tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBab's Backstage Clusterfuck Ch. 1

Bab's Backstage Clusterfuck Ch. 1

byStardog Champion©

The music scene in 2001 was just as fickle and topsy-turvy as it had always been in the 30 or more years Barbra Streisand had been a major player in the pop culture scene. Even though she hadn't garnered a chart hit in over two decades, her legions of dedicated fans still hung on every move she made.

Why she was easing out the back of her long sleek limousine and walking up the red carpet of Los Angeles's Staples Center, to attend this year's Grammy Awards, was more about her celebrity and need to promote an upcoming Pay-Per-View special than it was about any contribution she had made to the recording industry during the past year.

Even with the dozens of other younger and more hip artists assembled, when Barbra strode up the walkway in her $5,000 custom made evening gown, the blinding flash of the paparazzi focused on her put most of the other 'in' celebrities to shame.

Strutting up the plush red carpet at a snail's pace, waving and smiling as if she was completely at home with the crush of attention, Barbra thrust her chest out with pride, realizing she had the world by the tail. As night fell on Los Angeles and Bab's and her entourage disappeared inside the Staples Center, the 58 year old singer was on the top of the world.

Shaking hands and making small talk with the litany of other celebrities littering the hall, an hour and a half before show time, Mrs. Streisand's mood took a sudden downturn when she arrived at her dressing room.

Looking at the door of the room Barbra's agent told her was going to be reserved especially for her, when Bab's saw the star on the door, a gnawing deep seeded bitterness billowed inside her belly.

"WHAT IS THIS!" Barbra yelled out, flailing her arms out in an exaggerated show of disgust.

The glitter laden name of Jennifer Lopez, accentuated by a very large and shiny star, stared Barbra Streisand directly in the face as she stewed noticeably.

Award shows were old hat for the aging crooner, so she totally understood how mistakes and misunderstandings could come about. It wouldn't have been so bad for Barbra if it wasn't for the internal embarrassment she felt, getting mixed up with such a complete no-talent like Jennifer Lopez.

"Look..wait..wait," Barbra heard her agent stammer when he sensed his client's outrage. "Just wait right here Mrs. Striesand..I'll be right back..I'm going to straighten this right up," he added, taking off in a blazing dash.

All of the sudden alone in a sea of much younger, plastic people, Barbra felt entirely out of place. Fuming, she tried plastering a fake smile across her face, waiting for her agent to return after clearing up the confusion.

Standing her ground, trying her damndest not to be run over by the cattle like flow of people going in both directions, the opened sore of Barbra's insecurity was infected further when she realized the surrounding clamor was not intended for her.

All Barbra kept hearing echo in her head was "Ms. Lopez...Jennifer..Hey J. Lo..."

It hit Barbra Striesand like a club to the stomach that none of the attention was for her, all she was to the passerby's hounding Jennifer Lopez, was a well dressed lamppost standing in front of the younger singer/actress's door.

Feeling as if Mt. Vesuvious was about to erupt inside of her, Barbra simply couldn't bring herself to stand out in the hall any longer. Wrapping her dainty hand around the knob to Jennifer Lopez's dressing room door, Barbra twisted it and was a little surprised when the door opened for her. Before she could even gather her thoughts, the brutish passerby's nudged Barbra through the unlocked entrance, into a situation chalk full of severe uncertainty.

Once Barbra was able to stabilize herself and scan the room, she felt as if she stumbled into some sort of giddy sorority house.

Three of Jennifer's backup dancers were converged around the row of makeup mirrors in various stages of undress, looking back at the older singer in the doorway as if she were something that had just fallen from outer space.

"Who the fuck are you?" one of the dancers asked bluntly, causing the Grammy veteran to visibly simmer.

Gazing quickly to her right, Barbra saw several of Jennifer's male dancers off to the side of the cramped room. Bab's instinctively clutched her purse to her chest when she saw them licking their lips sarcastically as they sized up the immaculately dressed, classy looking visitor.

"Who the fuck am I?" Barbra muttered to herself.

"You should know who the fuck I am," Bab's hissed back at the twentyish dancers. "I am the one that is supposed to be here..IN THIS dressing room. Now all you..little..little..litle tramps..get your stuff together.... AND GET OUT!"

