tagMind ControlAwakening Ch. 02

Awakening Ch. 02


I don't know how I could be tired after being asleep for over ten weeks, but that was exactly what happened. After being moved from the long term intensive care unit to a private room I had fallen back asleep. My sense of time seemed to be totally destroyed, not that I had a particularly good one to start with.

"Well, Hello. Scott, is it?" A young, maybe twenty two or three year old nurse said as she walked in, wearing a pair of bright colored scrubs. "I hear this is your first day with us on the ward." She continued as she pushed her cart to the side of my bed and then stepped back to the door to push it closed. "My name is Amy, and I'll be giving you a bath today."

"A bath? Can't you just help me to the shower?"

"Fraid not, not with the cast on your leg. Now, nothing to be embarrassed about, we'll just get you all washed up in no time!" she said cheerfully as she rolled the covers down the bed so I was laying on the bed in just my hospital gown. "How about you roll to your right a little and we'll get this untied."

"I suppose." I sighed as I rolled myself, the effort taking more than I would have expected. I held onto the railing as she untied my gown with her gloved hands, rolling back only after she had indicated she was done. She gently pulled the gown down off my arms, leaving it on my lap and covering my cock, which was getting a bit hard looking at the cute young brunette.

She talked up a storm, the whole time, gently washing my body, working along my chest and arms first and then moving to my feet and working up my legs, finally pulling the gown completely away, revealing the hardon I had sprouted from her touch.

"Sorry." I said quietly, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Oh not to worry. Happens all the time."

"I can imagine. Good looking young lady like you? Yeah, I imagine you've seen a lot of big ones."

"Not too many much bigger than this." She answered with a grin, her fingers wrapped part way around it, lifting it gently as she washed around it.

I felt a weird feeling suddenly flowing over me, making me start to sweat, almost as if I was going to be air sick. I closed my eyes and let my head lean back against the inclined back of the bed.

"Nearly done. Just have to do..."

I could see her sitting on a picnic table in the woods, the wind rustling through the green leaves hanging on the trees, a pair of massive weeping willow trees, one on either side of the table, creating a shield from the rest of the world with their low hanging branches, the table sitting in the green seclusion. It was the little nurse, no doubt, sitting on the table, looking around apprehensively, wearing a pair of running shoes, a light yellow tank top and a pair of satiny running shorts. She paused, almost as if she were deliberately thinking about something and then quickly reached to the top of her shorts. She tugged the material of her shirt up out of the waistband and skimmed it off over her head, revealing a pair of cute C cup breasts, her fat pink nipples and half dollar sized pink areola hardening in the breeze until they were coned out almost half an inch from the front of her creamy white breasts.

She slid off the table and pushed the shorts down, skimming them, and the tiny white thong hiding beneath them, down her legs, working them over her running shoes until they were free. She carefully folded the shorts and set the white thong panty on the table. She picked up the shirt, carefully folded it and then climbed back onto the table wearing nothing but the running shoes and a pair of tiny white socks. She picked up a bottle of Johnson's baby oil and squirted some on her hand before putting the bottle down. She pressed her hands together, spreading the oil on them before moving them to her breasts, slowly spreading the oil in circles, her hands cupping and rubbing her breasts, each slightly larger than her petite hand could contain.

She worked her hands in ever larger circles, oiling her torso before she lay back on the table. She picked up the bottle and drizzled oil from it across her stomach, her completely shaved mound and then down one thigh and up the other. She set the bottle aside and began to rub her body, her hand sliding across her soft skin, her whole body tanned a pleasant light brown except for a triangle of white covering most of each breast and her shaved mound and pussy. Her hand slid up her thighs, teasing the oil between her legs and her fingers stroking her pussy ever so slightly.

She worked her hands, one rubbing the oil on her stomach and chest, cupping and squeezing each breast before sliding down to her mound and back again, and her other hand locked now between her legs, her finger stroking softly up and down her fat outer pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmmm" She moaned softly, barely audible over the rustling leaves of the tree as her finger slipped between her wet pussy lips. She spread her legs wide, hooking her feet over the sides of the table nearly to her knees, her pussy completely exposed in the direction of one of the massive willow trees. Her finger slid up and down between her lips, teasing them and diving between them until she finally pushed her middle finger deep into her pussy, bringing yet another moan from her lips. "Oh Jeremy. Fuck me. Lick my pussy and stuff your fat cock into me." She moaned as she lay on the table, a young man suddenly materializing in the clearing at the foot of the table. He stood completely naked at the end of the table, his dick hard and pointing toward her pussy as she lay there.

