aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 04


I moved next to the bed, placing my balls right onto Tina's face while she giggled and extended a long tongue out to ensure I was perfectly clean. Pei-Hua just leaned over and kissed me tenderly, allowing my hands to roam her upper torso and caress the firm globes of her tits while we made out, and while Tina took my semi-hard cock into her hands.

Tina was still upside down when she shoved my erection into her mouth, and I accidentally squeezed at Pei-Hua's nipples when she did that. Ever so slowly, I began to fuck Tina's face and enjoy Pei-Hua's warm embrace.

Once I was sufficiently hard, Tina snaked out from under me and then got Pei- Hua comfortably situated against the headboard. Then she positioned me just in front of Pei-Hua so that I could recline back against Pei-Hua's chest. And while Pei-Hua rubbed her nipples into my back and massaged my shoulders, Tina got down and re-give my pecker a tongue bath.

Between the two of them, I was soon a melting puddle of flesh with four hands and Pei-Hua's legs caressing every inch of me. Every muscle in my body relaxed, except for the most important one, which was iron hard while Tina bobbed her head up and down in my lap. She was blowing me slowly, intent only on building the suspense and pleasure, teasing me without ever letting me get too close to build up the maximum amount of sperm in my balls.

I already felt the warmth coming from between Pei-Hua's legs as she split her legs around me and rubbed her thighs into my sides. But she was content to wait while Tina's lips and tongue continued to fondle my erection. It turned out to be the longest blowjob of my life, fully fifteen minutes of nonstop sucking and licking until I was sure Tina's lips were raw. But she'd achieved her goal: my balls felt the size of grapefruits.

When Tina got me to move up, Pei-Hua shifted until she was in a more natural missionary position. And at Tina's direction I turned over to hold Pei-Hua's legs open to me, my cock purple from engorged blood and trembling of its own accord. I had just fitted the head between Pei-Hua's spread pussy lips when Tina leaned down to swirl her tongue around Pei-Hua's nipple. I was sure she'd be giving her mouth a break but she kept going, and smiling for just a brief moment, she bit down on that nipple gently and causing Pei-Hua to gasp and buck her hips in reaction.

That movement of Pei-Hua's hips thrust her at me and Tina tugged at my ass at the same time, and in a flash I was buried to the hilt inside of Pei-Hua's sopping wet tunnel.

Tina finally relaxed, collapsing to the side and idly stroking at Pei-Hua's body with her fingers while I began my pumping motion. And then Tina just laid her head on the pillow to watch and rest.

Pei-Hua crossed her ankles behind my back, and with husky swear words she urged me to fuck her. Her hips were rolling and her chest arched up into my face while she used her powerful inner muscles to caress my shaft directly.

I was already at the brink of orgasm after the masterful blowjob Tina had given me, and Pei-Hua could easily read the tension on my face. She grinned and warned me not to hold anything back, and after a few more thrusts, I slammed my hips forwards and held that position as deeply as I could go, where the end of my cock split apart and gushed its load of spunk directly into Pei-Hua's waiting womb.

Afterwards the three of us cuddled together between the sheets and drifted away to rest. We were in no rush, and had many more nights to find our pleasure.


The six days after that became a microcosm of all our combined sexual experience and experimentation. I filled Pei-Hua's womb with cum from every direction, plugging her full with babymakers at many an opportunity. But we still had enough spunk to go around wasting it on other pursuits. I thrust between Pei-Hua's big tits until I blasted all over her face. And I wasn't going to pass up and opportunity to explode inside of Tina's hot body either.

I reamed out Tina's ass in the whirlpool, and slammed her tits into the shower door while I drilled her pussy from behind. We even fucked standing up, Tina suspended in the air with her hands gripping the shower rod and me driving upwards into her cunt from below until we actually broke the damn thing.

I plundered both girls while they sixty-nined. We screwed while one was riding my cock and the other riding my face. I drilled Pei-Hua's asshole sitting up while Tina munched on her rug from the other side. I titfucked Tina's heavenly pillows while Pei-Hua shoved her tongue and three fingers into Tina's backdoor.