A chorus of, "What?", "Who the fuck do you think you are?", "Shut up you old Bitch!" ,rained down on Barbra from the male and female dancers as she stood her ground, disgusted by the lack of respect and dignity she was being shown.

Guided by the power of knowing she was never wrong, Barbra angrily strode up to the group of Latin girls that were mocking her, and stood right in front of their faces, re-affirming her order to leave.

"I said this is my dressing room..GET UP AND GO.....NOW!!" Barbra hissed in her rudest New York accent.

"Shut the Hell up you old Skunk," one of the Latin girls immediately replied, burning a hole through the Jewish Diva's frame with her fiery midnight eyes.

Barbra felt her anger burn to the point of nuclear fusion as the girl, that was over half her age, succinctly put her in her place. When Barbra's internal restraint gave way under the deepest amount of disrespect she had ever been subjected to at such an event, she rared back with her well manicured right hand and prepared to slap the saucy young dancer right across the face.

As Barbra Striesand rared back, looking strangely like Nolan Ryan getting ready to throw a fastball, she could see the young girl's expression freeze from the sudden expectation of getting hit. Just as Barbra allowed her right arm to spring forward, out of nowhere, something grabbed her arm like a grappling hook, preventing her from following through.

Barbra instinctively pulled away from the clutches of what was holding her from behind, preventing her from inflicting the damage she had intended to do. Hyperly, Barbra spun around and confronted the asshole that had stopped her.

What Bab's saw was the same, all too familiar, face that had been on every edition of Entertainment Tonight, MTV and news programming for seemingly 6 months, the glaring face of Jennifer Lopez.

Mumbling as if she had marbles in her mouth, Barbra simply couldn't string the words together to enunciate her futile anger.

Keeping her vice-like grip clamped around Barbra's upper arm, Jennifer stood there staring straight back at the angrily blushing older woman, wondering why she was in HER dressing room, trying to slap one of HER dancers.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jennifer hissed in her own jagged accent.

"Let go of me," Barbra hollered, trying to twist herself free like an animal held in a trap.

Unaccustomed to feeling like a caged rat, every nerve in Barbra's being quivered with vile wrath as she summoned all the strength in her aged body to squeeze away from Jennifer's cinched fingers.

When Bab's finally succeeded in ripping her arm free, for just an instant, she felt vindicated. When everyone in the room froze in hushed silence and fixated their eyes on her, Barbra felt a strange sensation of vague uneasiness wash over her. Looking back at Jennifer behind her and the wide eyed expression covering her face, Barbra felt as if time had stopped. When the cool air-conditioned air filtering through the dressing room gradually felt too close to her skin, the Jewish diva hesitantly looked down and discovered why the room had suddenly come to a hushed standstill.

Seeing the black and red sequined material of her dress sleeve still in Jennifer's hand, Barbra numbly looked down to see that elegant evening gown had ripped like nothing more than cheap K-mart garment when she had desperately tugged herself free from Lopez's clutches.

Realizing that her heavy, sagging tits were in clear view, tucked tightly into a lacy black support bra for everyone in the room to see, Barbra felt her eyes water with tears of shame as the young girls and guys in Jennifer's entourage looked at her half naked body with petrified glee.

Barbra felt an overwhelming desire to run as fast as she could out of the dressing room but cold, hard reality kept her feet planted right where they were. Knowing if she did make that mad dash, all that would be waiting on the other side of the door was every media outlet in the free world, all the industry bigwigs, as well as too many life long friends to count.

"So you really think this is YOUR dressing room...huh," Bab's heard a male voice from behind her insinuate.

"Just how bad do you really want this room... Bitch?" Barbra heard Jennifer's familiar voice add.

Before she could even find the fortitude to formulate a response, Barbra felt Jennifer's hands dig into the remaining material of her expensive party dress, and with one fell swoop, rip it all the way down to her quivering ankles.

Clad in nothing now but her black bra, matching black panties and thigh high hose covering her goosebumped legs, Barbra clasped her arms loosely around her torso in an attempt to conceal her near nakedness.

"MMMHHHMMM..so you really think this room belongs to ya...Huh...you washed up has been," Barbra could hear Jennifer hoarsely whisper down, her hot breath causing the hair on the back of Bab's bare neck to stand on end. "If you want this dressing room so bad Bitch..then you can have it..just get down there....AND EARN IT!"

The words, 'earn it', echoed relentlessly inside of Barbra's head.