"You look so hot and sexy sis, all oiled up and playing with yourself. Maybe I should just put my cock where your fingers are."

"Oh god yes Jeremy. Fuck me, please!"

He reached for her legs, lifting them from the side of the table and holding them in the air as he reached down and grasped her thighs. Her oiled body slid easily toward him on the table, her ass and pussy now hanging off the edge of the table. He reached down, grasping his hardon and rubbed it briefly between her oiled lips before jamming it quickly deep into her pussy.

"God yes Jeremy. That's it. Fuck me. Fuck me right here in the middle of the campground. Fuck my tight little pussy like you do your girl friend. Make my body come like you do to her.

"Alright sis. If that's what you want." He said as he started sliding his cock in and out of her. His fat shaft drove into her over and over again, his cock glistening in the broken sunshine as he drew back, her juices coating his thick veined cock as he pulled out almost until he fell out and then shoved it quickly back into her, drawing a new gasp with each stroke.

"That's it Jeremy. Fuck me. Fuck my hot little pussy. Make me come on your long hard cock!" She cried loudly as she lay on the table, one hand grasping the side of the table while the other moved from breast to breast, squeezing her soft tit and puffy nipples between her palm and fingers.

"OH god sis. You're so fucking tight! You feel great around my cock. So much tighter and hotter than Diane. Ohhhh fuck yes it feels good to fuck you baby sister." He groaned loudly as he plunged his cock into her over and over, each of his long strokes ending abruptly as his thighs slapped against her bare ass with a loud SMACK. "Oh fuck sis. You are so damn sexy like this!" He growled as she began to climax.

Her whole body trembled and shuddered, her hand squeezing one tit hard as her pussy convulsed around the cock plunging into it. "Oh fuck Jeremy! Here I COME!" she squealed loudly as she arched her back and allowed the orgasm to flow over her, sending little jolts of electricity bounding up and down the length of her body, little twitches and shudders giving testament to the power of the orgasm she was feeling. A gush of her cum squirted out around his cock, spraying him from the waist down. Over and over again her body convulsed around him, squirting more and more of her girl cum out, leaving his cock and balls dripping with her juices.

"God sis that was so fucking hot. Are you ready for my cum now? Do you want me to fill your hot little cunt with my cream?"

"Fuck yes. Give it to me Jeremy! Fill my hot little pussy with your cum!" she screamed up to the trees.

He continued to stroke into her, pumping his long shaft into her pussy as she felt it getting larger inside her, his bulbous head stretching her tight pussy even wider, teasing her fading orgasm back up the slope toward another climax. "Here it comes sis." He grunted loudly as his body trembled, his cock swelling a little more inside her as it began to spew its load into her. She felt it flow into her, each strong surge making her pussy expand slightly as his cum flowed around his head and surged into every possible gap.

"FUCK YES!" She screamed again as her orgasm peaked a second time, little tingles flowing from her pussy to her tits with each surge of cum. "God yes Jeremy! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!" She cried over and over as her climax seemed to go on forever, her pussy spasming around his shaft.

Finally, gasping for breath she lay there, his hands slowly sliding around her oiled body, reaching all the way to her tits as he massaged her, his cock slowly softening inside her tight little tunnel. "That was fantastic sis. Better that Diane by a long shot." He said before his image faded away, leaving her naked on the table, his cum dripping from her pussy to the grass below.

".... Oh excuse me. A little head rush there for a second." Amy said, shaking her head as if to clear something away that she hadn't expected. The whole scene played out in my mind as if it had taken, what, fifteen or more minutes, and that's how it felt to me, but her reaction seemed to barely be a break in her own sentence. My cock, which was already fairly hard seemed to have grown even fatter and longer in those few brief moments.

