Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 05


"Oooh," Angie said, looking at Patty, "he's starting to respond." It was true. I didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, but I was getting longer, thicker and harder.

Angie let go of my cock and put her hand on my chest and moved her fingers to one of my nipples, flicking it lightly. Then, tracing the bra marks across my chest with her finger, she leaned in close to Patty. "You've already put him in a bra?" She whispered, very quietly. "You should bring him to visit me sometime. You won't regret it."

Angie took a step back and looked at me from head to toe. Speaking again to Patty she said, "He's beautiful, my dear." Then turning to me she said, "You're a very lucky young man, Paul." I felt Patty rub my back as if she was acknowledging Angie's words to both of us. As Angie turned and rejoined the others, I wondered what Angie meant when she suggested Patty bring me to visit her.

I watched as a man and a woman came forward next. The woman knelt down in front of me and reached out to hold my cock. The man who stood next to her watched for a few seconds, and then surprisingly, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. The woman in front of me immediately turned her head and took the man's cock in her mouth, but didn't let go of mine.

The man extended his hand and said, "I'm Rob and this is Heather." I shook Rob's hand and watched as Heather's mouth gobbled up his hardening cock. "Heather's very submissive," Rob said, "and she loves everything to do with cock. She'll be especially hot tonight after seeing yours, Paul. She'll do absolutely anything I ask. Won't you, Heather?"

Heather pulled off his cock and answered, "Yes, Sir."

"Heather, I'd like to see you suck our new friend, please." Rob told her.

Heather immediately withdrew from his cock and started to bend toward mine. But, Patty put her hand over the head of my cock and said, "No, Rob, this is mine."

I could see Heather look up at Rob. Rob put his hand on Heather's head and gently pulled her back, saying, "Stand up, Heather." When she did, Rob unbuttoned Heather's shirt, opened it up and pulled it off her, exposing her breasts and the nipple piercings through Heather's long nipples. Rob turned to Patty and said, "Some other time, perhaps. I'll leave the offer open."

As Rob pulled Heather back to the semi-circle of people, he told her not to cover herself and pushed her down to her knees and told her to suck him again. I watched as she did just that. While Heather continued her suck job on Rob, Patty's hand came in front of me and began to stroke my cock.

Over the next several minutes, all the onlookers came up to us and introduced themselves to me, shaking hands and talking for a minute or two with Patty and I. They all knew Patty and as this went on, Patty either stroked my now hard cock, or she let them touch and stroke me, too. Finally, the man and woman behind the counter came forward and introduced themselves, believe it or not – Fred and Wilma (yes, as in the cartoon from years ago). I almost burst out laughing, but after the man shook my hand and reached down to grasp my hard cock, laughter was the last thing on my mind.

I made an effort to stand there quietly and let him feel me. Patty stood next to me the whole time and never made a move to stop him. In fact, when Wilma said something to Patty about how nice this little surprise turned out for me, Patty carried on a conversation with her for a good minute or two while Fred squeezed and stroked my cock. I'm almost afraid to admit it felt good, not that it didn't feel good when Patty and the other women were touching me, but, Fred obviously knew what he was doing and I got the distinct impression this wasn't his first, or for that matter, not even his second or third time with a cock in his hand.

When Patty and Wilma stopped talking, Wilma pulled Fred back a few steps and told him to drop his pants. "Just like Heather," Wilma said, "Fred is a submissive. He likes to be told what to do and humiliated, don't you Fred?"

Fred dropped his head and looked down to his shoes. Then, without being told again, Fred unlatched his belt and his trousers dropped to the floor. I could hear keys jingle as they hit, but the most surprising thing was the transparent yellow thong Fred was wearing. "Come on," Wilma said, "you know the drill. Take it out and play with it. I want you to show everyone, and especially our guest of honor, what a nice little dickie you have and how you can make it squirt."

I stared as Fred reached into his panties and pulled out a rather small cock. It was hard, but even hard it was only about four inches long. He started to pull on it, and as he did, Wilma said, "Look at Paul's man-cock while you do it, Fred. I want you to see what a real cock looks like."

