Away Day Ch. 01-02


Heaven, sheer heaven, it was. Her thumb on the ridge and then oh, what was that? That lovely warm, wet feeling . . and teeth . . . teeth gently teasing my knob. Fucking hell, Chad - she is good! Does she suck your cock like that Chad?

Her head slowly moved on me. She took me in from different angles, licking, sucking, and gently biting. I moaned appreciatively, letting her know what a great job she was doing. Then she made the mistake that many others have before. She tried to take me all the way in. Only one ever managed that Chad and she had the neck of a giraffe!

"Cuh! . . Cuh! . . Oh my God! . . . Cuh. . . .you're so long! My, I guess I had forgotten." I lifted my head a little to check if she was OK. I smiled.

She paused a moment, looking up at me, her tongue teasing the split of my cock. She returned my fond smile and slipped it into her mouth once more. Still looking deep into my eyes, she slowly pressed her bright red lips over my urgently rigid cock. She looked beautiful. More carefully, slowly, I watched her lipstick coated lips surround more and more of my cock. Her eyes opened wide, when she had all but two inches in. I felt my body tense with pleasure: the pleasure of a hot mouth surrounding a cock that was harder, more steel like than I could remember.

"My god, the thrill is still there!" I thought.

Words seemed unnecessary. That was a gorgeous sight Chad, your wife sucking on my cock like it was her favorite lollipop. I lay back again, just letting her pleasure me. It would be time to decide in a moment. To decide whether I warn her I'm about to cum or I pop my lot down her throat and apologize for it if she gets upset. What do you think I should have done Chad?

I was in such ecstasy, I laid my head back and closed my eyes, struggling to hold back the moment of cumming a little longer. I felt her ease my cock out of her mouth and then felt the cool air on my wet cock. I struggled for control.

Something else was going on down there now. She had stopped sucking on me and was just using her hand. Her right hand, I thought oddly. She was left-handed as I remembered. No problem I thought, just keep servicing my cock, baby. My god, it felt wonderful.

Then I got to find what she had been up to, Chad. That minx of a wife of yours had taken her top off . . . and her bra! I felt those two soft globes softly rubbing up the inside of my thighs.

"Jesus!" I groaned. Encouraged by the favorable response, she let those lovely big tits rest on me as she moved higher up on to me. She trailed her nipples all the way up my body. At last, my cock was sandwiched between them.

"Oooh Yehh! A titty-fuck. She just let them hang on me at first, slowly rocking back and forth. Tantalizing. Stimulating but not tight enough for me to get anywhere. But the end of my cock thrilled at the sensation of those remembered tits fondling it.

Jackie pressed them together with her hands; pushing them around me, she began sliding up and down my cock. My cock was still wet from her wonderful mouth and now felt lovely using her cleavage as a substitute for her wet pussy.

"Like that?" she said with great tension in her voice. "Fucking mommy's tits?"

I liked it, but I need to be the one doing the fucking. I pulled her up onto the bed. She laughed excitedly at my haste. She knew she'd pressed a button.

As she laid there, arms above her head I straddled her and wrapped my cock with her lovely breasts. Then, I slowly fucked between them, marveling at the size and full shape of her breasts.

"That's good." she whispered. "Fuck mommy's tits, baby. Give me that cum all over mommy's big titties. Mmm, that feels good, George, so good. I remember how hot it always was."

It did feel good Chad. You'd have liked to see that. Your Jackie splayed out as my cock plowed that great divide.

I was getting close now. Jackie moved one hand to her mouth. She wet her fingertips and encircled the end of my knob with them. It felt just great! I could just feel her nails lightly digging into my rod.

"Come on." she said. "Cum for mommy. Mommy wants your spunk all over her lovely big . . . Oooh . . . Oooh . . ohmigod, that's good. That's it baby, that's it. Shoot it all over me," she murmured soft encouragement as if I were a child. But her voice was tinged with the tension of sexual excitement. It was a huge turn on.