My favorite was an evening where the two of them lay right on top of each other, kissing and rubbing their breasts against each other while presenting two pussies and two assholes for my selective pleasure. We spent the entire night like that, the two of them exchanging positions occasionally for comfort while I filled all four holes with my cum.

I bent Pei-Hua over the vanity so she could see our reflection in the mirror. Tina wrapped her legs around my waist while I pinned her against the bedroom door, making it rattle constantly with our thrusting motions. I plugged Pei-Hua on the

desk and Tina rode me on the open windowsill for the whole world to see.

In between I drank a lot of fluids and rested while both of my insatiable nymphomaniacs would take turns pleasuring each other and drinking mingled cum out of various orifices. And by the end of the week, I'd lost three pounds and we went home more exhausted than ever.

But I was sooo happy with the way my body ached.


A month later we got the first pregnancy tests. Pei-Hua was going to be a mother.


We waited several months until we could be certain the pregnancy was going well and to determine the baby's sex before making any announcement. I finally brought both Tina and Pei-Hua to visit my parents, and informed them that Pei- Hua was carrying my unborn son.

Our culture is a funny thing, full of contradictions and exceptions, and subject to the strange workings of fate. Even in the land of the free, a girl brought from Taiwan as a servant would always be second class. Pei-Hua would never be considered worthy of being my wife, no matter how much we loved each other. And if she had mistakenly become pregnant in any other situation, she would likely have been forced into an abortion, or else cast out of the house to raise her child on her own, considered invisible to the family she'd lived with for so long.

But my wife was medically incapable. And now that Pei-Hua was carrying perhaps the only grandchild my parents would ever have, she was considered Mother of my son, a place of honor in the family.

My own mother was overjoyed at the idea of finally getting a grandchild, and a boy even at that. And Mrs. Peng was even happier, both for our family's continuation as well as the fact that it was her grandson as well. Strangely enough, our two families were being united even closer together.

That was the day the living arrangement of my own little family became permanent and public. Pei-Hua was no longer a servant of the family, no longer drawing a salary or subject to the orders of anyone but myself. In Mandarin, she would be referred to as "second wife", with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of her station.

Mrs. Peng would make all the arrangements. My little family would need a new housekeeper.


Mrs. Wang had been a friend of Mrs. Peng's family back in Taiwan. She was not yet 40 years old and quite deferential to my mother and Mrs. Peng when they brought her to my home. But once they were gone, she immediately sized up the household and with Chinese sternness began to get things organized.

Still, Tina was the official Lady of the House and Pei-Hua had been used to running the household her way, so the three ladies butted heads for a few weeks before getting used to each other completely.

The first order of business had been seeing to Pei-Hua's physical comfort, as the highest household priority was our unborn child. Pei-Hua wasn't used to being pampered so much, but she enjoyed the attention nonetheless.

A month later, Mrs. Wang's daughter Chia-Yu arrived to join her mother. The girl spoke decent English, and I knew she would improve with time and practice. But what got my attention more was that Chia-Yu was a young, 18-year old flower of a pretty girl. Her doe-eyed gaze, dainty features, and porcelain white skin screamed out softness and tantalized my dirty libido. She held the skinny frame of a child not yet fully grown up, but the full swells of her breasts and hips called out to my attention. But despite her youthful innocence and attractiveness, memories of my father swam through my brain.

The vision of Pei-Hua, crying softly while my father fucked her over his desk had stayed burned into my memory. My concept of the "normal" existence of men and women had been tempered since I was young. True, as long as the family prospered, money and food were provided; this house and everyone in it belonged to me. But that didn't mean I would take them against their will. Too much American in me I guess. But I wanted to be a player, not a tyrant.

Chia-Yu's time was spent almost entirely with Pei-Hua. I could see a mentoring relationship growing up between the former servant and the current teenaged maid. And one of the first tricks I did catch was seeing how Chia could become invisible when I went to make love to my second wife. Chia wouldn't leave the room, but instead melt into the background and listen intently while I pleasured Pei-Hua's body, a female orgasm considered to be quite healthy for the baby.


Several months later, Pei-Hua was too pregnant to travel, so Tina and I slipped away for a vacation all our own. I got quite a kick out of walking down the boulevards of Rome, surreptitiously watching my gorgeous wife turning heads left and right. She obviously enjoyed the attention as well, and sometimes we would go for walks together just to see how many men she could distract until they walked into something.

