tagSci-Fi & FantasyAyumi's Seven Daughters

Ayumi's Seven Daughters


Ayumi spoke up: "Karen, there just are not enough of us. We need to breed quickly in order to ensure our continued survival. And we need to do it in secret."

Karen nodded, "The thought had occurred to me, and I have identified a potential source of new female volunteers. Ever heard of the planet D435?"

"I know that a group of lesbian separatists with dreams of building a new society settled there. I also know that a new virus sprang up on the colony about a year ago, one that eventually rendered all the women there incapable of being impregnated by human sex cells."

"I seriously doubt the virus is natural. I am almost certain, given the extreme instability of Mars' colonial coalition government, that it is a man-made virus. The D435 colonists were never that popular among various extremist political parties of widely divergent viewpoints. Chances are the virus was engineered to ensure the colony would eventually die out, thus removing a potential thorn in the Martian Government's side."

"You're going to present the colonists with a proposal aren't you?"

"Correct. Although the colonists are incapable of being fertilized by HUMAN sex cells, I doubt the virus was designed to prevent alternative sex cells from doing the same thing. We will offer them our services to ensure their colony continues."

"It must be just an offer Ayumi. We cannot afford to alienate potential allies, especially not when we are still incredibly weak."

"I totally agree. Our species cannot survive in isolation from the human race. We need to find allies among our potential second mothers. What better allies than anti-Mars colonists? The D435 colony would make an excellent area from which to increase our numbers, and our political clout. We need representation to defeat M.A.D, and to do that we need numbers."

"Our enemies are their enemies, and both the Biomechanicals and the colonists have a vested interest in our own survival. But wait a second....why would the colonists help us if the colony winds up becoming a de facto Biomechanical colony?"

"No virus is infallible, especially a man-made one. The colonists will eventually find a cure, probably sooner then later. I have no desire to steal a world away from those who worked hard to build it. We want to co-exist with humanity, not supplant it. What we are offering to the colonists is a way to buy time to find a cure before the colony perishes. Most of the colonists have already left (with many more planning on leaving), and without that manpower the colony will die out within months. The colony has gotten to the point where it needs a great many people to maintain it, a number it almost doesn't have anymore. Without us, the colony truly is doomed."

"So everybody wins in the end? The colonists will eventually regain the ability to inseminate themselves and reproduce more humans, while we gain a safe place to live and allies to assist us."

"Except the Martian Government and M.A.D. They'll definitely not be happy."

"Who gives a damn what they think? They're the reason we suffered for so long in the first place."

"I, for one, can't wait to embarrass those fucks. If the colony recovers, it will be a major setback for the extreme elements in the Martian Government...the ones who support the Madame Arch-Director's campaign against us."

"Don't jump to conclusions. There's no telling how they'll react to the D435 colony's recovery. Also there is no guarantee this will work. Who are you sending?"

"Well, Karen, I'm thinking about going to D435 along with Caroline and our daughters. Hopefully I can talk them into going."


While Ayumi was gone, Caroline had spent time (a few months) with her seven daughters in her apartment. Caroline was currently out shopping, leaving her offspring to hang out. They were now all relaxing on various surfaces in the main room.

"I miss Mom. Both the First and the Second." said Aki, who had a tendency to worry about her parents when they were away for an extended period of time.

"Aki, Aki, Second Mom will be home soon enough. First Mom is out on business." Cynthia said, embarrassed by her sister.

Ryoko shook her head in disapproval, "You too. Just relax."

Topper smirked, "Relaxation. Overrated. I'd take a night on the town any day over that nonsense. Ruby understands me."

Ruby was busy admiring her baseball bat, "Topper, admit it. You like to hang out with your sisters."

Topper nodded, "True, but it would be bloody easier if my sisters would be more enthusiastic about partying. That way I don't have to be stuck inside all the time."

Sadayo was annoyed a bit, "Please keep it down a bit. I'm trying to read."

Topper laughed, "Reading...reading. Don't you do anything else sis? Haven't you found someone to impregnate yet?"

Sadayo frowned, "That's none of your business sis. Who I inseminate is my concern and mine alone. But....if you must know, I did find someone."

Topper was delighted, "That's wonderful Sadayo. I suppose it's only fair that I tell you who I found today. If you are willing to tell me about your sex life, then I should be willing to do the same."