Christ did I shoot. She would have had a face full if her hand hadn't been in the way. As it was, it went all over her neck and under her chin, making a pool between her tits, where my cock lay surrounded by the white spunk I had shot, hot and a lot, all over her.

I looked down on her, drained of energy. She smiled up at me , and dipped a finger into the pool of sperm in the hollow at the base of her neck.

"Someone made a mess!" she laughed. Then with a foxy smile she put her finger to her lips. Only slightly parting her lips, her tongue flicked across it. "Hmmm. . . nice."

I rolled off her and lay by side, one leg draped between hers. Her nylons felt lovely and I stroked against them with my hairy leg, fondling her. I dipped my finger into the pool of white fluid, then trailed it across her breasts, ending by circling the nipples. I sucked the semen from her nipples looking into her beautiful brown eyes. Then I massaged what was left all over both tits. Like claiming territory, I guess. There was a lot of it, too. Having painted her entire chest, I put my fingers to her lips. She opened for me and I slid three fingers inside. Gently biting my fingers, I could feel her tongue circling around them searching out every drop of my spunk.

She's a game girl Chad. Now you really want to know what happened next don't you. Did she stay . . . or did she go? What else did your little honey get up to while you were out playing golf. Ha. You'll have to wait a bit before I reveal that Chad. I want you to ponder on just how faithful your Jackie really is.

We lay together for some time. My hand caressed her naked body, memorizing every inch of her flesh. My hand moved lower, I loved the feel of those silk panties and the feel of the springy curls that lay beneath. My fingers paused on the rise of her mound, feeling her warmth permeate through the thin material. Her legs parted as my fingers found their way to the crease between her legs. Its a lovely feeling, don't you think Chad, running your fingers over silk panties when underneath is a inviting wet pussy. Even through her panties I could feel she was wet . . wet and ready.

At that moment I wanted to rip her panties off and slide my cock up that juicy tunnel, but I knew I risked her running off again, leaving me only partly satisfied. No, I'd have to go slower if I wanted to win her over. I moved lower down the bed until I slid off the end and was knelt between her legs. She looked wonderful like that, legs parted so invitingly, so willingly open to me. The silk of her panties clung to her giving only a hint of what lay beneath. That was so erotic Chad. The bushy curls of her pubic hair were just visible.

I slid my hands slowly up the insides of her thighs, over the nylon of her stockings, up across the bare flesh at the top of her thigh and then over the mound of curls. I was tempted to tug them down to expose her cunt. But I wanted to delay that pleasure, at least for a while. I looked intently at the picture before me, wanting somehow to record it forever. While one hand moved up and down the path I had trailed, the other rested on her mound, my thumb brushing across her clitoris. Jackie gave a low moan of enjoyment.

The circle my thumb was making enlarged to reach the divide between leg and pussy, then I slipped it under the leg of her panties and I was feeling the hair on those soft lips. Her wetness had spread all over those lips, Chad, and as I found her secret entrance the wetness increased, almost as if I'd already cum in her. I moved my thumb along the crease of her pussy, delighting in how wet she was. Jackie arched her back in pleasure and pushing her pussy higher and at a more advantageous angle for me to enter her. It felt gorgeous as my thumb slid into her. She felt so ready, Chad. With my thumb buried deep into her, my other hand pulled her panties to one side. There before me was the sight that I had missed for so long. Jackie's wet pussy open and ready. My thumb was so wet, Chad.

"Mmmm, I like that," She murmured hoarsely.

Eager to please, I replaced my thumb with my finger, and let my well-lubricated thumb rub firmly over her clit.

"Oooh, .. .. that's goooood," she moaned.

It was a little awkward with her panties still on, but I wanted to relive another experience from our youth. My finger slid in and out of her while my thumb circled her bud.

"Oooooh, Don't stop."

"You like?" I asked.

"Ohh, yeah. Finger-fuck me, George. Finger-fuck me good." She sighed, long and deep.

