tagSci-Fi & FantasyAziz and The Donkey's Dick

Aziz and The Donkey's Dick


The old man sat on the bare ground and waited allowing his audience to settle. About them people wondered and ran hither and fro collecting, buying and haggling in the busy market of Nishapur. Somehow in this corner there was a silence that seemed expectant as the youngsters and their elders waited for the man to speak.

To look at him would have meant nothing since he seemed so old and weary. His garb was worn and dusty, it spoke of him being a wanderer and a vagabond. Yet a second glance would show a sparkling set of eyes and the dust seemed to shine as diamonds about him. Slowly he lifted his eyes and scanned the expectant crowd. A slight smile lifted the corner of his lip and he stroked his grey dust matted beard.

"God has been good to me and I have seen many things," his deep melodious voice caught them in its invisible net and he felt an inaudible sigh spread over the audience.

"Let me tell you of someone I met..."

He was called Aziz and he was a humble tailor in the great city of Samarkand. He was a poor man of a mere eighteen summers who scratched a living as a cobbler yet his heart was pure and filled with joy. Many a maid sighed with desire when they saw young Aziz for he was a well built man with a deep chest and strong arms and legs but consider no man perfect for even as his body was of one of God's Ifrits his dick was the size of a small nut. How humiliated he felt when he was naked before others and he hid from all his fellow men.

So he always cast his eyes to the ground and would think himself unworthy of any love though love he did. Next door lived a rich man and he had a daughter also of eighteen summers and he had seen this daughter of the rich man from a gap in the strong wall that the rich man had built about his house.

This rich man was a greedy man and he would not share his wealth and he kept the beauty of his daughter from the world. Every evening he would have her dance naked for him and his lust-filled eyes would caress her nakedness. How can I describe her beauty how her dark hair would was as the sea over her pale gold body. Her breasts were as full and firm as the ripest pomegranates. Her buttocks as juicy as a perfect peach and her pubis clear of any hair so that her full fleshy lips were a gift to be seen and full of promise.

For though her father lusted for her he kept her whole and intact, no man had been with her for he had determined that she would be his alone and then only to watch for it is known that God punishes the perverted who corrupt their own flesh and he feared a just punishment. But even as he lusted for his beautiful daughter Aziz watched from the slim crack in the wall and his heart had been filled with love for this precious dancer.

How he would pray for her kisses and to touch her perfection but he also feared her laughter when she saw what was between his legs and silently he would shake his head knowing that she was beyond him. Little did he know that she had seen him but once and fallen deeply into loves arms. For as she danced for the old lecher that was her father she imagined she danced for him alone and that his full lips would whisper her name, Yasmin.

So it was that he was visiting the humble tomb of his father that he stumbled on the dirt path and found a dirty brass bottle covered in ancient writings. He was alone when he rubbed the earth from its surface and it shook violently in his hands until red smoke spewed from the spout that he had unstopped. Thunder seemed to echo throughout the deserted valley as the smoke rose into the air to form and naked red giant his black hair tied into a queue.

"Who has released me?" this creature thundered into the air.

Between his legs Aziz gazed upwardly at this giant barely seeing the head as the massive balls and cock swung above his head.

Somehow he squeaked,"It was me oh Great One."

Suddenly the creature swung his arm with preternatural swiftness and picked the trembling young man gently and placed him in his palm that was twice the size of Aziz's Workshop. Black eyes held Aziz in their gaze and seemed to crush the man with the interest they showed. The Djinn for my listeners it was one of those dreadful creatures of the primeval fire stroked his beard and thin moustache as he looked at the fearful creature he cradled in his hand.

"So Mortal do you know what you have done," the Djinn boomed though more gently.

Then Aziz realised that he had released a Djinn who had been imprisoned in the brass bottle. Knowing that by this the Djinn owed him a service Aziz boldly shouted,"I have released you oh Djinn and you must do my bidding."

As he said this Djinn leaned back and roared with laughter and then spoke to Aziz who he placed on a ridge so that he was at the height of the giant's face.

"Oh verily my young master you have released me from my prison where I was placed by Suleiman the Wise. Well oh master you may have three wishes but you may not wish for more wishes nor may I kill for you. Also you must make your wishes together you may not delay them. So young master wish away," the Djinn smiled as he spoke.