Sadayo rolled her eyes, "I know what you'll say. I'm sure you seduced some horny slut or done something else to embarrass the rest of us."

Topper smiled and shook her head, "Actually it was a woman who was concerned she couldn't get pregnant and wanted to. We were both somewhat intoxicated."

Sadayo signed, "Intoxicated? When are you not?"

Topper held up her hand, "Will you let me finish? Thank you. At any rate, one thing lead to another and the woman wound up jumping on me. Eventually, after a great deal of foreplay, I told her what I really was. She didn't believe me, and assumed she was more drunk then she thought. Even when I dropped my disguise, she thought I was a delusion brought on all the alcohol she consumed."

Kim, who had not said a word so far, asked, "When did she realize? How did she react?"

Topper laughed, "We were both drunk. She didn't believe a word I said, so I revealed one of my tentacles and touched her with it. The woman, obviously in denial, concluded she was dreaming and decided to go with it. I, for one, was getting tired of trying to convince her what was really going on and so I gave up on subtlety. I just finally said that the whole truth. Eventually she sobered up."

Topper continued, "For the longest time she stared at me, sober. Then she asked me to repeat what I said about impregnation. After about an hour and 45, we wound up commencing the cycle. And yes I did scan her blood alcohol levels before I started so don't you dare say I was careless. I went slow with her, not rushing her. Quite honestly, I think she didn't really believe what was happening until she was finally pregnant. Then she was understandably emotional, her dream had come true."

Ryoko smiled, "For all your excessive energy and posturing, Topper, you are secretly a romantic."

Topper stuck her tongue out at Ryoko, "It was touching, admittedly. Afterwards we spent a couple of hours discussing things, and finally we parted company. I left our child in her hands, saying I trusted her to take care of her."

Ryoko signed, "That was actually a good idea on your part, Topper. You aren't exactly a role model."

Topper was almost immediately incensed, "Shut the fuck up Ryoko! You have absolutely no business lecturing me on taking care of my offspring. She seemed like a good Second Mother, so I left our daughter with her. It's more her child than mine anyhow. At any rate sis, when you first impregnated a human woman didn't you leave your child with her second mother to raise? It's not like it will be a long time, it only takes four fucking weeks for the development cycle to be completed. Then I will see my daughter, thank you very much."

Ryoko looked downcast, "You're right Topper. I didn't follow tradition either with my first woman. I overreacted."

Topper looked at Ryoko, "My point is, I did not abandon my own daughter. That woman had wanted a child for years, and she was eager to take care of her. And you are right Ryoko. I didn't think I'd make a good mother...for my own daughter no less. How fucking sad is that?"

Ryoko was now depressed, "Topper...you are being way too hard on yourself. All of us, not just you, decided that it would be best to let the Second Mother do the raising rather than the First. We may be programmed to create life, but are such irresponsible individuals such as ourselves really suited to raising the very offspring we create?"

Topper shook her head, tears in her eyes, "I just feel guilty. It's just...I should be there for my own children for Christ's sake."

Ryoko put her hand on Topper's shoulder: "And you will be there for them. It will only be four weeks, and then they will become self-sufficient."

Topper scoffed, "Like us? I swear to God, the next time I impregnate someone I sure as hell will see the process through."

Ryoko lost her temper, "For God's sake Topper! Will you stop being so dramatic! We are not human beings; our offspring are not human children! We can take care of our fucking 'selves, and so can our daughters! Just stop freaking out over nothing!"

Sadayo cut in, rebuking them sharply: "Topper, Ryoko! Ryoko, stop being so unsympathetic and blunt with your sister! She needs your support, not your bullshit. Topper, Ryoko is right. I perfectly understand your desire to safeguard your children and be with them, it's your maternal instincts talking. But remember this sis; it is impossible for us to practice monogamy. We simply can't stick to one woman if our species is to survive. And as much as you want to stay with your offspring, you must recognize this: you will never be able to take care of them all. It's just not possible. Sometimes hundreds of offspring are created from one woman alone: how can you possibly raise them all? I know, I know: it isn't fair that we should still have these parental instincts, which are more suited for a monogamous relationship with only a few offspring rather then the loose relationships and large numbers of offspring we must have. And that doesn't apply to just you or me..but all of us. We are all condemned to feel how we feel...its part of who we are."

