tagIllustratedAutumn: Cheerleader Fantasy

Autumn: Cheerleader Fantasy


The week since I photographed Autumn dragged on. Last week she fulfilled a fantasy I had since she was my sitter many years ago. After her younger sister, Ami had told her about my confession that I had wanted to get a peek under her skirt when she had dressed as a french maid for Halloween once. Autumn stopped by the next day and suggested since I was studying photography I should take photos of her. When I had gone downstairs to get my make shift studio in order she had changed in to the french maid costume. It was a pleasure working with her, she was gorgeous and a natural model. I got that peek under her skirt I had wanted. I certainly wasn't disappointed. While we reviewed the photos I had taken she suggested another session to take care of my other fantasy of her in the cheerleading uniform she had often worn while she watched me. It turned out she was knowing teasing me even back then and not much has changed.

I waited impatiently for Autumn to arrive. While I did so I imagined what she might wear. She would probably have had to go out and buy a cheerleader costume since it wasn't likely the school would just hand one over to her. The only costumes I knew were more like lingerie, I just hoped it wasn't cheesy and ruin my fantasy image of Autumn.

Autumn arrived wearing her black coat again but this time she was wearing heels instead of the knee length boots. "I greeted her, "Hey, Autumn, I am glad you are here, I can't wait to get started."

"Well let's get going then" she answered. "Can't have you wait any longer to realize your fantasy can we."

Autumn head right downstairs. I watched eagerly as she took off her coat. I was amazed, she was wearing a cheerleading uniform just as I remembered.

"Where did you get that uniform from, you didn't keep it did you?" I asked.

"No, it is Ami's she let me borrow it.", Autumn answered.

I began taking photos as she posed without any direction.

"So what were your fantasies when I wore this?" Autumn asked.

She turned around, lifted her skirt a bit, teasing me.

"Did you try to get a look underneath it? I am sure you did because I remember catching you but I never said anything."

I admitted I had.

"I was often tempted to let you, I wanted to pull it up like this so you could see my panties. Even then I alway 'forgot' to wear my bloomers underneath" she said.

I couldn't believe how sexy Autumn was. Even without my long time fantasy of her in that uniform I would have been smitten today. Her ass was as perfect.

"When you were facing away from me I always wanted to lift my skirt hoping you would turn around and catch me." Autumn confessed.

I snapped a picture as she stood there with the front of her skirt up. Her panties revealing a hint of what they hid. "If you had lifted your skirt and I caught you it would not have been the first time I saw your panties. Sometimes when we sat on the floor I could sometimes see them under your skirt." I said.

"I thought I was always careful to push the middle down. You could not have seen much, not as much as this." she said then sat on the floor.

Autumn sat there, one leg up, her skirt allowed to fall away. Again I could see an outline of what her panties hid."

"At the time you didn't seem interested in my breasts, how about now, would you like to see them?" she asked.

Not quite waiting for me to reply, Autumn started to pull her top off. As she pulled it up her white bra was revealed.

Once off she help the top in front of her. She lifted the edge of the skirt and asked "Want me to get rid of the top or do you want to just continue looking under my skirt?"

"How about both," I responded.

She smiled and tossed the top aside but kept the skirt lifted.

"Very nice" I complimented. "In the past my fantasy never progressed this far."

"So we are in 'virgin' territory then" she said. "You always seem to want to see my ass. Even today you were quite eager to photograph it."

She spun around and leaned forward, one hand pulling her skirt up.

"With an ass like that who wouldn't like to see it?" I countered.

She was incredibly sexy, looking over her shoulder at me as I looked at her bottom. Her white panties pulled tight enough they revealed quite a bit.

Autumn was shifting poses again when she said, "You seem to like me in the pose where I am kneeling with my knees apart, that's the one you remembered from the first Playboy magazine you saw. Am I doing it right?"

"Very close, in that one the girl didn't have on panties." I answered.

"Well I do, but I can pull them aside like this."

"Yeah!, that is great" I said as I eagerly took a series of photos.

I was in heaven, the girl of my teenage fantasies was sitting in front of me fulfilling my every wish.

"I guess you like my pussy. How about a better look." Autumn suggested. She on her but with her legs spread in front of her.

She pulled her panties aside again. This time I could see all of it. Autumn stayed still as I took picture after picture.

"How about tits, do you like to look at tits?" Autumn asked.

