Autumn Heat


James and I live in a small southern college town. Like all southern towns in the spring the humidity rises along with the heat. Our house is situated at the end of a dead-end street surrounded by tall trees. We have a hammock positioned nicely between two tall oaks so that we can relax during the long hot days of spring; summer and even early fall. I am a naturist and clothes and I do not agree, so this environment is a dream come true. Oftentimes I don very skimpy halters and shorts and lay in the hammock with a good, sexy novel and lull the afternoon away reading.

All the homes around us are rentals and when school is in session young college kids occupy them. Each house usually holds four to eight young, eager minds and bodies thirsting for education and fun. We make friends with most of the kids after they have been in school for a few weeks. The boys love to talk with James and flirt with me. It's a boost to both our egos. The girls talk with me and flirt with James, he is such a tease.

One afternoon, in September, I was sweltering and decided that the place I needed to be was under those oaks with little on. It was a steaming day so all I wore was a slight halter and a thong. It was too hot for even those. The humidity was so high that it made air was thick. The shade did all it could to cool me but in this climate it was close to futile. I had a large pitcher of ice water next to me to refresh me but it barely did its job. Occasionally, I would dip my hand into the pitcher, pull out an iced cube and swirl it over my breast and legs. This was a little relief. After a short period I adjusted to the heat and buried my mind in the book.

I had been reading for about an hour when I heard a ruckus from the house next door. I knew the kids were returning for the fall semester and I just ignored it. It was too hot to get involved. I mindlessly took a few more cubes of ice out of the pitcher and ran them over my body until they melted. Then I heard, "Oh, I think you need someone to do that for you."

I looked up from my book and there was a beautiful six-foot tall black man with a smile as wide as the horizon. Beside him was a similar looking white man a few inches shorter. They were both scantly dressed in nothing but meager shorts, however; that was all that was lacking. I could see that they were well endowed because they were bulging out of those shorts. Their chests were strong and their arms resembled the limbs that my hammock was tied to.

My thoughts were "Oh my, what I could do with you two young bucks!" But I only said, "Good afternoon boys! Are you moving in next door?"

"Yes, ma'am, we start school next week," said the white guy. "We haven't gotten the water turned on yet and we were wondering if you had something cool to drink. Water would be fine."

I smiled and said, "Sure, let me go inside and get you some glasses." I laid my book on the little table next to my pitcher of what used to be ice water and rolled out of the hammock. As I did so, one of my breasts rolled out of my top. I calmly put it back in but their eyes were now bulging.

The black guy asked, "Ma'am, do you have air conditioning in there? We come from North Dakota and we're not used to this heat."

I giggled and said, "Yes, you want to come in and cool down a few minutes?"

They eagerly said, "Yes ma'am."

I thought, "What nice young men."

When we got inside I made them both a tall glass of ice water. We chitchatted about school and I noticed that they were still bulging out of those tiny shorts they were wearing. I asked them, "Are you boys comfortable? Is there anything else that you need?" This question seemed to embarrass them. The white guy definitely turned red and I'm fairly sure that the black guy did too.

I turned on the ceiling fan to give a breeze and the black guy asked, "Do you live here alone ma'am?"

I told him, "No, my boyfriend lives here with me. He's at work right now."

"Oh, well ma'am, do you mind if I tell you that you are really pretty and you have a beautiful body?" he said.

I smiled and thanked him and said, "I don't mind at all. Your body isn't bad either and from what I can see you look pretty nice yourself. Both of you do." Well, this turned the white guy red again. And I just smiled.

They started looking around the living room at all of the windows that we had. "Do many people come around here?" the black guy asked.

"Why do you ask?" I said.

"Well, you have a lot of windows and you don't wear a lot of clothes and I was just wondering if people peeped through the windows a lot at you since you don't keep them covered?" he said.

I giggled and said, "Fortunately, we live on a dead end street and the house is surrounded by those wonderful trees. Not many people venture down here just to look through my windows."

He looked at his friend. They both looked at me. "When is your boyfriend coming home?" asked the white guy.

"Oh he usually works until about five or six, depending on the number of calls he needs to make." I said.

"Calls?" asked the black guy.

