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While exploring the internet for something new to do on my next vacation, I came across a resorts website.

"Need something new and exciting to do in your life?" "Come to awakenings." The web site header said.

"Let Us worry about your needs for a little while. We have everything here for you and make you feel like a new man."

If interested please contact use at 1-877-555-5555.

There wasn't much more then that no photos or contact information except for the telephone number.

I closed out the window but something kept me going back. I finally called the number and a soft voice answered the phone.

"Awakenings, how may I help you?" The voice asked,

"I read your web site and home some questions." I asked

"I might be able to help you Sir!"

"How much does it cost?" I asked

"$1500 for a seven day stay, this includes all meals and gratuity."

"Where are you located?"

"Due to our clientele we must be very discreet about our location Sir"

"Do you take Credit card?" I asked.

"No Sir we do not, we require a money order only and it is non refundable."

"I think I will have to think this over, thank you for your time"

"You are most welcome Sir; please feel free to call anytime. Again thank you for calling Awakenings."

I hung up and started to walk around the apartment. The city was closing in on me; I needed to get away from the madness.

I waited for another day and then called again.

I talked to the same person again and told him that I was in.

He took my information and told me, I would be receiving a packet with the contract. Once I got it I was to put the money order and the signed contract in the supplied return addressed envelope.

I got it the next day via an overnight service. I read though the contract.

"You hereby do sign this contract with no duress or legal recourse. You will leave all modern devices at home."

"We will provide you with all the necessary items such as toothbrush, clothing, it went on and on."

"We will send a vehicle to pick you up and bring you to the airport. Our airplane will bring you to our spa and you will be greeted and then driven to the spa. At the end of your stay you will be flown back and driven to your door."

"Your payment must be made with a money order, your money is non refundable."

I speed read the rest of the contract and I took my pen and with a shaking hand signed it. I had already gotten the money order.

I slipped both the money order and signed contract into the envelope and placed it in the envelope. I pulled off the sealing strip and sealed it up.

I took it to the closest overnight box and put it inside.

Within a couple of days I received a call.

"Mr. Farley, this is Eric from Awakenings. I just wanted to inform you that we will be sending a car to your apartment tomorrow at 7 am. Please be waiting outside"

I told him that I would.

I was nervous and had only short naps during the night. I got up around 5 am and took a shower, shaved and brushed my teeth. I shut my smart phone off and locked it away with my watch.

I was outside my building at quarter to seven.

A Black Lincoln town car pulled up and the driver got out.

"Mr. Farley?" He inquired.


"Please step inside Sir!" He said as he pulled open the back door.

I thanked him and got in; he closed the door behind me and then got in the driver's side.

When he put the car in gear the doors locked; it was then that I notice the windows were blacked out from the inside. A black panel rose up and I couldn't see out the windshield.

Having left all means of telling time at home, I had no idea how long we had been driving. The town car stopped and I heard the driver get out. The door opened and I got out.

We were inside some an airplane hangar. We got in and the plane taxied out the run away. The windows of the plane were blackened out too.

I felt a small tap on my shoulder. It was my escort

"Sorry I must have dozed off!" I said groggily

I followed him off the plane and we headed toward a large house

On the porch stood a man who looked like he had come off a romance novel. His dark hair hung just below his ears and his blue eyes had traces of gold flecks in them.

He stuck out his hand and introduced himself to me.

Mike so nice to meet you I am Richard. I will be your guide while you are here."He said. "Let me take you to your room so you can change and relax before dinner."

The room was spaciously decorated. Just a king sized bed and chair.

Richard explained to me that it helped to be shut off from the outside world while there.

"It will help you get in touch with your inner man." He said.

On the bed was a pair of blue Bermuda shorts and a white polo shirt.

"I need to ask you to remove all your clothes Mike; they will be cleaned and returned to you on your departure.

I looked at him a little quizzically but then removed my buttoned tan shirt, wingtip shoes, socks and pants. I stood there in my white boxers, my fat belly hanging over them.

"Everything Mike" Richard said in his soft hypnotic tone.

I pulled down my boxers and stood there naked as the day I was born. I felt the blood rush to my face, turning my cheeks rosy red for sure. Richard didn't say a word just took my clothes and told me to join him in a little bit; then exited the room

I put on the clothes that he provided for me and then lay down on the bed. I feel asleep. When I woke up, I wiped the sleepy seeds from my eyes and stretched,

I then went out into the hallway and found my way down to the living room. The house was a post and beam. A nice stone fireplace; and a couple of overstuffed chairs next to it.

