tagIncest/TabooBaby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 05

Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 05


Warning: This is the fifth chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a "Quick Read", but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


I took Patty to a restaurant I know of down in the Bottoms. It's small and cozy - perfect for what I hoped was going to be a nice romantic dinner. The place wasn't busy at all and we were seated right away. When the waiter arrived with our menus, I noticed he stood on Patty's side of the booth to tell us about the daily specials. Watching him closely, I could see him moving from side to side and glancing at Patty as he spoke. I noticed the subtle movements and the way his eyes scanned Patty, and from experience, I knew he was he trying to positioning himself to look down Patty's top.

At first, I was jealous, but then I started getting a hardon thinking about her exposing herself. When Patty hunched her shoulders forward and leaned in closer to the menu, this guy's eyes just about bugged out of his head. From across the table, I could clearly see a big gap in the front of Patty's shirt and I knew this waiter was able to see my girl's tiny, perfect breastlings.

After he left us to think about what we wanted to eat, I whispered across the table to Patty. "Do you know you just gave that guy a look at your boobs?" I asked.

She didn't even look up from her menu. "Uh huh." Patty answered, nodding her head up and down. Then lifting her head up, she asked, "Have you decided what you're going to have to eat?"

I had to think about why she wasn't acknowledging my question about our voyeuristic waiter. I felt a snugness in my pants and faced the fact what I'd just seen was making me hard. Damn hard. What a struggle that was for me - knowing that Patty was intentionally exposing herself while she was out with me. And, it was turning me on. Actually, I didn't really blame the waiter once I thought about it. If she was going to flash her boobs, why not look? She's cute. She's sexy. She's braless and has the sweetest little breasts anyone could ever want to see.

When the waiter came back to take our orders, he again stood on Patty's side of the booth and again, she pushed one of her shoulders forward and I noticed he took several peeks at Patty as he wrote our order down on his small notepad. She was definitely a master at this, probably honing her exhibitionist skills with years of practice – doing almost exactly what she did with me the day I met her at the airport.

When he left, she reached over and patted my hand. "You don't mind if I tease him a little do you?" Patty asked.

I felt my cock throb when I heard that. Now I knew for sure she was exposing herself on purpose. "You know," I answered, "he's gonna be coming back to check on us a lot while we're here. We won't have time to talk about any of the stuff I told you about at the coffee shop."

"That might also be because he can see my panties, too." She replied softly so she wouldn't alarm anyone around us. I glanced under the table quickly to see that Patty's skirt was pulled up, and even though it wasn't around her hips like it was at the coffee shop, she was definitely showing her panties off, too. I'm sure he could at least see her panty covered mound, and with those perfectly white satin panties on, he wouldn't have to try very hard to see it.

"Want me to pull my skirt down so he can't see?" Patty asked.

"No. It's kind of a turn on," I answered, "knowing you're sitting there with your panties and boobs on display. I'm just sorry I can't see myself."

"Well, I haven't seen much of what you have today, you know." Patty replied. "But, I hope that will change soon enough." Patty giggled for a minute as she held my hand across the table. We both knew what she referring to; my first time as an exhibitionist. She still hadn't given me a clue what was going to happen tonight, and one thing I'd learned since I met her – things were not always as they seemed.

Soon the waiter came back and when he did, my A-cup angel made sure he got another eyeful. I sat there and tried to act like I didn't know what was going on and watched Patty tease him all evening. We made small talk though dinner, talking about those things you always talk about with a new girlfriend or boyfriend, and while it would seem like meaningless conversation to most people, for me, I didn't really care what we talked about, I was just happy to be with her. Someone else might say I was the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on the planet meeting her like I did - with her propensity to show her body off and the sexual roller coaster we'd already been on, but to tell you the truth, man – I was really starting to like her. Okay, more than that..... I was starting to feel like she could be THE one.

