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Paul was glad he had come home. Swimming here in his parent's backyard was ten times better than sitting in his danky old dorm room for the holiday. Even if it was just with his family. He was going to miss his friends (Damn them for going to Cancun without him!) and his girlfriend, Rachel. Especially Rachel. He loved their long make out sessions, feeling her warm body wrapped against his on the couch, touching her soft tits. He was hoping to go a little further and maybe get into her pants during the break, but no such luck. She had the money to go elsewhere, too. She was in Hawaii with her family. Oh, well. So he had come home for the break at his mother's insisting. She had pretty much guilted him into it.

"You're sister's coming home," she had said, "Why can't you? We miss you. It seems all you want lately is money..." blah blah blah.

So he had finally relented. At least Brandy was here. If she hadn't come home too then he really would've been miserable. He hadn't seen her in a long time, with them both leaving home for college. Despite what he usually said, he genuinely liked her. She was different than what he remembered though. He almost didn't recognize her when he got home. She was no longer the little annoying tomboy who used to follow him around all the time. A year in college had changed her. She had let her short chestnut hair grow out and had started to dress differently. The tight top she was wearing showed off her chest. Paul absentmindedly guessed she was probably about a C cup before realizing he was looking at his sister's tits. She had on makeup when they met at the airport. She never wore makeup. She's even lost some weight from what he could tell. No more baby fat. She felt like a woman when they had hugged. He definitely remembered that. Feeling her breasts press into him. That was different for sure.

"Hey, loser, get your butt in the house! Mom says dinner in five minutes!"

Brandy was smiling over him at the side of the pool. Paul slowly started to climb out of the pool. Just as he was about to swing his foot up to step out, Brandy reached her foot out and pushed him back in. When Paul resurfaced, sputtering water, Brandy was doubled over with laughter.

"You... should have... seen... the look..." She was gasping for breath now trying to get out the sentence. Her effort ended as she again bent over with laughter. She never saw Paul's hand as it reached up and grabbed her ankle. Now it was Paul's turn to laugh when Brandy shrieked as she hit the water.

"Oh! You! You're deadmeat now."

Brandy was grinning as she grabbed Paul and tried to push him under. She jumped on his shoulders but she was no match for Paul now. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back around his body and shoved her under. As she struggled, he quickly countered, moving his hold on her. It was just like when they were younger. Brandy was just too small to get anything over on Paul unless she surprised him. She still squirmed though, trying to grab at anything she could. To be honest, Brandy was enjoying the feeling of Paul's body, of being close to him. Not that she would ever tell anyone, let alone Paul. She'd always had somewhat of a girlish crush on her big brother, and it embarrassed her.

Paul began to notice that this was quite different from when they were younger after all. He was playing with a woman now. He felt her breasts rub against his chest as she tried to turn around and dunk him. He saw her smooth tanned legs under the water. He had never had to worry about what might end up in his hands when he grabbed at her before. All of this started to have the reaction on Paul that it had already had on Brandy. Paul felt his dick begin to stir in his trunks. Brandy felt it too. That was it. Getting a hard-on from playing with your sister was a little too much for Paul. He grabbed her and tossed her into the shallow end.

"Had enough?" Brandy challenged.

"Yea, I'm getting tired from beating on you shrimp. Besides, you need to get cleaned up before Mom yells at the both of us. Go get changed. I'll finish my laps."

Paul spun away from Brandy and started swimming. He wasn't quick enough though, as Brandy caught what he was trying to hide before he turned away. She got out of the pool with a secret smile on her face and walked back in to the house, toweling off as she went.

"Hey! Paul," Brandy whispered, "You asleep?"

Paul groggily glanced up and saw Brandy standing in the doorway. "What are you doing in here? It's 3am," he said. "Go to bed."

"I can't sleep. I was hoping we could talk. You seemed kinda upset with since we got out of the pool. You hardly said a word to me during dinner. Did I do something wrong?" Brandy put on the best pouty puppy-dog face she could. She was trying to sound sincere. She walked in and sat on the bed next to Paul.

Paul immediately noticed what she was wearing. Or more important to him at that moment, what she wasn't wearing. She had on one of his old T-shirts and nothing else as far as he could tell. The shirt barely covered her little bottom. He felt her next to him on the bed. Paul felt himself starting to react again. He cursed himself for noticing and looked back up to her sad face. "Oh, no... You didn't do anything wrong. I guess I just wasn't in a talking mood, that's all." Paul mumbled. He was nowhere near the actor Brandy was. She knew he was lying.

"Are you sure that's all it was? I thought you might be embarrassed..." Brandy trailed off. She scooted closer.

"About what? Why would I be embarrassed?"

"Well, you know... in the pool. I saw you after we were playing," Brandy blurted, "I saw your reaction."

Paul was dumbfounded. He had no idea of what to say. He sat staring at his sister not believing his ears, his jaw in his lap.

"Cause if it bothers you, it shouldn't," Brandy rushed, "I mean, I don't mind. Not at all. It happens. I'm kinda flattered. If it was because of me that is." Brandy was blushing in the dark room. "Was it, Paul? Because of me?"

