tagErotic CouplingsAwakening Pt. 01

Awakening Pt. 01


Angela's Story

This story is a work of fiction and a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18 or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it. If you are not offended please enjoy.


The sharp rays of light broke through the gap in the curtains and shone like a bright torch beam onto Angela's face. As they swept over her features they eventually alighted on her closed eyes and the effect of the intensity had the outcome of rousing her harshly from her slumbers. Blinking drowsily, she opened her eyes to the surrounding aura and hazily taking in her surroundings stretched the stiffness out of her naked limbs. Coming more to her senses she focused her eyes, and thoughts, on her surroundings, and then, turning to see her bed side clock, the time. Looking at the digital clock on the bedside table, it was 12.17; pm; just after noon. Then recognition set in and she remembered the night that had just passed, and in view of the last twelve hours or so, the "stiffness" that had so often been in her. In her mouth, in her fanny and in her hands.

She smiled. A knowing smile. She was in her own house, in her own bed. Well that of hers' and Bens', her husband of eight years. She smiled. Again she remembered the past night. Angela turned over onto her back and stretched some more, legs now open, trying to rouse herself to the day. The room was bright with the sunlight breaking through the curtains and she quickly moved into reality. Feeling relaxed but still horny she ran her hands over her full, firm breasts, brushed the large erect nipples with the fingers of each hand and then cupped each mound firmly with each palm and squeezed and kneaded each tit, proud of their firmness and loving their size. She often played with her tits, massaging them, squeezing them and pushing them upwards and together. She loved to have a tit suck followed by a tit fuck; having a man push his cock between them whilst wrapping her flesh around the shaft, watching him thrust until he came pumping his cum, splashing it over her neck and upper tits. However it was many years since it last happened. She also loved the soft feel of her skin which she liked to keep in the best possible condition by rubbing moisturising lotion all over during her regular masturbation sessions.

Then she ran her hands down her waist and over her stomach until she reached her bush and the mons and moved to cover her vulva, which she held with her right hand pausing to enjoy the feeling. She then toyed with her outer lips, the labia major, soft and pliable to her touch gently rubbing each of them between thumb and forefinger, feeling good but going no deeper. Angela floated now into realms of pleasure, relaxing totally without the tension of a rousing climax, unwinding. After a few moments lying there she felt the need to empty her bladder so peeling back the duvet under which she had been resting she rose from the bed, and, naked as she was, made her way from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet she contemplated last night and its effect. She'd now been married to Ben for eight years and for the first year their sex life had been good if not, looking back, a little boring and lacking adventure and experiments. However for the last five, certainly three years, it had almost been the proverbial Saturday-morning-missionary-position orgasm for him when he was home. Variety was lacking and so were orgasms for her. And for the last two years Angela had been constantly complaining to Ben about the need to revive their sex lives. Ben was not only a quiet man, Angela thought, but sadly also fairly boring especially in the sex fields. She had read the papers and glossy, girlie magazines and it seemed as if the world was enjoying the thrill of sexual pleasure, sucking, licking, different thrills, different positions, different holes, fucking, climaxes, orgasms and cumming, whilst passing her by.

At first nothing changed but then six months ago Ben seemed to alter his attitude surprisingly and one night about two months previously he suddenly suggested a threesome with either another female or to Angela's surprise another male, or even a foursome, to "see how it goes". At first this shocked Angela and she was against it but then thought about it and the thought blossomed more but she was still hesitant: that was until last night.

Finishing her piss, Angela wiped herself dry. Just this act sent a thrill and a tingle through her body so disposing of the paper she spread her legs further and ran her right hand slowly and sexually down her taught belly, as she had done in bed a few minutes ago, into the pubic mound of hair. The dark hair was unkempt and longer that normal at present and needed a bikini line waxing and trim soon, or even a full shave, but she didn't care. Angela had boy-ish good looks, more girl-next-door than supermodel, with short dark, pixie-like, hair, sparkling wide eyes and an open oval mouth with slightly prominent top teeth. Despite her short hair no one who saw her would mistake Angela for a boy. At 5 feet 8 inches and with a smoothly curved 36DD-24-36 body she received admiring glances from many men, and often women in the showers after squash. She had noticed all the looks and was often flattered. Her breasts had not yet been affected by the ravages of age or indeed children, so remained large yet firmly still in position with prominent nipples and large, dark, areolas. Playing so much squash at the local club was the main reason for the excellent condition of her body but she also liked to pamper herself at the health spa in the local hotel where she was Assistant Manager So she kept herself, and her body, in excellent shape.

