This is a true story of the scintillating memories my first long-term girlfriend and I enjoyed during the months before we went off to college.

We were both just twenty (birthdays only a week apart) and had been dating for three years. In that time we had begun babysitting for friends of my parents who had two daughters. The littlest girl was only seven when we started, but her elder sister, Heather, was a precocious fifteen.

Over the three years we got to know and like Heather, and I was particularly interested to watch her evolve from a gawky, awkward early teen into a lithe eighteen year-old, with a killer little figure and dazzling smile. She grew her hair long, something which my girlfriend, Susan, and I always remarked upon whenever we babysat, which became a habitual once-a-month when her parents treated them selves to a night out. By the time our last summer of babysitting came around, Heather's hair had grown from a short crop to a silky dark mane which reached down to mid-back. She wasn't far off leaving high school and looking to go to college herself. Being only two years and a bit younger than us, she'd become pretty familiar - as you do when you get over the early teens age 'gaps' which are basically nothing - and quite 'sisterly' with Susy; meaning, of course, they discussed girly things together which us blokes had neither knowledge of or interest in. Bright green eyes, and finely-boned features had certainly made Heather come of age in a way that perplexed her parents.

Her dad always used to half-joke with me that he couldn't keep the boys away and that he'd seriously considered buying a gun.

On the night in question, Heather's little sister was well tucked up in bed, her parents out and not due back 'til the early hours. Heather was at a party at a friend's house and we'd been told she was under instruction to report back for a midnight curfew. Her parents were still pretty strict with her and as far as I'd known she wasn't prone to being a rebel so we expected her back on time.

By eleven o'clock, Susy and I had watched all we wanted to on Tv, had drunk most of the alcohol Heather's parents left for us (a bottle of wine and some beer) plus some of our own vodka we smuggled in to keep us going, and we were feeling a little frisky.

With an hour or so to spare, I reckoned on getting some of my girl's hot delights before hometime. Susy was a slim blonde with shoulder length golden tresses that had just a hint of a natural curl about them, an all-over light tan (good sunbed use) and a great pair of boobs – I loved her 36cs atop her slim torso – they sat very buoyant. She also had long legs which showed up superbly in a pair of shorts, and a delightfully firm ass – not boyish but just tight enough to stir the loins.

As usual, I made a move with some long, hot kisses and nibbled her ears – a favourite of hers. With the alcohol rushing around after our hormones we were in an energetic mood and up for a bit of devilment.

She tried the old, 'stop, we can't – not here' stuff but I could tell her resistance was low. Seeing as we had never fooled around while babysitting before, I thought the forbidden nature of it was definitely exciting her.

I put that to the test by challenging her to "Strip off for me here in the lounge with the curtains open. " As we hadn't bothered to close them when the night drew in, the dark windows reflected our shadowy selves back at us as we rolled around the couch, the Tv and ambient lighting of the room glowing against the pitch of outside. The room looked out onto the back garden so there was no passing traffic – a bit of a disappointment to me; the thrill of her stripping with an audience appealed.

Susy hesitated, but looked from the window to me with a challenging glare. She bit her lower lip and stated emphatically, "Right, I'll do it. But you better get it out and let me watch you jerk-off as well." I shrugged – no problem. But I was a bit apprehensive. I hadn't really done anything like that with her – I know we'd been dating for 3 years but sex was mostly straightforward; the only time she'd ever seen me jerk myself was finishing off after I'd pulled out of her.

"I didn't know you liked that," I said undoing my belt with a smile.

"Sometimes. . ." was all she said, a bit sheepish, and quickly took a big slug of my beer.

"Hey," I exclaimed – a striptease is one thing, but when they steal your beer…

"Oh, shut up and get hot." She then gave me a hell of a buzz by flicking on another lamp - we'd been getting by with just two small ones and the Tv. The extra illumination – it was a tall standard lamp – made everything a lot brighter, clearer and real. I suddenly stiffened up pretty quick; in my pants that is; my nerve was fine.

I now got a great, detailed view as Susy flipped the Tv to some late-night music channel and began to undress in rhythm. Her tight halter top went first, revealing a bra that held those perfectly firm breasts together in a world-class display of cleavage. I let a small breath escape – it was always full-systems go when those beauties came out; transformed her from demure girlfriend to raring sex kitten.

