tagLoving WivesBachelor Party Switch

Bachelor Party Switch


Another short 'loving wives' story, which I really enjoyed writing, and hope you enjoy reading.

This story is dedicated to 'The_Trouvere', who is a member of Literotica, and made a suggestion in the 'story ideas forum'. I'd never looked into this before, but his suggestion about a bachelor party story rather appealed to me, so I thought that I'd give it a go.

No heavy sex, but a bit of touching and fondling.

I don't suppose Harry will like it!

Read it carefully - You'll see why at the end.


"Well who the hell was it then?"

The question seemed to rebound round the room, nobody wanting to be the first one to respond.

"Well," replied Kevin at last, nobody else prepared to take the lead. "If I understand the rumours correctly, then it appears that it was one of our wives."

He looked round to the other eight guys sat at the table at their local pub, all early thirties, and one by one they nodded their agreement.

"Well it wasn't my missus that's for sure," piped up Tom. "There's no way that she's got tits as big as that, so it couldn't have been her."

Several heads nodded in agreement, several voices adding to the general opinion that no, Tom's pretty wife Cloe, though extremely attractive in a slim model sort of way, just couldn't have been the woman in question. The girl definitely had bigger tits than Tom's wife.

"Couldn't have been Mary either," joined in Fred laughing. "Her boobs are a damn site bigger than that."

Nobody disputed that comment for sure, Mary's double D's being well known, well respected and much admired by the group in general.

"Well I don't think it was Julie," Alf edged in quietly, but found his heart form a lump when most of the others looked dubiously back at him.

"Why not Julie," demanded Fred, smiling at his pal, rather enjoying his discomfort. "As I remember it that stripper was about her size, and about her build."

"About the same size boobs as well Alf," added Kevin with a grin on his face. "I remember what they looked like when she went topless on holiday last year."

"What did they look like then Kevin," joked Tom, adding to poor Alf's embarrassment. "Were they sort of round and ....."

"Hey shut up you lot. That's my bleeding wife you're all talking about." Alf interrupted the discussion. "I know her and she wouldn't strip off naked in front of a room full of guys."

"She stripped off on the beach last year," Kevin reminded him. "Seemed to enjoy flashing them off in my opinion."

"It's not the same. It's just not the same thing. She just wouldn't do a strip like that, and she certainly wouldn't let you lot paw her breasts like that girl did."

Alf ground to halt, hoping that his pals would drop the subject of his pretty wife Julie. He'd never given it any thought on the night in question, but on reflection, the girl's tits had been a bit like his Julie's.

"Do you think any of us think that our wife would do that?" Broke in Mike, adding his bit for the first time. "Do you think I could imagine my Penny doing that?"

There was a period of silence while they all thought about it. The girl had been a blonde, but it was obviously a wig, and the mask that she had worn had seemed just like part of the act at the time.

"What colour were her pubic hairs?" Asked Tom, breaking the silence, forming the question that they were all working towards, half of them at least, frightened of what the answer might be.

"Buggered if I know," answered someone. "I was too pissed to notice a detail like that."

"Didn't think she took her panties off," Bill commented. "But they were so tiny that she couldn't have had much of a bush."

"Was she shaved then?" Fred asked the room in general.

Much shaking of heads followed, and a fair bit of sighing. The truth was that by the time the girl, the stripper, perhaps one of their wives had performed, then they had mostly been too drunk to take in too much detail.

"No she wasn't bald completely, but she had it trimmed right back," ventured Kevin, completely in his comfort zone, knowing full well that his own wife had a full bush down there.

"How the hell do you know that Kevin? If she never took her bloody knickers off."

"Had his hand down the front of knickers the dirty bastard," Fred informed the motley crew. "I saw him grab a handful when Todd was kissing her."

Kevin shrugged his shoulders, passing the comment that the girl hadn't seemed to mind too much at the time, neglecting to mention whether he would have done so if he'd known she was one of his pal's wives.

"Well all I can say is that her tits didn't feel anything like my Sandy's. They felt sort of firm and .... Well sort of not too big, but well .... Bloody nice, but not like my Sandy's."

The group as a single entity looked at Ted, taking in his words and recognising that what he had said was true. Sandy had a lovely pair on her, but they did tend to hang, whereas the boobs on the stripper had been very firm and pert, sticking out without the slightest hint of sag.

The girl had let them all have a quick feel, a couple of them even a bit more. They all, or most of them at least, reflected for a moment on whether those succulent breasts on that fantastic night just a week before, had indeed felt like their own wives felt.

There was another moment of reflection, while some in their midst pondered whether they wished this conversation to progress. Whether a few more revelations might lead them into some embarrassment, and perhaps problems with their marriage.

"Some bloody bachelor party that turned out to be then," remarked Kevin eventually. "Never imagined we'd be here discussing what we are though."

"What happened to the stripper that was booked then?" queried Alf.

"Fucked if I know," answered Ted. "All I know is that we had a call to say she'd broke down on the motorway, and wouldn't be able to make it."

