tagRomanceAva and The New World Ch. 09

Ava and The New World Ch. 09


Mustering up her all her strength, Ava slowly began to move her stiff joints still paralysed with fear. She was sure her heart would explode for it was beating so fiercely, and a cold sweat had replaced the ardour that had enveloped her only moments earlier.

The muffled sounds of a struggle made her freeze again momentarily before she deftly rose from the bed, sweeping a sheet around her, tying it tight across one shoulder, and then back again over her chest.

Ava's eyes hastily searched the cabin for a weapon, and she saw her dagger on the floor amongst her clothes. As she bent to retrieve it, the cabin door ferociously blew in off its hinges.

Ava stopped dead in her movements, still crouched to take the dagger she slowly lifted her lashes to meet a pair of the coldest, ice blue eyes she had ever seen.

The huge man filled the doorway, a slight smile tugging at the corner of his hard mouth while his gaze did more than just sweep over Ava, it devoured her.

Panicked thoughts were ricocheting through her head, her body also beginning to tremble with pure fear. Unable to move Ava stayed low, her eyes wide and gazing at the stranger.

He was so big, powerful oversized arms, long dirty dark hair with an untidy beard and many scars.

"What a fine treasure we have here boys!" The man bellowed to his crew.

He continued in a low murmur, "One that will bring either a good price, or better pleasure."

His devil smile sent chills throughout Ava's already trembling body. In a surge of courage, Ava rose to her feet meeting and challenging the mans gaze.

With a confidence she did not feel Ava spoke loudly,

"I will not be sold for any price, nor taken for personal pleasure sir..." she paused awkwardly, not knowing what else to say.

The man chuckled with satisfaction at her efforts,

"Ahhh! A woman with spirit is exactly what we need; I do love a good fight..." His gaze travelled down her body suggestively before meeting her shocked face again.

He stepped back from the cabin doorway, before turning and nodding to someone on deck.

Ava's heart slammed into her ribcage. Her thoughts filtered through; she was not going to get out of this anytime soon. Before she could make any move, two pairs of filthy hands had seized her, roughly dragging her from the cabin.

Ava found her voice and shrieked, while desperately trying to wriggle free of her human cage.

Mendoza's head was foggy; through the dark he could hear his angel's cries. Struggling to fight his way through the dark fog he managed to open his eyes, in blurry vision he saw her being carried across the deck, the bed sheet trailing along the boards, flapping in the morning breeze.

His side began to ache unbearably. His head too, pounding with excruciating pain and the warmth of pooling of blood underneath his body made him realise the situation. Anger and fear for Ava started to hum through his veins. A new found energy consumed him, and the pain faded into the back of his mind.

Painfully, and awkwardly Mendoza stumbled to his feet, patting his sides to find his sword. Grasping the hilt firmly Mendoza adjusted his sights on the other ship where in a flurry of sheets Ava was being taken away.

He did not recognise the ship, nor its colours. As quickly as they had come aboard the pirates had left with valuables, charts, weaponry and his most priceless possession -- Ava.

"Mendoza!" the bosun yelled out to him, running up the deck to stop Mendoza from following Ava.

"Mendoza, we will get her, I promise! Right now you need a plan; you can't just go out and get her."

Mendoza's gaze was fixed on the ever disappearing ship.

"How many injured?" Mendoza gruffly asked.

"Only 4, 5 including you." The bosun replied sternly, "The captain is down below with the ships surgeon, Mendoza, I beseech you, focus on fixing things here first, we will get Ava."

Mendoza's fury erupted,

"Every damned second you waste talking is a second further away from the pirates! Hoist the mainsail, hard to starboard and get this ship going!" he commanded to the dishevelled crew.

"Get the lifeboat and my guns bosun..." Mendoza hurried to the helm.

"NOW!" his voice bellowed across the deck.

Aboard the pirate ship, Ava continued her hardest to get away from the greasy groping hands of the pirates, and to their delight the bed sheet had finally come loose and fallen away.

In sheer embarrassment and fear Ava stood naked against the main mast, where she had backed up to for some cover. Hot red stains glowed upon her cheeks, the flush continuing across her chest. Glancing around at the growing pack of wolf like expressions, Ava moved to retrieve the crumpled, soiled sheet.

The glint of a sword stilled Ava, her arm still outstretched for the little protection she had. The long sliver blade poised below her chin ominously.

