Daddy knelt on the bed between Baby's legs, his cock head poised over her pussy and the vibrator, which threatened to get her off at almost the same time as her father.

Just as Baby felt her orgasm approach, her daddy moaned loudly and his cock spurted cum all over her pussy. He pushed her hand with the vibrator away so he could cover her cunt completely with his hot jizz. Before long, he was through cumming and Baby's pussy was drenched with his seed. She loved seeing his white cum all streaked over her pussy hair. She thought it looked sexy and dirty at the same time. Baby was about to bring the vibrator back into service to finish herself off one more time, but Daddy stopped her. She then thought he wanted her to finish with her fingers. Again, he stopped her. She almost asked what he wanted, but before she could voice the words, Daddy slid his body down on the bed, and he buried his face into her cummy cunt.

Baby knew her daddy wasn't afraid of his own jizz, he'd tasted it on her lips and on her tongue from all the playing they'd done together over the months, but he hadn't ever gone after an entire load like this. She wasn't about to stop him, though, because she knew this kind of freedom for a guy was very unusual. She knew from hearing the other girls talk, that most guys were afraid people would think them gay or something for even touching guy-cum, even their own. She thought it was sexy that her daddy was confident enough with himself that he didn't have anything to prove by being scared like that. She loved him even more for it. If only the other girls knew what a special guy she had, who wasn't hung up on such things. Heck, most guys wouldn't even kiss their girlfriends after they'd cum in their mouths. Daddy had no qualms, and she had no question of his manhood. He was the most masculine guy she'd ever met, without being a macho asshole. It was why she loved him so much.

Before too long, Daddy had cleaned Baby's cunt of his jizz load and then set to work on tonguing her clit like he'd done so many times before. This was Baby's favorite way to cum. The vibrator and her fingers felt wonderful, but there was nothing so fantastic as her daddy's tongue... at least, that she'd experienced so far.

It didn't take much time for Baby to start writhing on her father's face, and not long after that, she was cumming for the fourth time since she'd arrived home with her vibrator.

Well, after cumming so often in so little time, Baby was worn out. Sleepily, she felt Daddy make her more comfortable on her bed, then he kissed her before moving the chair back where it belonged, gathered up his clothes and quietly closed the door behind him.

When she awoke, she was horny. The past several months, that had been a frequent occurrence. There were few days, Baby found, that she *wasn't* horny. After having heard what other girls did to satisfy this, she asked Daddy to replace the old shower head for a hand-held with a massage action. She couldn't tell if Daddy knew why she'd requested this change, but if he did, he didn't say anything, he simply changed the showerhead without a question or argument.

This time, though, she didn't want to cum in the shower, she didn't want the vibrator, she needed to use her fingers. First, though, she needed the bathroom.

Not bothering to dress - considering the relationship she and her father had, there was little necessity - she made her way to the bathroom, noting how quiet the house seemed to be. Taking care of business, Baby then wandered through the house and found it empty. There was no note as to where Daddy went, so he wasn't planning on being gone long. Baby grinned that she had some time to herself, to engage in a pastime she was indulging in quite often.

Baby took her time, reveling in the sensations of her body, letting her orgasm build slowly, until she had a nice cum, different from the ones she'd had before with the vibrator, but still wonderful.

This one imperative taken care of for the time being, Baby pulled on a pair of panties and T-shirt and headed for the kitchen to make herself something to eat.

All day, she wondered where Daddy had gone. It wasn't like him to leave without letting her know where he was going. He didn't have to go to work, it being the weekend, so his whereabouts were a mystery.

Baby occupied herself, watching some TV, a little reading, got online for a bit and read some stories about other girls and their daddies and brothers and uncles, and sometimes whole families getting together for big all-family orgies. The ones she liked best were the ones - few and far between - where everybody fucked everybody else: not just guys and girls, but girls and girls and guys and guys and any combination in between.

Long before she was done reading, she was horny again. She decided to save it for when Daddy got home. She hoped he'd be wanting her, too.

Unfortunately, when he did come home, he looked really tired. Tired enough that sex wasn't on the agenda for him, anyway. Baby sat him down in his chair in the living room, then brought him a sandwich and a can of pop, then sat and watched TV with him. While she was still horny and wanted very much to play, she knew when her father was like this, there was no way. It was nice just having a quiet night together, even so.