As you know my gentles Djinn are clever and cruel so poor Aziz though he thought he would be given the treasures of the world he would be cruelly deceived. So the young man dreamt of riches and empires until when the sun began to set the red giant rumbled with displeasure. Aziz realised that he would have no more time to consider his wishes, then he understood what he would wish for.

Taking courage he spoke loudly,"First I would wish that I live in great wealth and luxury. Second that I am with my true love every day and every night."

Then gulping he continued,"Third that my dick is the envy of all men and the desire of all women, that it will only give pleasure to any hole it fills and that it opens easily mouth, cunt and ass. Yes I want a dick the size and width of a donkey."

As he spoke the last words the Djinn leaned back and roared with laughter. It was like the fiercest roar of thunder and as he slammed his mighty fists together and winds rose about Aziz ripping away his poor clothes and a deep sense of change seemed to enter his body and felt his dick lengthen and grow in width. Then darkness seemed to fill his eyes and he rose into the air suddenly feeling the sensation of flight.

Suddenly his breath was driven from his lungs and he felt the ground against his back. Sight returned slowly and as he made out what was in front of him he saw the goddess of beauty herself. For he saw his love Yasmin naked save for a diaphanous covering that the full moon shone through.

He gazed into her soft dark eyes, eyes that flamed with the fires of lust. Framing her fair face was her loose black hair, he saw her perfect nose and her lips of ruby red, lips full and ready to be kissed. He watched her long neck that led to her full breasts tipped by hard tanned nipples. How this young man ached for this woman before him and as he looked at her his dick rose in salute. What a spear he felt grow as he watched this woman, this woman whose slender waist that flared into full hips and her slender legs and dancers feet.

"Yasmin," he whispered and then stopped for her beauty had made him dumb.

Between those slim athletic legs was her cunt bare of all hair and her swollen lips glistening with her woman's juice and he knew that she wanted him. He propped himself up and recognised where he was, it was the great merchant's garden. The garden where she danced for him the garden by the pool and the acacia trees and the willows that drooped their branches into the still waters. For this was an imitation of God's Paradise the land of fair gardens and waters with the fair houris of everlasting virginity who serve the true followers of God.

But you ask why had she not called for help for there he was, a naked man in her garden and she but an innocent maid. No my gentle worthies she had recognised him and she wanted him, for he looked as the angels of heaven must for his form was perfect to her sight as hers was to his. Often she would look at that wonderful dick he sported. It was so smooth, strong and wide and though she was excited she wondered if she would be able to take it into her body.

So she came to him oh listeners her lips parted and her dew on her nether lips. How she loved his naked body and his face, she marvelled at the nobility she saw in his face for she recognised this man, her true love as she knew in her heart. When she saw his great dick naked and without covering hair on his balls it drew her passion and she wanted it thrust into her virgin cunt and brought to the great pleasure she has heard whispered of by her maids.

Tentatively she reached out and placed one of her small hands on the wide shaft of his dick. A hand that barely circled a third of the manly flesh. Then she bent her head to the tip of this marvellous dick and she kissed its tip and slipped her tongue into the slit sending him into a spasm of pleasure. How he groaned and he used his fingers to open her virgin cunt so that he could smell and taste her sweet womanly gifts. As he prepared her she worshipped his dick with her mouth.

Hesitantly she touched her lips to the massive organ that had sprung from his body. Touching her lips to his skin inflamed her passions sending a deep flame that smoldered through her body. It seemed that once she had touched his flesh she could not stop. Slowly she kissed along his entire length wrapping her small hands about its impressive girth. She took his balls into her mouth and massaged them gently with her tongue.

Though a virgin she understood instinctively what she needed to do with this young man's body. As she lathered the length of his out-sized dick she felt his fingers draw apart the curtain of flesh that had covered her clit from the air and his tongue. Now exposed she felt the touch of his tongue against the small dick of her clit and her body reared with pleasure, almost she bit into the fleshy column of his dick with the pleasure that washed through her body. Softly and gently his fingers opened her wet lips even further and he pushed them into her cunt pressing and kneading the soft, tender flesh until his fingers touched the soft barrier of her maidenhood.