Richard was there reading a book. He snapped it shut, placed it face down on the floor and then stood.

"Did you have a nice nap Mike?" Richard asked.

"Yeah I did!" I smiled.


"Yes a little." I said.

"Good then follow me." He motioned.

I walked behind him and we went into the kitchen. He took a pan out of the oven and I saw the lasagna bubbling.

He cut it and put a piece on a plate. He slid it onto the counter and handed me a fork. He went and got me a glass of red wine and placed it before me

I took a forkful and it tasted wonderful.

"How is it?" He asked

"Great!" I said as I tasted the wine.

"I like your house, it is very cozy."

Richard scoffed "This is just the welcome center for our new arrivals to get accustomed to their new beginnings Come let me show you some other parts of the compound

I almost spit out my wine. Compound what kind of place is this I wondered.

I followed him to the back part of the house. There was a sauna, a hot tub and a fitness center.

"Wow!" I said.

He crooked a finger and he led me to some glass doors and opened them. I walked out onto the patio and looked out into the courtyard. It went on for a little ways.

I saw three men engaged in a group hug. I noticed that they were all naked and it seemed like they were hairless too.

I looked at Richard. He looked and me and smiled

"Once our clients get comfortable, they seem to want to just be naked. As if clothing is too stifling to them."

"Are they all hairless too?" I asked.

"No when they come here, some have hair, but after awhile they find hair on their body to be stifling too. But it depends on the individual person to choose their own steps." Richard informed me.

"Steps?" I asked

"Yes Mike each person has steps to take on their new journey. For some it happens faster than others. When it is time you will know what I am talking about." He smiled as he walked away.

We went back to the living room and sat and talked about our lives. Richard had come here 15 years ago and he never left.

"I feel that is my calling in life to help others obtain their goals here. This is why I am our guide while here."

I smiled at him and I felt a bit sleepy, I pardoned myself and called it a night.

I slept like a baby once again. I woke up in the morning still in my shorts and polo shirt. They felt tight on my body, so I removed them and placed them on the chair near the bed.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower. As I was drying myself off I looked in the full length mirror, I saw all the hair on my body.

"I look like a gorilla!" I laughed to myself.

Once I was sure I was dried off I walked down to the main area Richard looked up and smiled at me.

"So have you decided clothes are not for you anymore?" He asked.

"Yes!" I said.

He stood, said good then removed his clothing as well.

"I was waiting for you to decide, so I could get out of these clothes." He said.

I gazed upon his now nude rock hard body. I blushed as I saw his cock. It was 4 inches long and soft.

"It is okay to look Mike, the body is a work of art don't you think?" He asked me.

I croaked a little and said yes.

"Richard may I ask a favor please?"

"It depends, Mike what is it?"

"How do I get rid of all this nasty body hair?"

He smiled and said "Come with me"

I followed him to an area near the patio. He had me lay face down on a table. I felt him spread a cool gel on my back and legs.

"We will have to wait half an hour for it to do its magic Mike; then after that is done we will do your front.

I started to say okay when the gel started to burn.

"UGGGHHH!" I groaned.

"Are you getting warm?" Richard asked.

"Yes Richard it's starting to burn." I said through gritted teeth

"Hang in there Mike. It'll be worth it trust me."

I gripped the edge of the table and bit my lip

The timer went off and Richard helped me off the table. He led me to the shower with an open drain.

He turned on the shower and the gel washed off me.

He dried me off and showed me in a three sided mirror. My back was as smooth as a baby's bottom

"Now for your front." Richard said/

He lead me back to the table; but this time he me lay face up this time. He covered my cock and balls with a towel He spread the gel on me from my neck to my ankles.

Once again the gel started to burn; but this time I was prepared for it. The timer went off and it was back to the shower. My body was all smooth now except for my genital area.

Richard led me back to the table a third time and spread my legs open wide. He put a small dose of the gel on my crotch area and led me back to the shower.

My body started to shake from the burning going on my cock and balls.

He scrubbed it off as quickly as he could and then took me to the 3 sided mirrors again.

"Wow doesn't my dick look bigger now!" I laughed.

He laughed as I said it.

"I couldn't believe how much better I looked now."

"It's time to work off that beer keg." Richard said as he patted my belly.

We went to the fitness area and he spotted me with the weights and motivated me with the tread mill,

Then he let me soak in the hot tub; I felt so relaxed after my soak but Richard told me he would like to give me a massage.

I lay face down on the table and he started with my legs working his hands over them. He briefly kneaded the cheeks of my ass. I moaned as he did this. Then he moved back to my back.