Running her fingers through the pubic hair, again she felt the matted feeling of sweat, dried cum, saliva and her own juices from last night but, hell, she'd have a shower later and clean up. Her hand moved lower and she rested it over her vulva mound again, as she had done a few minutes ago in bed, felt her outer fanny lips.

She liked to hold her vulva; her pussy when alone in bed and loved the rubbery, smooth feeling of her major labia. Gently she held the pussy with fingers and palm then slowly began to rub the entire outer area with her three major fingers. For a few minutes she massaged with those fingers up and down and around her lips and slit, often smoothing over her clit. Then rolling the pliable skin of her outer labia lips, spongy, rubbery, between thumb and forefinger she again toyed with them and enjoyed the feeling it gave her. She sat there relaxing for a few minutes feeling the joy of sex build up but then her clit responded and her body reacted and began to tense.

Excited now, she dipped deeper into her pussy, past those lips and gently rubbed around inside her vagina with her middle and then index fingers whilst her lower palm massaged the mound and clitoris by now standing proud like a female prick from its hidden centre. She knew the start of the build up to orgasm and her pussy was now moist; no wet, with her own, new, fluids. Slowly, at first, she caressed the inside around her minor lips for a few moments and began to quietly moan. Her pussy was by now so wet she felt and heard the squelch of juices as she continued to massage the lips and insides of her cunt. Head now rolling back and eyes closed with the onset of pleasure. Pleasure that only masturbation can give and she knew how to give herself that pleasure. Moving her hand slightly she caressed her clit as the fingers rolled around inside the folds.

By now Angela had been caressing her cunt for about ten minutes and could feel the sensations building within her body and the tingling emanating from her centre of orgasm. Readjusting her hand now, Angela placed her thumb on her clit and her middle finger into her tunnel. Rubbing both, she then placed two fingers and then a third into her vagina and began a slow in and out movement trying to replicate the feeling of a prick, big, wide and strong slowly filling and emptying her hole. Whilst the sensation was enjoyable it simply did not replicate the feeling of last night and the fulfilling nature of the men/youths pricks as she used their cocks.

God she'd loved all three but especially Daryl's cock last night moving in and out of her pussy sending shivers throughout her body. A big black cock filling her completely. And filling her with creamy cum when he exploded within her, spurt after spurt shooting up her tunnel, as she rode him; used him for her own delight and satisfaction. And she had cum then, just as she was about to do now.

After a few minutes of finger fucking a low growl of pleasure slipped from Angela's lips as the pleasure began to multiply. Leaning back against the cistern, due to her state of pleasure, she simply didn't notice the cold on her back. She stretched her legs out straight and opened them wider so as to get comfortable. Taking the juice soaked fingers from her fanny she started to manipulate her clitoris with her first and middle finger slowly rubbing in circular motions. The clit was now prominent like a little bud amongst the petals of her lips and now sensitive to the manipulations. Building up the feelings the movement became greater and more pronounced as the tingles originating from her clit increased.

This was the rise to orgasm as she masturbated, wanked herself to the ultimate solo pleasure, the cum feelings: the pleasure and pain: the spasms: the intense feelings that lead to fulfilment and gratification: the feelings that cannot be described.

"Yes," she whispered to herself as the feelings grew. "Oh...Yes, yes, yes, Ohhhhhh fuck. Mmmmm."