I felt sorry for him, being humiliated like that in front of so many people and when I looked at Patty with a questioning gaze, she shook her head slightly and stood up on her tiptoes and leaned toward me. "Please don't interfere." Patty whispered very softly.

I took stock of the people standing around me looking at my straining cock in Patty's hand. They were all normal looking people in every respect, and if I would have seen any of them on the street, I would never have imagined them to be so kinky. But they were all here and they were all looking at me. Even Heather, who was still sucking Rob's cock, had her eyes turned and was looking at my throbbing cock.

"Paul," Patty said, loud enough to get everyone's attention, "before you can say you're actually an exhibitionist, you have to masturbate yourself in front of someone." Then Patty let go of my cock and reached down to take my hand. Holding it up to her lips and tenderly licking each of my fingers, she placed my hand on my cock and said, "Go ahead."

I was seriously hard, and my cock had already been leaking precum all over Patty's hand and now it was starting to spread on my own. They were all watching me, not my face or my eyes; they were all watching me hold my cock. I finally started to stoke myself, slowly at first, and when I got into a rhythm, I heard Heather start to slurp a little more veraciously on Rob's cock, and Fred's stroking seemed to pick up speed, too. I began to worry that I might not be able to cum with so many distractions and so many people watching me. Realizing what an embarrassment that would be to Patty, I silently wished for a miracle so I could stay hard and cum quickly for my audience.

Amazingly enough, my wish was answered and I got my miracle. I felt Patty pull her arm from around me and when I looked her way, I saw her reaching up under her skirt. Then, like an angel to my rescue, she elegantly pulled her panties down and carefully stepped out of them.

"This ought to speed things up." Patty whispered as she moved around to my left side and held her panties up to my nose. There was an audible and collective gasp from the crowd as I took my first deep sniff of the panties she'd been wearing not more twenty seconds earlier. They were warm and they were wet, and I felt incredibly nasty sniffing her panties in front of them as I beat my meat.

It was like getting a shot of adrenalin. Without even having to think about it, the speed of my stroking automatically increased and with each breath, her feminine aroma created an urgency in me that I knew would escalate to an eruption of massive proportions.

I looked quickly at the onlookers and they were all staring at me, watching me sniff Patty's panties. Even Heather, who'd stopped sucking Rob, was watching me inhale deeply, time after time as I jerked myself off. Angie had one hand inside her blouse and another hand up her skirt. Ironically, Fred and I got into sync with our stroking and every time I slowed, he slowed and every time I sped up, he sped up, too.

"Come on, Naughty Boy," Patty encouraged me, "everyone wants to see you cum. This is what you wanted, isn't it? Look at them watching you sniff my panties. What a nasty boy you are for exposing yourself like this and masturbating in public. Shoot your cum, Baby.... whenever you're ready, just let it fly."

After a second, Patty adjusted her panties over my nose so the biggest wet spot covered both my nostrils tightly and I took a deep sniff. "Yeah, Baby," Patty taunted, "you're getting close now aren't you?"

About that time, poor Fred had as much as he could stand and as he moaned, he unleashed a stream of cum that was very impressive for the size of cock. Wilma wasn't watching him, though, she was watching me – they all were watching me.

I started to groan, and when I did, they all moved in a step or two closer, and by this time, I had a semi-circle surrounding me only four or five feet away. I was lost to the feeling in my cock, and all their faces became a blur and then it happened..... I involuntarily spread my feet apart to get a steadier stance, jutted my pelvis out and the initial tightening, signaling the beginning of my ejaculation, spread throughout my cock.

"Oh, Shit!" I exclaimed, as the first stream of cum spewed forth. A glob hit Wilma on her leg and then each contraction of my cock sent a stream of cum through the air in all directions. I was pulling my cock so fast, the whiplash effect caused cum to fly up on my chest and on Patty, too.

"That's it, Baby," Patty chanted, "let it go. Stroke that big cock for me and shoot your cum all over us." Patty's words were like an addicting drug, edging me on and I shuddered time after time flinging ropes of cum out from my throbbing cock. This went on for probably a good thirty seconds and I was amazed at the duration and strength of my climax. It was, without question, the strongest and most powerful orgasm I'd experienced in a long, long time.

