tagLesbian SexBabes in the Woods

Babes in the Woods


"Ahhh, the great outdoors," said Meghan breathing deeply. "It's good to get back to nature."

"If you say so, "said Christy. She slapped at the mosquito that had landed on her arm and continued pulling gear out of the trunk of her car. They had packed enough to camp for a few days in the mountains, so there wasn't much to unpack. The sun was almost at full strength and Christy had discarded her jacket on the ride up. She felt exposed in a white tank top and cutoffs after being covered up all winter long. "Remind me why we're doing this again."

"Why? We're doing this so that we can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of pine," said Meghan.

"We can also enjoy pine sap and the smell of bug repellent," replied Christy.

"We can sleep under the stars and roast marshmallows," said Meghan.

"We can see snakes and experience a lack of hygiene," said Christy.

"We're getting away from our routines," said Meghan

"We're also getting away from cell phone service," said Christy.

"Best of all, it's the perfect way to get out of town and forget about that jerk you used to date," said Meghan. "Besides, where else can we relax in our lawn chairs and enjoy these?" She pulled a cooler out of the trunk and opened it. Inside were three bottles of wine, a couple of six-packs of beer, and a bottle of vodka.

"Good Lord! I was wondering what was in there. You do realize that we're only going to be gone for a few days, right?" asked Christy.

"Then I guess we better get drinking," said Meghan reaching for a beer.

"Not so fast! First, we set up camp. When that's done we can dig into the cooler."

"If you insist," said Meghan with a shake of her golden tresses.

Within a half hour, the women were lounging in lawn chairs wearing their sunglasses. Meghan and Christy had a couple of empty beer bottles at their feet and another couple in their chair cup holders. The sun was beating down on them and the only sound was the buzz of insects.

"By the way, I really like your new look. It makes your green eyes really pop. I'd cut my hair into a bob if my hair was dark like yours," said Meghan as she took off her sunglasses..

"And give up your blonde bombshell persona? The public wouldn't allow it! I'm glad you like it, though. You seem to be the only one," said Christy.

"What's-his-face didn't like your hair? Shocking. Oh well, that just another reason why you're better of without him," said Meghan.

"Brian preferred long hair like yours. Actually, he made sure to mention that he preferred your hair."

Meghan rolled her eyes. "I don't know why you put up with that guy for as long as you did. You are smart and sexy and he didn't appreciate you."

"You think I'm sexy?" Christy asked.

Meghan smirked and put her sunglasses back on. Christy stared at her friend; Meghan's comment had taken her by surprise. Christy had always thought of Meghan as the sexy one and that she was just the sidekick. She wasn't tall and tan like Meghan and men's' gazes seem to glide right over her to land on Meghan. With her blonde hair and warm, brown eyes, Meghan had always attracted a male following. She had the outgoing, vivacious personality to match Christy envied her for that. She wished that she could be that carefree.

She looked at her friend with admiration. Only Meghan could look buxom on a camping trip. Her khaki shorts rode up on her long, lean legs. Her camp shirt stretched against her shapely breasts and Christy realized that it was very sheer, too. Meghan's nipples were hard and poked through the fabric.

"Meg, are you wearing a bra?" Christy asked.

"No," Meghan replied with a smile, "I'm getting back to nature and I take it very seriously. Undergarments are far too restricting."

"I suppose that means you're not wearing any panties, either."

"That's right, I'm not wearing any and it feels great."

"That must be nice," said Christy.

"You should give it a try," said Meghan.

Christy thought it over. She had always wanted to be as carefree as her friend and now she had her chance. Meghan was right: being in the great outdoors could be liberating. Suddenly, all her worries seemed so trivial. It was difficult to worry about anything while listening to the rustling of trees in the wind and the chirping of birds.

She eyed her friend and imagined how it must feel to feel the sun warming her skin through her clothes. She couldn't help but picture what Meghan's body looked like underneath her clothes. She imagined that her breasts were full and smooth. She could also picture her erect nipples and wondered what it felt like to take them into her mouth.

Christy tried to clear the images out of her mind. Meghan was her friend and she shouldn't be thinking about her that way. That didn't stop her from thinking about letting her mind wander to the smooth curves of Meghan's hips and her flat stomach. Christy blushed as her mind dipped a little further.

"I think I will," said Christy, summoning her courage. She stood up and turned to walk towards the tent.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To change out of these undergarments."

"There's nothing from stopping you from doing that right here," said Meghan. She motioned Christy to stand in front of her chair. "Show me what you got," she challeneged.

"Oh, what the hell, : said Christy. She stood in front of Meghan and turned away from her. She slipped of her her tee and tossed it at Meghan. She slid off her cargo shorts and kicked off her shoes and socks until she was clad in just a pink racerback bra and a polka-dot bikini. She faced Meghan and struck a pose.

"Va-va-va-voom, " said Meghan. She gave Christy a whistle and Christy turned away to remove her bra and panties. As she reached for the front clasp her clasp bra, Meghan stopped her.

"That's it? Are you going to tease me without showing me the goods?"

Christy laughed nervously and turned to face Meghan again. Meghan grinned at her.

"That's better. Now let's get started," said Meghan. She spread her legs a little and beckoned to Christy. "Dance for me. Take it off real slow," she joked.