Topper's eyes were red, and her face was covered with tears. "You are right. It isn't fair. I bet that bitch M.A.D designed us this way to torture us. Now I hate her even more."

Ryoko's face was introspective, "I am so sorry Topper. When I think about everything I said to you, I realize just how hateful I must seem to you. There's nothing more painful for me then watching you suffer, and knowing that I am partly to blame for it."

Topper had calmed down, "Let's just...forget it. I accept you apology sis. It's my own fault anyway....I brought it up. So Sadayo, what are you reading?"

Before Sadayo could give Topper her answer, the doorbell rang.

Aki was anxious, "Mom?"

Cynthia breathed a sign of relief, "About time too. This place was going to hell in a heartbeat."

Topper nodded.

The door opened, and much to their surprise both their First Mother Ayumi and their Second Mother Caroline were there.

"Hi everyone. Ayumi has something to ask you." said Caroline.


"I cannot believe we agreed to do this." said Kim.

"Where did you find this spacecraft Mom?" said Ruby.

"Actually the colony was kind enough to send us a ship. Ayumi managed to convince the colonist leader that we could help them out." said Caroline.

"How long will this take? As I understand it, space travel is much faster now. New technology has made...." Sadayo started to say.

"Sorry Sadayo, but you were about to start speaking in technobabble again." interrupted Topper in jest.

"I doubt your brain could comprehend the terms anyhow. Too primitive." said Sadayo.

Topper rolled her eyes.

"It will take a few days my daughters. It's the future. Space travel has advanced by leaps and bounds." said Caroline.

"How fortunate, makes my job a lot easier." said Ayumi.

"Our job Mom." corrected Ruby, "We will finally get to fulfill our primary function: serving as mobile mass impregnation factories."

Sadayo nodded, "I must admit...I find the prospect exciting...and more then a little erotic."

Topper teased, "And here I was thinking my nerdy sister couldn't get aroused."

Ryoko shook her head, "Behave you too. We all want sex; we just don't express the need the same way."

Kim wasn't happy, "Is that all we are meant to do? Fuck?"

Aki moved to reassure her, "No it's not just about our primary function. There's more to life then sex. I, for one, am glad we are all together."

Topper was excited, "A new place, new people, new sights. We get to see a whole new world."

Cynthia was suddenly mortified, "Don't you dare start singing that song from Aladdin. You can't carry a tune to save your life."

Topper signed, "Are we there yet?"

4.5 days later, D435 COLONY

Finally they arrived at their destination, and landed in the Colonial Command District. The colony was visibly falling apart. Upon their arrival, they were lead to the Colonial Leader's office (after the preliminaries). A tall, thin woman was there.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to greet you all. My name is Saffron, and I run this colony. I had to deal with some maintenance problems on the colony. I don't have enough manpower to properly run this place anymore, and with the passage of time more and more people leave. You say you have a proposal to save our colony?"

"Are you familar with the escape of the Biomechanicals from one of the Madame Arch Director's facilities........?" began Ayumi.


Over the course of the next couple of hours Ayumi revealed her plan and who they really were. Saffron was desperate enough to seriously consider Ayumi's proposition, but negotiated fiercely with Ayumi on the plan's specifics:

"I will not allow this colony to become a de facto Biomechanical planet. I want guarantees that human beings will regain the ability to reproduce. I want your solemn word that you will not use our weakness as an excuse to drive us all off this world through sheer numbers. I have no problem with another species settled on this world, just as long as the presence of that species doesn't prevent the human population from continuing to live on it."

"You want a dual-species colony, with fair and equal distribution of everything. Perfectly acceptable. I totally understand your feelings. Miss Saffron, how close are your scientists to finding a cure for the virus?"

"They say it will take at least 12 years, at the minimum. This colony won't last another five."

"The Biomechanicals will take up the operation of the colony, fulfilling the gaps in the manpower pool. But I will not allow my species to be used as slave labor. They will be treated as equals, and given the same rights as the human colonists. If I even sense that my kind is being exploited by you, we will leave this colony to fend for itself. We were oppressed once; we will not be oppressed again. This is not an unreasonable demand Miss Saffron; we just want to be treated fairly."

