirks."

"Well," I explained, "I'm game if you guys are."

With that we grabbed our drinks and headed for their room. Once inside, Rob headed for the minibar and opened it up.

"Enough of that crap they are serving downstairs," he said as he started pulling all sorts of liquor out of the small refrigerator. "We're having the good stuff tonight."

We each broke open our favorite poison but for me we had reached an awkward point. Never having performed for someone or had someone watch, I was unsure of who took the next step. Liz must have sensed this as she put her drink down and started to unbutton.

"Let's get comfortable," she said as she removed her blouse. Both Rob and I started getting undressed as Liz continued and soon Rob and I were naked and Liz was dressed only in her bra and panties. Rob was an average size guy with a cock that was long and thin. Liz had a tight body with very small breasts and nipples that poked against the sheer fabric of her bra.

Liz walked over to me, turned and asked me to unclasp her bra. I did and put my hands on her shoulders to slip the straps off. Instead, Liz took my hands and brought them around to her front and placed them on her chest. Seductively she pressed my hands into her massaging them as my hands massaged her tits all the while watching the expression on Rob's face.

Rob was clearly a 'watcher'. He sat in the chair in the bedroom and watched me fondle his wife while he stroked his cock which grew to about eight inches long and my own cock was responding and starting to swell between Liz's legs. She closed her legs and started sliding my cock between her thighs.

Bill watched Liz and I grope each other for a minute and then walked over and knelt in front of his wife. My cock was sticking out between her legs and he started licking it and Liz's pussy.

"That's it, baby, suck it good," she said as her husband covered my cock with his mouth. Rob had obviously done this before. His mouth worked on my cock like it was at home sliding up and down the part of the shaft he could reach, and when he wasn't sucking on me his tongue was working on Liz.

"Let me stand behind you," Liz suggested and she stepped behind me giving Rob full access to my cock. He slid it deep into his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. Liz had moved behind me and was grinding her pussy into my ass and encouraging me to fuck her husband.

"He's a good cocksucker, isn't he?" she asked. "Don't you just love fucking his mouth? Wouldn't you like to fuck his ass, too?"

I had to admit that I was starting to consider it. Seeing Rob kneeling in front of me with my cock in his mouth was a big turn on. I wondered what it would be like to slide my cock into his tight hole.

Liz's hands meanwhile had slid down to my own ass and were kneading my cheeks. I felt her lips on my shoulder, then on my back and soon she was kneeling behind me rimming my asshole. It was a husband and wife tag team with Rob's tongue licking my cock and Liz's tongue working on my asshole.

I had started to fuck Rob's face hard and Liz could not keep her mouth on my ass, but I felt her fingers starting to probe. First she slipped one and then two fingers into my saliva covered asshole and massaged my prostrate. I could feel my cock swelling and my asshole tighten around Liz's fingers.

"Go ahead," Liz urged me. "Cum in his mouth." And that is what I did. My cock exploded in Rob's mouth shooting my load down his throat. He eagerly accepted it and sucked it down while nursing on my softening cock.

Liz had pulled her fingers out of my ass and walked around in front of me.

"I want some," she said and she took Rob's place and started sucking on my cock. Rob walked behind me and pressed against my back.

"Did you like that?" he asked. I just nodded that I had.

"Did you like having Liz finger fuck you?"

"Yeah," I admitted, "it felt good."

Rob slid his hands down to my butt, started rubbing my asshole and inserted a finger. I groaned at the pleasurable feeling of Liz's mouth and Rob's finger, which he started sliding in and out of my hole. My cock hardened in Liz's mouth more in response to what Rob was doing to me than Liz's efforts. Rob had slid two more fingers into my asshole and was stretching my hole to the limit I pushed back on his hand giving him more access.

I felt Rob remove his fingers and could feel his breath on my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you," he whispered and he positioned his cock at my asshole. Liz knew what he was doing and reached behind me and spread my ass check to give Rob a better shot at my hole.

"Are you ready?" he asked. My head was spinning. Liz was driving my cock into her mouth and my ass felt empty since Rob pulled his fingers out of me. I nodded my head that I was ready and Rob pushed his cockhead against my hole and forced himself into me. I felt every inch of Rob's cock slide into my hole and he came to rest buried deep inside me. Liz reached around and grabbed him ass and pulled him in tighter, driving his cock further into me and my cock into her throat.

Rob grabbed my hips and started pumping his cock in and out of my ass. I had never felt a sensation like this, alternating from a full feeling with pressure on my prostrate to an emptying sensation, only to be filled again. As he quickened his pace, the sensations merged into one tingling feeling through the lower half of my body and my cock started to pulse sending my load into Liz's mouth. Rob felt the tightening of my asshole around his cock and started to groan as he shot his cum deep into my bowels.

As I regained my composure, I couldn't believe what had just happened. I went from being a straight guy for the past 20 years to getting fucked up the ass and I wondered why I had never tried it before. Before the night was over, I sucked on Rob's cock and fucked his ass while his wife watched and I enjoyed it more than if I had done Liz all night. My life had definitely changed.

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