He moved back down to my legs and I spread my legs for him; he made little circles around my inner thighs. My cock started to stir. His hands massaged my cum loaded balls,

"Time to turn over Mike"

I turned over and my 6 inches stood at full staff.

Richard moved his hand over the front of my body. He tweaked my nipples a little and I moaned, I felt my cock tweak as he did this.

"Richard I am sorry for my hard on."

"Please don't be Mike it happens all the time. If you like I can teach you a few things."

"Sur sure." I managed to get out.

"First we do not use the word your penis. We used the Sanskrit word "Lingam "It means wand of light. " Over time you will learn to relax and control things better. Do you wish me to continue?"

I moaned "Yes Richard I want to learn!"

He got a pillow and placed it under my ass so my hips were tilted a little He took my cock or lingam in his hand and gently grasped it, It felt so nice as his hand moved up and down on it. His other hand massaged my balls, getting them to relax.

I was getting close to coming and his hands started to slow a little; once I was a bit calmed down he started again. He kept it up this time but he told me to breath deep. As I did I found myself becoming content.

He kept telling me to relax as he stroked me. His left hand reached under my sac and pressed the area just below it. As he massaged this area I started to shake. I lost control and came over his hand and onto my chest.

"Relax for a few moments Mike. I will be back." He whispered

He covered me with a bath sheet. I lay there and was starting to doze, when he came back.

"We need to get you cleaned up Mike. "

He helped me from the table and we went to the shower, he soaped me up and washed me clean. He dried me off and said it was time for supper.

After supper we spent time just chatting and reading. He told me that were other steps too but it would all depend on when I was ready to progress.

"So far you are progressing wonderful; in fact you are better than others."

I went to bed and lay there thinking how relaxed I really felt. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of returning the favor to Richard.

I jerked off again as I thought of him. After I came I went back to sleep, when the sunlight came in the windows I felt great.

I went to take my shower and found a boxed enema on the counter. I thought it strange that it was there. I shaved my face and I kept staring at it.

I finally gave in and went to bed and inserted the enema. I waited as long as I could and then rushed into the bathroom. Once I felt I was cleaned out I took my shower and went down to the main area.

"Good Morning Richard!" I said.

He stood came over to me and hugged me. My arms wrapped around him and it felt so nice. I had never hugged a man before and here I was hugging another man and we were both nude.

I told him I didn't know where the enema came from but that I had used it.

"Come let me show you." He said.

We went into the gym he had me lay face up on the massage table. He placed the pillows under my ass again but this time placed some under my head as well.

He watched as my lingam became hard again.

"Do you wish me to massage your lingam again Mike?"

"Yes Richard and maybe I can massage you once you are done."

He smiled down at me. "Sure Mike I would like that."

"Now close your eyes and relax breath like I told you yesterday."

I did as he said and soon his hand was stroking me once more. I loved to feel his touch.

He stopped for a few moments and then I felt him place something cold on my asshole, then I felt his finger slowly slide in my ass. His free hand started stroking me once more.

His finger found my prostate and I moaned. He stated massaging it. He could sense me getting close to cum and he kept stopping letting me catch my breath.

This went on for quite awhile and then finally I came harder than I did yesterday. It was the most wonderful nut I had ever had.

The thing was my mind was so clear,

He covered me once more and then we went back to the shower. While we were in the shower I reached done and stroked his lingam. It was at least 7 inches hard and a couple of inches wide then mine. His precum started to leak.

I knelt down to get a better look at it. I looked up at him and he just smiled done at me

I took the head in my mouth and kissed it. He grabbed my head and just let me take suck him. I gagged at first; but then I became more relaxed and soon he was filling my mouth with his hot seed.

I washed him off and asked him how I did.

"You did great, you are a natural." He said.

We ate breakfast and then worked out a little,

"Mike I think you have progressed to the point where you can move from the welcome center to the main compound, would you like that?" He asked.

"Oh yes Richard very much so!" The glee escaping from my mouth.

So he took me to the compound; there he introduced me to the rest of the men who were there.

I was welcomed with hugs.

Over the next few days I learned more about being a real man and was told my progress was amazing.

Richard and I would see each other from time to time.

On the second week I was introduced to anal sex for the first time. It was very sweet, no one rushed into it. It was just a gentle pressure that hurt for a few minutes and then bliss...

When my two weeks were up I decided that I too would like to be a mentor. So I was given my own room.

Richard and I saw each other a lot and we enjoyed our lingam massages very much plus other things

I am so glad I found Awakenings.

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