Wow, this story took on such a life of it's own. What started out as a directive to write a fantasy, well, turned into a story. A few notes, a setting, a theme, it just kept growing and growing until it became an entire, well, erm, "tale" (sorry, you'll get that weak pun if you read it).

Although it's certainly qualifies as fantasy, it's WAY out there—literally, as in outer space, I can't claim I can relate to much of it. Inspirations came from the "Stargate" TV series, the "Avatar" movie premise (ironically, before I saw it), "The Tripods" books (which I just learned were about the Swiss Alps, IE Monte Blanc, not the White Mountains in New Hampshire), the "Eudaemon" erotica, Neko I've known and Robin Williams (his favorite word given on "Inside the Actor's Studio" was "cloaca"), among others. (I thought of some Matrix/Alice in Wonderland mechanisms, but they seemed less believable, heh, as if any of it is!)

The features of the aliens are borrowed from natural wildlife attributes, bioluminescence and color for signaling, submissive scruffing, only mammals seem to have separate genital orifices, amphibians, birds, reptiles and fish all have cloaca. (Some turtles can even breath through theirs! Who knew?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy...

Chapter 1


"Bring me back! Fix this!"

His usual commanding voice sounded so weak and soft to him.

"What the hell!?", the feminine voice emanating from his mouth raised in a high pitch squeal at the end.

As much as he wanted to yell in fury, he let his finger away from the intercom button praying for a rational response. It felt very strange feeling hair dangling around his finger as he removed it.

Her sexy voice (how he regrets trying to flirt with her now) responds, "I knew you didn't remember me but wow, you are just disgusting."

"Just because I was flirting with you?"

"No you idiot, it wasn't even a year ago, we met at the club on base, you flirted in the same lame way, I obviously had too much to drink since I found you cute. I regretted taking you home when I found how you behave in bed Mr. Selfish—and then sneak out and ignore me afterward?"

He didn't see a way out of this one. He was on the wrong side of the airlock. Funny they still call it that, when this atmosphere is nothing like Earth's air and they use rebreathers inside.

He took stock of his situation. His mission is to infiltrate the alien's society, try to find any rebellion they could take advantage of. He had been looking forward to this mission. The alien females were amazingly hot and sexy. Guys bragged of unimaginable pleasures when they returned... But that's all moot now. He remembers her now, they had fun, what more did she expect?

Fuck. He was screwed.

He reached up to feel the mind mesh and his fingers reached hair first, well, more like a mane than hair of human women. He found the metal underneath, against his scalp, the network fused with his mind, permitting his consciousness to exist with this body. Alien technology obtained from another planet, another alien culture, but switching gender? That just wasn't done.

He thought of his body lying back inside, unconscious under medical care, until his mission time is up and he returns here to be reintegrated. Under his breath, "Bitch."

She obviously wasn't going to let him back inside now, her superiors wouldn't notice anything wrong, he had no radio contact with anyone else and the logs wouldn't be listened to unless pertinent—nobody has time for more.

Which brought him back to...he was screwed.

So much for his fantasies of alien debauchery. He looked down and suddenly wasn't sure how to react. What he saw would normally turn him on, but he also wanted to groan. It got worse as the nipples, HIS nipples, prominently displayed on his protruding breasts, stiffened and lengthened under the sheer alluring fabric.

The intercom crackled and he heard her bemused voice, "And somebody likes what he, I'm sorry, SHE sees..." The intercom disconnect cut off her giggling.

He turned away from her view and would have turned red were he human, he didn't even know if these aliens could flush—although he did know their blood is yellow and glows.

He looked down again, sure enough, now that his shadow covered them, his arousal was apparent in his engorged softly glowing nipples. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down, then remembered their tails. His tail would be glowing too if he was aroused—at least that's what the guys had told him. No wonder this species was so known for sexuality, so readily on display. He decided it was better to not face the camera, maybe his tail's glow wouldn't be seen in the light anyway.

These thoughts weren't helping him relax at all, he felt...he looked down again and realized his prurient display was increasing. He imagined the giggling behind him.