Paul was slowly easing out of his shock. She had seen it, maybe even felt it. But she didn't care. "Listen sis, I really don't wanna talk about this. So you saw me with a..." Paul stopped short. "So you saw me. I don't want to discuss this with my little sister. You're right. It happens."

Brandy put her pouty face back on. "C'mon Paul, I thought we could talk about anything. I mean, we used to. Do I really bother you that much? I'm not that ugly, am I?" She knew that last one would get him.

"No, no. You're not ugly at all." Brandon resigned himself and gave in to her little game. "Okay, if you're that upset about it... I actually think you are very beautiful, always have. But then you came back from school looking like this. All grown up. You're not the little sister I remember. Wrestling with you in the pool was like wrestling with my girlfriend or something. Yes, it got me excited a little and I'm sorry. Are you happy now?" Paul looked down, away from her, awaiting her reaction. In spite of himself, he could feel his erection tenting the boxers he was sleeping in.

"Wow!" Brandy squealed "Do you mean it? You really think I'm pretty?".

"Shhhhh! You're gonna wake up Mom and Dad." Paul hissed.

"Oh, sorry," Brandy whispered, "But do you really think I'm pretty, or were you just saying that?"

"Yes, I really think you're pretty. I told you, didn't I?"

"Thank you, Paul. Thank you. I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me." Brandy threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek repeatedly. Paul laughed and hugged her back.

"Well, you're welcome sis. I'm just glad you don't hate me or think I'm some pervert or something. I mean you are my sister. I didn't mean to react like that."

"You mean like you are now?" Brandy whispered in his ear. She moved her leg against his hardness to emphasize her point.

Paul jumped like he had been shocked. He didn't think she had noticed.

"It's okay. I told you I don't mind." Paul noticed huskiness in her voice. Brandy again rubbed her thigh against her older brother. A moan escaped Paul's lips before he could stop himself. "Been awhile big brother? I barely touched you," Brandy giggled. She continued to rub herself against him.

Paul snapped out of it and went to push Brandy away. This was getting out of hand and quick. Brandy caught onto him and moved herself accordingly. When Paul went to grab her, he ended up with a handful of her breast. Paul was shocked, but couldn't seem to move his hand away. He was just frozen. He had never dreamed of touching his sister there. "So why don't you move your hand, you idiot!" his mind screamed. The longer he stayed there, the harder it was to move his hand. He just stared into her eyes and kept his hand on her chest. Brandy was feeling the same way. She had never really meant to go this far. At least not consciously. Paul's hand felt so warm against her breast. It felt so good. She had never let anyone touch her there before. She moved further up into Paul's hand, still rubbing her thigh against him. Her breathing picked up.

"Brandy," Paul's breathing had picked up too, "What are we doing? You're my sister!"

"I don't know, Paul. But your hand feels so good on me. Just don't stop please."

Paul slowly squeezed and began to massage her breast and Brandy let out a low moan. She slowly leaned closer and touched her lips to his. She had let go. Her body was running the show now. Paul was torn. She felt so soft and warm against him. When her lips brushed past his, he returned her kiss. He slowly let his tongue run across her lips, enjoying his first taste of his sister. Brandy's hand traveled down his body, grasping his hardness in her hand and squeezing. She reached into his boxers, pulling him out into the open and touching his hard cock for the first time.

Brandy was fascinated by his cock. She had never felt anything like it. It was so hot under her little hand. It felt as if it responded when she squeezed it. There was definitely something going on under the skin. She slowly glided her hand up to the tip, feeling the difference in the spongy tip and the hard shaft. She pinched the tip and rubbed her thumb in circles over it, rubbing in the wetness forming there. She then slid her fist back down to the base, enjoying the way his skin slid with her hand. She repeated this, liking the way it made her brother gasp and moan.

Paul was in heaven. He loved the feeling of his cock being caressed and fondled by someone other than himself. All of his previous concerns had left his mind. He continued to kiss his sister, running his tongue into her mouth and then retreating when she countered. She was so receptive to his kisses, trying to suck on his tongue or lips whenever he had to come up for air. He gently rubbed his hand in little circles on her breast. Her little nipple rose up to met his hand. He pinched it and teased it back and forth, causing goosebumps down her legs. He felt her smooth legs increase in pressure against his own. Brandy wrapped herself around Paul's leg while she moved her hand up and down his cock. Paul pulled her closer. It seemed they couldn't get close enough for either of them.

Paul's hand left her wonderfully soft breast for a moment and ran down to her legs. They were almost hot to the touch and had recently been shaved. They felt very smooth. He ran his hands up the back of her thighs, getting closer to the hem of the shirt. He continued on under the shirt to where her panties should have started. Paul gripped her ass and was amazed to find nothing but skin. He massaged the muscles of her ass for a moment and then continued to rub up her back, hiking the shirt up farther. Brandy was softly moaning into his mouth, occasionally getting in an "Oh, that feels good," between kisses. When Paul's hand reached her shoulders, the shirt was bunched around her neck, completely exposing her back. It was starting to get in the way. Brandy raised herself off of Paul, sad to lose contact even for a moment, and lifted the T shirt over her head.