"Then the blonde turned up," broke in Mike. "So who arranged her?"

They all looked at one another, one by one shaking their heads, nobody prepared to admit that they knew anything about the replacement stripper.

"Who said it was one of our women then," Asked Kevin. He always tended to take the lead a bit.

"Well you told me," retorted Alf.

"But I thought you told me that Mike told you," replied Kevin.

"Maybe I did," butted in Mike. "Was it you Ted that told me?"

"No I didn't," piped up Ted, feeling unfairly accused. "I didn't tell anyone. I first heard about it down the pub last night from Bill."

Again, yet again, they all stared at one another.

"Maybe it wasn't one of our women after all," suggested Tod nervously, joining the conversation for the first time, secretly worried that Carrie, his very, sexy blonde wife, might just be crazy enough to strip off in front of all his pals.

"So where did the stripper come from then," demanded Fred, bringing them all back to reality. "Because she certainly didn't come from the agency, that's for sure."

"Christ knows who it was," responded Tom thoughtfully. "Maybe we'll never know."

"Maybe better if we never know," commented Kevin sagely, and there was much nodding of heads, even though by then, some of them were far more concerned than the others.

"Another beer anyone?"

"Yes --- whose round is it?"

The subject of conversation changed back to football, though the level of interest was lower than normal. After all, even though Arsenal's chances at the weekend were of great importance, it was difficult to concentrate when wondering whose nearly naked wife you had been feeling up was in the forefront of your mind.

Even more so for several of them, was wondering whether their pals had been having a freebie with their wife.



"Hi girls! Where are the others?"

"Not coming this week Penny," answered Carrie. "Cloe and Sandy are out of Town, and Sue ..... Well we all know what Sue will be up to don't we."

"Christ, Bill would murder her if he finds out she's meeting her boss out of hours."

"Meeting her boss out of hours?" queried Carrie. "That's a polite way of describing what they have been up to isn't it?"

They all agreed, considering Sue to be a fool for messing around with another man when she had such a great husband as Bill.

"If Bill had known she was out with her boss the night they were all at the bachelor party, then he might have had a go at that stripper they were all talking about." Stated Julie, maybe the one who viewed their friend's actions more harshly than the others.

"Speaking of that stripper," joined in Mary. "Have any of you heard the rumour going round that the stripper didn't turn up, and one of us took her place."

"What!" screamed out Julie. "One of us? ---- They must be bloody joking aren't they?"

"Well I heard the same thing from Kevin this morning," butted in Joan, remembering how much her husband had relished telling her about it. "Apparently they've all got this idea that one of us took the stripper's place when she broke down on the motorway."

"Well it wasn't me! I can assure you of that," came back Julie angrily. "I'd rather die than strip off in front of a gang of guys like that."

The others all looked at her, not that surprised at her outburst, as Julie had a reputation for being a bit of a prude.

"Well would any of you do it?" demanded Julie when she saw the others all grinning at her.

"Well ......"

They all turned their attention to Carrie in surprise, her single word having caught all their attention.

"Well what Carrie?" asked Mary, speaking for all of them.

"Well I've been thinking about it since Tod told me a couple of nights back," Carrie started. "To be honest, it makes me feel horny just thinking about it."

"So it was you Carrie?" Julie butted in.

"No it wasn't me. I didn't say it was me though I almost wish it had been. I just said it made me feel horny thinking about doing it."

Carrie looked around the others, aware that they were all waiting for her to continue.

"Can't you imagine it? Doesn't the thought of stripping off naked in front of your husband and a bunch of his pals get you hot?"

Even the prudish Julie didn't leap to deny that the thought of it might get her going.

"But how would you live with it afterwards Carrie?" asked Mary, a little more into it than the others at that point.

"Well that's it isn't it," went on Carrie. "If you had a mask on and they never knew it was you, then you could act like a slut stripper, get completely naked, and none of them would ever find out."

"What about your husband," threw in Joan. "Surely he would know wouldn't he?"

"Of course he would know silly," continued Carrie. "He'd have to be OK with it, and in any case if it was me, then I would want him there in case it got out of hand."

"Might be even more fun if it did get out of hand," suggested Penny giggling, the rest of them all joining in and laughing out aloud.

"Golly you're right Carrie," burst out Mary excitedly. "Just imagine standing there stark naked, eight hunky guys all staring lustfully at your bare breasts and your nude pussy."

"For Christ's sake Mary shut up will you," butted in an extremely flushed looking Joan. "You're getting me all worked up, and my Kevin's not home till late tonight."

"No carry on," urged Penny. "You're making it feel so real."

"Not just staring maybe," carried on Mary, smiling cheekily at the others. "Just imagine it, walking up to them, brushing your nakedness against them, stroking their hair to get them going as you stood there in front of them all, completely nude, everything out on display."