After a few minutes she changed the manipulations of her clitoris to an up and down rubbing/flicking motion, still using her cunt soaked first and middle fingers. Angela started to tense her body, thighs tightening, legs opening then closing, back arching. Movements becoming more pronounced, breath becoming more heavy yet shallow. Now holding her ample and rounded left breast with her left hand she rolled the standing nipple between thumb and fingers sending more shivers through her body. Rubbing, squeezing and caressing her tit. She loved having her tits handled right, the sensitive nipples adding to the delight.

"Oh yes, oh God yes," Angela moaned deeply, now a slave to the building orgasm.

Movements became faster with her fingers on her right hand; moans became louder impervious to the surroundings. Breathing became more rapid until with a muted shriek of "YES, YES OH GOD YES, MMMMMMM, OHHH YESSS," she reached the peak and waves crashed. With a feeling that cannot be described washing over her body in erotic spasms, part pain part ecstasy, she climaxed. Angela's body flexed in unison with the tremors passing through her body. Keeping the playing fingers moving she peaked with pleasure and pain, her hips bucking in spasmodic rhythm with the orgasm for what seemed like minutes but sadly for Angela wasn't.

Reaching for air "Aarrrghhhh," broke from her lips. She seemed that her fanny streamed more juices as she climaxed soaking her hand until movements gradually become slower and softer, and leisurely coming down from the peak her breathing became more regular and the feeling passed.

Still coming down from the peak Angela remained seated for a few moments. "If only I could have more orgasms like that" Angela thought eventually standing up but still on shaky legs. Smiling she knew that last night was the start of her new sexual lifestyle. Using the three men/youths cocks last night was the most exciting time of her sex life and she would have more from now on Angela vowed. More as she wanted it and how and when she wanted it. Romance as well, but she was determined not to have a boring sex life again. Once more she smiled, a knowing smile, as she left the bathroom. She would have the thrill of sex.



Still smiling Angela returned to the bedroom. It was mid July so the sun was warm and strong. The room was hot but the curtains took the haze and harshness out of the early afternoon light and lit the room up with the brightness of a light bulb. She looked around. Ben still lay on the sofa in the corner of the room where he had crashed out after the night's exertions. Even at 5 ft 10 inches he fitted comfortably onto the space afforded to him and he lay on his back soundly asleep breathing steady and deep. Angela noted his trim body as he often exercised in hotel gyms on his trips abroad.

Lying the way he was Angela noticed his semi-hard cock, now probably four or five inches long, was jutting up at an angle near his belly rather than nestled softly and limp in his groin between his strong thighs. Surely after last night he was spent; drained of all spunk and energy. But obviously not, still dreaming of sex and his prick was responding to the fucking (or was it sucking?) he was imagining. More than ever Angela was convinced that he had recently taken Viagra tablets. She had suspected so last night. Three orgasms last night and still ready for action, well almost, again.

Walking around the bed she approached the sofa. Still feeling horny from her orgasm, she knelt down on the deep pile carpet beside him and she looked at and then lightly brushed and then touched, his cock. She didn't know why but it fascinated her as to the differing sizes, shapes and make up of the cocks she had seen especially the variations in the three cocks she held, and more, last night. As she touched it Ben's prick twitched slightly, so she stroked it with her two prominent fingers a few times near the top of the shaft, but below the gland, on the back. Wanting to feel its strength she held it gently in her right hand, and holding the shaft, enclosing her fingers around it, began to gently and slowly rub up and down, alternately exposing and then covering the head with its foreskin. They had made love (or was it simply fucking?) many times over the years that they had been together, but she had never closely looked at his prick and checked out its features, bumps and curves, veins and slit. It felt smooth and harmless and not the threatening member that it could be when being rammed into her cunt. Angela continued to stoke the shaft a little harder and faster watching the movement of the foreskin over the head and she almost felt the rush of extra blood to the prick bringing it up to full stand and hardness. Whilst not an expert on the size of pricks she knew that this was not the longest but the girth was sufficient to fill and satisfy her when in her pussy.

Still he slept.