Those little strolls were always a turn-on for both of us, and we would retire to our hotel room, horny as hell and ripping clothes off each other as fast as possible.

One afternoon, Tina braced herself against the open windowsill, looking out across a gorgeous Venetian canal, feeling the cool breeze drift in and blow through her hair. She was bent forward at the waist, naked, her wet pussy lips calling out to me.

I stepped forward, my eyes locked onto the target as my torpedo thrust forward, easing into my wife's slippery slopes with ease. She pouted and moaned, driving her hips back at me while I thrust forward, my hands pinning her hips tightly to me with each push.

My hands slipped underneath her shirt, palming her tits until I bit down on the back of her neck at just the right moment, my vixen screaming out her orgasm while I kept fucking her, prolonging her orgasm as best I could.

After further screwing, Tina sensed when I was getting close. She knew exactly what she wanted, and slipping off my cock she sank to the floor and wrapped her breasts around the shaft, closing them around and titfucking me aggressively.

For the past few days, I'd become addicted by the sight of my swollen dick sliding back and forth between Tina's soft titflesh, having her licking the tip while she tweaked her own nipples and calling for me to cum until I finally blasted my jizz all over her face.

Tina had promised that I would never go to sleep unsatisfied. And as long as she was around, Tina would never break that promise. One evening, we cuddled on our balcony, Tina sitting on my lap while we wrapped ourselves in one big blanket. "We have some fun, don't we?" she asked me.

I leaned in and nibbled on her neck. "We sure do."

We were in still in Venice when Tina caught the eye of a dark-haired, big- breasted Italian beauty at a café.

Two hours later, Tina was suckling my semen that was leaking out of the Italian girl's asshole, and I knew I was living my dreams come true.


When we returned home, I first went to Pei-Hua's room to kiss her and check on the baby. She was awake and sitting up in bed, and I held my hand against her naked belly to feel the gentle kicking coming up from inside of her.

Then with whispered Mandarin, Pei-Hua told me just how much she missed me and ordered me to lay down on the bed next to her. She produced a blindfold and informed me that while she couldn't really have sex with me anymore, her mouth worked just fine.

So I lay back and held Pei-Hua's head in my hands while she licked and suckled me with an expertise borne of many years' practice. With the blindfold over my eyes, my sense of touch was magnified until I could practically feel every nerve ending in my pecker firing off individually as her fingers and throat massage me.

I could feel my balls beginning to coil, but then the arousal was put on hold as I felt her warm mouth leave me to be replaced by the cool air. I was only out in the open for a few moments before the wet warmth of an inviting sheath sank its way down around my shaft, and I groaned at the feeling of such a tight pussy wrapping itself around me.

But I also sensed something was off dimly in the back of my brain. The tunnel so tight, so constricting around me unfamiliar. Then Pei-Hua was mumbling in my ear and removing my blindfold, and I blinked before seeing the warm smile of a naked Chia-Yu in my lap.

My surprise wore off after a second, and I looked to Pei-Hua and kissed her tenderly in appreciation. Then I beckoned to Chia who lay her chest down upon me, tiny nipples rubbing erect against my pecs as I kissed her for the first time, tasting a new flavor experimentally as I had done so many times before.

And as Chia sat up and began to ride me, tentatively at first and then with more aggression as Pei-Hua leaned in and tutored her in the fine art of pleasing a man, I thought back to how the circle of my life was nearly complete.

I had the home, the wife (two actually), and the pretty young maid. I had my father's business to inherit, and soon a son to raise in my own image, like my father had done before me. Jessica had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Tina wanted the both of us to go and cheer her up with a thorough soul- cleansing fuck.

I had the perfect life.

And my birthday was coming up soon. And you know how good things always happen to me on my birthdays.



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What a great way to write a story, hiding the immorality, kinkiness, wildness behind culture and custom.
Also excellent story writing skills.
Paul in Oklahoma

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by Anonymous01/10/18

No worries...

I'm not rich, therefore theoretically when I read about the spoiled rich I find myself full of hatred and loathing...the erotica was awesome but I didn't really feel much of a story, and I'm not just sayingmore...

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