tagRomanceAva and The New World Ch. 08

Ava and The New World Ch. 08


Mendoza's sultry mouth travelled down the soft curves of Ava's torso, sparking fireworks to shoot throughout her body. His fingers lingered over the soft skin of her thighs, stroking upwards making Ava shudder, whimpering his name.

The pleasure intensified -- and Ava was melting in a haze of passion, her mind threatening to blacken, her body raw with lust when she realised Mendoza's kisses were deep on her hot weeping sex.

Her eyes flew open is shock and disbelief. She tensed, her mind fighting with her body before the sensations took over again, and Ava's body betrayed her, her hips grinding against Mendoza's mouth.

Mendoza greedily licked and kissed Ava -- he delighted in her sweetness. Since their first stormy encounter, he had ached to do this, to be with her. His own lust reaching heights like never before, his body so tense and he craved to be inside her, as his body took over. He wanted to savour her, explore her and make her ache for him.

Fighting the urge to take her hard, Mendoza slowed and deliberately teased Ava with his mouth, flicking his tongue across her clit, nipped gently and leisurely delving his tongue inside her. He gripped her thighs and pushed them as far apart as possible, leaving Ava completely exposed.

Ava writhed and moaned; never before had she felt like this, her body so tense she knew she would burst, but flooded with exquisite sensations that she never wanted to end.

Mendoza continued to assault her senses, driving his tongue deeper while thumbing her swollen clit. He wanted nothing more than to make her feel heaven, for he was sure he had found his.

Suddenly Ava's world tilted; a tidal wave of pleasure crashed over her, sending stunning sensations to every fibre of her being. Shamelessly and with pure passion Ava cried out.

"This belongs to me." Mendoza growled hoarsely, while cupping his hand over her hot wet heat, and he swiftly moved up her body before plundering her mouth with hard desire.

She could taste herself, musky and sweet, as Mendoza fiercely kissed her his mouth unforgiving and unrelenting. He gripped her waist, pinning her to the bed.

She felt him shift his weight, his knee sliding her thighs apart, and in one swift movement her hot soft flesh seized his.

Ava gasped sharply -- her breath refusing to come back, before a searing heat scorched through her belly and thighs. She couldn't even utter a sound, the feelings stunning her. Mendoza stilled, he felt a surge of primal triumph, knowing he was the only man Ava had ever had, and he would make sure the only.

"Ava...?" Mendoza searched her face, and he saw the flash of pain in her eyes. The incredible feeling of filling her was more than he could have ever imagined. She was so hot, so wet so very beautiful, and he was so very close to loosing himself.

He slowly grazed her lips with his, coaxing her to open to him. She felt so perfect, a soothing yet scorching heat enveloping him; he wanted to stay there forever.

Ava's body began to heat impossibly, her belly was fluttering and she shivered with a mix of raw fear, pain and ecstasy.

Mendoza began to move deep within her hot satiny depths; ever so slowly he moved, reigniting the craving and ache that tormented Ava's body and sending even more powerful sensations throughout Mendoza.

"Ohh..." Ava shuddered. She felt so stretched, so full, but impossibly she craved more.

Gazing up at his exceptionally bright eyes, Ava's breath caught in her chest; her whole being screamed his name with lust and love, and she knew that he was the only man for her.

Her hips moved of their own accord, as she matched his rhythm and passion. Her hands wound around the thick corded muscles of his neck, and one hand splayed through his hair. She drew him to her mouth, kissing deeply before her hands moved to his shoulders, where she felt his powerful muscles tense and release with their movements. Ava could feel her tension rising again, this time the feeling flooding her body with molten lust.

He had never felt such bliss. Triumphant and terrified; finally she surrendered to him but now more than ever he was in fear of loosing her, hurting her or worse not being able to protect her. In that instant he vowed to protect her til death. Satisfied with his thoughts, Mendoza's primal instincts took over.

He gripped Ava's hips, pulling her impossibly closer and tighter around him, before swiftly running his hands along her thighs, pushing them up to hook her ankles around his neck. Ava cried out, and she arched back as he plunged deeper.

Mendoza suffered to contain his lust. Groaning her name, his chest shimmered with sweat, muscles rippling; he began driving deeper and harder with each thrust. She was so wet, burning hot -- he buried himself over and over again.

He couldn't tear his gaze away from Ava, hair spread like a halo, writhing in pleasure and begging him for more. She had one hand on her left breast, softly squeezing and stroking it the other arm up above her head on the pillow. His gaze shifted to her rosy mouth, parted and moist, breathing his name.

Ava couldn't believe the sensations; he was velvety soft yet demandingly hard, she adored how it felt when he entered her over and over, the fullness and the satisfaction. She wished she could be with him like this forever.

Mendoza's hand slipped down her thigh to softly stroke her folds as he continued to pound fiercely into her depths, brushing the sensitive nub he caused Ava to shudder violently before sending her into a near blackout of ecstasy.