As we finished dinner, the bill came and I picked it up immediately and placed my credit card inside the small black folder and set it on the edge of the table. When I saw the waiter coming to get it, I intentionally excused myself for a minute, telling Patty I needed to go to the restroom. Looking back over my shoulder toward the table, I could see the waiter standing on Patty's side and they were talking. Patty's arms were stretched out across the table and she was leaning over a little, which told me she was giving him the "Now's your chance, look all you want" treatment.

When I got to the door of the restroom, I looked back at them again, and he was still there. I spent a lot longer in the restroom than I would normally spend. Every guy knows you can't pee with a hard-on, so I stood at the urinal for a good four or five minutes just waiting for my cock to go soft enough so I could pee. Finally, I resorted to thinking about the building plans for the new office building and that did the trick; instant soft-on.

While I was washing my hands, I though about the panty and boob show Patty was giving the waiter when I came into the restroom and wondered if he would still be there when I came out. Surely, after this long, he'd picked up my credit card and gone to resolve our bill. But, when I came out of the restroom, he was still there and he was leaning down over the table on his elbows and his face couldn't have been more than two feet from Patty's lovely A-cups. Her nipples were probably poking out and she was treating letting him to a nice, long look. Almost in an instant, I was hard again.

On the way back, I snaked my way through the restaurant so neither of them would see me approaching. When I got close, I stepped up to his left side and looked down into Patty's side of the booth. Sure enough, my angel's skirt was now pulled up to her hips and she was sitting with one leg tucked under her. The resultant view was that her legs were spread to the point the waiter knew, without a shadow of a doubt, Patty was deliberately flashing him. I couldn't believe how hard I was.

Seeing me suddenly appear next to him, the waiter straightened up and looked at me with a frightened look in his eye. Pretending I hadn't seen a thing, I walked behind him and sat down in my side of the booth. That poor waiter picked up my credit card and left quicker than you can believe. Even Patty giggled when he scampered off so quickly.

"Paul, I don't know exactly what you're thinking right now about the way I was showing off, but if you want me to stop doing things like this, I will." Patty said with a very sincere look on her face.

"I have to say it's a huge turn on for me, Patty." I replied. "But, I don't want anyone seeing you do that stuff and think they can have you. This world is full of assholes, you know."

Then as I thought about it, I added, "What about this..... showing off when you're with me is fine as long as we don't get into any trouble or get arrested. When you're out somewhere and you're not with me, I would prefer you didn't. You never know what could happen..... you're a cute girl, you know."

"That works for me, Naughty Boy." She said. "I've got a feeling we'll be spending so much time together from now on, I'll probably never be anywhere with anyone else. Well, except for Daddy I mean, and he's seen me naked plenty of times."

"No shit?" I asked. "Your father has seen you naked?"

"Of course." Patty answered. "He's my daddy. You told me in the coffee shop your mother has seen you naked..... she even saw you play with yourself and gave you a blowjob. Remember?"

"You gotta forgive me for asking this," I replied, "but, how long ago was the last time your Dad saw you naked? I mean totally bare with no way to cover yourself or hide?"

"Hmm." Patty thought, looking up and squinting her eyes like she was trying to pinpoint the exact date and time. Then all of a sudden, she snapped her gaze back to me and asked, "Well.... what time is it now?"

Out of habit, and not really thinking about the way she answered my question, I instinctively looked at my watch and said, "Almost 8:30."

"Well," Patty mused, "I would say it's been at least a few hours since....." Then Patty looked at me with shock on her face. "No, kidding? It's really 8:30?"

"Yes. It's exactly 8:29 right now." I answered.

"Oh, Damn!" Patty said. "We really have to get out of here. There's one more store I absolutely need to get to and I think they close at 9:00 tonight. Do you mind if we go?"

"No, not at all." I replied. We hurried out to the car and she told me the cross streets where the store was located. On the drive over there, we held hands and she thanked me for dinner and said, "Paul, I don't know when I've had a more enjoyable day. Thank you. This day has been incredible."

In return, I pulled her hand to my lips and I kissed it. "Me, too, Patty," I answered, "I feel the same way."

