tagErotic PoetryAwake and Alive

Awake and Alive

byslave naia©

She walks in the darkness, afraid and alone. Only the moon alights her face. It is the light that guides her through the darkness. For she knew that the journey would be long. She knew she would have to face it alone. She was ready. She was free. She only packed the key to her heart, to travel in the dark side alone. She knew who she was, although others could not see. They did not accept her. They did not understand what made her whole. For how could she explain it to them? She did not know herself. What was this feeling she was feeling? Was she sick? Did she need help? These were the answers she was searching for. She could only hope that she could
find them in these woods all alone.

She is grabbed on her journey. Masters come and go, touching her, hurting her. She pulls away, they draw her near. She cries out loud and no one hears her. They take advantage of her innocence. The play on her lack of knowledge. The use her as if she has no will. They break what will she has to fit their own needs. Stripping her of all she thought she was. Confusing what is real. Making her truthfulness into an amazing mosaic painting. Scrambling her desires into rolled promises. Promises that will only be empty. Empty words and empty glances are all she is given.

She escapes. Runs as hard as she can deeper into the place that seems to leave her unsatisfied. She is stronger, she holds no fear. They have toughened her, taken every layer that she had and broken it down. She rebuilds it. All by herself she rebuilds what they have broken down. She is proud. She is ready. She is STRONG.

She is awake by the warm sun on her face. The smell of soft flowers surround her. She feels awakened and alive. Is her journey over? Is this it, all that she was looking for? This can not be it, There is nothing here but open fields. She sits upon a rock, holding her head in her hands. Confused she softly sobs to herself. This journey was in vain, it brought her nothing. When in the silence a Deep stern voice breaks through.

"little one, come with me. I will care for you, I
will love you. Trust me, I am not like the others."

She rises from her rock, hands Him the key, and
quietly walks away with Him into the sunset.

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