"I'd keep my high heels on if I did it," Carrie, the most openly brash one of the bunch ventured. "They make my legs look so long and sexy according to Todd. If I had a choose between losing my knickers or my high heels, then it would be off with the knickers."

The others all laughed out loud, thoroughly enjoying their own wicked thoughts.

"They'd touch you if you let them wouldn't they," added in Julie, really getting into it. "Touch you and stroke you all over."

"Oh my God," stuttered Carrie, who'd started it all in the first place. "Just imagine standing there quite naked, while eight good looking guys were all over you. Touching you, stroking you, fondling your breasts, reaching up between your legs, playing with your pussy and slipping their fingers up your sloppy wet slit."

"Oh God!"

"Oh bloody hell I'm on fire."

"Jesus almighty, find me a man --- any man."

The ladies imaginations were running riot.

"Eight pairs of hands ---- wow!"

"Sixteen strong big hands exploring my body wouldn't go amiss."

"Oh God, just imagine two of them trapping my arms behind me, while the others took advantage of my naked body while I was helplessly unable to fend them off."

"Laying me out naked spread-eagled on the table, and stretching my thighs wide apart while two of them, no three of them maybe fought over getting their fingers in to my sopping wet pussy."

The ladies imaginations were really running riot.

"Joan!" cried out Julie loudly, bringing them all to heel. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Who me?" mumbled poor Joan, realising with some horror quite what she had been doing right there in front of her friends.

"You're playing with your self woman," accused Julie.

"No I'm not Julie. I'm .... Well I'm just ..... well ....."

"You've got your hand down the front of your jeans Joan," pressed Julie, surprised at her friend.

"She's just adjusting her panties," spoke up Carrie, coming to Joan's rescue. "That's all, and I'm about to do the same thing."

"Oh sorry," murmured Julie.

"Look who's talking," piped up Penny. "Why have you got your own hand inside your blouse?"

"Oh sorry," murmured Julie astonished to realise where her right hand had strayed to, but not completely stopping what she had been doing with it.

"God why is it so hot in here all of a sudden?"

Not sure however which of the women said it.



Eight women, attractive young women, all went home to their husbands that night.

Two of them came back from their trip out of town, totally unaware of what had been going on.

One of them went back to her loving husband, feeling very guilty and promising herself that her cheating was finished and over for good.

Four of them went home and gave their husbands the most erotic night of sexual pleasure that any of their husbands could remember in a long, long time.

In the last household however.........

It was just a little different.

"Hi Honey, had a good day?"

"Yes sweetheart. The guys couldn't keep off the subject of what you did at the bachelor do."

"Wow yes --- the girls were a bit full of it as well."

"Any of them any idea that it was you sweetheart?"

"No idea whatsoever honey. I hope none of the guys guessed. I hope you didn't tell them."

"Course I didn't tell them."

"Good. Did they enjoy it?"

"Of course they bloody enjoyed it. You were fantastic and so beautiful. My fantasy has always been to display your beautiful naked body to my pals."

"Pleased to have been of assistance honey. Glad you enjoyed it --- I know I did."

"Just one thing sweetheart. Did Kevin really get his fingers inside your pussy?"

"Oh! ---- It was him was it? I was sort of hoping it might have been you."

"Wasn't me."

"Oh ----- Sorry about that honey."

"Well that went a bit further than we had planned sweetheart. Why didn't you stop him?"

"How could I honey? Todd was kissing me --- Bill was sucking my left breast, and it seemed as if at least three of the others were trying to grab the other one. Alf had his hands all over my bum, but the main problem was that some bugger was trying to pull my panties down. I was pushing whoever it was off hoping you would help me."

"Sorry sweetheart ---- It was me trying to get your panties down. Afraid I got a bit carried away at that point."

"You cheeky bugger! Well you can't complain then honey."

"I'm not complaining. Just as long as you didn't mind too much."

"Oh honey ---- Believe me, at that point I was well beyond minding what any of them did to me."

"Ok. As long as you didn't enjoy it too much then."

"Eh ..... What would constitute enjoying it too much then?"

"Never mind sweetheart. Let's go to bed."

"Would you do it again sweetheart? Not straight away like, but some time in the future."

"You bet if you wanted me to, and it wouldn't surprise me if I couldn't get a troop together."

What? ---- A troop? ----- What on earth do you mean?"

"Never mind honey, it was simply the way the other girls reacted today. Let's go to bed, as I've got an itch that needs scratching really badly. Maybe I'll explain in the morning."



Well there you are, short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed it, but it isn't finished yet.

I've made it a bit of a game I'm afraid.

Logically, by the process of elimination, you can actually work out which couple were talking at the end, and therefore which girl actually did the strip for her husband and his pals.

The only thing you need to assume is that at all times everyone told the truth.

Well, can you work it out??

Might not be too easy, but it can be done.

Maybe you cannot be bothered, and that's OK as well.

First one to get it right gets a free bottle of Bordeaux Superior wine from my fairly extensive 'cave' out here in South West France.

You'll have to come and get it though.

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