aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 04


I also glanced over at the phone. I would have to call and tell my parents the news so they could hear it from me before getting it from the gossips at the mahjong table.

I had just grabbed the receiver when a knock came at my door and Pei-Hua entered silently, carrying a tray with my morning tea. She saw my hand on the phone and bowing her head, set the tray down on the bedside table and then turned away.


To this day I'm not sure why I stopped her. She would have walked out the door and perhaps our lives would have always gone on the way they had before. But it would turn out to be one of the great turning points in our life together. Pei-Hua didn't turn back and look at me, and I watched from behind as a shudder of pain passed through her body from head to toe.

I reached out and touched her hand, then slipped my fingers into her palm and reached out my other hand to tug gently on her forearm. In my grasp Pei-Hua finally turned to me and sat down on the bed beside me until I could reach up and brush the tears from her eyes with my fingers.

We just stared at each other for a few long moments. I wasn't big on words and we had always shared an unspoken communication. Love, longing, heartbreak, and desire flashed through our eyes, and I could feel the fear radiating out of this beautiful girl.

Finally, Pei-Hua spoke in soft Mandarin. "Will I lose you?"

I had always taken for granted the close but unspoken relationship between us. But now the thought of not being with Pei-Hua, being separated in any way from her tore at my heart and scared me more than anything else had ever done in my life.

I leaned in and kissed her firmly, pouring my love, true love, into the kiss and expressing it to her as hard as my mind could work. I finally pulled away and looked into her eyes. "Never."

And then we were kissing again, firmly but gently, and I drew her body closer to mine. She finally lay down beside me, one leg thrown across my body while we contentedly kissed for what felt like forever.

I felt so happy in that moment, perhaps happier than I'd ever felt since that first night I'd slept overnight with Pei-Hua in my arms after the fateful birthday party with the Frankie incident. Here I was, only a few hours removed from getting engaged, and I was basking in the bliss of cuddling with a woman who was not my fiancé. Some might find this strange. But this was how I'd felt for most of my life.

We probably could have lay on the bed for hours, simply kissing and cuddling and never saying a word to each other the whole time and our lives would have been perfect. But an innocently affectionate relationship was not what either of us wanted for the rest of our lives. So almost to prove the point to ourselves, Pei- Hua's hand slipped beneath my pajamas and while the blood rushed down my body I pulled Pei-Hua's shirt over her head.

Very quickly, we got fully naked and when Pei-Hua straddled my hips, I found that she was already soaking wet. With a practiced ease she held my cock and then mounted me in one motion, and we both groaned in relief at the achievement of penetration.

I held us still at that moment, and more sure of myself than I'd ever been before in my life I reached up to touch her cheek. "Pei-Hua, I love you."

Those were words I'd never before spoken to her, but I meant every syllable. She cried and returned the expression, and then she was kissing me over and over again, pausing to moan "I love you... I love you..." to me with every other breath, switching to English and Mandarin, and any other way she could think of to express the emotion back to me.

Tears still in her eyes, Pei-Hua finally sat up. Rather casually, Pei-Hua lolled around my hips, rocking slowly and carving her own insides with me. I reached a hand up, fingers tracing her huge tits and teasing the nipples right in front of my face. And then she leaned down to kiss me again while flexing her legs and beginning the up and down fucking motion we'd both become so accustomed to.

After a few minutes, with my hands jacking her hips, Pei-Hua's pants became louder and breathy, a thin layer of sweat starting to appear on both our bodies. And with a couple of well aimed thrusts I sent her over the edge and she crested into a small orgasm, wailing her love for me into my ear.

She was still trembling when I rolled us over and then sunk my cock back into Pei-Hua's quaking pussy. She wrapped her arms around my back and hooked her feet inside my ankles, hugging me close to her body and enjoying the intimacy of our lovemaking. I nibbled around her neckline as I continued to make short thrusts into her willing body.

"You're so good," Pei-Hua moaned in Mandarin.

"I had a good teacher," I reminded her in English.

And then she wasn't able to speak any longer, her breaths coming in very shallow and faster than before. I sped up my pumping motion, grinding my crotch down against hers until her clit was trapped between our rubbing bodies.

