Awakening Obsession Ch. 05


"You shouldn't tease your mother like that," she gasped. I was immediately struck by the irony of the statement, after how she'd been all week, and then set up the whole encounter with Donna, but I was more than happy to let her continue uninterrupted. "I wanted you both so bad," she continued, then returned to my erection. Watching my mother's lips slide down my fully erect member was amazing, an image I hoped I would never forget. "Would you like that, fucking me while I licked her?" Her hand was pistoning up and down my wet shaft. She stood, swinging one leg over my hips, and I slid into her easily. She was naked under her short sheer robe, and as she frantically rode me I took a nipple in my mouth, marveling at the suppleness and size of her breasts, so much larger than Donna's. I gently nibbled her while I guided her pounding with my hands on her ass.

She was soon screaming out her passion, pushing into me with an almost painful force, making an audible slap on each downthrust. She finally began to slow, gasping for air, and I immediately took over, pulling my pelvis back and pulling her into me as I thrust into her. She started her loud moaning almost at once, as her recovery from one orgasm went quickly into the beginnings of another, louder one. In the midst of her pleasure I found my own again, and soon she was lying on top of me as we panted, as Donna and I had done not long before. Our lips occasionally came together as we lay, me slowly softening inside her. Finally, she shifted her weight off of me, sliding to one side, while I scooted over a bit to make room. She curled next to me, pressing her back into my chest as I put my arm around her waist. She turned her head over her shoulder and I leaned over and kissed her softly, and we fell asleep, my mother in my arms.

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