tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBack From The Dead

Back From The Dead

byEnglish Bob©

It's tough to get good health care in my line of work. I'm a thief. A good thief, but still a thief. My speciality: armed robbery.

The first problem is that if you carry a gun then you gotta be prepared to use it. The second problem is that if you use your's, someone else might use their's!

That was what led me to the good graces of Dr. Jenkins, a drunken, shamed physician who I swear poured more of the whisky down his throat than he did over the gaping wound in my chest. I can still feel the excruciating pain as he fumbled about inside the ragged hole, eventually extricating the .357 slug with slurred triumph.

How did I get into this predicament? Let me tell you!

The bank job was actually Ray Dalton's idea. Dalton: gambler, womaniser and, until recently, the partner in crime of yours truly, Jack Summers. We had planned and executed that last job with our usual precision, hitting the bank just at closing time. The place was empty and none of the staff gave us any problems at all. The whole thing went like clockwork and Ray and I soon found ourselves in a dark alley preparing to split the proceeds.

Ray had been acting a little oddly all day. He was highly animated and much more excited than usual. I soon found out why.

"That's fifty for you and fifty for me, Ray." I said breathlessly as I counted out the cash. "Good job, my friend!"

"Actually, Jack, I think I'll take the whole hundred grand if that's okay!"

I was confused and looked up to see my partner and so-called friend pointing the business end of his pistol at me. There was a half smile on his face; the last thing I remember seeing before hearing the retort of the weapon like an explosion and feeling the full force of the shot as it hit me in the chest.

It had taken me six long weeks to get on my feet again. I guess if the shot had been an inch to the left or right it would have finished me for good. I suppose I should have felt lucky, but somehow good fortune didn't figure too highly on my list of priorities!

As usual, on waking, the first thing that hit me was the pain in my chest. I checked my reflection in the mirror and examined again the ragged stitching that was the result of Doc Jenkins inebriated handiwork.

Carefully I pulled on my shirt, wincing at the sharp pains that shot like bolts of electricity through my ravaged body. There were two things that kept me going: revenge on Ray Dalton and the thought of seeing my beautiful blonde wife Wendy again.

It was strange that Wendy hadn't been in touch - actually nobody had - but then I had kept a low profile, as far as the rest of the world was concerned Jack Summers was dead!

But now I had work to do. I had big plans for Mr. Dalton, but those could wait. The first thing I wanted to do was see Wendy and let her know I was all right. I guessed that she must have been going out of her mind with worry.

The small, rented apartment must also have been the work of Doc Jenkins, I thought as I looked around for what I hoped was the last time. It was the type of place where he would have felt most comfortable; quiet and basic and built above a bar. But it wasn't my idea of home. I wanted to return to my loving wife. And the sooner the better.

In the bustling street outside the air was warm and filled with traffic noise and people going about their normal business. Nobody paid any attention to me as I walked, taking slow but steady steps in an effort to reduce the discomfort. A few people brushed up against me as if they hadn't seen me and this renewed the pain in my chest.

I had estimated that the walk to my house would take only thirty minutes. In the event it actually took nearer forty-five as I found myself stopping every few minutes to catch my breath. But eventually I made it and, with a proud feeling of achievement, I found myself looking up at the large, luxury home that years of unlawful behaviour had provided.

It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have a key to let myself in. I could see Wendy's Mercedes parked in the drive and I was on the point of knocking when I thought it might be fun to surprise her with my return.

As I made my way painfully around to the back of the house, the garden looked different somehow; a little overgrown and unkempt. The colours that had always provided me with such pleasure seemed dull and faded even in the late afternoon sunshine. But I paid little attention. I was too excited. I Was about to see Wendy again.

The door creaked as I entered the kitchen quietly. My heart was beating fast causing my chest to ache painfully. I smiled as I heard the familiar light hearted laugh of my wife coming from the next room. The door was slightly ajar but as I went to open it and make my grand entrance, I heard something else that stopped me dead in my tracks.

The second, male voice, was also familiar. Dalton! What the hell was that bastard doing here, I thought? He and Wendy were laughing together as if they didn't have a care in the world. I wanted to burst through the door and attack him there and then. Strangle him or stab him and leave him for dead as he had left me. But my body refused to co-operate; my legs remained fixed to the spot by some unseen force and all I seemed able to do was to open the door just a crack and peer through. Not only were Dalton and Wendy laughing, but they were now engaged in a lustful embrace. My whole body seemed to shake with the injustice of it all. How could Wendy do this to me, I silently asked? I would have expected this behaviour of Dalton, but never of her. I sank to my knees silently. I wanted to turn away and throw up, but the unseen force kept my gaze from faltering.