Twenty seconds later, I was spent. I was huffing and puffing and I got so dizzy, I stumbled. Thankfully, Patty was there to hold me up and as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my heaving chest, the crowd she'd gathered to watch my exhibitionistic debut began to clap and cheer.

I closed my eyes to try to concentrate on catching my breath and after a minute, I opened my eyes to see they were all smiling and watching Patty hug me. Shuffling my feet closer together so I could stand easier, Patty looked up to me and pulled my head down to kiss her lips. We kissed long and hard and as I hugged her to me, my hands fell down to her butt. As we kissed more, I inadvertently must have pulled her skirt up, and since she'd taken her panties off to give to me, everyone in the group was looking at her bare butt. Everyone but me.

When our kiss was finished, Patty smoothed her skirt down before I could get a look at her, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by me. Then, as we separated, everyone that was there came up to us in one big crowd and congratulated me, even going as far as to shake my hand – the same hand I had just used to make myself cum. Even Fred, who had stepped out of his trousers, was next to me saying, "Good Job" as I felt his small cock flop against my thigh as he put his arm around my shoulder.

Patty was beaming – smiling and giddy, absolutely overjoyed with my performance. She had every reason to be happy, too, because I would have never done this without her help. She took it upon herself to make it all happen, and it worked out wonderfully. The experience was nothing less than terrifying, exhilarating, petrifying and thrilling – all at the same time.

After all the congratulations were said, the onlookers started to leave and soon Patty and I were the only ones left there with the exception of Fred and Wilma, who owned the store. I didn't realize it was so late, but, the clock behind the counter said 10:42 and I knew it was time for us to be going, too.

"Guess I better get dressed." I said. "Yeah," Patty agreed, "I need to get my panties back on, too." I thought this was going to be my chance to see her pussy and when I turned to watch, she said, "Let's go back in the changing room."

Patty took my hand and we walked together, side by side, through the aisles of the store to the changing room where we'd left my clothes. When we got there, Patty didn't bother closing the door as she flew into my arms and kissed me hard. "How was it?" She asked.

"Totally mind blowing..... a complete rush of thrill and excitement." I replied.

"Didn't I tell you it would be, Naughty Boy?" She asked, so excited she could barely keep still.

"Thanks, Patty." I answered. "This was wonderful." I pulled her into me and we hugged in silence, perfectly content to just hold each other. After another minute, though, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was Wilma, standing outside the changing room and it looked like she was patiently waiting for our hug to be over so she could interrupt us.

"Patty," I whispered, "Wilma's out there...."

Patty pulled away from me and peeked around through the door opening. She turned back to me and held up her finger as if she was telling me she'd be back in a minute. I nodded my head and Patty stepped out and around the corner.

I turned to look at myself in the mirrors. Man, what a mess I was. I had little globs of cum all over me – on my chest, arms, legs and I was covered with a shiny sheen of sweat. Plus, the remnants of my orgasm were dripping from my cock which was shiny and slimy from my bodacious cum.

Patty came back in and stood next to me, looking in the mirror. "Hey," she said, "can I ask you something?"

"Are you kidding?" I answered. "You can ask me absolutely anything."

"Well, I was wondering if you could do me a little favor. Actually," she continued, "it might not be that little."

The look on her face was tentative and I could sense Patty was unsure of herself. "It's just that I've known Fred and Wilma a long time," she explained, "and I really owe them for helping me get this all set up for you...... without them, none of this would have happened."

"I understand, Patty. What's up?" I asked.

Patty explained to me about Fred being a submissive and how he gets all his sexual gratification being led by someone who's more dominant than he is. She went on to tell me that the next step in his submissiveness training was to demonstrate his devotion to Wilma. Specifically, Wilma wanted him to prove his dedication tonight by "Cleaning" my cock after my enormous cum.

"I've read about things like this on the internet," I said to Patty, "maybe she's trying to make him into one of those 'cuckold's', or something."

"I don't know about that," Patty answered, "but, I know they play with strap-ons and he dresses like a woman at home. They both are into that kind of stuff, but, this is the first time she's wanted him to do something orally to another man. She's told me about other things she's made him do..... and, I've seen some of those things, myself."

"Are you kidding me?" I replied.