"If I was in your place, I would have said the exact same things. So far so good. Let's continue."

The negotiations continued for days, every detail worked out one measure at a time. In the meantime, the seven daughters of Caroline and Ayumi toured this new world and waited. At a courtyard near the first-class hotel that they were staying during their little visit, they relaxed.

"I can't help but notice how they look at us." said Aki anxiously.

Ryoko smiled, "That's just your anxiety disorder talking. You never have been comfortable around strangers."

Cynthia shook her head, "No, there's substance behind what Aki's saying. We'll never be accepted by them."

Topper was busy playing a handheld game, "As long as they don't attack us, I don't really mind their unease."

Kim signed, "It's because we are strange to them. We are only half-human, we're not like them. I bet a lot of them think that mating with us is beneath them."

Ryoko spoke up, "You worry too much Kim, and Aki. Both of you need to just relax. We don't need anyone else...we're sisters. Family. You don't need to be afraid, because I will always look out for you...and the rest of us."

Cynthia laughed, "As I would ever need saving."

Ruby pitched a ball to Sadayo, who was getting quite good at baseball. But Sadayo made a mistake and swung too high. The ball flew right by her.

Ruby quickly spoke to her sister, "It's all right Sadayo. You're still learning. Nothing to be ashamed of."

Sadayo's voice was soft, "I was just..thinking. Do we really know what we are doing? Can we do this?"

Ruby smiled, "You're starting to sound like Kim and Aki. But your anxiety is perfectly understandable. When have we ever been encouraged to be ourselves, to do what we were meant to do? I, for one, am tired of not fulfilling my purpose in life."

Kim was suddenly bitter, "To be whores? To sell our bodies to the first slut we run into? Like these colonists? Do any of them have any feelings for us at all, or do they just want the sex? That's all we are doing here, selling ourselves to the highest bidder."

Ryoko spoke kindly to our sister, "We don't always have the luxury of picking or even liking who we mate with, not when our species is so near the verge of extinction anyway. That luxury belongs to species whose future is not in doubt. There simply are too few of us right now, we are standing upon the edge of a knife. We have to do this, we can't just be thinking of ourselves."

Kim looked at her, "Just don't lose control. Regardless of what we do, we must remain ourselves...we simply must! I don't want to lose my identity; I don't want to sell myself off and cease to be me."

Ryoko nodded, "The loss of identity. When we Biomechanicals all look so much alike, what distinguishes from one another? Our personalities."

Topper spoke up, "Besides Kim, you're generalizing. You don't know what all the colonists will be like."

Cynthia chuckled, "Sadayo's the smart one. Maybe she can calculate their probable temperaments."

Sadayo signed, "I can't focus on hitting the ball if you're talking to me."

Cynthia titled her head, "Too true. Oh...no. Ryoko's on the verge of making a speech. God help us."

Ryoko was gesturing to the others, "Can have your attention please?"

Cynthia rolled her eyes, "Maybe the real Slim Shady will stand up and spare us this torture. I already know what you're going to say Ryoko, your dull speech will only warp our fragile little minds."

Ryoko scoffed, "Your mind, what passes for one, is already warped. At any rate, here is what I going to say before Cynthia opened her yap."

Topper looked uneasy, "I can't believe I'm agreeing with Ryoko on this one. That's just not right."

Ryoko signed, and spoke warmly and earnestly to her sisters: "I just wanted to say... thank you all for being here. When we finally go into action, stay calm. Stay focused. Don't lose your head. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. Be polite and courteous, and don't be a bitch."

Cynthia thought, "She is such a hypocrite on that last point. She loves dominating other women, though I concede she isn't mean-spirited when she does it. Hatred doesn't drive her dominatrix tendencies. For Ryoko, discipling submissives is all in good fun."

Ryoko finally finished, "And last, if anything goes wrong, rendezvous with me. We'll meet up with our parents, and they will decide what to do from there. But I think everything will go the way it's supposed to. So how about: who wants to go out to eat?"

Finally, a deal was struck. The colonists would be asked if they wanted to volunteer to be impregnated by the Biomechanicals. They were told exactly what would happen, what was at stake, and what the results of such a possible outcome would bring. Out of a colony of thousands, about 150 diehard colonists firmly volunteered to do it for the good of the colony.

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