Baby wondered what Daddy had been up to that had taken so much out of him. He hadn't mentioned anything to her, and she hadn't heard a word from him all day, even to let her know where he'd gone. He didn't offer, and she didn't pry. She knew if it was something he felt she needed to know, that he'd tell her when he was ready.

Eventually, Daddy got up and stretched, then announced that he was going to bed. Baby got up, too, and leaned in to kiss him. While there was little of the passion that Daddy often displayed when kissing his daughter lately, it was still far beyond your typical father/daughter kiss. It always made Baby's pussy juicy to kiss her father, and this time was no exception, especially given the arousal she'd felt most of the afternoon. She watched Daddy slouch toward his bedroom, disappear around the door jamb, then the door quietly closed.

Daddy must have been really tired: he hardly ever closed his door on Baby any more. She sighed, feeling sorry for him and whatever had worn him down so much, hoping he'd feel better in the morning. Baby went back to her room and turned the computer back on to read some more stories, then went to bed herself.

Morning came, and Baby was still horny. She searched the house, and her father was missing once more. Worried as to what might be happening, she grabbed herself a quick shower, where, on a whim, she took a new one of the razors she used for her underarms and legs and carefully shaved her pussy clean. Thinking what a surprise it'd be for her daddy when he saw, she dried herself, shocked at how sensitive the skin was without the hair.

Since Daddy was gone again, Baby figured she was on her own like she had been the day before. Deciding she needed to take care of the arousal she'd felt since the previous afternoon, Baby got herself comfortable on the bed and started rubbing.

Masturbation seemed much more intense with no hair covering her pussy. It might have been imagination, but regardless, it felt just another degree better this way. She was just about to climax for the first time that day when she heard, "Baby, would you come down here, please?"

Her father was home from wherever he'd gone, and he didn't seem nearly as tired as he had the evening before. While she was frustrated that she wasn't going to be able to cum yet, she didn't want to make him wait. He hated waiting, and the longer he waited, the angrier he got. Baby's daddy was a very indulgent man, otherwise. It was rather odd, but he'd been like that ever since Baby had known him.

Baby almost went to meet him as she was, but then she heard another voice. She quickly threw on a T-shirt and short skirt, not putting anything on underneath, since she didn't expect to be going anywhere - she was only covering up, after all.

Now as presentable as she cared to be at the moment, Baby trotted down the stairs to find her Daddy and a man she vaguely recognized. A moment later, she recalled the other man as her Uncle Bobby. The last time Baby had seen him, she was several years younger, and he'd had a big, bushy beard. Now, the beard was gone, and he sported a neat mustache, and that was all the facial hair he had. Uncle Bobby was a stocky man, not exactly overweight, but just big. He was Baby's mom's brother, and lived in Louisiana.

"Uncle Bobby's going to be staying here in town. Your Aunt Stella kicked him out." Baby recalled Aunt Stella as being loud and rude. Even when she was little, she couldn't see what Bob had seen in her. Of course, now with adolescence's experience, Baby figured it was Stella's pretty face and big boobs that he'd fallen in love with. "That's where I was yesterday, helping Bobby move his stuff into an apartment across town. Sorry I didn't tell you, but he only called me that morning. You were asleep when I left, and you're old enough to be home alone."

Baby didn't ask why Stella had put Uncle Bobby out of the house they owned down south. As far as Baby knew, no one in the family had ever really liked Stella much in the first place, so Bobby's being free of her was something of a relief.

Uncle Bobby looked Baby over approvingly. "You've grown into an amazing young woman, Baby. It's been a long time since I saw you last. Do you remember me?"

Baby smiled. "Do you still sing all those old show tunes?"

Bobby grinned and threw his arms out wide, "To dream... the impossible dream..." he warbled. He actually had a fairly nice voice. The big difference between Uncle Bobby and many of the guys at school who knew show tunes was: Uncle Bobby knew the *boy* songs.

Baby threw her arms around her uncle, and received a bear hug in return. When they parted after a moment, Uncle Bobby gave Baby a glance, indicating he felt her lack of a bra when they embraced, and his eyes grew wide when he saw that her nipples were showing beneath the thin fabric of the top she'd thrown on.