I very suddenly wanted her to stroke my cock. Just wrap her hand around it and stroke it in long slow strokes. I closed my eyes again, trying to push the inappropriate image of her standing next to me, her hands wrapped around my shaft, sliding up and down as she pointed it in the air. Damn I wanted that. I wanted her to pull her top up and show me those tits that she had played with in the image I had, her nipples all pushed out and puffy.

"You gotta promise not to rat on me." She whispered as she wrapped both hands around my cock, "But it looks to me like you could stand a little stimulation."

"Uh huh." I said, staring as she started stroking my cock, her hands aiming it straight into the air as she worked both hands up and down my shaft.

She paused her strokes for a moment and then, looking over her shoulder at the door, chewed on her lower lip for a moment before releasing my cock. She quickly pulled the top of her scrubs up and off, leaving her in a small white lacy bra. She pulled her rubber gloves off and reached behind her back, unsnapping the bra and shaking her shoulders to pull it off. "Maybe this will help." She whispered as she reached back to my cock and began stroking it again. "You can touch em, if you want." She whispered, moving closer to the side of the bed.

I reached a hand up from the bed and gently cupped one breast, letting my thumb slide back and forth across the fat nipple, which seemed to grow larger by the second. I stroked back and forth across the practically cone shaped nipple, which encompassed her whole areola.

"You like em?" She asked quietly. "My boy friend thinks that my nipples are funny the way they puff out."

"Yeah, I like em a lot, and no, they're not funny. They're actually pretty sexy."

"I'm glad," she said quietly as she stroked my cock its full length. "Would you like to cum on em? My boyfriend does. He likes to fuck me until he's almost ready to climax and then he pulls out and shoots his cum all over my tits and stomach."

"Actually that would be pretty sexy." I answered as her already big grin got even wider.

"Damn, this is a nice cock. I don't think I could get it all the way in me though. Way too big."

"I bet you'd be surprised." I answered as my hips started pushing up in time with the strokes of her hands.

"I can tell you're getting ready to come. Go ahead, come for me. Squirt your hot jizz all over my cute little tits. Just think about what it would be like in my pussy, all wet and tight, sliding up and down your shaft. Mmmmmm yeah. I can tell, almost there."

"Uh huh." I grunted as she rubbed her thumb back and forth on the underside of my head, right across that really sensitive spot.

"God I can't believe how wet I'm getting. I can practically feel my pussy dripping." She said, closing her eyes for a moment as she wiggled her legs, rubbing her pussy.

"Want me to rub it?" I asked quietly.

"We really shouldn't be doing this." She said as she moved her body closer to me, "But if you want to, you can."

I let go of her tit and pulled the string on her scrubs, the drawstring loosening and allowing the bright colored material to slide down over her butt and pool on the ground around her ankles. She had on a pair of white bikini panties, which I pushed down as best I could with one hand. I pushed my hand down between her thighs, her feet stepping apart as far as they could in the pants, her hands continuing to stroke my hard cock.

"Ohhhh that feels so nice." She cooed as I started stroking my finger along her lips. She turned her body to give me better access, allowing me to slide a finger between her lips. "Oh yeah. Your finger feels nice."

"Your hands feel pretty nice too." I grunted as I let my finger slide across her exposed clit, causing her to draw a quick breath.

"Ohhh damn, didn't expect that. Fuck I feel like I'm almost ready to come."

"Uh huh. Me too." I groaned back, feeling my orgasm start to push a load up my shaft. My body jerked, pumping a huge gush of cum into the air, the white goo flying at least as high as her head before gravity made it tumble back to my lap. She aimed my cock at her tits and continued to stroke me as my body convulsed multiple times, pumping shot after shot of cum onto her tits until it was dripping and running down the front of her body.

"Nice." She cooed as she released my now softening cock. "Looks like we both need a cleanup."

"Not before I finish you off." I said quietly, my finger diving deeper between her tits.

"That might not take too long if you keep that up." She moaned softly, trying to spread her legs farther apart and finally stepping her feet out of the legs of her scrubs. She lifted one leg and rested her knee on the bed, the position spreading her pussy wide for me, even if the panties, which tried to slide back up toward her pussy restricted my access somewhat. "Ohhhh much better." She moaned. I pushed my finger up into her tunnel, my palm pressing against her hard, exposed clit. "oh god. Here it comes!" she squeaked as she leaned toward me and shuddered, my hand quickly getting coated with her juices. "Ohhhhh god yes." She moaned softly as she leaned toward me, her cum covered chest inches from mine as she jerked and twitched.