Worse, he felt something "happening" down below. Funny how sexual activity was so similar throughout the universe. However, weird that the females of this species had only one hole "down there", a cloaca it's called. Meanwhile he felt something "shifting" within his. He knew what that meant, were he himself, his erection would be growing, but in this body?

It's all too confusing.

Chapter 2

Sneaking into the alien community was remarkably easy.

Parks or gardens surrounded settlements, fading off into the wild flora, and residents actively used them. In fact his way was only impeded once by certain physical sounds. He checked around, feeling his mane of hair as he turned his head, the soft locks trailing along his shoulders. With nobody around, he crept forward to spy on where the sounds were coming from.

With tail raised and aglow, the female was on her knees as her mate plunged his gleaming wet member into her. He loved her acceptance, the way her pelvis was writhing, the sounds she made, he wished it was his cock thrusting into her. He looked down at his current feminine incarnation and realized that wouldn't be happening for a while. He noticed his nipples were glowing again and reached up to touch them.

He jumped and barely stopped himself from squealing, wow they were sensitive. Ready for it this time, he touched them again and moaned inwardly. He cupped his breasts and held his nipples between his forefinger and thumb, feeling them engorge with blood, then gently squeezed them, nearly gasping. He rolled them and then tentatively pulled—suddenly feeling lightheaded. Looking down as he was pulling he realized he'd made a mistake. His erogenous zones were brightly glowing as they engorged with blood, and he realized glowing like a torch wasn't very discrete and quietly moved away.

He was able to get the lay of the land, locate the travelers accommodations, figure out the automated room assignment system, and get himself situated without more trouble.

Thankfully he wasn't feeling terribly hungry, he was exhausted enough from what he'd had to deal with so far.

Chapter 3

He knew he was being followed, he thought he'd duck around the corner, grab whomever was following as they rounded it. He kept forgetting he didn't have his masculine strength and he was probably weaker from not having eaten. He did remember to bring his tail out of sight.

As a big form rounded the corner, he struck out only to have his wrist grabbed, then a second form rounded the corner.

His only thought, "Shit."

He wrenched himself away and turned to run—only to have his tail grabbed. His knees went weak. He fell to his knees. What was going on? His breathing had quickened. His tail was quivering in their grip. He felt a hand grip his tail closer to his ass, stroking along his tail, a soft feminine moan emanated from his lips. His back arched, a shift inside, his pelvis turned up and displayed his cloaca to whomever was behind him. He tried to twist around but felt slow, sluggish, like the world was moving faster and he was trying to swim through syrup.

He watched in horror as the ground gradually came up to meet his face, he realized his arms didn't even hold himself up as his face met dirt. His mind was slow, but he knew the picture he presented. His head and shoulders down, back curved, ass up in the air, his tail high and glowing brightly. The obscene display stuck in his slow mind, knowing what was coming next. He was faintly aware of the stroking continuing on his tail as not just it quivered, but his entire rear quivered now too. He remembered the accepting position of the female in the garden before.

They said something, it sounded soothing, approving, he felt curiously pleased. He felt he shouldn't, but he did. He tried writhing more, he yearned for satisfaction from his nethers. He was horrified but overwhelmed by his arousal, if he could do anything other than rapidly breathe, he likely would have screamed for someone to fuck him.

His perverse desire was soon satisfied, his legs were kicked rudely apart, his tail held high and he felt pressure at the entrance of his hole. The diaphanous fabric did nothing to shelter his breasts and nipples from the ground, as the male's sexual anatomy pushed into his cloaca, thrusting firmly, driving into him, pushing his chest into the ground, dragging his now inflamed nipples across it, the diaphanous fabric doing nothing to protect his nipples from the harsh stimulation. As if the fire in his loins wasn't enough, the electricity from his nipples made him shudder as whomever was fucking him suddenly grabbed tight and pulled on his tail hard.