And then Pei-Hua did something with her inner muscles that was indescribably overwhelming for me, and all at once I sped up to ramming speed and I could feel the pressure in my balls suddenly burst. Pei-Hua was moaning loudly right into my ears, and then her moan reached its highest pitch and her entire body shook as a tremendous orgasm overtook her.

In that same moment, as Pei-Hua squeezed tightly around my invading rod, my balls went slack as they relieved the pressure, and I was yelling to match her moaning as my sperm poured out of me in a river of jizz that flooded Pei-Hua's grasping pussy. Together we cried out and thrashed against the bed, always tightly pressed chest-to-chest and rolling together to ride the waves of our ecstasy.

It was one of the most intimate and heartfelt lovemaking sessions of my life. And as we collapsed together, we both mumbled words of affection, verbalizing and making fully real how much we cared about each other while I began to go limp inside of her body, but never wishing to exit it. Our love no longer had to be unspoken. And I spent the next hour reminding Pei-Hua with every word I knew how much I loved her.


Despite everything, my world would come crashing down if I ever attempted to marry Pei-Hua. I had tentatively brought up the subject when I was much younger, and my mother promptly told me I was only infatuated because she was my first. And besides, my parents would disown me for the shame that would be brought upon me if I ever married a servant girl. All my credit cards gone, the family honor. I'd have to start over like a poor immigrant. And I'd become way too accustomed to my comfortable life to not find another way.

Now perhaps I had found my way. I was in love with two very different women in two very different ways. With Tina I could share the world. She would be my very public wife: going to social events, family functions, business dinner parties, etc. She was an amazing lover and quite adventurous, and I knew I would always be sexually satisfied.

With Pei-Hua I had a down-to-earth soulmate kind of love. I could be quiet with her, and comfortable, yielding myself to her undemanding love and care for our home. She even got along well with Tina.

I've said it before: I have the perfect life.

Our wedding was the usual over-a-thousand-guests extravaganza. Tina was a gorgeous bride, and all four of her dresses each cost me a fortune. A ten-course lobster banquet for 1100 people is no drop in the bucket either. My parents were exceedingly proud of the lavish event, my father sparing no expense. Mrs. Peng couldn't be prouder. And Tina even made Pei-Hua a bridesmaid.

The lavish event got started at 9am and didn't finish until 2am the following morning. We sweated out the interminable tea ceremony, and Pei-Hua had to massage my back muscles during a break from all the bowing. But the sheer volume of red envelopes we collected made me feel much better about the whole thing.

The banquet went on and on incessantly, and by the time my drunken relatives started singing karaoke I signaled the emcee to get this thing over with. Finally at the end I popped the champagne in an explosion that our guests would never forget.

Towards the end of the marathon wedding, my joints were locked stiff after standing for so long. My muscles ached beyond belief. By the end of the night, Tina and I were barely able to stagger into my bedroom. Pei-Hua kissed my cheek and whispered a Chinese proverb of hope and luck for us, then she closed the door to give us our privacy.

I'd like to say that our wedding night was a whirl of passion, scaling the heights of pleasure. But I could barely get erect. Tina was determined to consummate our marriage, and after she blew me for ten minutes, I was able to turn over and thrust into Tina's willing body, finally spurting after just a few more minutes of pumping.

The next morning, Pei-Hua was the first to congratulate us, bringing us a lavish breakfast to rebuild our strength before we had to head to the airport for our honeymoon.


Two nights into the honeymoon, Tina seduced a gorgeous hula girl and brought her back to our bungalow. That chick could do the most amazing things with her hips and proved extremely flexible. And watching Tina suckling my semen out of the hula's girl's asshole was like a dream come true.

And two weeks later when we finally came home, the first thing Tina did was send me into Pei-Hua's bedroom while she limped into her own room, her legs, thighs, crotch, and ass still sore from the extreme pounding I'd given her.

Pei-Hua showed just how much she missed me, and I didn't come out until three hours later. There were many words spoken between us, filled with tenderness and affection.