She moved slowly, rolling her ass in her tight jeans, and uncatched the bra with one hand while stroking her body with the other.

Her beautiful breasts spilled out, those pink nipples hard – they jutted out quite far, about nearly half an inch; Susy was usually embarrassed about them but when she was really horny she'd display them proudly – like she was then, rolling each between her fingers, smiling a wicked smile at me.

I was transfixed, watching the light play on her golden skin. She snapped me out of it - stopped moving, and said, "Come on, drooler – your turn."

I laughed, tried to undo my belt enough to get my own jeans down, got muddled, then decided what the hell – kicked off my trainers, socks and whipped off both my jeans and underwear in one go.

I sat back, t-shirt up about my stomach, dick pointing rock solid up at the ceiling.

"Wow" Susy said, both jokey and serious – I saw the glaze come over her; no result of alchol. This girl was getting seriously horned-up.

She looked from my dick to my eyes, all question.

I grinned and grabbed the base of my shaft. Then slowly started to pump my fist up and down.

Susy made a little moan and started to dance again. She undid her waist button and slipped a hand down into her panties.

"Cheater," I smiled, loving every moment as she drifted into her sexual fugue. I'd never seen her so damn hot.

Then I thought I glimpsed something past her, at the window. I never actually saw an identifiable object, but just the shift in light against the dark glaze caught my attention behind Susy.

I squinted. But Susy swayed in front of my view as she danced. I turned my attentions back to her.

She turned away from me and wiggled out of her jeans. She kicked her sandals at me, laughing, pointing at my cock. I'd stopped wanking, distracted momentarily. There was a shine of precum over my swolled purple cockhead.

"Let it see this," Susy said, shaking her thong-clad butt cheeks at me. She brought them close enough that I could smell her sex, then dipped down so her firm cheeks rubbed on my cock. I think she got as much of a sizzle from that as I did – she shuddered and drew away as I tried to pull her onto it..

Then she danced again in only her white lace thong, one hand down the front. I did my duty and jerked, careful not to push too close to the edge.

I actually heard Susy's fingers squish into her pussy as she moaned and then said, "Oh fuck. . .I need these off."

She whipped off her thong – no standing on ceremony – and stood still in front of me, legs parted shoulder width. Her pussy was one of my favourite things – a full mound which stood out from her flat stomach. At first she'd had a light downy brown bush but had come to favour shaving over the time I'd known her. That night, her normally neat, smooth, bald coochie – just usually a slit between her thighs - was swollen for fun, her outer labia open enough under their own excitement to allow me a view of her soaking inner lips protruding and her small clit peeking out of its hood. Her delicate flesh glistened with arousal and she could not resist opening up like a flower with her fingers and asking me in a breathless moan, "You like?"

Stupid question. I wanted to bury my face in it. But as I leaned forward she drew back and groaned, "Pull that cock. . ."

Language like that was not usual either. I guess the drink and situation had gotten to her. It certainly brought no complaints from me. I did as asked and she fairly pounded her pussy with her fingers. I always imagined her masturbation might be a gentle exercise but here she was standing before me, unashamedly spreading her pussy lips with one hand and thrusting juicy fingers in and out with the other whilst rubbing her clit intermittently with her thumb.

It was all I could do to keep from cumming.

She did, yelping, and bending over as orgasm took her.

I got the shock of my life.

The window. A face. Definitely. Just a white orb in the black night. But recognisable: Heather.

I gasped, but it was lost in Susy's cries of pleasurable agony.

I stopped jerking my cock, eyes fixed on Heather's. She'd met my gaze and we were both like rabbits in headlights – or in my case more like a horndog in tittylights. To this day I'll never forget the tumult of emotions on her face – shock, guilt, and definitely curiosity, bordering on fascination/lust.

Then Susy dropped to her knees in front of me and engulfed my cock with her mouth. No surprisingly, I blinked, looked down at her lovely bow-lipped mouth and blonde head bobbing up and down my dick – who wouldn't - and when I looked back Heather was gone from the window. I only saw my own reflection in a faded dimension, with the dark figure of a naked young woman knelt before it. Not a bad view, right enough.

I was breathing heavily, shock having the dual effect of adding to the horniness and also distracting my mind from the desire to cum.