"Baby, Uncle Bobby knows. It's okay. He won't tell."

Baby's emotions ran the gamut. She loved Uncle Bobby, she just didn't see him often. She'd expected him to be at his sister's funeral, but something had kept him from making the trip. From the sound of things, he was now living nearby, so she was probably going to see a lot more of him. What she *wasn't* sure about was how comfortable she was with her daddy telling him about the two of them and what they'd been doing the past several months. She wasn't sure if she should be pleased that she wouldn't have to be secretive around him, or feel betrayed by her father that he'd let someone else in on their big secret. She didn't know if Uncle Bobby's knowledge of their unfatherly/undaughterly relationship would extend to her doing things with him, too? And if it did, did she care? Uncle Bobby wasn't a bad-looking man, but she didn't know how much she could really trust him. After all, the last time she'd seen him, she still hadn't grown boobs, and she'd had no hair on her pussy yet.

Daddy, seeing Baby's indecision, turned to Uncle Bobby, "Bob, will you excuse us a minute?" He then took Baby into the kitchen and looked into her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Baby. I didn't tell him directly. He got talking about how he hadn't had sex in over a year with Aunt Stella, and he asked me if I'd had anybody since your mama died, and I admitted I did, but didn't say anything else. We got talking, and I tried to be discrete, but the further along the conversation got, the closer I got to the truth. Eventually, Uncle Bobby figured it out for himself. I guess my silence when he made the suggestion gave him his answer. I guess my later denial was too little, too late. He assured me it was okay. I'm not expecting you to do anything with him, but you're an active young woman, and if you feel the need, I know he'll treat you like I do."

Baby listened to what she was being told with some disbelief. Uncle Bobby knew, and her father was giving her permission to have sex with him, too... if she wanted. To some extent, she felt as if she were being pimped out or something, but on the other hand, if she gave up what she was doing with her daddy, then she'd have to find someone else out there, who might not be as trustworthy, or know as much.

Then, the horny part of her spoke up, telling her how much fun it would be to have two hard cocks to play with, twice as much cum to swallow. She then thought of watching her daddy eating his own cum, and she asked, "Does Uncle Bobby like cum, too?"

At that question, Daddy blushed. "Um... I don't know if I should admit this to you or not, but I'm bisexual. Uncle Bobby is, too. When we went down to visit them the last time, when you were out with Grampa Spencer, us adults were playing, too. Your mama was bi, as is Aunt Stella, and while Stella can be a first-class bitch, she's a damn fine fuck. The closest thing I ever saw to your mom and Uncle Bobby fucking was the two of them in a 69. As far as I know, Bob never actually fucked his sister. They apparently did everything just short of that.

Baby was starting to realize: incest apparently wasn't an unusal thing with her family. She wondered if her mama would have made any moves on her if she was still alive? Well, one thing was for sure: at least this way, there was no doubt as to whether the people involved loved one another... well, except in Aunt Stella's case, that is.

So, Daddy was bisexual? Baby had read different stories online about men fucking both men and women, and the idea made her pussy get good and wet. She didn't know if she'd be able to lick another woman's pussy, but at the moment, it was a moot point. There was plenty of cock to go around, though.

"So, if I agree to having sex with Uncle Bobby, will I get to see you suck his cock?"

Daddy smiled. "Yes, Baby. You'll get to see me suck his cock. He's got a nice one, too. You'll love it. You'll even get to see him fuck my ass."

Baby's pussy gushed at the sound of that. Her heart thumped in her chest as she asked, "Can I see you suck his cock now?"

Daddy's smile got wider. He nodded his head toward the kitchen door. "C'mon." He then started back toward the living room.

Uncle Bobby stood by the couch, curiously waiting for Baby and Daddy to come back out. When he saw the grin on Daddy's face, he knew things were okay, and returned a smile of his own. He noted that Baby's nipples were hard, and stuck out the front of the shirt she wore even more than they had earlier. He started to say something when Daddy knelt at his feet and started unzipping his jeans. The thought never left Bobby's lips as his brother-in-law pulled down his pants and underwear and slurped his cock into his mouth.

Baby watched the proceedings with incredulity and lust. She'd read stories about this, but she never guessed she'd ever see it happen for real.

