tagLoving WivesAway to the Bahamas Ch. 03

Away to the Bahamas Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning with a bitch of a hangover.

Arriving at our hotel the night before after our day trip to an offshore island, too many rum punches to count and drinks with dinner we were both a bit tipsy. Liz wanted to stop at the pool before we went to the room. It was already dark when we got there and, even though it was not yet 9 o'clock, no one was by the pool area. There were some accent lights along the walkways and around the pool deck but the underwater lights weren't on .

Liz was out of her cover up in seconds and silently slid into the water, hardly a ripple on the flat surface. I was sitting on one of the loungers taking my sandals off when I was hit in the chest by a small wet cloth. Hold it up and unfolding it I recognized it as her bikini top! A second later the bottoms smacked against my head. Looking at the pool, I saw a brief flash of her bare ass as she turned and dove under the water away from me. A quick glance around confirmed that we were alone so I stripped off my own suit and followed her in.

The alcohol had pretty much thrown all our inhibitions out the window and in seconds she had locked her legs around my waist and our mouths were fully engaged. Sometimes lovemaking in the water can be tough because natural lubrication is washed away but Liz was so turned on my rigid dick slid into her pussy in a single, fluid movement. She was riding me for all its worth and I was afraid the sound of splashing water was going to catch someone's attention. It might sound like someone was panicked or drowning but what a sight they'd get if they stumbled onto the scene.

Despite the alcohol it took very little time before we both came with shuddering intensity. Untangling ourselves we swam around a little bit to clean up and cool down. That's when I realized that we'd not thought to get some towels before getting in the pool. The towels that we had taken with us to the island we'd dropped in a bin when we first got back to the resort. Now were naked in the pool with our swimsuits on the deck by our bags.

"Let me go check for a towel in the bin over there," said Liz, pointing to a box at the edge of the pool deck nearest the beach.

The lights from the hotel reflected off her wet backside as she pulled herself out of the water and sashayed away from me. A moment later she returned, wrapped in a towel and carrying another with her.

I boosted out beside her and began to dry off, aware that my cock was still a bit hard after our lovemaking.

"I'm just going to wear this back to the room," she announced. "That suit needs to be washed out and I don't want to put it back on."

She had a point. I felt relatively clean after the pool and the swimsuit was damp and sweaty after our walk back from town. I wrapped my towel around my waist and gathered up our bags.

We got a few looks from other hotel guests as we entered the doors and stood at the rear elevators. Doors opened in front of us and, after several folks got off, we entered alone. Liz stood on the side of the car opposite me and smiled.

"Do you think I got too much sun," she asked.

I had been looking at the floor indicator and, turning to look at her my jaw nearly dropped. She had opened up her towel, flashing me the full monty.

"I can hardly make out a tan line at all," I answered, drinking in the beauty of the naked vision before me. My cock started to rise again, tenting the thin towel.

Liz rewrapped herself just as the doors opened on our floor. Stepping off we were immediately face to face with another couple. I recognized them from the previous day as we had ridden the elevator together and they were in the room next to us. We smiled and exchanged greetings before the door closed. I hoped I'd been able to adjust the carry bag I had in my hand to cover my obvious excitement.

"Let me get the key from my bag," said Liz, digging through one of the bags that occupied both my hands.

"Got it," she exclaimed, and with a laugh, yanked my towel off and took off down the hall.

I'm standing there in the middle of the hotel hallway, both hands full and my cock in a semi rigid condition as she skips down the hallway toward the door. Even with a quick pace she's in the door before me and has shut it before I can get a hold of the handle.

I strained my hearing, listening for any clue that someone might exit their room and find a naked man in the hallway. My heart was beating a mile a minute but strangely, instead of withering in fear, my dick seemed to engorge even more.

The door cracked an inch and I saw Liz's eye starring at me then up and down my body.

"Is that a delivery for me?" she teased.

"Do you have a place for me to put it?" I answered back.

Pulling the door fully open revealed her equally naked in front of me. Dropping the bags by the door and kicking it shut, I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the bed for a continuation of our love celebration.

