tagNonHumanAwakening Hunger

Awakening Hunger


This is the second time you have come to me in the night to ease the aching I feel in my chest and vanquish the longing for your warm mouth. Lying beside you now as you sleep, sated by my body. Your chest rising and falling slowly as the glow from your satisfied hunger still shows on your face. Reaching out to you, my cool hand following the outline of your body, gently down from your shoulder to your hip. Thanking you with my touch for awakening me and for being able to satisfy your fetid hunger but more for releasing that hunger in me.

But I want more, so much more. For you this is merely a quenching of your desires a fetish of power over the world. For me you have unleashed a hunger. Leaning over to gently place a kiss on your shoulder before I rise, my lips lingering as I thank you again. Stepping quietly out of the room I leave you sleeping peacefully.

As I walk out into the dark the night breeze cools my skin. Inhaling deeply, filling my lungs with the sweet scent of Datura, it's pale tubular blossoms almost incandescent in the moonlight. I want to feel alive; I want to quell this burning need I feel inside. Passing the lit windows of houses along the street I will for the light to flicker, for a shiver to run over the souls of the occupants as I pass. But the night is unchanged.

The quiet ebb of the waves filling my ears as I approach the beach stirring the memory of the first taste I ever had of your blood. The way I felt your heartbeat entering me as we became one and the flow of your heartbeat pounding in my head. My lungs filling with the salty air, salty like your taste. Pausing I glanced over at the cemetery, the gravestones glowing in the moonlight as they stand like quiet soldiers guarding their contents like quiet reminders of mortality.

I had seen him approaching, a dim shadow moving along the side of the road by the trees. As he neared his features emerged from the shadows. It was him. We'd laughed earlier how this young man would be ideal. So young and fresh, with a taste like sweet nectar you had sighed. He looked about twenty-four, with that eager expression that yearns for knowledge or at least a purpose. His blond hair close cropped and his lightly tanned skin so smooth I was sure it would feel like silk under my fingers if I touched him.

Greeting him, I fell in step beside him

"I saw you looking at me earlier, you were licking your lips" he said quizzically with his head tilted slightly to the side exposing his tender neck.

"Yes, my friend was admiring your looks"

Taking his hand into mine I leaned closer, smelling the alcohol on his breath

"I was admiring you as well"

We walked along the road that led into town passing darkened alleyways as we got nearer. Suddenly he grabbed me, pulling me around by my forearm into an alley. I could register the drink-induced lust in his eyes as he pushed me back against the wall with his fingers digging into my shoulders. Talking harshly in my ear as he pressed himself against me, pinning me against the cold brickwork.

"You don't know me, I could be anyone" His hands roughly pushing back harder on my shoulders.

"Not here, please not here not like this" I gasped shocked by his sudden attack.

"Oh, don't you want me now?

Breaking free I ran, turning the corner and back down the road, the picket gate of the cemetery half open as I ran through. I could hear the crunch of his footsteps growing louder as he pursued me into the grounds. My back hard up against a tree as he passed close by me. Then I struck, a high shriek emitted from his mouth in surprise as I lunged and pulled him to me. Stilling his surprise as I held his arms tight by his sides.

"Get down, now!"

Obeying me he lowered himself to the ground.

"I know what you are, I want you to have me I want to be like you," he gasped

Suddenly docile, I straddled him and lifted his shirt quickly over his head. Breathing high and fast as I hungered for his flesh, my skirt hitched high up my thighs as I held him down, tight between my legs. Stripping my own top off, my body now silhouetted by the pale glow coming form the church.

Allowing his hands to rise to my body and relishing his strange touch on my skin. Bending forward as his head raised to reach my breasts. Heating my night cooled skin with his tongue as he squeezed and licked greedily. Holding him tight between my thighs I could feel his growing need. Reaching a hand down he groaned as my hand made firm contact with his enclosed erection. Releasing him from the confines of his pants he emitted another, deeper groan.

His hands still caressing my breasts as I enclosed his cock in my hand and guided him slowly into me. My hands on his shoulders as I lowered down onto his hardness, closing my eyes until I had sunk his length deep inside me. Wanting to take my pleasure from him before I took him. Impaled on his cock, fucking him slowly, deeply. Grinding my hips down onto him as he moaned. Our moans mixing with the rasping song of the crickets as our coupling mounted. Riding him faster, his hips pushing his cock up deeper into me. Clawing at him as I bucked, the sound of our frenzied pleasure sent out into the night.

I could feel the slick sheen of his sweat under my hands as we forced our union, his body rising and tensing under mine. Drowning out his pleasured moans with my wild screams as I rode him to frenzy, tightening my grip on his cock as my orgasm surged up through my body. His hips still working hard up into me as he released his cum with a loud moan.

Our breaths heavy as our coupling slowed once again becoming aware of the cool night air. Rolling onto the grass beside him, his spent body prone next to mine. Languidly he reached out for my warm breast as he rolled slowly onto his side to face me. Placing his lips over my hardened nipple he sucked softly and looked up at me.

"You could have taken me, I would have let you," he said releasing my breast from his mouth. Looking down at him, stroking his check gently I smiled, knowing I had a long way to go before I could put my passion for flesh behind me and follow my calling of blood.

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