tagIllustratedAutumn, My Fantasy Model

Autumn, My Fantasy Model


Even before I finished earning my degree in photography I had the chance to work with the girl of fantasies. I think it was during the junior year I came home for semester break. I arrived at the house late afternoon and found my youngest brother's sitter, Ami was still there. I've know Ami since she was born, her sister, Autumn, used to be my sitter. Seeing Ami was a instant flashback to how I remember Autumn right down to the cheerleader uniform she was wearing. I hadn't seen either of them for a few years.

I told Ami she could leave if she wanted to. She made a call and told me her ride would be here. While we waited we talked and got caught up a bit. Ami told me Autumn had finished college and was working and living nearby. I told her about how I used to have the "hots" for Autumn and how I was disappointed when my parents decided I was too old to have a sitter anymore. "Yeah, just when I started to appreciate those cheerleader uniforms too." I said with a smile. Ami laughed and asked if she should tell her sister. "I think she knew... she often wore short skirts even when it was cold on the days she came over. I remember at Halloween she came dressed as a french maid. and I kept trying to get a peek under her skirt. I think that may have been the reason my parents stopped things." I confessed. Just then I heard a car pull in the driveway and a horn beep. It was Ami's ride, she said good bye and hurried out the door.

The next day my brother had practice after school so Ami wouldn't be coming but I would have to pick him up later. I spent the day experimenting with different lighting in my make shift studio I had set up in the basement. In the afternoon I heard a car pull in the driveway. I went up to see whom it was. I saw Autumn walking up the walk to the house.

"Hey, Toddie, you're all grown up!" she said.

She came right up to me and gave me a kiss. "Wow, it is great to see you." I answered. "Ami isn't here today, little bro has practice."

"I know, I stopped by to see you. Ami told me she saw you yesterday and about what you told her" she said.

For some reason this embarrassed me a bit and I blushed. I felt like I was 13 again.

Autumn looked great, she was wearing a knee length black coat and boots. When she was coming up the walk the coat parted so I could tell she must be wearing a short skirt since I could see her thighs.

"Tck, tck, don't worry Todd, you were right, I knew you liked me. When you started to notice girls was when I started to wear shorter skirts."

"I still notice girls. Do you still wear short skirts?' I asked.

She answered, "Have a look and find out." then turned around pulling the tails of her coat open to reveal her legs almost all the way up to her ass.

"I guess not," I answered, "I didn't see any hint of a skirt."

"Enough of this bantering. I just came from work and need the bathroom." Autumn said.

From the bathroom Autumn asked "How long until you have to pick up your brother?"

I told her about an hour.

"Ami says you are studying Photography. Do you get to work with models?"

"Yeah, this past semester I took a course in glamour and boudoir photography." I answered.

"Really. So it wouldn't be a big deal if you took a couple pictures for me?" she responded.

"Sure, anytime you like." I said.

"Go get your camera ready, I'll be out in a minute." she instructed.

I answered, "Already done. I was just finishing up shooting a still life in my basement studio. Come on down when you are finished."

I went down and moved things around to make room for Autumn. I swapped cameras, even though for most of my college work I used a film camera I choose to use my digital SLR since I would be able to show Autumn the results immediately.

"What do you think?" Autumn asked as she turned the corner in to the studio.

"Is it like you remember it? I spent an hour last night searching though boxes at my parents house looking for it."

Autumn was wearing the French maid costume from so many years ago.

"Better," I said, "now I can really appreciate it. So what kind of photos do you want?"

"Not what I want, but what you want to take photos of. Pose me, tell me what to do." she said.

I began by instructing her in to a pose and started taking pictures.

Autumn was a perfect model. She took direction well and looked amazing. She appeared to be enjoying modeling for me as much as I enjoyed taking here picture. For one image I had her lift both sides of the skirt and kick a leg to the side.

I didn't know how far she was willing to go. I didn't want to ask for too much and have her end the session. I took a chance and asked, "Can you lift the hem a bit so I can see the top of the stockings?"

"So you can see or so you can photograph them?" she teased. She didn't wait for an answer, but did as I asked. She had raised the back hem of her skirt so I could almost see her cheeks.

I took several more photos, as I did so she turned around and started to inch the front of the skirt higher so not only was her stocking top visible but I could see where the garter strap attached to the belt.

I crouched down for images from a different angle. While I was composing a shot that was zoomed in to show only the garter strap and stocking top, Autumn commented "still trying to get a peek under my skirt I see. If you asked then I might have let you, you know."

"What about now? Will you let me see?" I asked.

Autumn lifted her skirt and petticoat to reveal her garter belt and panties in response. I stared for a long moment.

"Take a picture - it will last longer," she teased.

I did and took more photos with minor changes to the pose. I didn't have the courage to ask for anything more revealing. I did however comment that her tattoo was interesting. I was thinking to myself how cool it would look as a black and white artistic nude. Before I got too carried away I asked that she kneel on the floor.

"I feel like a Playmate posed like this." Autumn commented.

I told her she should, it was a pose I saw the first Playboy magazine I'd seen. I didn't tell Autumn I had always imagined it was her posing that way but with much less on.

Autumn suggested, "Since we are doing images from Playboy how about this one." and laid on her side in a pose that would have been awesome if she were nude laying on satin sheets.

For a little longer we continued to work. Autumn posing various ways as I continued depressing the shutter button. It was getting close to the time I had to go pick up my brother so I reluctantly suggested we stop while we still had time to look at the photos.

Autumn leaned over me as we scanned the photos, totally distracting me. She said she was impressed. I asked if there were any she wanted a print of. She picked only one but asked that I choose some others and email them to her tonight. I started the printer going for the one print she wanted.

While we waited she said, "I guess that leaves you with only your fantasy of me in a cheerleading uniform."

"Yeah, that one is good but I think I have a new one," I answered as I handed her the print.

"Really, we will have to talk about that next week after we take care of the cheerleader one first," she promised.

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