In fact, after I'd reconciled what I'd just seen with some vague sense of morality, I decided it was a GOOD thing and thought what the hell, I'll give the young hottie a show if she wants.

I pulled Susy up and made her clamber – willingly – onto my solid erection. I took my t-shirt off so I was as naked as her. She not so much started to bounce up and down on me as frantically grind her clit against my pubic bone. She was so wet her juices were flooding down over my balls onto the couch. I worried about stains, but only for a fleeting second.

I grabbed her ass with both hands, a flexing cheek cradled in each palm, and began to join her rhythm. I alternated between each nipple as Susy thrust her smooth full breasts across my face. Each budding nipple was like rubber, flexible and chewy. My attentions sent spasms of pleasure down her body. She started to come and come again, thrashing atop me. The smell of her hot flesh, her sex juices and her gorgeous banner of golden hair as it caressed my torso was overwhelming; I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

I told her so in gasps and she groaned back that I should get on top and finish both her and me off. So I kind of flipped her round, trying not to slop out of her as I got her lying on her back on the sofa, her feet spread on the floor and I was able to kneel on the carpet and continue to pound between her thighs.

Plunging into that tight, sweet pussy, gazing down at her shuddering tits and beautiful face creased in orgasmic delight was an unforgettable experience, heightened by the thought young Heather was still watching at the window.

I glanced round, hoping to find her enthralled by my thrusting buttocks but there was only the night looking in.

Heather was in the room.

My heart stopped. She was cloaked by the gloom just inside the doorway to the hall. The hall light was out, I remember – my doing to let the youngest one sleep tight. But the flickering light of the television revealed Heather's gorgeous eyes peering wide and wonderstruck from the shadows.

I stopped screwing Susy, pulling out as I rose up to my haunches, not knowing quite what to say. I think I uttered, "Oh…"

I think Heather repeated it back.

I do remember Susy though, writhing around, opening her eyes expecting me to be shooting a load of cum over her but instead I was apprehensively gazing over her shoulder at the doorway.

"Andy?" she said – my name, yes – wasn't really important up til now was it?

"Oh god, I'm sorry," Heather said as she heard Susy speak.

Susy saw her. "Heather!"

Heather kept apologising. But her eyes drifted down to my cock, which had lost a bit of vigour. Susy followed her gaze. With this renewed attention, my dick engorged fully again.

"Let her watch if she wants," Susy said in a breathless sigh, reaching for my cock. "I need more of this. . ."

I was shocked. My demure Susy? Prepared to have sex in front of a girl we'd babysat for 3 years? Well, technically we'd already been having sex in front of her, but not to Susy's knowledge.

Susy read my shock/confusion. "Heather's no blushing innocent. She's held a few. . .Right?"

In the gloom, Heather must have blushed. She mumbled, "Well, I've had some boyfriends. . ."

Susy giggled, "Well when you lose your virginity properly at least you'll able to say you've seen the real thing first hand before trying it out."

Heather found this embarrassingly amusing and stifled a nervous little laugh with her hand. So that's what they chatted about. Goddamn.

"Come on Andy. . .You might not get such a chance to impress the girls again," Susy grinned and guided my dick towards her gaping wet hole. She wrapped her legs around my back as my cock head parted her slippery lips, just in case I was getting cold feet.

But I was over my shock and getting a real buzz from the thought of cumming in front of this young hottie. So I thrust forward with a grunt and Susy moaned, "Oooh, come and see, Heather…Come and see. . ."

It occurred to me then she might be getting as big a kick as I was, if not more.

I picked up my pace. Susy drifted back into orgasmic mode, her voice raising a few octaves as she vocalised her pleasure.

I had my eyes fixed on Heather who was approaching round the couch into full illumination. She was wearing her best party clothes - a vest top and short little white skirt. The little pump heels she had on accentuated her exquisitely shaped legs. I watched those firm thighs of hers slide ever so softly together as she brought her young body to within touching distance. She had a fuller curves than Susy, apart from her tits, but everything was ripe and toned. She was young-glamour-model fit as opposed to Susy's athletic fitness.