It took us twenty minutes to get to the last store she wanted to go to – one of those stores that specializes in accessories and stuff like that. Things like hair bows, earrings, ribbons, purses, T-shirts, wallets, belts – that kind of stuff. As we walked in, there were probably six to eight other customers in there so I knew they wouldn't immediately close up on us and Patty would have time to get what she was looking for.

Patty stopped at a rack that had some peasant shirts she was interested in. She picked up one and held it up to herself. Then putting it back and finding another, she took my hand and said, "Come on, I'm going to try this on."

Pulling me down the aisles, we twisted and turned our way to where the changing rooms were. I was seriously excited – maybe I was finally going to see her bare breasted.... something I'd wished for since that day at the airport. I was dying to see her standing in front of me so I could study her closely and see her breastbuds clearly. To my dismay, there was a big sign posted outside the changing rooms that read "One Person – 3 Articles of Clothing Maximum".

Patty blew right by that sign, pulling me behind her. When we got a few steps closer, I stopped and pointed to the sign. "Come on, silly," she said, "it's just one shirt. They don't mind," she continued, "I've been coming here for five years..... I know the owners."

Looking toward the counter, a man and a woman were busy talking to one of the customers, and since no one seemed to be looking, I followed Patty into the changing room.

Closing the door and hanging the peasant shirt up on the hook attached to the back of the door, Patty turned to me and with a huge smile on her face she said, "Okay, this is it. Take all your clothes off for me."

Startled, I looked at her without moving. "Naughty Boy, this is your fantasy come true. Take your clothes off." She said again.

It wasn't like I forgot the conversation we had in the car about exposing myself, but, I thought we came here so she could buy a shirt.

"Paul," she said urgently, "all those people out there are here for your fantasy. I went to a lot of trouble to get this set up for you. You don't need to worry about anything..... this store closed at 5:00 PM today. Like I said, I know the owners and everyone here was invited to see you naked."

Patty reached for my shirt and started to unbutton it. "Come on," she urged, "get undressed. Don't think about it, just do it. Take your clothes off. Trust me, it'll be a lot easier your first time if you just strip down quickly and let me take you out there."

Shocked, and completely unable to stop her, Patty unbuttoned my shirt, slipped it off my shoulders, folded it up quickly and tossed it on the seat in the changing room. She stood back and looked for a second at the thin, white bra I was wearing, and then her hands went to my jeans and popped open the button and pulled the zipper down. I watched as she knelt down and pulled both my shoes off.

Standing up, she told me to take off my pants. "Don't think about it and don't worry, Naughty Boy." Patty told me, again. "Just do what I tell you. I'm going to be right there with you the whole time...... I promise I won't leave your side. It's going to be such a thrill for you, I promise. Come on. Hurry!"

Patty pushed my jeans down and gasped when she saw the white bridal panties again. Any other time, I'm sure I would have had a hard-on, but I was racked with fear and my cock was as soft as it gets. But, with my jeans down to my knees, Patty stood to the side of me and rubbed my ruffle pantied butt with one hand, and cupped my cock and balls in her other hand. "I could just eat you up," Patty said, "but there will be time for that later. You look so hot dressed like that. But right now, everyone's waiting to see you naked."

Patty bent down and pushed my jeans to my ankles and then telling me to lift my foot, pulled one leg of my jeans off and then the other. I felt foolish standing there like that – white bra and panties, simmering somewhere between embarrassment and humiliation. But, Patty was firmly in control and in just a matter of seconds, she had me stripped down to this.

She reached up and pulled the straps of the bra down my arms and then very carefully slipped her fingers under the front of the bra and began to work it down my body. When it was at my waist, she hooked her thumbs into both sides at my hips and rocked the bra down over my panties and told me to step out of it. "You're going to have to be careful getting that thing on and off." She warned me. "Remember, there's no snap or clasp."

Turning me to look into the full length mirror in the changing room, Patty stood to my side and smiled. Although the bra wasn't tight on me, it left some marks on my chest that clearly looked like the outline of a bra. "Those lines will go away pretty quickly." She assured me. "No one's going to be looking at your chest, anyway."