"Mmmmmmm thank you." She whispered after almost a full minute of her panting, softly moaning orgasm. "I think we both need a bit more cleanup now." She said as she stepped back, fixing her panties. She bent over and worked her scrub pants back on, pulling them up as she stood there, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. "I'm really sorry. That wasn't very professional, was it?"

"I think it was just fine." I answered, causing her to stop for a moment and smile at me.

She used the warm wash cloth to quickly rinse off her tits and then pulled her bra back on, followed by her top. "There! All back together."

"Looked a lot sexier without the scrubs." I said quietly as she went back to washing my cock with the warm washcloth.

"Yeah, but I can't walk around like that all day, now can I?"

"No, but you could wear sexier underwear under them."

"Sexier? Like how?"

"Prettier bra's and skimpier panties."

"Hmmm, might have to try that." She said as she finished cleaning me off. She picked a new gown off her cart and helped me into it before putting away her stuff and getting ready to leave. "I hope you didn't mind what I did. I mean it wasn't very professional, but...well... it seemed like we both really needed it for some reason. I hope you're not upset."

"Not hardly." I answered with a grin. "I appreciated the thought, and the view."

"I'm glad." She said as she reached for the door. "See you later."

"I hope so."

The rest of the morning was pretty boring, filled with nurses coming every hour or so to check my vitals and a very....tasty?... lunch. Well, it was solid food anyway, something my stomach apparently had forgotten about, since the extremely small portion of food seemed to really fill me up. The quiet time did give me plenty of time to think.

What was it about that image of her on the table? Where did it come from? It was clearly her, and her brother? Was it a memory or a fantasy or a desire or a plan? I really had no idea. It was the third time I'd had a hugely sensual and sexual image flash into my head. I had a number of nurses, both male and female come in and take vitals and such, but only the doctor, the one nurse and now this sweet thing with the bath seemed to affect me. Why? What was i missing? I was an engineer, I'm used to looking at data and evidence and figuring out the problem, so what was it here? What was the common thread?

I wasn't at all sure I could figure it out until I understood where the images came from. Were they fantasies or memories? Why was I even seeing them? It seemed like even though my mind processed them in real time, taking long minutes for the scenes to play out, the actual time was only a few seconds at most. Or at least that's how it felt. And why only some people? So far only women. Kind of sexy women thankfully. I'm not at all sure how I'd react if that happened with a male nurse.

And that's another thing. Why did that young lady do what she did? Yeah I was thinking it, but I was pretty sure I didn't say anything. Did I just look like I wanted to be jacked off? Well, I'm sure I did, but then her top. She took that off. I wouldn't have expected that. No there were just too many missing pieces. One thing was for sure, I was enjoying remembering the scenes that were left in my mind. I could clearly remember each move that the lady in purple used on that pole, and Amy, the shape of her tits and how her fingers teased the oil across her body. It was every bit as real as if I had been laying there feeling her hands rub her body. The sensations were almost as if I was watching, but also feeling what she was doing. It was seriously weird.

Somewhere in my time thinking I fell asleep, only to be woken by an orderly with a wheelchair. "Mister Rogers. Time for physical therapy ." The burly orderly said, gently shaking my shoulder.


"Physical therapy time. Doctors orders."

"Um, yeah, okay." I said as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes. He helped me from the bed into the wheel chair and then covered my legs with a blanket before wheeling me from the room. We took a nice ride down the elevator to a room in the basement level of the hospital, where he wheeled me through a set of double doors into a large room marked "Physical Therapy." There were a number of people working on different machines with a couple different therapists helping or directing them.

"I have Mister Rogers here for a two o-clock." The orderly said loudly to the room.

"I'll take him." A woman said, coming out of a doorway about half way down the length of the large room. She was trim and clearly muscular under the snug fitting sweat suit she had on. Her face had a pleasant smile and her blond hair, while short was curled so that it framed her face and gray/blue eyes. "I'm Bonnie. I'll be doing your therapy." She said as the orderly retreated and she held her hand out for me to shake.

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