The pirate's deep voice startled Ava,

"Stand up." He ordered threateningly.

Ava slowly stood up, avoiding his eyes, crossing her arms across her bare chest. Her cheeks her flaming, her pride nearly destroyed. A single fat tear escaped her dark lashes, rolling quickly down her pale face.

The man walked around her, as if assessing her.

"Such fine beauty shouldn't be hidden by cloth, nor by anything miss," he continued, the crew murmuring and chuckling in agreement.

"Such beauty should be admired, tasted... and tried." His devil grin was wide and hungry.

Ava's eyes lifted to stare in horror at the man.

His menacing hand moved towards her face, where Ava flinched and side stepped away.

"I don't plan to use violence on you miss, unless you force me to..." His dirty crew gathered and grew rowdy.

"How dare you..." Ava spat out at him, "You will cease this vile behaviour at once, and give me that damned sheet!"

His ice blue eyes danced with amusement, he gazed at the brave beauty before whipping the sheet away from Ava's reach.

Ava gasped in anger and revulsion,

"I would rather die than be touched by you!" She snapped bitterly.

Ignoring her, he turned away.

"Tie her up men!" he bellowed the feral crew eager to get close to Ava and fought over who would tie her to the mast. The entire crew were behind her wrestling to hold some rope, or touch her skin.

Seeing the smallest glimmer of hope, Ava darted from reach, deftly moving and crouching through the wild arms and legs of the crew. She sprinted to the ships rail, desperately searching for an out.

In a lightening quick move, Ava launched herself from the ship and disappeared into the freezing blue waters below.

From the small lifeboat battling in the swell, Mendoza saw the goddess figure plunge into the sea.

"Good god!" He exclaimed, terror moved through his heart.

"Bosun, paddle faster, Ava is in the water!"

The bosun glanced worriedly at Mendoza who was pale and clammy from the loss of blood, now greying whilst watching his love disappear into the ocean. Mendoza's brow furrowed his eyes full of anguish.

"You distract them, fire some warning shots away from her to draw them away, I shall swim to her, come back for us!"

"Mendoza!" Bosun berated him, but it was too late, as Mendoza leapt into the icy waters too.

Ava broke the surface, gasping from the pain and shock of the cold water. She began to swim wildly away from the ship, not daring to look back, just trying to put as much distance between them. As a child she used to dive for shells, holding her breath for minutes before needing air, and swam with the best of the boys on the islands.

Gritting her teeth, she sobbed between strokes. The cold was creeping in through her veins, and she slowed her swimming.

She could hear above the water the shouts and cries of the pirates, and the splash that followed her. Adrenaline flooded her body again and Ava continued to swim hard, not wanting to look back.

Taking a deep breath she dove beneath the surface, her whole body flowing in haste.

Mendoza saw the pirate dive in after Ava. He momentarily panicked that he wouldn't reach her in time. His side screamed in pain, the salt water seeping and stinging the open wound. In the water the blood was running freely from the gunshot wound. Growling in pain, Mendoza continued with large sweeping strokes, pushing him further toward them.

Ava broke the surface with a strangled gasp only yards away from Mendoza. Relief swamped Mendoza's heart, but he knew they weren't safe yet.

"Ava!" He called to her.

Ava's eyes were wide and terrified, as they locked gaze with Mendoza's.

Not believing what she was seeing, Ava just bobbed in the water, her hair now dark and bedraggled, clinging to her face and shoulders. Her voice cracked,


Mendoza swam sharply to her fragile, trembling body, his arms swamping her, holding her to him in a crushing embrace. He frantically kissed her head, her cheeks and her mouth.

A panicked voice from far away alarmed Mendoza, the pirate was catching up to them.

In a harsh voice he begged her,

"Ava, you must keep swimming, just a bit further til the bosun comes back to us..."

"Don't leave me!" Ava sobbed; her small vulnerable frame clung to his strong shoulders.

"Ava, just swim! You will be safe I promise." Mendoza finished his eyes sad and desperate.

If only she knew how she looked to him -- so delicate, vulnerable yet still so intoxicatingly enchanting.

Ava nodded at him, and it took all her courage to let go of the man she loved. Diving below the surface hot tears stung her eyes, and she choked back her fear.

Mendoza turned toward the pirate ship; the pirate was slowly swimming his way. Mendoza drew his dagger, ready to finish him off. His wet shirt was now stained with seeping blood; the water around him too had a tinge.