Uncle Bobby didn't hesitate. He threw off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes and jeans, standing in the middle of the living room totally naked. It'd been many years since he'd felt his sister's husband's lips around his cock, and he realized how much he missed it.

Baby didn't waste time, either. Her nipples were already stiff, and her pussy wetter than she could remember it ever being. She threw off the thin top she'd put on, then slipped out of her skirt, leaving her completely nude, too. She strode over to the two men and sat where she could see, pushed two fingers up her drooling cunt while rubbing her clit with her thumb, then grabbed a breast with the other hand and pinched the nipple hard.

Daddy sucked Bobby's cock like he hadn't had any in years. Well, as far as male contact, he hadn't. The last time he'd sucked a cock was all those years ago when Bobby had seen Baby last. While there was no way he was giving up pussy, he recalled that there was a totally different kind of pleasure in having a cock throbbing in your mouth.

They'd been at this for several minutes, when Baby whispered, "Daddy, you're overdressed."

Daddy took his daughter's cue and started to unbutton his shirt, then pulled it off. Unbuckling his belt, he undid his jeans and pulled off them as far as he could without removing his lips from Bobby's cock.

Bobby took this opportunity to say, "I want some of you, too, brother-in-law mine."

Daddy stood up, dropped his pants the rest of the way and stepped out of them. "Let's go to my bedroom. It's a lot more comfortable there."

Well, there was no arguing, and all three of them practically ran to Daddy's bedroom. As soon as they got in there, Uncle Bobby laid down on the bed, and Daddy stretched out over him, so that their cocks pointed at each other's mouth. Baby felt a little left out, but couldn't deny that she loved watching these two men having sex together.

Baby quickly ran to her room and dug into her panty drawer for the box of condoms she'd hidden there. She was so horny, she decided it was time...

"Daddy," she called from the doorway, "I want you to fuck me."

The men stopped sucking one another for a moment, and Daddy's head craned around so he could see his daughter. He saw the love and lust in her eyes, and noticed the box of rubbers she held in her hand.

"Go for it," Bobby told him. "If you don't, I will."

"C'mere, babygirl," Daddy cooed, rolling off his brother-in-law.

Baby sashayed up to her daddy, who now sat on the edge of the bed. She handed the box to Uncle Bobby, who immediately started to tear into it. While father and daughter kissed, Bobby got out a condom and rolled it onto Daddy's hard-on.

When he was sheathed, Daddy picked up his babygirl and laid her back on the bed. He then spread her legs wide, exposing her extremely juicy pussy to his eager gaze, then lined himself up.

"You're sure you want this?" he verified.

"Please, Daddy, I'm ready," Baby panted.

"It might hurt a little," Daddy warned.

"No it won't. It's going to feel wonderful.

"Please. Now," she begged.

With no further hesitation, Daddy pushed his hips forward into his daughter's waiting pussy. She was right, he slid right in with no barrier to pierce. Now they were truly an incestuous couple. There was nothing else to call it. He'd just been given his daughter's virginity, and he'd taken it.

Baby had never imagined how good it would feel to have a real, live cock in her pussy. There was no way for even the girls she'd overheard at school to describe what it felt like to be filled to the brim like this. If she'd known, maybe she'd have let some kid do this to her sooner. She was glad she hadn't, though. It made her feel closer to her daddy than she'd ever been before.

"How do you feel, Baby? Are you okay?" Daddy asked.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it! You feel so huge in my pussy, Daddy," Baby gushed. "Please, fuck me now."

Getting the green light was what Daddy'd been waiting for. He began to pump in and out of Baby's wet cunt slowly, letting her savor the feeling of her first fuck, and savoring the feeling of his daughter's pussy, himself.

Bobby let father and daughter have their moment, slowly stroking his cock while he watched. Then, he got an idea and rolled a condom onto his own cock. Checking the nightstand, he found a bottle of lube and smeared some on himself, then bent his brother-in-law over and did the same to Daddy's asshole. Daddy stopped fucking his girl for a moment when he felt the fingers slicking up his butt, knowing what was coming.

Baby just lay there beneath her father, his cock buried deeply in her. She didn't know for sure what was going on, but she could guess, from the look on her daddy's face and the moaning sounds he made. When he moaned even louder, and a gasp escaped his lips, she had little doubt what was going on between her daddy and Uncle Bobby.

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