That was the night before. Now, cobwebs filled my head and my eyelids struggled to open and eyes slowly focused. Liz was beside me, still asleep, her nude form stretched out on the bed, sheets kicked to the bottom. My eyes wandered up and down her body. There was only a faint line demarcating where her bikini bottom would lay. She was turned slightly toward me and her large breasts pressed together, the nipples flat, skin only slightly less tan than the middle of her chest. I could get used to having a nudist wife.

I needed coffee badly and knew that Liz would be needing tea as soon as she woke. Careful not to wake her, I slid out of bed and pulled on some running shorts and a t-shirt and quietly left the room to find some morning caffeine. I also hoped to get some advice at the activities desk for something to do that day.

Monica was a beautiful, dark skinned Bahamian girl working the desk that morning. Her accent was magical.

" Are you looking for a land based tour or would you prefer one of the boat excursions for snorkeling or diving?"

"We have really enjoyed snorkeling for a while and we've talked about diving but have never had a chance to try it."

"Then I can recommend one of our local shops for a chance to do the Discover Diving experiences. They'll pick you up here at the front of the hotel and take you to their shop at small resort on the other side of the island. There they'll give you a brief introduction to diving and the equipment, a chance to try it in the pool at the resort and then take you on a dive on a nearby reef. I have personally done this excursion and I'm sure you'll have a great time. It made such and impression on me that I went back to get my full certification."

Scuba was something that we'd wanted to do for a while. I figured that by the afternoon we'd have gotten ourselves hydrated enough to get over the little bit of a hangover we'd had and Liz was pretty jazzed when I told her about the plans.

The coffee and tea went a long way toward improving our heads and we got cleaned up and dressed to wander the main shopping street to find breakfast and do a little souvenir hunting.

"I have an idea," said Liz, with a mischievous grin on her face. "I'm going to stop in this beach store and buy you a new bathing suit. You go to that store on the other side of the street and you can get one for me. The one rule in your purchase, don't spend more that $25 dollars. Then, this afternoon, we have to wear what the other picks out."

I grinned at the thought of what I could pick out. "Any other restrictions?" I asked.

"Just remember, I'm picking something out too....we can't reveal them to the other person until we're at the dive shop this afternoon."

We agreed to meet back at this spot in 15 minutes and, smiling like Cheshire cats, we regrouped, holding small bags containing our selections.

As there were no cruise ships in port that day the streets and stores were not in the least crowded and we easily took care of our morning activities, stopping at a small local bakery to pick up some sandwiches to take on our afternoon adventure and getting back to the hotel in time to grab our towels and sunscreen for the afternoon.

Unlike most "island time" departures, the van to take us to the dive center was right on time and the AC inside was welcome. Our driver was Delwyn who would also serve as one of our divemasters that day. Our first stop was at the dive center to get our gear, do some paperwork, go over some of the theory of diving and then familiarize ourselves in the pool.

There were only 3 other people doing this resort course outing and they were already at the dive shop when we arrived. Ben and Sandra were traveling with their 19 year old daughter, Britney. During the day we found out they were from New Jersey. Judging from how tan they all were I guessed that they had been on island for quite some time.

Delwyn introduced Katie who would be our instructor for the day. I was mesmerized by her lovely Australian accent as well as by her obvious fitness.

"Good day everybody," she started. "We're going to have a fantastic time together and I know everybody is going to find out just how great it is diving in our fantastic Bahamian waters. Delwyn is going to get some information about sizes and gear and start getting that together while we go over some of the basics of diving and breathing on SCUBA. This is not a full certification course but you still need to be aware of some of the potential problems that can arise. We want this afternoon to be fun and informative. We really want you to enjoy it so much that you come back and spend lots of money getting fully certified. But, most importantly, we want you to be safe while we're together."