Looking past the pirate, he noticed the ship slowly turning away. Mendoza narrowed his stormy gaze, were they coming towards them or away? He realised they were setting sail to run away. Boosted with a surge of confidence he yelled out to the bosun, who too had seen the change in the pirate ship's direction.

The pirate turned to see his ship moving off, he bellowed furiously, his face burning red his voice harsh and hoarse. Looking back at Mendoza he decided against following. He turned toward his ship and frantically swam away.

"Coward!" Mendoza roared, still poised to strike.

The bosun had paddled his way to Ava, hauling her out of the freezing waters, quickly wrapping her in whatever they had.

Mendoza turned over to float on his back, taking the chance to breathe and rest before swimming to the boat. The sun was getting high, must be nearing midday he thought to himself, not realising how long this ordeal had taken. His side began to throb incessantly.

Turning back over he saw the bosun paddling only feet away.

"Mendoza!" the bosun called out.

He reached out to help him into the boat, not before nearly tipping the small vessel over.

Mendoza slumped in the boat, his tired gaze fixated on the angel at the other end. All he could do is breathe painfully, and stare at her.

Ava sat huddled in layers of shirts, a coat and a blanket. Unable to move from the cold, Ava returned his gaze, her eyes warm and longing, bursting with love.

Both dazed, the trip back to the ship was a foggy haze, and once on deck Ava crumpled into Mendoza's arms.

The ships surgeon was waiting for them both, hastily tending to Ava with blankets and warm food, before taking Mendoza below to seal his wound with a hot iron. They both were given laudanum and send to bed for rest.

Mid morning the next day Ava dreamily snuggled into the warmth behind her, shifting her hips against it before realising where she was. With another jolt she realised she was naked. Her whole body tensed, she felt his strong arm about her waist, reassuring and tender, and Ava sighed softly with relief. Shifting again, she turned over to face him. His stormy blue eyes were smouldering, his gaze holding hers before dropping to her full lips.

Ava's belly fluttered, a hot ache began to burn deeply and her green eyes brightened with her lust. Without saying a word, Ava knew what they both wanted.

Daringly, Ava slowly moved, her lips grazing his softly, before gently nudging his lips apart and kissing him deeply.

Instantly Mendoza grew, he had never seen her look as desirable as he had this morning. More ethereal, more of a woman than any he had ever known.

Having no patience he throatily growled and swiftly rolled her underneath him, kissing her fervently.

Ava was slightly startled at his aggression, but it sent her further into her own passion as she felt his thighs shove hers apart quickly.

He continued to kiss her, while reaching down between them he grabbed his straining, proud cock and began to slowly and softly stoke it against her, racking her body with shockwaves as he brushed softly against her clit.

Ava instinctively moved her hips, aching to have more yet delighting in the sensations that enveloped her. Crying out each time he brushed against her, Ava felt she couldn't take much more. She too reached between them firmly grabbing his hand around his cock and sliding it slightly down.

Firmly, and swiftly Mendoza drove into her, the incredible heat scorching his skin, nearly sending him over the edge.

Ava cried out again as he filled her completely.

Mendoza was struggling to breathe, the pain in his side was strong, but the ecstasy he felt with Ava was thrilling. His dark hair fell across his shimmering eyes, and his muscles rippled across his chest and back. He slipped his arms beneath her knees, lifting her legs to lock over his shoulders and continued to thrust deep into her tight hot depths.

Mendoza thumbed her clit erratically, and Ava writhed and arched beneath him passionately.

Ava's arms were outstretched above her head, her glorious autumn hair splayed out around her, and her eyes were the brightest Mendoza had ever seen.

Unrelentingly he thrust his aching swollen cock into her; he could feel his own body tremble with the exquisite sensations before he felt her body shudder fiercely and close tight around him. Ava cried out his name, her eyes shut tight as she arched her back, taut breasts thrust upward.

He too couldn't help but cry out, as he sank deep into her, stunning sensations assaulting his body. He scooped her in his arms, the aftershocks still sending blissful waves throughout their bodies.

He held her tight, and settled his weight beside her, not letting her go. The pain in his side was burning and screaming throughout his body now. Trying not to groan he slowed his breathing.

He gently kissed her temple, before nestling his lips against her ear; he managed to whisper between his last breaths,


He lifted his head to look at her.

"... I love you."

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