"Yes, he's a salesman and he does outside calls to his customers." I told them.

They looked at one another and smiled. I could see the wheels and cogs turning in those young imaginative minds of theirs. And my pussy started to heat up and I could feel the moisture building.

The white guy said, "What do you do? Just hang around the house all day?"

I laughed and said, "Sometimes; and sometimes I entertain friends like you guys."

He cleared his throat and again his face went red. "Ma'am?"

"How old are you two?" I asked.

The black guy said, "I'm nineteen and Bob's almost twenty."

"So, I know you're Bob," I said to the white guy and then turned to the black guy and said, "but what's your name?"

"Charles, ma'am." He replied.

"Well, guys, since it's so hot and you've been working so hard and since you don't have any water in your place yet, would you like to take a shower to cool down?" I asked.

"Oh ma'am, that would be really nice, thank you," they said in unison.

I showed them to the bathroom and took out some towels, turned on the cold water, took off my shorts and top, climbed into the shower and said, "Well, come on boys."

They looked at one another, tore off their tight shorts and their penises hung at least eight to ten inches each. My pussy filled with moisture and my clit throbbed. I thought, "Oh, this is going to be good!"

They quickly climbed into the shower, one on either side of me. They were a little awkward at first, not sure what they might do with me. Bob made the first move, he reached over, tentatively and touched my breast. He turned red and said, "You have really nice breasts ma'am."

I smiled and said, "Thank you."

Then Charles, who was behind me since I was facing Bob, ventured to rub my ass and said, "You have a really nice ass for a white woman, ma'am."

I turned to him and said, "Thank you, and you have a really nice cock. Do you mind if I wash it?" I'm sure he turned red because he turned his head away. But I reached for the soap and took his massive cock in my hand and started washing it. As I did it grew in my hands. It felt like a tree limb. Very unlike James' small three-inch dicklett, his was enough to fill my entire pussy and service me nicely. I knew I had to have this inside of me no matter how hot it was outside. I said, "Charles, how would you and Bob like to join me in the bedroom?"

Bob didn't wait for Charles to answer, "Ma'am, it would be my pleasure!"

I turned to him and his cock had also grown to a massive size. I took it in my hands and said, "Yes, I can see that!" and I smiled as I rubbed it.

I went down on my knees and put Charles' large black dick in my mouth and sucked it as a baby would a bottle. It was as if I couldn't get enough. I still had Bob's cock in my hand and rubbed it gently, and kept running my thumb over the head feeling the precum as he moaned his approval. The water continued to pour over our bodies and it was a catalyst to my excitement.

Being young they didn't have the stamina of a mature man, so they came rather quickly. Charles jerked as the cum came rushing out of his tool into my mouth. I swallowed every ounce of that warm cum. As I was licking up the last of it I could feel Bob convulsing, I turned just as he came and his cum covered my breast with the warm silkiness that I love about cum… I licked the head of his penis to get every drop of it and then rubbed his cum on my breast and licked it off of my fingers.

Bob pulled me up off my knees and kissed me. He said, "I've never known a woman that ate cum before."

I laughed and said, "Young girls don’t know what they're missing; it's my favorite drink."

I stepped out of the shower and walked into the bedroom. I opened all of the windows and turned on the ceiling fan. I turned and the two young studs had followed me into the room. I said, "Have you guys ever shared before?"

"No, ma'am," they said in unison.

"Well, you're in for a treat then!" I said. "I want to suck one of you while the other fucks me and then I want to trade places and do it again! Can you guys handle that?"

They looked at one another and shook their heads yes. Then they turned to me and said, "Yes, ma'am, we can handle that! But what if your boyfriend comes home? He will kill us!"

I laughed and said, "Oh, don't worry about him, he won't be home for a while and besides, he likes me to have fun. If he comes home he may just watch us for a while and he might even join us. "

Bob said, "Come on, ma'am, I'm too young to die!" His large cock standing at attention waiting to enter me.

Charles said, "And ma'am, most men don't want a black man on their pretty white girlfriends and this is the south where they kill black men that touch their women."