He didn't have enough breath to scream in ecstasy as he wanted to, instead he made some sound like a high pitched moan of yearning as his cloaca closed tightly on what he could only think of as the alien's penis. The pleasure was so overwhelming, beyond anything he had ever experienced, no wonder these creatures were so sexual. His entire body was now vibrating and pulsating. Each fierce pull of his tail caused him to squeeze, increasing the pleasurable sensations. Each thrust into him added to the sensations from his chest. He felt on fire, even the world seemed brighter. That's when it slowly dawned on him, his own body was illuminating everything around them from his blood rushing to his loins and tail. He was literally aglow with beautiful pleasure brought to him by this male. He'd experienced sex before, but nothing like this, it was transcendent, like a new dawning. If he could have done something other than quiver and barely breathe, he might have laughed.

With that thought he realized his arms had gone completely limp. He focused and tried to put all the pleasure aside a moment to move a finger, but ecstatically moaned as his tail was yanked, he tightened on the penis and lost himself to the pleasure as it was thrust into him.

His attention, as slow as his mind was working, focused on the pleasurable feelings coursing through him, his level of bliss only heightened as his mind slowed even more. He felt as if he was in a dream, his body serving as nothing more than a vessel of pleasure, although it didn't seem to be his body anymore, it was only responding to the wonderful feelings the dick inside him was providing, he certainly couldn't move or control it, just like when people dream in their sleep and their muscles don't move.

Meanwhile his body obviously knew what to do on it's own, his rapid breathing, blood pumping and cloaca squeezing rhythmically, especially with every pull of his tail.

He found he wanted the feelings to go on forever. Somewhere in a tiny bit of the back of his mind, he wondered if they orgasmed like human males. The things they don't cover in mission briefings!

Now his body wasn't just trembling or writhing, but practically rolling in waves unlike anything he could describe for a human. The pleasurable sensations rode along his tale, through his groin, up to his chest, up his spine to his brain. Every pull of his tail and thrust of the cock in him sent a new set of waves. He responded with squeezing and clenching which drove the male's frenzy on further. The mix of tail pulling and counter thrusting increased his responses. Back and forth and back and forth they kept amplifying until he couldn't imagine taking any more without going unconscious when he felt it. Deep within, not just where he imagined the tip of the penis was thrust within him, but up higher, what he imagined more as where his belly might be, his stomach were he human, he felt a curious sensation. It was added to all the pleasure he was already feeling in this frenzy of fucking, so hard to pinpoint, but it was new and he noticed. It was a satisfying feeling, like when you are thirsty and drink, but without swallowing anything down your throat. The sensation kept going, along with all the rest of the wonderful feelings. He didn't know for how long, nor did he realize when it stopped, but suddenly with no warning the wonderful penis was withdrawn from his body and he nearly cried in dismay.

All the pleasure rapidly diminished yet his cloaca kept clutching for something that was no longer there. He realized there was a strange noise, and it was coming from him, kind of a yearning sound like puppies make to beg. He realized it was perfectly appropriate.

He wanted nothing more than a wonderful cock to be thrust into him as his tail was pulled.

Fortunately for him his wish was soon granted. Presumably the second male pushed into him then pulled sharply on his tail. His hole squeezed tightly around this new invader's dick as waves of pleasure washed over him. His body shuddered rhythmically hopefully bringing pleasure to the wielder of the wonderful tool. He realized that's truly what he felt, desire that his partner share in his pleasure to heighten the pleasure for both of them.

Just as before, as his pleasure increased, his body reacted more, bringing forth stronger pulls on his tail, tighter clenching of his hole, more sensation, more pleasure, more waves, more tail pulls, more, more, more...

Sooner than before he felt the filling, up in his belly and realized he no longer felt hungry, but his stomach felt full. This time he noticed the slowing of that nourishment, then as suddenly as before, he was left empty "down there". He made the begging sounds but was not satisfied a third time. He realized that nobody was stroking or pulling his tail anymore yet he wished they would. He felt the loss of the pleasure as his lewd squirming even subsided.

The two males that had...raped? ...fucked? ...joined with him remained and were talking together. He still couldn't summon the strength in his arms to lift himself up or move. Heck, if he could reach his own tail he'd pull on it at this point. He stopped making the begging sound but continued to breath rapidly and shallowly as he recovered from his bliss.