Heather's boobs were only an arm's length away. She was fascinated by our union, staring at our colliding crotches. I was equally awestruck by those firm puppies and the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra – both nipples were showing their approval, fairly peaking the thin material of her top. They were smaller than Susy's but only by a cup letter or whatever small size increment counted, I reckoned, and beautifully formed, symmetrically as perfect as I've seen – perfect teen titties one might say.

Heather's mouth was formed in a small 'o' as she watched and heard Susy tip over into another orgasm. She saw me gazing at her; slight embarrassment took her again in that lovely innocent way she had – I mean, she's three feet from me fucking my girlfriend buck naked, but she looks at me like she'd been caught dipping the cookie jar.

She bit her lower lip, smiled nervously and asked in a small voice, "Are you going to come, Andy?"

I felt empowered – the break and surprise had lengthened my stamina. I felt positively energised. And a little wicked. Like Susy had said, I might get only one chance. . .

I said to Heather, "Are you?"

She looked confused. She stuttered, mouth opening but nothing intelligible coming out.

I kept sliding in and out of Susy, talking to Heather between breaths. "you've been watching us screw. . .You must be turned on," I said, grinning.

She looked both terrified and excited. "A. . .A bit. . ."

I took my chance. "Want to show me?"

Heather looked between the two of us. For effect I tweaked and rubbed Susy's breasts and nipples. Susy was twisting with lust, and frigged at her clit with one hand while the other clutched the back of the couch. She gasped up at Heather, "Do it. Make him cum. Make him cum . . .let him see you. . ."

Heathers' breathing increased noticeably in speed and volume and she shivered a bit, like her knees had suddenly gone weak.

Susy growled through an orgasmic rush, "Show him your pussy. . .Uh, show him your cunt. . .Make his cock shoot. . ."

Then she lost it, going over the top for what must have been about her half-dozenth cum of the night. She always got off fairly easily but never with such intensity.

I was feeling it a bit myself with the way Susy spoke to Heather and the rush of the possibility that was about to unfold.

I prayed it did. And it did. Heather seemed to release a long deep breath and used both hands to hike up her skirt. I was so close to a pair of white bikini-style panties I could see the wet spot in the shadows between her thighs.

I felt my own balls tighten. I was looking at a beautiful camel-toe sculpted in white.

I told her, "Higher. . .And turn. . ."

She lifted her skirt right out of the way, tucking it up like a belt round her midriff. Taut flesh, white lines revealed behind the panty perimiter as she turned like I said, just slightly so the lamplight showed me everything without hinderance.

"Wil you cum?" she asked.

"If you will, too," I gasped as Susy squeezed my cock with her pussy contractions. I was trying to hold on, but I was fighting a losing battle. I sensed total defeat when Heather gave a little moan and reached between her legs.

She started to rub over her panties. I groaned and said something like, "Wow. . ." as she scratched at her clit area with one of her manicured nails. I remember she had a little decorative gem glued onto the nail which gleamed in the light as it moved back and forth, round and round.

Susy must have thought I said something else, like "now" or suchlike, because she hissed in a whisper, "Show him it, show that cunt to him. . .He'll cum…He's going to cum…"

Heather's thighs parted as her knees bent slightly, as if a huge rush had knocked the wind from her. She cried, "Oh God," and with her other hand wrenched her panties aside. I saw her pussy completely exposed: a dark bush trimmed to neat length so that while it completely covered her pubic area, it hid nothing. Her pussy was a pink gash, swollen lips soaking wet, and she used both hands to pull them apart, to reveal a pretty large clit – I hadn't seen a bud quite that big and it being on a young hottie almost broke my dam.

Susy watched Heather, and squealed, "Yes, yes. ..Now shoot it over me, Andy. Shoot it!"

I pulled out. Susy worked at her cunt with both sets of fingers, dipping, rubbing, splashing juices everywhere. She was wild in her abandon, staring lustily at my cock as I wrapped my fist around it.

I looked back at Heather – a great view wherever my eyes went. Heather gave into her desires and copied Susy. It took my breath away to see this babe finger her pie. That big clitty was pinched and pulled, She squatted down as her legs gave into her own onrushing cum.

"I want to see your tits, " I gasped.

She took one hand from her pussy and pulled at the front of her top. In her desperation, only one tit was freed, but it jutted out at me beautifully, rounded, smooth, with a perky brown nipple that was swollen to the max.

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