Bending closer she pulled the foreskin back and held it there exposing the purple head and slit. She quite enjoyed oral sex and giving blow-jobs as she had control, but at her pace, not being forced. Just like now. Sticking out her tongue she ran the tip, wet with saliva, over the head, the glans, for a few minutes, especially tickling the underside, making it glisten with the wetness of her saliva. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the slit and she knew the member was responding to her touches. She circled the head for a few moments and the pre-cum oozed more. With her left hand she rubbed the viscous pre-cum around the head adding to the lubricant. Wanking the shaft with her right hand and licking the head it was like putty in her hand: but hard putty. Still Ben slept soundly. Angela felt horny as hell and could feel her own juices flowing again. She eased the tip of her tongue into the head slit of his cock as if searching out the cum that would eventually shoot out with force, flicking the tip back and forth.

She could taste the dried cum on his cock head and smell his aroma of sweat and sex fluids but didn't care. Moving her head slightly she trailed her tongue pad from the slit down the underside of his glans over the ridge where the head and the shaft joined, to the most sensitive bit: the ferenum the thin strip of flesh on the underside join of shaft to cock head. Licking and then flicking her tongue tip over the point she knew that if he had been awake Ben would be moaning and groaning with joy at her manipulations. His felt his cock tightened even more.

After a while she stopped fearful that he would cum too early and wake him up. So she moved her tongue all around his shaft feeling every lump, bump and vein as she explored its length and width. Her right hand continued to spread the pre-cum that still oozed from his head making the prick slippy with lubricant. Moving back up its length she took the very tip of his cockhead in her round lips as if teasing the cum out of the balls and slit.

Then moving lower Angela took the whole head of Ben's' cock into her willing mouth and swirling her tongue rubbed the underside; the sensitive spot. Slowly she took more of the shaft into her mouth but not being an expert cock-sucker soon gagged and withdrew. Then she dipped down again taking the head and more of the shaft and after a few minutes she was bobbing up and down on the shaft as far as she could go, lips caressing the skin. Her left hand held the base of the shaft whilst with her right hand she began to lightly massage the scrotum, and the balls within the sac, at the base of the cock. She gently caressed each testicle as if searching for the semen. Ben moved position shifting his upper body but not affecting his hips and Angela's sucking.

"Ohhhh; that's nice; very nice, ohhh God just fantastic."

Angela heard the words as she felt Bens' body move and his hands hold her head as she continued to move her head up and down on his shaft.

"This is a fantastic way to wake up. Don't stop Ange. Don't stop. Hmmmm. Arrggghhh yes."

Angela didn't stop but continued her sucking of the cock filling her mouth rolling her tongue back and forth over the head. She lightly scraped her teeth over the skin but held the member firm in a vice like grip with her lips. Still holding Ben's balls with her right hand she felt them tighten and knew he was close to cumming.

"YES," Ben exclaimed as his own feeling built up in his cock. "You enjoying this show Carl? Go on boy wank that cock of yours. She's good at cock sucking and I don't know about you but I'm cumming soon. UUUMMMMM oh Yes."

Surprised at this Angela, stopped her sucking and taking the prick out of her mouth she turned her head towards the bed, where Carl had been also soundly sleeping when she went to the toilet, and even when she'd come back into the bedroom, and started giving Ben the blowjob.

"Feeling horny Carl?: keep stroking your boner. Get that foreskin moving kid. You gonna cum?" Ben continued.

Lying there the black youth had pulled back the duvet due to the heat in the room and was now wanking with a fast rhythm on his young but, as Angela found out last night, effective cock. His cock was only average in length and girth but she had found out his balls held plenty of cum and boy could he shoot it. Turning back to Ben's prick she resumed her sucking, up and down with plenty suction. The pause hadn't relaxed Ben's cock any and she knew he was close to cumming: his hips now bucking up and down; his cock seeming to swell more with the spunk rising up his inner tube ready to burst forth.


Angela felt the tension in his body as he suddenly froze in mid buck, hips raised and then the first spurt hit the back of her mouth, coating her tonsils, and its force and power surprised her. Then the second and third shot from his cock slit into her mouth again with power and force. Her head still moved up and down on his shaft but slower now, his hands gripping her hair.

"YES....OH YESSSSS: don't stop Ange arrggghhh OH YESSSS," Ben groaned with pleasure.

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