Then he felt a pull on his mane of hair, he was drawn up and backward, dangling as if a puppet from strings of his own hair. He was slowly lowered like a rag doll between the two onto a bench. His arms still dangled from his sides, his nipples were glowing like flashlights, his crotch was even brighter, one of them brushed the dirt from his top, each touch of his breasts tingling.

They sat on either side supporting him, he simply let them—not that he had a choice. They caressed, reassured and soothed him as he gradually returned to awareness.

Chapter 4

Suddenly there was a loud siren and cries from on the street.

Both males immediately jumped up and ran to see, still gathering his wits, he shakily brought his female body to standing. Afraid of stumbling if he tried to run, he delicately walked toward the street to see what was going on.

The two males he'd just shared such an intimate moment with had been swept away in the running crowd. Tossing his hair over his shoulder, thinking of how feminine that gesture is, he viewed what was coming.

Constructed of some material not of this planet, a building-sized dark menacing tripod craft was advancing. The fleeing crowd is thinning out, but a metallic tentacle with three-fingered claw on the end swings toward the the stragglers, gripping a female, lifting her up despite others trying to pull her free. They end up letting go and dropping off, getting up to run again as she is raised to the opening maw in the belly of the tripod's body.

He quickly analyzes the group running down the street and immediately knows if he joins them, he'll be exposed to abduction. He pulls back into the shadows and looks down to check himself. He could feel his blood pumping but not in sexual excitement, the sexy body he currently inhabits is not advertising like is has so often while he's been in it.

He feels dust and debris rain down from a building above as the ground shakes. The tripod is moving down the street, each step causing everything to shudder. He wonders where it came from, their Earth ships were in orbit and should have prevented any others from landing. Their observations of this planet had not indicated any other intelligent species or apparent visitation. His heart sank as he realized if Earth forces were defeated, his real body could be jeopardized and he trapped in this alien female form—but then wonders at his smile.

That fear became secondary as a more immediate threat was pressing and the shadow of the huge tripod loomed into view. He looked around for any better cover when the tentacle comes around the corner. He looks at it to see about dodging and cringes when he sees the shiny gleam in the center of the claw—presumably a camera, pointing right at him.

With astonishing speed it moves directly toward him and closes around him. The impact nearly knocks the breath out of him. His breasts are squished as it came in high, two fingers of the claw had closed below his arms, the third over his shoulder. The claw lifts him high into the air as he struggles, his arms in no position to get leverage, not that he was stronger than the metal it's constructed of anyway.

Suddenly it gets dark as he's thrust within the tripod body and unceremoniously dropped, before he can get his bearings he feels something grip his tail, he tries to twist but is foiled as it's pulled hard. He curses this alien body as the effect is quick, his back curves thrusting his breasts thrust out, his breathing quickens as an involuntary moan escapes his mouth, he sees a dim glow begin as his hair is grabbed and his head is pulled back violently too. His mind is already slowing and his arms barely respond to his need for them to help him resist, as a small tube is thrust in his mouth. A hissing sound fills his ears as suddenly a foam bursts forth from the tube, he tries not to breath in and pants through his nose. His mouth starts to fill to overflowing as the tube recedes, shutting off as it exits his mouth.

That's when the horror sets in, as his mind begins to realize the foam is rapidly hardening—before he can react, it's solid. Now he can't move his mouth, the only noise he makes comes through his nostrils.

Next he stumbles backward as his tail is pulled like a leash, he almost collapses, seeing his body's response is even brighter, when his mane of hair is also grabbed, keeping him vertical. They move, him stumbling backward, as the room brightens dramatically when the portal in the floor opens and another woman is raised into the craft and dropped onto the floor. The dark shadow of a silhouetted being grabs her tail and pulls, as the room darkens from the closing hatch, her tail is seen to begin glowing as he's pulled out of sight.

Chapter 5

His next view shocks him, the lighting is dim, balanced by many golden glowing tails all aligned together, extending off in a curve. He is brought up behind the line and his hair is suddenly released. He folds forward seeing the bright open circle of another's cloaca in front of him being plugged by something glowing warmly golden.

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