Again, I laughed and tried to reassure them. "My boyfriend, James, has a teeny little prick that will barely fit into my pussy. It never satisfies me and when find a big cock, like the two of you have, I take it and sometimes I make him watch me as I take that big cock into my burning pussy. I make him lick that sweet, salty cum out of my cunt after my big cocked man has deposited his full load of warm, silk in there. Then I make him lick my juices off of that big cock and start all over again."

His jaw dropped, but his cock got harder and larger. I walked over to him, took his massive cock and lead him to the bed. I pushed him backward and he lay down with that magnificent penis, like a flagpole, standing tall.

Then I turned to Bob and said, "Well, come on, I want your pretty prick too!" I looked him in the eye and said, "As I see it I'm going to mount that beautiful man there and fuck him silly. And while I'm fucking him, I want to feel that huge prick of yours fucking my ass." I handed him a condom and some lubrication and I mounted Charles.

Oh, that man's penis was so large my pussy didn't know what to do. She was reluctant at first. She had never seen such a massive cock. She hesitated letting him in. I pushed a little and the massive head forced her to open wide. I pumped a little and she took in some more. I could feel the beautiful pain of tiny rips as my deprived pussy let him enter me a little bit at a time. It was like hot lava was invading me and bringing me the warmth and pleasure I craved.

Bob put on his condom and I felt him climb on the bed. I could feel him putting the lubrication on my asshole and the coolness took my mind of the tearing in my pussy. My mind was saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" My heart was pounding with the excitement of the pleasure I knew was coming my way. Then I felt the tip of is hard penis as he fought to get his massive head into my butt. I could tell he was anxious so I whispered, "slowly, don't be too anxious. We have all afternoon." Then I felt the first thrust as he forced the head of his penis into my bottom. It was warm and I could feel the stretching of the skin. And it was painful and pleasant at the same time. I sighed with delight and smiled that I had two large cocks in me at the same time.

Charles had finally managed to get is entire penis into my now extremely wet snatch and I was slowly enjoying every inch of his massive tool. It filled ever inch of my cavity. It was smooth and long and I could feel it pulsating in me. James could not even dream what it would feel like to have a cock this big. Poor little man. Too bad he was missing all this fun.

Charles, had by now, forgotten his fears of being caught with a white woman in the south and his hips were moving in a perfect rhythm with my pulsating pelvis. We were fucking like I had never fucked before.

Bob managed to keep our cadence and the pleasure of his cock in my tight butt was driving me wild. I was in such ecstasy that I no longer knew where I was. The three of us were totally involved in a world that no sound or presence could invade.

I have no idea how long we had been fucking when I realized there was another presence in the room. James and I have a sense about one another and I knew that he had made it home and was standing in the doorway. I smiled and turned to look at him. He had stripped his clothes off and was standing there with his tiny penis in hand; a smile was on is face.

I pumped Charles even harder and he responded, his massive hips pushing up to meet my down spiraling pussy. Bob was ramming me from behind as hard and fast as he could. I knew James' little dick was burning with desire.

I thought to myself, "When these guys cum, before I let James clean me, I'm going to have him put that dicklett of his into my pussy so he can feel the cavity that a real man leaves in me. He will not even know he is in my pussy and I know I won't feel him." The thought of this made me cum. My body convulsed with pleasure and as I jerked on top of Charles he let go of his load. I could feel it filling my pussy with more cum than she had ever known.

Bob must have felt the convulsion because I soon felt the warmth of his cum filling the condom in my butt and I came again. Then James walked over to the bed, reached over and started playing with my clit. I exploded into another orgasm. My pussy was turning to liquid. Bob and Charles then realized that James had arrived and instantly they both lost their steam. I laughed; James said, "Hello, boys, having fun with my girlfriend?"

Bob turned red and pale; Charles just turned white. I'm sure his thought was that he was a dead man.

James said, "Gee, I'm sorry I missed this. It looks like you had a good time. Tell you what, why don't I clean you guys and Morgan up and you can do her again so I can watch?"

Bob got a funny look on his face and he looked at me with a question in his eyes. I said, "Yeah, I need a good cleaning, he put a load in me like you have never seen."

Charles said, "Look man, she said it was all right; she said you didn't mind; she said you wouldn't be home for hours."