Delwyn came around with his clipboard and took down information about height, weight, shoe size, clothing size and then escorted us to an area behind the shop which was right next to the pool. There was an overhead canopy shading a part of the pool deck and a couple of picnic tables for us to have a seat. Katie started a brief talk about the underwater environment and an introduction to the physics of SCUBA. I'll admit to becoming a bit nervous after hearing about all the things that could go wrong but Katie was quick to point out that she and Delwyn would be with us the entire time. The idea behind trying things out in the pool first was to experience the underwater environment in a shallow setting before going into the open water.

As soon as Katie finished up our briefing, Delwyn appeared to help us get outfitted for the pool work.

"There are changing rooms here by the pool," he said, gesturing at the open air partitions behind the building. Once you've changed, meet me over by the far side of the pool in the shallow area where will get things on and adjusted.

"Will we be wearing wetsuits?" asked Liz, a bit apprehensively.

"For the afternoon dives off the boat we will," he answered. "You won't need them here in the pool particularly since its so hot today."

Liz leaned close to me to whisper.

"Did you bring one of your other swimming suits with you?"

"No, the deal was, we had to wear what the other person bought."

"Well, I was thinking that you'd have this on under a wetsuit. It might be a little small for public pool use. If you'd rather wear your shorts you can."

"Babe, I've got these fairly nice white shorts on. I don't want to have to sit in them all day long and run the risk of ruining them. I'll take a look at the suit and then decide."

I didn't make the same offer to Liz. The suit I pick out for her was on the brief side as well. When I went into the shop to buy it I told the young woman helping me what we were doing and that I wanted to stay within our "budget". I ended up getting a two piece bikini with a thong bottom, really more of a g-string. The material was a lime green in color and the girl told me that when wet the material was virtually see through. On top of that, the only size they had was small so her big tits would be straining to get out of the little triangle top. I was getting excited thinking about seeing her in it.

I followed Ben into the changing area where there was a low bench running along one wall with pegs sticking out of a board above it. The other wall was lined with shower heads. The whole area was about 12 by 8 feet in size and was open to the sky above us. The bottom of the wall stopped about a foot from the cement floor and under it I could see the feet and ankles of Liz and the other women. I figured that side was a mirror to ours. It was certainly "camp rustic" but the walls were painted in tropical colors and it looked clean and tidy.

I hung my bag up on a peg and started to get my stuff out to change. Opening the bag that had the suit that Liz chose I realized how brief it was. I could have balled the whole thing up in my hand and hidden it completely. Unfolding it I was shocked to see that it, too, was a thong style. Was she trying to get me arrested? I started laughing to myself.

"So how long have you and Liz been married?" asked Ben striking up a conversation.

The open design locker room is something that most guys are familiar with since its what we've known since junior high days. After so many years you develop a method where you go about your business without too much direct eye contact. We all end up looking around a bit, checking out different shoe brands or looking to see if someone has some new knee brace that would indicate an easy mark in basketball. I glanced at Ben as he was unzipping his bag and arranging things much like I was.

"We've been married for 6 years but we've been together for almost 9," I answered.

He was slipping his shorts and underwear down his legs and I saw that his dark tan was total. There was no indication of a tan line at all. I asked about his own family.

"We're celebrating our 21st anniversary on this trip," he offered. "Amanda, our daughter, is back early from a semester abroad so we timed her flight back from Costa Rica with our trip here. Sandra has been so relieved to have here with us. Mothers have a hard time cutting the strings with daughters and those tow really have a great relationship."

He had turned toward me as we spoke and I noticed that he was pulling on a speedo style suit. At least I wouldn't be the only one in brief swimwear. He didn't seem to bat an eye as I slid the tiny suit on and over my package.

From the other side of the wall I could hear the women's voices although I couldn't make out the words. Gathering up our stuff, we both headed back out to the pool. I had slung my towel over my shoulder so it hung down to the level of my ass. If I stood still it mostly covered my bare buns but with each step walking I could feel it swing back and forth. At least Ben was wearing a "nut hugger" suit too, although his ass wasn't on display.

Delwyn was talking to Liz, Sandra and the daughter, Amanda. The other women were in bright tropical print bikinis which clearly showed off their dark, even tans. I had a feeling that Ben's wife probably didn't have any tan lines either. Liz had her towel wrapped around her from just under her arms and hanging down to her knees. I had to grin at her when she shot me a playfully mean face.