The fire and explosive passion claimed him, and he strained to cry her name as he felt her come; Pulsing, throbbing, squeezing exquisitely around him. His almost felt paralysed.

Sinking deep into Ava, Mendoza held her tight as they both struggled to breathe, the aftershocks still pleasuring them. He rolled gently to his side, bringing Ava with him then to his back, while her limp body draped over him. He kissed her temple, trying to calm his heart he could feel hers beating just as hard.

Ava's head nestled on his broad chest, still straddling him she dozed in the pleasure haze. Mendoza feather lightly stroked her hair, before resting his hand on the sweet curve of her neck.

Many minutes passed before either spoke a word. Mendoza broke the sated silence.

"Good god Angel, look what you do to me..."

Ava turned her head to blink at him, eyes wide and bright, her cheeks still flushed.

In that innocent look, Mendoza's body incredibly reacted. Unbelievably he wanted her again. He could feel himself stir, his cock already throbbing and growing.

Ava felt him twitch, as he was still deep inside her. She tensed at the feeling, and involuntarily wriggled on him.

"Ohhh" Mendoza groaned, almost painfully.

Intrigued by his reaction, Ava moved her hips again, their gazes clashing green and blue tainted with lust.

Suddenly, Ava sat upright -- causing Mendoza to moan again, and in return he gripped her hips, anchoring her to him.

Ava's mouth opened to protest, but no words came. As if in a trance, she gazed down at the intimidating powerful man who she had now captive.

In return Mendoza drank in the stunning sight of this siren. Hair tangled and tumbling golden red shades of autumn around her shoulders, pert and taut breasts sitting proudly, slender curves of her waist and that gorgeous mouth slightly parted, he was convinced he was in heaven.

Holding his gaze, Ava daringly sent him a slight smile, eyes dancing with wicked desire before giving him the most seductive gaze, as if she was an experienced courtesan.

Ava shifted her weight again, this time rolling her hips slowly in a circle. She brazenly held his gaze, ignoring the fierce blush that sweep over her cheeks. She watched Mendoza's eyes shut tight, as if he were fighting to resist.

Ava rolled her hips again, grinding herself a little harder each time against his hips. A throaty growl from Mendoza reverberated around the room, the sound sending electric sparks through Ava.

Encouraged and craving more, Ava grinded and rolled her hips harder ever slowly increasing speed. She loved how full she felt with him, but she wanted more.

With sheer lust and a new found confidence, she grabbed his hands firmly grasping them to her breasts, moulding his hands firmly to her skin. Mendoza willingly obliged, twisting her taut nipples, cupping the swell, kneading and rubbing making Ava sigh loudly.

Another whimper escaped from her lips as she changed direction with her hips.

Ava began to rise and fall on his swollen cock. Sliding herself up and down slowly she felt how deep he was and she delighted in the sensation. In return, Mendoza's hands slipped to her waist, gripping her possessively.

Sighing with shivers of pleasure that shimmered through her, she arched her head back, her breasts thrusting forward, swaying heavy with her movements.

Mendoza firmly grasped her right wrist, and deftly moved her hand onto her own sex, pushing her fingers into her saturated and throbbing folds. Ava's moans were huskier and richer, as she continued to pleasure herself, still luxuriously grinding and sliding on him.

He had never seen anything so sensuous, so entrancing. He struggled to contain himself, wanting her to take her pleasure, but the sight she presented was proving too much to resist.

Gripping her hips, Mendoza began to lift and drive into her as she came down on him. Ava let out at yelp, and started to ride him harder. Her skin glowed and glistened with the shimmer of heat, and Mendoza could feel his sweat trickling down his sides.

Throwing her head back again, crying out Ava rode hard and heavy, taking Mendoza as deep as she could. She palmed herself while Mendoza plunged deep before an explosive and unexpected shudder overwhelmed and consumed her.

Almost instantaneously, Mendoza filled her, so powerful that he too cried loud in passionate exhilaration.

Ava collapsed onto Mendoza's heaving chest, her body humming wildly as was his.

Ava fell quickly into a sated sleep, Mendoza still wide awake and still comprehending how he had ended up with such an angel, one who tested him and herself, one that as much as he would never admit he admired greatly and had a great urge to be with her almost constantly.

Hours later, drifting in and out of sleep, Mendoza was aware of the noise that seemed to be growing from the deck. Wearily he gently shifted Ava and covered her with blankets before silently sliding out of the bed.

An uneasy feeling swept over him as he heard to fearful sound of swords being unsheathed; swiftly he dressed, and armed with his own sword left the cabin to investigate.

Ava stirred with the noise of the door being shut and bolted. Still in a dreamlike state, she wondered who was making all that noise.

Suddenly Ava woke with a start; sitting bolt upright as she heard the sound of gunfire and the roar of a man in excruciating pain. Her head spun from the quick movement of sitting up, and for a moment she was disoriented. Her throat closed with fear, blood running cold as it sunk in that she knew that voice, the throaty roar.

Trembling and holding the sheets close to her chin she whispered to him, "Mendoza...?"

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