The next few years flew by, the happiest years of my life up until that point. I was comfortable in my daily life and comfortable in my heart and mind. I almost had it all. I'd been promoted and was pulling down some serious bank. I had a loving wife (and a loving mistress) and a luxurious home. We'd even hired two servants to let Pei-Hua relax. Neither Tina nor I could seriously think of her as a servant any longer. She was a part of our family, and when we took a vacation to Europe, it was all three of us, together, traipsing around the some of the most romantic spots in the world.

The only thing missing from the equation were children. And my mom gave me no end of grief for our current lack of grandchildren. It was because of this that the first cracks in our marriage began to show.

Tina had been off of her birth control for six months now, and I'd certainly been filling her up with a large volume of babymakers. We both got tested, and in the end, the medical issues were all with Tina. The doctors told her she would never be able to have children, and it hit her pretty hard.

My mom wasn't much happier about the situation. I was her only son and her only chance for a grandchild. And the constant nagging from my mother was driving both Tina and I absolutely nuts.

My parents were hosting a hot pot at their estate for the Lunar New Year. Many relatives were invited, and of course my little family would be joining the festivities. Now losing your temper in public is a huge shame. Better to hide your true feelings for a more appropriate time and a more private situation.

But even my mother managed to lose her cool when Tina finally snapped back at her. The two of them just happened to be in the same corner of the dining room, Tina having gone to refill my plate for me. Per usual, my mother made a snarky comment in a polite tone. Her words were polished with honeyed class, but they still pretty much attacked my wife's suitability to be a member of her family and actually insulted Tina's parents, blaming them, as if they had committed some evil in their lives to result in a barren daughter.

The words were enough to set Tina off, already rather high-strung by the situation to begin with. I won't go into the details but the screaming wasn't pretty, and the ride home was a bit awkward.


For a little while, Tina spiraled into a depression, and for the first time in our lives she refused me sex, preferring to hole up in her own bedroom and hide from the world. It was as if she understood the futility of making love to me, knowing that the act would not lead to the desired conclusion. The laid-back, never stressing and always playful woman I married was but a shell of her former self, and I was helpless to do anything about it.

In the end, as always, Pei-Hua was the emotional savior, in more ways than one. She would talk gently to Tina, and the two of them would disappear for hours to shop or get coffee or just walk around. Pei-Hua was a fantastic listener, and she brought a warmth and understanding support to my wife that I had never learned. I was just the man of the house, and dealing with emotional women was almost regarded as against the rules of our culture.

My father dragged me out of the house to play golf or loaded me up with extra work to keep my mind away from the silly emotions of women.

And one day when I came home after a late night filled with paperwork, I found the friendship between the two women in my life had blossomed into a deeper love for each other than I thought possible.

Previously, the Tina and Pei-Hua had swapped a few Sapphic kisses or engaged in a little oral pleasure on each other during our occasional threesomes. But these were borne out of a desire to excite me more than any real lesbian love toward each other. Pei-Hua, at least, had always been a pretty straight girl, her only bi-tendencies coming up when she pleasured Tina as an act of pleasing me.

But this day I came home just on the tail end of what appeared to be a massive lesbian sex romp between my two loves. Tina's room had been completely trashed, as if the two of them had fucked each other over every possible surface in the room. And when I arrived, Tina's naked ass was atop a leather ottoman, but her shoulders and head were on the floor. Her firm, round tits were proudly pointing up and out, her slender body coiled with tension as bolts of pleasure shot through her body over and again.

And Pei-Hua's equally naked body knelt on the other side of the ottoman with her face and fingers busying themselves in Tina's crotch. Her more hourglass figure still beckoned to me, with the gentle curve of her hips and her larger breasts jiggling with her every movement.

Their bodies were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, thighs glistening in the light from multiple layers of orgasmic fluid. And finally, Tina's legs wrapped around Pei-Hua's head as she shrieked out her final orgasm, her body quivering and her abs rippling, until at last she went limp and slid off the ottoman to collapse in a heap on the carpet.