"Of course, especially yours." I agreed.

Autumn straighten up letting her skirt fall covering her once again. She turned so I could see her loosening her bra.

She turned almost all the way back around. She held her bra with the straps look and off her shoulders to keep her breasts hidden. "I hope my little titties don't disappoint you." she taunted.

"They are beautiful" I told her as she let the bra fall away. Still kneeling she pulled the back of her skirt up again.

"So where are you going to look, at my breasts or my ass?" she asked.

"Depends, your tits look pretty good but I haven't seen your ass yet, you still have your panties on" I said hoping she would take the hint and push her panties down. She is right, I more of an ass and pussy guy.

"This is just for comparison purposes, so you can give me an honest answer." she said

She slowly pushed her panties down.

I snapped several photos as Autumn did so. She looked incredibly sexy they way she stopped with them half way down.

"Definitely your ass is my favorite of the two," I announced.

"Of the two? does that mean you intend to make another comparison?" she teased.

"I am hopeful." I offered.

Autumn had turned around and was holding the band of her panties down and the skirt up so I could see a little of her pussy. This was also the first that I could see her breasts completely.

"I'll have to do further study, now that I can see your breasts completely I'd have to see more of everything else to be sure." I said hopefully.

"I wouldn't want any doubts in your mind." Autumn said grinning.

She sat slid her panties down further then sat back so she could slide them over her feet. I stopped her just before they reached her ankles. I had her put her feet apart and stretch the panties.

Once she had her panties off she was left wearing only a tiny skirt and a pair of heels. She crouched on her feet and held the skirt between her legs.

"This way you can evaluate my breasts without distraction" she said.

Yeah right, I could still see quite a bit and I knew her pussy was totally bare. I snapped a photo. When I zoomed in, not including anything below the waist her breasts looked damn good.

"Ready for more?" she asked.

She lifted her skirt and spread her knees a bit more.

I got my first look at her naked pussy. It was a glorious sight. The lips slightly parted and pink with not a hair to be seen. As if reading my mind Autumn suggested "I should change the pose so you can see all of my pussy."

She sat back with one leg up similar to how she did earlier.

"Let me know when you have seen enough and I will take off the skirt so you can see my ass better."

I was torn as having her stay as she was or let her take off more.

"As long as you promise to let me see more of your pussy you can move." I said.

"I take it my pussy is your favorite over my breasts then? Is it part of that new fantasy you mentioned last time?" She asked.

"Your breasts are nice but you pussy is still better. It is part of a fantasy but not from last time." I responded.

Autumn kneeled and unzipped the back of the skirt, guiding it down her thighs.

I was amazed to notice the tattoo on Autumn's lower back. Somehow that tiny skirt managed to keep it hidden. Seeing it reminded me of my idea of photographing Autumn in black and white using the tattoos on her hip and side in the composition of an artistic nude.

"Another tattoo for my new fantasy" I said.

"Is that what it is? I was wondering what you had in mind." she responded.

I told her I wanted to shoot a series of black and white images of her nude and use the tattoos as details. After I did so she kneeled in front of me, holding the skirt over one shoulder.

She asked "You saw all of these right, better take a close look to make sure you didn't miss another."

When we finished Autumn stood up and asked "Would you mind if I used some of the images from today on my web site?"

My brain was on overload, Autumn was standing next to me in nothing but a pair of heels and asking use photos on a web site..

"Yeah sure, if you want, what, what web site?" I stuttered

Smiling Autumn explained she had a web site for a couple years since she finished college that help pay some bills. It had mostly R rated images but she had a bunch of requests for more revealing images. She didn't like getting naked with strangers so had not done any. Once she saw the results of our first shoot she was pretty certain she would be comfortable with me and today proved it. As we discussed the details she put on her coat. I of course agreed to take any type of photos she wished citing the practice it would give me.

"Are you sure there isn't any other reason? she asked as she held the coat open, revealing her self to me again.

"Going to be a little chilly going home like that," I said.

"Yeah but you knowing I am leaving wearing nothing but my coat will give you some more inspirational fantasies. Just so you are certain, I'll leave Ami's uniform here." she stated.

"Won't your sister need it?" I asked.

"No, she will be here tomorrow afternoon. By the way you owe her some photos for lending it to you."

After Autumn left I thought about the photos we would be taking in the future. I thought about Ami and was curious about what kind of photos she expected.

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