"I have earned it you slutty little whore! I've been in the business before you popped out of your Momma's cunt ...you...you.... little Latin Slut," Bab's forcefully shot back.

"Is that so," Jennifer replied soberly. "Well then..I guess you won't be staying here..you are welcome to take a walk anytime you want...like right now," She sarcastically offered, waving Barbra away.

Looking down at her tattered nakedness, Barbra realized there was no way she could go back through that door and into that hallway in her current state.

"Going once," Jennifer slowed chimed in.

"Going twice," A male voice added.

"GONE...Guess that means your staying... Skank!" The young Latin dancer right in front of Barbra finished the thought.

"I'll say it one ..more.. time...get down on your knees and lets see if you can..EARN..this dressing room," Jennifer ordered firmly.

Realizing she had no other option, Barbra felt her head start to spin as she begrudgingly tried bending her rickety legs until her silk covered knees landed hard on the plush maroon carpet below.

Hearing Jennifer loudly snap her fingers from behind, Barbra saw several of the dancers start to scurry about the room out of the corner of her eye.

It felt like a 2 by 4 to her gut when Bab's thought she had figured out what they intended to force her to do. Hearing the naughty way everyone in the room was giggling, Barbra wallowed in the sick realization that Jennifer was going to make her give all the young male dancers oral sex while she was there on her knees.

After a few moments of confusion in the room however, when everyone around her settled, suddenly a deep sense of uneasiness burrowed into Barbra's psyche. "What in the world are they getting ready to do?" Bab's ruefully asked herself on swaying knees.

Raising her seething brow up to investigate what Jennifer's charges were up to, Barbra couldn't help but wretch in horror when she grasped the project they had planned for her. Looking at the surreal gleam in the eyes of the sultry brown skinned girl that stood directly above her, an unfathomable and debilitating anxiety swept through Barbra's withering body.

Completly losing touch with the presence of Jennifer and the male dancers that were fanning out behind her, Barbra's wide, glaring eyes became glued on the young dancer above her as she gracefully rolled her long, tanned fingers into the velvety material of her gold colored dancing outfit.

* * * * *

While not gay herself, 19 year old Amelia Fuentez was strangely aroused by the specter of debasing the rich and famous white woman that had rudely barged into the dressing room moments earlier. With her fingers tightly curled in the fabric of her tight miniskirt and panties, Amelia steadily peeled down the silky garment until her vulva became clearly apparent, right in front of Barbra's stunned face. Taking a well timed and seductive step forward, Amelia rolled her hips suggestively as she lowered her skirt and panties all the way down her sinewy legs.

Beside Amelia, the other two female dancers lined up for their impending opportunity to follow suit, looking straight down at Barbra's ashen face as the shine of their partner's puckering pink cunt reflected in Bab's glaring pupils.

* * * * *

Looking over the magnificently perverse sight that she had created with the simple snap of her fingers, Jennifer Lopez beamed like a proud mother as Barbra Streisand knelt willingly at the feet of the young, buxom dancers, forced to eat out each of the girls' pussies for a chance to have the dressing room she had so richly and rudely demanded.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Jennifer heard her publicist whisper into her ear, reminding her of a couple of photo ops she had been scheduled to attend before the start of the show. When she turned to acknowledge him, Jennifer could clearly see the look of mortal shock etched across his face from the scene he was witnessing. Even though Barbra's face was pointing in the other direction so that he had no clue who the half stripped woman on her knees really was, Jennifer still put her index finger up to her full lips and made a "SHHH' gesture to keep him quiet.

As Jennifer turned to leave so she could fulfill her public relations commitment , she took one long look at the faces of her dancers spread out across the room, seeing that each and every one of them were game to milk this rare opportunity for all it was worth.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," Jennifer smiled wryly as she waved goodbye for the moment.

* * * * *

Barbra's eyes rolled dazedly in their sockets as she knelt there, the surrealistic sight of the young lithesome dancer's exposed crotch filling Bab's eyes as she swayed there at the girl's feet.

When the brash and arrogant girl that had been the most vocally derisive sauntered even closer to Barbra's face, the 58 year old diva instinctively turned her cheek to the side as Amelia advanced. Out of the corner of her eye however, Barbra still couldn't help but steal a fleeting glance of what the teenage girl's razor smooth snatch looked like as it damply expanded, no more than 4 inches from her cheek.