James said, "Slow down man, it's cool." I love it when Morgan gets hers. She needs a good fuck regularly." I just can't give it to her so I'm glad when she gets a royal fuck and by the size of that dick, I'm sure you did a good job on her."

Charles couldn't believe he was still alive, let alone that James was pleased with his work.

I lifted my body off of Charles and offered my pussy to James. He started to kneel down to lick me clean but I said, "No, first I want you to stick your little dicklett in me and fuck me. I want you to see the cavity a real man's dick can put in me. Afterwards, you can clean me and then."

So James climbed on top of them bed and mounted me; his little dicklett was as hard as it could get and standing at its full three and a half inches. It was wagging back and forth in excitement that it was going to get to enter my pussy. When he entered me I didn't know he had made it in. I had been stretched very nicely. But he went through the motions and even had an orgasm. I barely knew he was there.

When he finished cumming, he climbed off. I took his little prick into my mouth and sucked out the last of his sweet cum. Then I smiled and spread my legs to be cleaned. He knelt down on the bed and eagerly cleaned Charles' cum and his own cum out of my pussy while the boys watched in total amazement. After he had gotten all that delicious cum out of me he turned to Charles.

Charles said, "Wait a minute man, what are you doing? You're not putting that mouth on my cock… no way! I'm not gay and you're not castrating me either!"

I looked at Charles and said, "Charles, please let him clean my juices off your cock. He's not gay either and I love to see him suck another man's penis. Believe me, you will like it." And it doesn’t make you gay."

Charles looked from me to James, and I looked at him, smiled and said, "Please? I'll go down on you afterwards if you will let him lick my juices off of that beautiful penis you have."

Well, I guess the idea of my mouth on his cock pleased him, because he relented and let James clean me off his prick.

Bob had sat very quietly watching. While James was clean Charles, I turned to him and took the condom off his penis. Then I wet my lips and went down on his beautiful tool. He moaned and let me have that pacifier. As I sucked him I started playing with my clit and he reached down and took over. He was very gentle and eventually he leaned over me and started licking my clit. It felt wonderful. I orgasmed four times before he filled my mouth with sweet, salty cum which I swallowed with a vengeance.

When we finished we looked up to find James and Charles watching us. I sat up and kissed James and said, "Welcome home. This is Bob."

James reached over and shook his hand. "Hey Bob, thanks for taking care of Morgan. She is often insatiable."

Bob smiled and blushed.

"And this beautiful hunk of a man is Charles," I said introducing the black man to James. "They are students and they are moving in next door."

"Yeah, I really liked seeing him pumping that black dick into you. That really excited me," he said.

Charles looked as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. "Are you crazy man?" he asked.

James chuckled and said, "Why don't you guys stay for supper and we can talk."

I said, "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. You start dinner and I'm going to play a little more."

"Okay, and as soon as I get it started, I'm gonna come watch some more… I like seeing these guys on you." James said and walked into the kitchen.

Bob and Charles looked dumbfounded. I smiled and said, "Don't worry, it's all right. We'll explain at dinner." Then I took Charles' massive cock into my mouth and started sucking. He moaned and forgot his fears. Bob's cock found my pussy as I sucked Charles and he finally had his turn at the insatiable wet box that was between my legs. He fucked me good and left a really nice creampie for James (which he devoured for dessert).

After dinner James and I told then of our cuckold relationship as they sat there with their mouths hung open. I told them that I need constant, good sex and James couldn't supply it. I said, "Show them your little dicklett, James."

He turned a little red and dropped his pants.

I said, "See what I have to contend with? Come in the bedroom and watch this."

I took all of them into the bedroom, I undressed and I took James by the hand and said, "Honey, fucking Charles and Bob was great, they filled my pussy like it has never been filled before. I want you to see what they did to me. I want you to put your hand in my pussy and see how big they made me… I want you to feel what a real man can do for me."

He climbed on me and put his hand into my stretched cunt. He smiled and said, boy, they stretched you good. His dicklett had now hardened and I commanded him to insert it into my still wet pussy and of course I could not feel him because of the cavity that Charles and Bob had left. I said, "Well, I know you put that little thing in there, where is that dick of yours? Are you going to fuck me or not?"

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