tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAwakening Eve Ch. 04

Awakening Eve Ch. 04


Chapter IV

Taking the Plunge

Finally! I apologize for the long delay in finishing this story. I hope it is worth the wait.

From Chapter 3

The audience roared its approval. All eyes were fixed on Eve. Even the woman who had hiked up her dress and mounted the gentleman beside her faced the stage so that she could be fucked without missing a moment of the performance. Yes, every man and woman in the room was eager to get to their own fucking, sucking, and everything that went along with it, but they were here to see an unwilling virgin deflowered and nothing would excite them more.

Chapter 4

Thomas continued his relentless assault with his tongue on Eve's pussy until he could sense that she was close to a climax. Her juices poured from her pussy and her sweet body was coiled like a spring. That's when Thomas sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and grabbed it lightly with his teeth.

The poor girl needed no more. Her hips arched, while her entire body convulsed in seismic tremors. While Thomas greedily lapped, he took great pleasure in noticing that Eve had reflexively grasped her nipples in her fingers and tugged on them to draw out every last bit of her orgasm. "Oh, yes," he thought. "Little Evie likes! Claude will be a happy man."

Of course, Thomas himself was rather pleased on his own behalf. Although his initiation of Eve was his job, paid for handsomely by Claude DuBois, Thomas would have paid good money to take the innocent yet luscious Eve's cherry. Right now, his cock was aching for her cunt. He glanced at his employer for the signal and was relieved to see Claude's nod to him.

Claude stood to address the audience. "My friends, here is the moment we've been waiting for. Our sweet Eve will now receive her first fucking."

"No!" Poor Eve cried futilely. After coming down from the incredible orgasm she'd just experienced, she was disgusted to find her hands on her breasts and realize that she had taken an active part in her debauchery. Now, watching Thomas strip off his clothes, she couldn't take her eyes from his rigid cock. Thick and red with readiness, it looked to her like a battering ram.

"Please," she whispered to him. "Don't do this!"

"Don't worry, sweet thing," Thomas smiled at her almost (but not quite) tenderly. "Once your pussy gets a taste of this, you'll beg for more."

"You pig!" Eve's voice was no longer a whisper. But her words were cut off when Thomas kissed her, plunging his tongue into her mouth as a prelude to his cock plunging into her cunt.

Holding her bound wrists above her head with one hand, Thomas forced Eve's legs apart with his muscular thighs. With his other hand, he poised the head of his throbbing shaft at the soft, wet folds of her entrance, rubbing it up and down against her slit to lubricate it with Eve's juices.

As the thickness of his cock slowly entered Eve's tight hole, the young woman trembled with fear. She had imagined the giving of her virginity to be sweet, tender, taken by the man she loved as a cherished gift. Instead, she found herself at the mercy of a stranger, stealing what she had guarded so preciously, and in front of a room full of people.

Unfortunately, though, a small part of Eve actually wanted Thomas to invade her. Her pussy quivered in anticipation, instinctively craving the cock's fullness. And this shamed Eve tremendously. She thrashed her head back and forth in denial, even as her pussy rose to meet its invader.

Thomas chuckled at Eve's reaction. With the head of his cock inside her, he felt her muscles clench around him. Without further prelude, he plunged into her. As his balls slapped against Eve for the first time, she screamed in agony. As wet as she was, her tight pussy barely accommodated the thick battering ram of Thomas's thick cock.

As Thomas withdrew his cock slowly, Eve's pussy constricted to grasp the bulbous head, and Thomas thought he would go insane if he couldn't release his load instantly. But he held on, ramming his cock into her again and again. With each thrust, pleasure began to overcome physical pain.

Emotional pain, however, was quite another thing. For as much as Eve deplored her humiliation, she came to a harsh awakening. She knew that her first experience with a man's cock had unleashed a powerful lust in her body that her mind would never be able to overcome. And, worse, Eve had a strong suspicion that she was at home here at Claude's mansion, in front of a depraved audience.

A single tear fell from her eye as she spread her legs to welcome a newcomer's rigid shaft.

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