Amelia's neon pink pussy lips seemed to bubble out from the mocha brown folds of her pussy as she hovered over top of Barbra, taking special joy in watching the rude and snobbish woman at her feet twitch with apprehension.

"I bet you thought we were gonna make you suck some of those boys' cocks..huh..is that what you thought," Amelia snippily barked down into Bab's reddened, blushing face. " We still might baby..if you're good maybe we will ..but right now you got to take a little mouthful of what me and my girls are cookin' up..I believe its girl's night to EAT IN!"

When Barbra felt the girl above her slip her strong fingers into her scalp, proceeding to palm Bab's head like a basketball, swiveling it back so that Barbra's mouth was directly facing at her pussy, the older diva realized she was helpless at the aroused dancer's feet.

"OHH...NNN," Barbra tried to beg, but all she succeeded in doing was creating an opening with her mouth for Amelia to take advantage of.

Before she knew it, Bab's found her whole face pushed into Amelia's smoothly shaven snatch, and for several moments the only way Mrs. Streisand could breathe was through her ears. Feeling as if her head was becoming a pressure cooker, Bab's twisted and fought until Amelia allowed her to surface momentarily for a breath of fresh oxygen before forcing Barbra's suddenly slimy face back into her swampy depths.

* * * * *

Being a dancer on Jennifer Lopez's traveling road show, Amelia had been party to a couple of really kinky moments. What was happening now, with a world renowned female giant in the music industry bowing before her, on her knees, was totally off the charts however.

A tangible sense of power and control coursed through Amelia's synapses as she smeared her pussy like a wet rag all over Barbra Striesand's ashen face.

Looking around the room, Amelia couldn't help but notice how visibly aroused the male dancers had gotten from watching what was going on. A young and ambitious girl that craved the spotlight, Amelia decided to put on a real show for everyone involved.

Dropping her eyes back down to Barbra beneath her, Amelia was a little surprised by just how much her pussy was tingling as she glazed its greasy emissions across the Jewish Crooner's cold lips. Not able to resist the power kick that came with forcing such an established celebrity down to her knees for such an indecent act, Amelia savored that golden moment, being one of thousands of girls in her position in the industry, just fighting to get her foot in the door.

Amelia could tell from Barbra's awkward oral movements that the older woman wasn't at all comfortable licking another woman's privates. Raising her right leg majestically into the air, using all the flexibility that God had given her, Amelia held it up in a Rockette-like pose for several seconds as Barbra continued lapping at the young dancer's dripping slit.

Finally bending her knee so that her right foot clamped around Barbra's bare, freckled back, Amelia cinched her heel into Bab's shoulder blade, effectively sandwiching the kneeling woman's upper torso against her buzzing pubic area.

With adequate friction now built up, there seemed to be a vapor lock between the front of Barbra face and Amelia's girlish cunt. Swirling her pelvis in slow, sensuous and melodic motions, Amelia seemed to be dancing along to a rhythmic song inside her head as she used Bab's lipstick smeared lips and tongue to work herself to completion.

When Amelia's orgasm finally tripped inside her head, the young Latin beauty dug her tingling fingers into Barbra Streisand's scalp, holding the aging diva's head tightly as her glistening pussy creamed all over the front of the kneeling star's mouth, nose and chin.

Selfishly allowing concussion after post orgasmic concussion to ripple violently through her barely 100 pound frame, Amelia shot her mane of coal black hair backwards, luridly savoring the feel of Barbra's tentative tongue darting back and forth against her nether regions.

Once Amelia was able to open her eyes again and focus her gaze on the other onlookers in the room, she could clearly see the astonished wonder etched across each and every face. It reminded her of the look everyone had a few weeks earlier when two of the bisexual men in the group had performed various sex acts with each other during a drunken game of Truth or Dare.

"So...who's next up?" Amelia breathlessly offered, as she elegantly lifted her long right leg off Barbra's back and returned it to the ground.

Santana, the young dancer and backup singer standing right beside Amelia, immediately chimed in. "Let's just go down the line Girl," She replied, meaning she would be next to get her pussy eaten to completion.

Grabbing Barbra firmly by the side of the head, Santana forced Bab's sloppy face closer towards her and looked down at the hapless singer with disgusted amusement as she prepared to position her crotch over top of Barbra's now buttery mouth.

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