Delwyn welcomed us.

"Ok, guys, I've pulled out the gear that we'll need but we need to try things on to make sure everything fits."

He directed each of us to a pile of gear set up by air tanks lined up on the edge of the pool deck. He held up the BC, or buoyancy compensator and instructed each of us to try it on.

"This is what you'll be using to control your descent and ascent in the water. You want it to fit snuggly around your chest but not so tight that it restricts your arm and shoulder movement."

"What the hell," I thought to myself. I'll probably never see these people again and tossed my towel off my shoulder and onto a nearby lounger. I was glad that I had managed to get some sun on my ass the day before so it wasn't a shiny white beacon. Liz was glancing around to see if anyone else was around the pool then, seeing me lose the towel, took a deep breath and tossed her towel off too.

I almost choked when I saw her in it. Against her skin, the color was electric. She was turned around putting the towel on a chair I saw that the tiny string of her bikini bottom was almost hidden by her muscular ass cheeks. However, I did lose my breath when she turned back around. The tiny bikini top barely covered her breasts. The thin material was stretched over the areola and I could see the darker skin through the sheer fabric. Because her boobs are completely natural they move with a natural sway as she walks or turns and in this suit there was no restriction to the laws of gravity and momentum. When she bent over to pick up the BCD her titties swung back and forth, the lower part of the breast completely uncovered.

It took a lot of concentration to keep from popping wood at this sight, made even more difficult by the tiny amount of material in the suit I had on.

Our group of new divers concentrated on following Delwyn's directions, putting on the BCDs like jackets. Liz and Amanda were having some trouble getting their's adjusted correctly and Delwyn came to help. Liz had lowered her shoulder to pull the vest up, shrugging it in to place. As she did so, her left boob popped out of the bikini top. She was nonchalant as she reach up and put things back in place. Delwyn had the faintest smile on his face but continued is assistance in a very professional manner.

"You two girls need a different style vest," he said. I'll be right back.

Returning a moment later he carried the replacements.

"These are designed specifically for women who might be uncomfortable in the traditional style."

Sandra laughed. "You mean girls with big tits."

Delwyn just smiled. "We want everybody to be comfortable."

Amanda and Liz put on the new vests. Judging from the pink pastel colors I guessed that they were specifically designed for women and this was confirmed when they both turned around. The BC was cut with the shoulder straps set out to the side a bit more so they wouldn't come directly down over a woman's chest. The effect, however, was pushing the breasts together in the open center part of the breast, kind of like one of Liz's demi bras. Both she and Amanda looked amazing with full racks on display. Amanda's top wasn't as revealing as my wife's but showed an ample amount of tanned skin.

We continued trying on gear and getting things appropriately sized until everyone was set. Delwyn then walked us through setting up the gear on the tanks. Once done it was time to get into the water.

Compared to the humid, hot tropical sun at poolside the water was initially a little chilly. I was glad for it since I was having a hard time keeping things in my little bathing suit under control. Between Liz's tits popping out of her suit and the view of Sandra and Amanda in their little bikinis I had some difficulty concentrating on the diving experience.

Katie ran us through some drills in the pool. Using slow even breaths through the regulator, getting used to the sound of breathing, clearing water out of masks and learning how to equalize our ears. We spent about half and hour before she deemed us ready to go out in the real water. Delwyn would load our gear up on a cart and take it down to the boat while we walked to the other side of the resort to the pier.

"We'll meet you guys there in about 20 minutes," said Katie. "Be sure to drink lots of water before we head out. You might also want a little snack. The water is like glass today so it will be a very easy boat ride but when were tied up it is going to be hot. As you learned earlier it's most important to stay well hydrated when diving.

We decided to hang out on the pool deck with Ben, Sandra and Amanda while we waited. There was a poolside bar to order drinks and food. Liz broke out the sandwiches we had brought with us and we took over some chairs to visit with out new friends.

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