"Initially," she continued, "I was going to take you out there like this, dressed in your cute little panties with the fashionable ruffles, and make you take them off in front of everyone. But, after hearing what your Mom said to you that day in her bedroom, I've just been dying to say this..."

Then my A-Cup angel stood in front of me and looked up into my eyes. She kissed me and told me to be brave. Then pausing for a second, she said, "I'm going to take your panties down now so I can see your penis. Is that okay?"

Her words instantly reverberated in my mind and I can vividly remember hearing my Mom ask me that exact same question years ago. And just as I answered my Mom, I answered "Yes" to Patty, knowing full well that when I did, I was giving Patty my blessing for everything she was doing now, and what she was about to do.

Ceremoniously, Patty kneeled before me and put one hand on each of my hips. Then looking up at me, she leaned in and kissed the bulge inside my panties and started to pull them down slowly. Little by little she pulled those panties down. First, to my pubic hair and then as she continued to pull, the base of my cock came into sight and then as she pulled some more, my soft cock flopped out, hanging precariously over the waistband of the white panties.

Patty stood up and moved behind me, leaving my panties at the top of my thighs. Wrapping her arms around my waist, she was looking at my full length reflection in the mirror. I could see her eyes moving back and forth between my penis and my face. "Oh, Paul," she moaned, "you ARE big down there." Knowing full well that I'm just average in length, I took her comment to mean she wasn't disappointed. "I can't wait to see you hard, Naughty Boy."

Then she quickly bent down in front of me and pulled the panties all the way down and I stepped out of them. Tossing my ruffled panties on the seat along with my shirt, jeans and bra, Patty reached up to kiss me one more time and then the next thing I knew, she was reaching for the door knob and was pulling me out of the changing room.

I can't tell you the amount of shock and panic that went through my mind the first one or two seconds after we came out of that room. My eyes scanned the interior of the store, and I was looking for people that had already seen me. But, Patty had a plan of her own, and she led me by the hand for several seconds until we stopped about ten feet away from the cash register counter in a little alcove, about eight feet deep - set up with two or three turnstiles full of sunglasses and a lot of mirrors. It was the perfect place for Patty to expose me – the mirrors would provide a full 360 degree view of my body and the sides of the alcove would shield me in case someone looked in from outside the store. Patty, true to her word, stood right next to me holding my hand.

The man and woman behind the counter stopped what they were doing and looked up. I expected them to be in total shock, but they weren't. The woman shuffled next to the man and they both looked at me and smiled. In the next few seconds, the rest of the people in the store were right on top of us, making a small semi-circle in front of the alcove and they were all looking at my nakedness. I could see them checking me out, from head to toe and lingering when their eyes came to rest on my crotch.

"Thank you all for coming." Patty said, as if she was addressing a formal luncheon. "This is my boyfriend, Paul, and this is his first time being exposed in front of someone. I asked all of you to come because I knew I could trust you to help make this a safe and memorable evening for Paul."

Patty paused for a moment and then to my utter shock, she told them, "He's always had a fantasy of exposing himself, but he's been too chicken to do it. So with your help, I thought we could grant him his fantasy and make this one of the best nights of his life."

"So, please," she continued, "come look all you want." As she said it, Patty reached over and placed her open palm under my balls and lifted them, as if she was offering my penis and testicles to the group as a gift.

A middle aged woman, about my mother's age, pushed forward and held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Angie. Nice to meet you, Paul. Can I, uh...... touch?" Angie asked.

"Help yourself," Patty answered for me, adding, "any of you.... feel free to come look and touch."

My heart was thumping a million times a minute and as people started to step forward, I started to get a faint feeling. Patty was still standing next to me, but she had wrapped her arm around my waist and was watching closely as Angie reached down to grasp my soft penis in her hand. I don't even remember how it felt, probably because I was in shock to some degree, but when the woman said, "He's got a nice cock, Patricia" whatever it was that was keeping me soft vanished and I started to get hard.

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