Not alone! Not again!

The fury.

The search.

The candidates.

Has all imagination evaporated?

Has the world killed all passion, and all desire?

Suddenly, a new voice.

There is mystery.

Am I crazy? This one is dangerous.

This one is forbidden.

Yes. And I am tempted.

I like this voice. I like dangerous.

Something breaks open deep inside me.

Who am I?

I am awakened.

A well spring of desire.

A voice in the night.

A visitor to your dark places.

A place of refuge for the warrior.

A deep river of need that matches your own.

The part that will always be incomplete without you.

My cunt yearning to be filled with your naked prick.

Suckle my breasts.

Let me feed on your need, and be restored.

Stroke me everywhere: my thighs, my tits, my ass.

Let me shamelessly stroke my clit against you.

Let me take your prick in my hand and use it to paint circles around my nipples.

Let me thrill to feel you leak onto me.

Let me kiss the head of your cock.

Let me look in your eyes as I suck your prick.

Erupt in my mouth and let me ride your explosion with you.

I stand. I spread my legs.

You suck my clit, and I tremble.

You stand, and I tilt my pelvis and grind it against you.

My cunt calls out for your seed, and it will not be denied.

You pinch gently on my nipples with a little twist, and I cry out as I start to come.

You suck hard on a nipple.

Dear God, I’m starting a whole chain of little comes, and you haven’t even thrust inside me yet.

I come again, and again.

I draw you deep inside me, and slowly clench along your whole length.

I pause, I savor.

Again, I tighten my cunt and you watch my breath as I softly pant my desire and my joy.

My lips are puffy, my nipples are hard and extended.

You thrust deep into me, and my body answers.

Every part of me says only “Yes!” and “Yes!” as we start to ride the rhythm that will carry us to climax, and to peace.

And I am filled with the scent of your skin, and your breath, as I bury my face against your neck.

Speak to me, touch me, feel me, teach me, make me yours.

My cunt is aflame, my heart is throbbing.

I ache for your touch.

You lead me to bed, and I lie back so that I can abandon all and ride the tide of our private pleasure.

My spirit calls to you, and yours soars.

Your desire has won my answering desire.

You lean over and thrust into me as I arch my neck up to you.

The world around us slips away, and there is only peace.

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