Through heavily-lidded eyes, Tina saw me and cracked a smile, her face the same impish pixie that I remembered, full of nymphomaniacal energy and joy. For at least a few moments, the happiness was back. And as usual, Pei-Hua had been responsible for it all.

And a new idea formed in my head.

Surprisingly, it was Pei-Hua who spoke up to me first. She grinned at Tina, and cocked her head back towards me and the erection that had formed in my pants. "Sorry, honey. But it is your own fault you came home so late. You'll have to save it until after dinner.

I didn't even mind. My brain was already racing with plans, consequences, and counterplanning.


It was that night while we were having dinner that I made my decision. Pei-Hua had still cooked, but nowadays she joined us at the table, already an equal in the privacy of our home. So it was when we were all together that I solemnly ordered Pei-Hua to stop taking her birth control.

Both girls froze at that moment, shock evident on both their faces. Tina was the first to crack a smile, and reached her hand out to hold Pei-Hua's tightly in support, beaming happily at her friend.

Pei-Hua just looked at me, still in disbelief, her eyes lit up with hope that I wasn't making any jokes. Her hand was squeezing back at Tina's fiercely and I figured I should say something more before she fractured Tina's bones.

"Pei-Hua, I want you to be the mother of my children. My family will understand. And whatever the consequences I am prepared to deal with them." It was a command. I had not discussed the matter with my wife or with Pei-Hua, and the issue was not open to discussion either. But I could tell by the looks in their faces that they would not be disagreeing with me in any case.

Pei-Hua was almost trembling with excitement. She had never desired to take another lover besides me, and had previously resigned herself to a childless life. But now one woman's hopes for a family could possibly come true.

I could visibly see the weight lifting off of Tina's shoulders, the guilt at her inability to give me children perhaps washing away with this opportunity. And with her usual lightning-fast decision making, Tina was ready to jump right in.

Tina reached out her other hand to me, pulling on both of us and tugging us away from the table. "Let's get started right away."

Tina didn't let go of us until we all got to my bedroom. I looked around for a moment, seeing how much had changed over the years. My bedroom was neat enough, but it was no longer kept in the pristine condition designed to help my seductions. Old sweats were thrown over the armchair and the closet doors were still open.

My ladies, too, had changed as we grew together as a family. Tina was in a loose shirt and sweatpants combination, her hair in a simple ponytail. She had been my familiar wife for years now, the honeymoon phase of discovery long gone. She was dressed without the usual pretense of stylish but less comfortable attire, and looked at me with a relaxed expression instead of the seductive excitement she used to. But when she ripped the shirt off and her perfect boobs popped into view, I remembered the hot babe I had married.

On the other hand, Pei-Hua had steadily converted from plain servant attire and had built up quite the wardrobe, Tina's influence no doubt. The two of them were frequent shoppers together, and I had the credit card bills to prove it. One night, long ago, the two of them had seduced me while wearing identically sexy lingerie. And now it was Pei-Hua who wore the elegant silk wraparound, a garment that Tina was now spinning off of Pei-Hua to reveal her naked body to me one sliver of skin at a time.

We all knew that Pei-Hua's body would still reject my sperm until she'd been off the pills for a day or two. But practice makes perfect.


The Ritz was less than an hour from our house. But the three of us still checked in for a week's vacation, and we had no intention of leaving the resort grounds for that entire week. In fact, we intended to spend as much time in our suite as possible. It was to be seven nights of being pampered, with room service, professional masseuses, our sheets changed daily, and the gentle sound of the ocean crashing against the cliffs just outside.

We checked in, had the bellhops bring the mountain of suitcases up to our suite, then immediately got naked and soaked in the oversized whirlpool bathtub smack in the middle of the master bedroom.

Tina took charge from the beginning. After all, the entire thing had been her idea. And when Tina took Pei-Hua into her arms and kissed her passionately, I couldn't feel any more confident in the choices I had made in my life. Then the two of them turned to help me out of the tub and dry off.

Tina was the first to dry off and gleefully jumped onto the California King bed. And while Pei-Hua continued to dry me off, Tina turned herself around until she was flat on her back, but with her head at the edge of the bed while she looked back at us upside-down.

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