At first, all Christy could do was rock back and forth. She took deepth breaths of the crisp mountain air and felt braver. Christy gently rocked her hips and leaned forward to give her shoulders a shimmy. She closed her eyes and continued to twist her body, laughing as she shook her head.

When she opened her eyes, Meghan was staring at the sway in her breasts and Christy's mood turned sober. She reached behind her to undo the clasp of her bra and felt a flush that reached down to her toes.

Christy locked eyes with Meghan as she reached between her breasts and unhooked the clasp. She slid it off and ran her sweating hands over her breasts and tilted her head back it ecstasy. She hooked her thumbs around the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. She tossed them over to Meghan and noticed that they were damp and heavy. Meghan snatched them up and brought them to her face.

"Getting a little excited, Chrsity?" she asked as she brought them to her nose. "Of course, I could tell that just by looking at you," Meghan said. Her eyes lingered on Christy's firm breasts, where her nipples were pointing out almost painfully, before traveling down to the tuft of hair between her legs. Christy looked down to see that the inside of her thighs were slick and shiny. Meghan stood up and sauntered over to Christy and knelt in front of her.

"This is why I can't understand why that boyfriend of yours didn't treat you right. You have such a sexy body. Take your breasts, "said Meghan. She slipped a nipple into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it. "How could anyone resist doing this? They're so receptive." She sucked hard and grazed the nipple with her teeth. Christy's hips bucked forward and a moan escaped her lips.

Christy guided Meghan over to her other breast and Meghan sucked and twirled her tongue around it. She trailed a sting of kisses from Christy's chest down to her stomach. "And who could resist tasting every inch of this creamy skin?"

She dipped her head even lower until she had her nose at the lips of Christy's pussy. She stroked the neat triangle of dark hair on her mound. She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes and relishing the aroma. She stuck out her tongue and gently ran it up the length of Christy's slit. "God Christy, your so fucking wet!" Meghan exclaimed. She slowly circled Christy's clit with her tongue.

Christy groaned and stroked Meghan's hair. "We shouldn't be doing this here," she told Meghan between moans.

Meghan looked up. "Do you want me to stop?"

"I just think we should move to the tent," said Christy with a grin. "It's more comfortable there."

The women raced to the tent and collapsed onto their sleeping bags. Meghan wrenched open Christy's legs and lapped at her pussy lips. Christy's pussy was engorged and Meghan had no trouble sliding her fingers around her hole. Before she could even slide a finger inside, Christy began to buck.

"Oh God! Meg, I'm coming!" Meghan gripped Christy's thighs and buried her face into Christy as her pussy convulsed with pleasure. Christy spasmed and Meghan felt her face getting soaked. Christy grabbed Meghan's hair and pushed her face harder into her slit. She ground her clit into Meghan's face until her convulsions subsided.

Chirsty collapsed onto the sleeping bag and Meghan released her grip. Meghan crawled up Christy's body slipping a nipple into her mouth. She let it go with a pop and kissed Christy on the lips.

"Was that your first time with a woman?" Meghan asked.

"Yes! I've never done anything like that," laughed Christy.

"How was it?" Meghan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, it was wonderful! In fact, it was so wonderful that I'd like to return the favor," said Christy. She helped Meghan get out of her clothes and marveled at her friend's body. Her breasts were even more perfect than she'd imagined. Her nipples were tightly puckered and were coral-colored. She rubber her thumbs over them and Meghan groaned.

"Rough me up," Meghan purred.

"Yes ma'am," said Christy as she dove for Meghan breasts. She fondled Meghan's breasts as she teased the nipples with her tongue and teeth. She reached between Meghan's legs, but Meghan stopped her.

"Not so fast. I've got a little something, said Meghan. She reached for the backpack that was in the corner of the tent and unzipped it. She pulled out a vibrator and handed it to Christy.

"Now let's get back to business," said Meghan as she spread her legs. Christy turned the toy over in her hand. It was shaped like a penis and was made of a pink rubber that was firm yet smooth. She flipped on the vibrator and sunk between Meghan's legs.

She lightly touched Meghan's clit with the tip of the toy and Meghan sighed. Christy sunk a finger into Meghan's pussy and spread juices up Meghan's slit. She caressed Meghan's puffy lips and stroked her shaved pussy.

Christy felt herself getting wet again as she played with Meghan. She moved the vibrator along Meghan's slit and bent down to suckle on her stiff clit. She slid the vibrator into Meghan and watched for Meghan's hungry reaction. She slid the vibrator in further and pressed the head against her g-spot.

Meghan caressed her own breasts as Christy slipped the vibrator in and out of Meghan's pussy. Meghan shuddered and arched her backed. She pinched her nipples harder and Christy held the vibrator inside Meghan and tongued her clit.

Meghan's thighs clamped around Christy's head as she climaxed. She moaned and lifted her hips to meet Christy's mouth. She cried out and squeezed her breasts one last time before her body relaxed. Christy turned off the vibrator and tossed it aside.

"Wow," gasped Meghan.

"Tell me about it," said Christy.

"Have you changed your mind yet?" Meghan asked.

"About what?" Christy asked.

"About camping, of course," said Meghan, propping herself up on her elbows.

"I have seen the light. Thank you mother nature! I'm definitely going to like getting back to nature," she said as she leaned in to give Meghan a kiss on the cheek.

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Fancy underwear

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