With that, I pushed my finger all the way into her. I felt the soft, wet walls of her pussy opening for me. I curved my finger and found her G-spot, and rubbed hard against it.

"Oohh, that's so good. Fuck me deep, . . . long and deep."

With the hand that was pulling her panties aside I teased her clit with my thumb, circling its wet bud as my finger continued massaging the thick spot on the upper part of her cunt.

That's when I realized it, Chad. I didn't want to just fuck her, . . . I wanted her to beg for me to fuck her. Now that would be worth waiting for. Could you handle that Chad, knowing that your lovely wife had begged me to fuck her; telling me to put my cock in and fuck her deep?

It was clear that she was getting close to cumming. My finger and hand were covered in her honey juice. I wanted to taste her pussy so bad, but there was something that I wanted to do even more. Something we used to do all those years ago. My cock was standing proud and ready for action. Standing up, I pressed my cock against her cunt, only that thin membrane of silk separating us. I rubbed my cock head against the silky groove as I moved up to suckle her breast. Any minute I was sure she would beg me to put it in her or, better still, she would just guide my cock into her hot pussy. But it was too much for both of us, Chad. As her orgasm spasmed through her body, my spunk shot from my cock, covering her tummy.

"Oooh, fuck me . . . fuck me . . .please fuck me!" she chanted . . . but it was too late, I had unloaded my swollen balls all over her panties and tummy. I slumped on top of her, relieved, yet disappointed once more.

Some moments later, I needed the bathroom. I rolled off Jackie, looking down at the deposit of my sperm covering her panties and made my way to the bathroom. It was a while coming, but eventually the stream flowed. I washed my cock in readiness for the next onslaught and returned to the room. Jackie stood in front of the dresser fully clothed and adjusting her make-up. Seems that I was going to get no further on this occasion.

"I'm sorry George, but I really must be going." She said, turning as I entered.

"Must you?" I asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes, I shouldn't even be here, now should I? We both know that?"

"Same time tomorrow? I go back the day after."

"I can't. I really can't."

"Will you ring me then? Just a phone call to say good bye?"

"Should I? I don't know."

I shrugged and smiled.

I tumbled into bed early that night, relaxed and a bit worn-out by the excitement of being with Jackie. I turned out the light and my mind went over the events of the day with tired pleasure, leaving a smile on my face. I slipped my hand under my pillow and felt something silky. Pleasantly surprised, I pulled her panties out from hiding and pressed them to my nose. The scent of her pussy, her perfume, and my sperm were all mixed together. My smile became a grin.

I couldn't avoid it. My cock began expanding. My mind created a picture as I recalled how her dark hair had barely shown through the thin nylon, and then how it had felt as my fingers played over that luscious pool of her juices under the nylon. Slipping my hand down, I pressed the soft, silken reminder of darling Jackie against my cock and rolled on top of it. I knew she had left it for me for just this moment. She always told me she was afraid to put her panties in the laundry after being with me. She worried what her mother thought of them being so wet. Once in awhile she had let me keep her panties, but it was always after a lot of persuasion.

Now all these years later, she tucked them under my pillow. Slowly, I began jacking myself against my own hand mimicking Jackie's slit behind those panties. Once again, Jackie's panties were flooded with my hot sperm, spewed excitedly from my highly exited cock.

I lay staring into the dark. I was pleased with myself. One day back together and I had finger-fucked her and held those big tits. She had come back to let me titty-fuck her. We hadn't fucked yet, but we were right back to where we had left off in the back of my car. With a long sigh of satisfaction, I began sinking into a deep and happy sleep, confident that I would at last get to fuck Jackie. Not today, but soon.

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by Anonymous06/09/18

Not Again !

This story should be in fetish as another cuckold story goes on to thriving Wife's library shelf !
This is well written and has great potential, just do we need another cuckold story !

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by Anonymous08/18/17

Hot!!! So wrong but so hot.

Wow! Nasty nasty nasty. I can only imagine this and it has me drooling. Every woman's got a nasty girl inside. Sometimes they need an accomplice.

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