Dalton's hand was on my wife's thigh as they kissed deeply. The house was warm and Wendy wore only a thin, summer dress that covered little of her lithe, sensual body. Her legs looked long and tanned and the halter covered only about half of the breasts as they swelled from the low neckline.

I watched them as Wendy's head fell back exposing her slender, swan-like neck and Dalton's lips pecked gently at the soft skin. His tongue extended and licked the smooth creamy flesh and my stomach revolted again, turning over with sickening lurches. Why I was not able to stop this display of infidelity I couldn't begin to comprehend. Usually I would have been straight through the door, kicking and screaming at the pair of them, but there was something that I couldn't understand; something that stopped me and forced me to continue watching.

I had managed to stand again now, but my eyes were still fixed to the scene before me as I observed the debauched behaviour of my wife through the crack in the door. Dalton's hands were now all over her; pulling the hem of her short dress up and stroking her urgently through the thin material of her panties. His other hand had found her breasts over the dress and were squeezing and manipulating the heaving globes as Wendy murmured words of obvious encouragement.

Wendy's quiet moans quickly became more stringent as Dalton's hands aroused her. I could hear her breathing becoming shorter and more ragged as my nemesis eased down her panties and inserted a finger into what was clearly a very moist pussy.

Dalton began to finger my wife quickly and expertly as she stood, feet apart, in front of him. Her hands went behind his head and pulled his lips back to her neck. I could see his finger flash in and out of her pussy as he finger-fucked her closer and closer to orgasm.

Wendy suddenly let out a long low moan. Her lower body trembled, her legs like jelly as she climaxed on her lovers finger. I noticed with some jealousy that she had completely shaved the hair from her mound and it was easy to see the moisture that clung to Daltons finger as he finally withdrew.

Apparently eager to return the compliment, Wendy now squatted in front of my sworn enemy. Her fingers fumbled for a moment at his belt, but I, and he, knew exactly what was coming next.

With clearly trembling fingers, my wife opened her lovers pants and withdrew his stiff, angry looking member. For a moment she held the inflamed weapon in her hand, admiring it lovingly and stroking the turgid flesh. Dalton moaned deep in his throat as she gently encouraged him towards her open and clearly willing mouth. I heard him gasp as he entered the warm, wet cavern, his hands resting on the back of her head and gently pulling her towards him.

Wendy fellated him expertly. Her mouth opened wide to accept his wide girth and I heard her gag slightly as she allowed him to enter her tight throat. For Dalton's part he was clearly revelling in the attention being bestowed upon him. He leaned back with a luxuriant expression on his face. His eyes closed gratefully as his entire member was swallowed by my wife's greedy mouth. Her fingers played wistfully with his tight, heavy balls stroking the twin sacs tenderly as he swelled in her mouth. I watched as she slipped a finger between his legs and tickled seductively at the man's anus.

"Oh, shit baby!" Dalton cried, "that feels so good!"

With her mouth so completely full of his tool, Wendy was in no position to speak but the sigh that escaped her lips told me that she was happy enough to please him.

Slowly, Dalton began to rock his hips back and forth as his fingers tensed and entwined in Wendy's hair, gripping the blonde tresses. He held her head steady while he fucked himself deep into her throat, groaning lustfully with each downward thrust.

But the sensations were soon to cease. With a look of quiet composure, Wendy extricated herself, while somewhat reluctantly, from Dalton's solid length and looked up at her lover.

"Don't cum yet, baby," she whispered, "I want you to fuck me hard!"

"My pleasure, darling!" replied Dalton with a smile, "I thought you'd never ask!"

Helping my wife up to her feet, Dalton stood back to admire the view. While still wearing her dress, Wendy was an absolute picture of lust. But the dress wasn't to last long.

Dalton's hands went to her breasts and caressed them roughly through the thin material.

"You're wearing a bra?" he asked.

Wendy's nod of affirmation made him smile.

"Better see it then!"

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than a loud ripping sound filled the air as the dress tore down the middle at the mercy of his hands.

Dalton nodded appreciatively as the red matching bra was exposed. The tattered dress dropped to the floor and he looked Wendy over, almost inspecting her.

Things now began to move more quickly and less gently. With surprising force, Dalton spun my wife around so that she had her back to him. Her hands rested on the counter in front of her and she arched her back, pointing her pretty, shaved pussy up towards him.