As his tongue slipped along and around her most sensitive clit as he pressed his fingers against the wall that would deny his cock. Oh how in love were they my listeners and is not God great and good to give such gifts that our bodies can bring us but let me continue my most eager listeners. For this virgin woman had made her lips into a perfect circle to take that most bulbous head into her mouth.

What you cry how can such an innocent take such a monstrous organ between her succulent ruby lips but the Djinn had made this tool so that any orifice would expand and hold it firmly in its grip. So the head slipped easily into her mouth and he humped his hips and he ripped open the remains of her maidenhead as she came against the tongue that had pleased and held her as he made her a woman ready for his dick that slipped in and out of her mouth.

Yet why had he not cum, if it had been you or I young sir no longer would I have held but spilt my seed in that beautiful mouth but just as his dick would open cunt, mouth or ass easily and without pain so he could feel the pleasure of cuming and yet hold his wonderful seed until giving this gift after the intense pleasure that would build in both of them.

But do not think they were any less passionate or energetic than you or I with the one we love. No if anything they were more intense in their lovemaking than you or I can imagine my worthies, each grunt and thrust was beyond your imagining. How sweet was Yasmin's cries as she felt her virginity ripped apart by Aziz's insistent fingers.

So it was with a small sigh of dismay as his manly weapon slipped from between her lips leaving drops of liquid gold upon her full ruby lips. They gleamed as diamonds in the moonlight that shone on them. His strong hands turned her body so that she faced away from him. Can you see how her full buttocks shine like half moons with the dark crease between them. See how it leads to the cum dripping treasure between her legs.

No man can describe such a treasure, the parted lips so prominent and naked. Lips that he opened with his fingers and then placed the tip of his magnificent dick and started to push it into her tight passage. Slowly he pushed the spear into her cunt, slowly she felt her cunt expand as though it was filling her entire body brushing along the entire length of her excited clit. No pain shot through her body as his dick was thrust into her. All she could feel was the intense pleasure of his dick thrusting into her.

Yasmin felt a sharp tug as the male flesh touched the base of her womb. Look at them my worthies as they create the double-backed beast of pleasure. The dick sliding in and out of her perfect receptacle, the lips clinging slightly as the well lubricated cunt fills with his flesh. How Yasmin's cunt drips, expands and contracts with the movement of his spear that rubs so wonderfully along her clit. Aziz's hands caress, cup and milk the full dusky breasts of the woman he thrusts his dick into.

This woman who shakes with the pleasure of his dick driving into her body until finally the glorious feel of her body about his dick brings him to his supreme orgasm. Yes my worthies a cuming that was worthy of such a dick. It gushed as though it was a mighty river. It filled her cunt and when there was no more room her sprayed it across her back as the sun rose golden into the clear air. As he shot his creamy seed over her full ass and her smooth back he cried with the pleasure, cries that changed to the brays of a beast as rosy down touched his skin.

Have I not said beware the wishes granted by the spirits of fire, for now he felt the fire burn through his body and he fell to his fours. Looking down he did not see hands or feet but hooves. Near him he heard his love scream as she gazed at the shape of donkey that gazed at her with the eyes of her lover as he became a braying donkey. For with the dawn he changed into a sturdy grey donkey.

But let me not leave you with a tragedy my worthies.

For is he not God Compassionate and Merciful and with each night Aziz would return to his proper form and during the day he lived in the richest stable that could be made. What of the father you ask? Well he was slain by those desperate thieves that lurk seeking treasure from such men, forty are their number.

Did not everyone say that the daughter was fortunate that there was a handsome rich young man who came to protect her in her need.

Yes it was Aziz who was that man He married her the next night and he made her richer in money and love than she was before. Some thought it strange that he was never seen in the day but he was such a handsome and pleasant man. Some wondered why this cobbler came to this end but all know that God helps the deserving and all agree that Aziz was most deserving of this miracle. Their children were considered most handsome except for their braying laughs, laughs that reminded many of the braying of a donkey.

As the old man stopped and drank from his water gourd quenching his thirst a single silver coin spun through the air to land in the wooden bowl in front of his seated form. Others coins joined the silver piece until the bottom was covered. Skillfully the old man scooped them up into a small purse and smiled slightly as he cleared his throat.

"Ah my Worthies can I interest you in the story of the Merchant, his three daughters and that adventurous sailor Sinbad..."

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