"Oh, no." Patty answered. "I've seen him undress a man and then stroke the guy until he was hard. Then he put that man's cock into Wilma and watched them have sex."

"You saw that?" I asked?

"Paul, those two are my friends." She explained. "I was honored to be invited to watch. It was a milestone in his training and she wanted me there."

"So," I asked, "what exactly does she want him to do now?"

Patty told me he needs to do it in front of his wife. "It's kind of a test," Patty answered, "he can't go to the next stage of his training until he's put a real cock in his mouth." So, the question to me was, would it be okay if Wilma brought Fred into the changing room and made him "Clean" my cock under Wilma's watchful eye.

Patty told me I wasn't under any obligation to do this. She told me it was never part of the plan, but, apparently Wilma had seen the way my cock was dripping after my cum, and since everyone had already left, she thought there would be no harm in asking. And, Patty added "Definitely no hard feelings if I wasn't interested."

"What do you think?" I asked Patty.

"It's up to you, Baby." She answered.

"Would you like to see that?" I asked. "Would it turn you on to see him sucking me?"

"Well, yeah, of course it would," Patty said, "but I don't want you to feel you have to do it for me.... or her, or anyone. It has to be your decision. It has to be something you want to do."

"I see." I replied. "Have you ever seen a man suck another man's cock?" I asked Patty.

"Just in porn movies and on the internet." She answered softly. "Never in real life. But, I'd like to, if that's what you're asking. I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't turn me on to see two guys going at it."

I told Patty I would do it. I think she was surprised that I gave in so easily and with so little discussion, but there were three things that drove my decision. First: I could tell Patty was really hoping I would do it. Second: I felt we owed something to Fred and Wilma since they set this all up for me. Third: Like almost every other man alive, I've had my share of bi-curious thoughts. Patty's request seemed like a reasonable way to address all three at one time and I could surreptitiously come to grips with some of my curiosity.

Patty looked at me curiously and then asked me if I was sure. "Absolutely," I answered, "But only if you're going to be there with me."

"Oh, I'll be there." Patty replied. "But, uh..... have you, you know..... done anything with a man before?" She asked in return.

"No," I told her, "I never have, but, I've always wondered about what it would be like."

"Ooohhh.... Now that really turns me on. You're naughtier than I thought, Naughty Boy. Can we talk more about this later?" She asked. "It makes me wet just thinking about it."

"Of course we can." I answered. "But, you better go get him before I change my mind."

Patty turned and left the changing room, returning with Wilma a half minute later.

"Thank you, Paul." Wilma said. "I'm sorry to spring this on you at the last minute; I know you weren't expecting it. It will mean the world to Fred and I, though."

"No problem at all. Where is he?" I asked.

"I'll go get him." Wilma said. "And please don't pay any attention to anything I say to him while he's doing this, okay? He needs to be humiliated, especially in front of females, and males with a bigger penis than his. It's all just talk...... to help him get into it. I really love Fred and I only say these things to turn him on."

"I understand," I replied, "I won't take any of it to heart, I promise."

After Wilma left, my A-Cup angel came to my side. She laid her head against my chest. "You were so wonderful out there tonight." Patty sighed. "You're just one surprise after another, Paul. Are you trying to make me fall in love with you, or something?"

"And would that be so bad?" I asked, tilting her head up to kiss me.

Just then, Wilma appeared at the changing room door holding Fred's hand. He looked scared as hell. I don't know if it was because of what he was about to do, or because he was being made to do it. In any event, he was naked and he was shaking. I did notice his cock was hard again, though, and it was poking out ahead of him like a stiff finger.

"Go on," Wilma said, pushing Fred toward me, "get over there. Get on your knees and suck that cock clean!"

As Fred stumbled toward me, he got down on his knees and looked up at my soft, dripping cock. "Fred," Wilma spoke again, "you know what you've got to do, and you better do a good job or you'll be spending the night with a whipped ass again."

Fred reached up with both hands and lifted my cock. He turned to look at his wife and Patty, then he opened his mouth and took my flaccid cock between his lips. "There you go," Wilma said kindly, "that's a good boy. Suck his man cock good and clean, Fred, just like you would if he'd fucked me. That's it..... clean his man cum up."

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