"Hmmm...tasty looking cunt, baby! Think I'll fuck it now!"

Wendy was undeterred by Dalton's course mouth; on the contrary, she seemed to revel in his words. She was looking back over her shoulder at him as he pulled his pants down to his knees and roughly spread her legs from behind.

With a grunt of satisfaction he plunged his entire length in to the hilt. Wendy seemed still to be wet, but even had she not been, I don't think that this would have deterred Dalton from his lustful task.

Wendy gasped loudly as she felt the initial deep penetration and actually wriggled her bottom backwards clearly wanting to get more of Dalton's thick erection inside her vagina. His hands gripped her hips as he pushed deeper, sighing and groaning as he thrust his weapon in and out of her soaked snatch..

"Oh baby! You're such a good fuck.....mmmm....a cunt like velvet.....ahhhh...so glad your my little bitch now rather than Jack's!"

My jealousy prickled as I heard Dalton's sex talk but I was way too engrossed in what was going on now to think about retribution now. His time would come, I kept promising myself.

Over and over, Dalton slammed his hard cock into Wendy's juicy pussy. Each thrust was accompanied by a squelching sound that was getting louder and louder as she became wetter. It was obvious that she was heading straight for another climax.

"Ohhhh.....shit, baby...I'm cumming!" Wendy cried almost on cue.

I saw Dalton smile wickedly and slam harder and harder into her abused pussy as her sex fluid dribbled out of her slit and trickled down the inside of her thighs.

"Damn, baby! You're so wet now I can hardly feel you!"

"Mmmmmm.." Wendy replied, her eyes opening for the first time since he had started fucking her. "Put that nice big cock in my ass. I'm sure you'll feel me then!"

Dalton seemed delighted by the prospect of giving my wife a good butt-fucking and slowly withdrew his dripping tool from her pussy. Pushing her down with one hand, he lined up the tip of cock at the entrance to her puckered little anus and began to push forward gently.

"Oh..yes...harder..harder!" Wendy exclaimed as she was impaled on the thick pole.

Dalton obliged and forced another two inches of inflamed meat into her back passage with an evil grin. I watched fascinated. Wendy's buttocks twitched as she contracted her anal muscles around Dalton's cock. She propped a knee up onto the counter, opening herself open further as her lover spread her quivering buttocks with his hands.

Again and again Dalton thrust up into her body. There was no gentle tenderness now, this was a hard, rough ass-fuck that was for his pleasure alone. I saw his eyes screw up in lust as Wendy's hand came back between her legs and cupped his balls, squeezing them sexily; encouraging him to release his seed into her.

Dalton seemed ready now. It had amazed me how long he had lasted so far and wasn't surprised when I saw his legs start to tremble with the onslaught of his impending climax.

The first jet of cum was punctuated by a loud cry of satisfaction from my former partner, the force of the blast seeming to almost lift Wendy from the floor. I saw his hand grip the base of his cock and hold himself as he pulled out quickly.

Wendy's ass looked open and wet as the long appendage was so unceremoniously removed and she was almost begging to receive more of his cum.

Again, Dalton obliged. His hand pointed the tip of his cock towards the dilated hole and he let fly. Six or seven jets of thick, hot jism squirted from the tip and splashed obscenely over Wendy's spread buttocks.

Dalton smiled as he used his finger to spread the liquid gunge over Wendy's unblemished cheeks. He pressed the digit alternatively into her ass and pussy grinning all the time as my wife's body shuddered into yet another orgasm.

As the adulterous pair lay recovering on the thick pile carpet, I suddenly felt my limbs come back to life. The blood seemed to surge through my veins and arteries as I sensed the feeling return.

I was about to step into the room but was stopped dead in my tracks as Wendy looked up sniffing the air.

"What's wrong, baby?" Dalton asked, his fingers idly toying with one of my wife's stiff, angry nipples.

Wendy brushed his hand away. She seemed irritated.

"Can you smell that scent?"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"That scent. It smells just like the aftershave lotion I bought for Jack just before you did that last bank job!"

"Oh come on, honey. That was nearly two years ago! Surely you're not still thinking about Jack? He's dead, baby. Killed by that mugger, you remember? He's been dead for nearly two years. You got me now, okay? Jack's gone, baby!"

As I stood listening to them both, the room began to spin. The colours and light turned inside out. Dalton's words echoed in my head. In a haze of stars I remembered Doc Jenkins leaning over me and shaking his head. I remembered Dalton trying to suppress that sickly smile. I remembered the sheet being pulled up over my lifeless body.

I remembered.

The End

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