Even in the dim light Paul was incredibly turned on by what he saw. She was a vision. Her breasts did not seem to sag at all and her flat stomach ran to her well-trimmed pubic mound. He could just make out moisture hanging on her engorged pussy lips. She lay back on the bed and Paul was immediately at her side running his hands all over her body. He touched her bare breasts and played with her nipples, gently bending his head to sample it. He took her gasp as a good sign and let his tongue travel across the valley between her breasts to the other nipple. He teased it with his tongue before taking the whole nipple into his mouth and sucking. Brandy pushed her chest further into his mouth and her hips began moving on their own. Paul ran his hand down her stomach to her pussy. He gently rubbed her outer lips until she was writhing on the bed. His finger slipped into her seemingly on its own and she moaned loudly. Paul moved his mouth from her breast to her mouth to silence her. He slowly moved his finger in and out of her and tried to get a second finger in. He managed, but only because she was so wet. It was a tight fit. Paul realized how inexperienced she must be. He ran his fingers up to find her clit. It wasn't very difficult, it was quite pronounced from her excitement. He pinched and rubbed it, getting the little nub wet with her juices.

Brandy was about to go out of her mind. She had never felt like this before. Pressure was building up in her and she felt like she was about to explode. When Paul rubbed her clit, something gave. She felt the pressure explode and course through her body, starting at her pussy and traveling to every nerve ending in her body. She again moaned loudly into Paul's mouth, moving her hips up and own off the bed, trying to fuck his fingers. Every muscle in her body seemed to be tensing and relaxing over and over again. Slowly the pressure seemed to run its course after a couple of minutes and Brandy went limp. She was shiny with sweat. Her first orgasm did nothing to quench her desire, however. When she caught her breath and opened her eyes, Paul was smiling down at her.

"Oh, Paul! That was wonderful," she whispered. "I want you. I want you inside me. Please Paul, make love to me."

Without a word, Paul moved on top of her. He moved up her body and kissed her again, pressing his hard dick against her wet pussy. He moved his whole length against her pussy lips, getting himself wet with her juices. After several minutes and after having to slow down a couple times so he didn't cum too early, Paul lined the head of his cock up to her entrance. He pushed in slowly and the head of his dick slid into her. Now it was Paul's turn to moan. He tried to push in further, but couldn't. She was too tight. Paul backed out and tried to slowly move in again. He pushed further inside, but still was not even half way inside of her. Brandy was trying to meet each of Paul's thrusts and was almost ready to orgasm again. She was sliding her pussy against however much of Paul's dick she could get inside of her. Paul put his hands against her hips and slowly backed out again.

"Slowly, sis. I don't want to hurt you. You're very tight."

"Paul, it doesn't hurt. You feel wonderful inside of me. It feels like you're filling me up."

"Okay Brandy. But it is going to hurt in a second. It will pass, though. I promise. You feel so good wrapped around my cock I just have to be all the way inside of you. Now!"

With that Paul covered her mouth and sought her tongue with his own. He pulled his hips back and forcefully pushed his dick back into his sister. He felt her resistance break and Brandy cried into his mouth with pain. Paul had to stop moving to keep from cumming. He stayed still for several minutes, just enjoying the feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock. It felt as if he was getting harder inside of her. She felt so wet and warm and her pussy walls were squeezing him on all sides. Paul began to flex the muscles in his butt and legs, grinding the base of his cock against her clit. Brandy finally opened her eyes and Paul saw tears standing in her eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, it hurt real bad for a minute, but now I think I'm okay. It's starting to feel good again. Start moving like you were before. That felt good."

Paul drew his full length out of her to the head and slowly slid it back in. Her pussy grabbed at his cock and seemed to ripple along his whole dick as it passed into her.

"Ohhhhh, like that, Paul. I like that. Keep going," Brandy groaned. She began to move her hips up to meet with Paul as he slid into her. Their rhythm clicked and Paul began to pick up the pace. He now glided easily in and out and felt his orgasm approaching. Paul shortened his strokes and again ground his cock against her clit. Brandy wrapped her legs around him and grasped at his back, trying to pull him deeper inside of her.

That was it for Paul. He could feel the cum traveling from deep in his balls and out of his cock. He slammed himself as deep as he could and unloaded deep into his sister's pussy, pressing himself harder into her with each surge from his cock. He stopped kissing her and buried his head into her neck as he groaned.

"Don't stop, please. I'm... I'm... cumming!" He was trying to whisper, but it almost came out as a yell.

Brandy could feel the warmth flowing into her and it triggered her own orgasm as well. It was even better than with his fingers, she had something to fill her up. She felt complete. She thrashed beneath him on the little bed and tried to squeeze him as tight as she could.

She felt their mixed juices running down the crack of her ass.

Paul slowly slid out of Brandy and rolled off of her. They were both panting, trying to catch their breath.

"I can't believe that we... I mean, that you... I just..." Paul couldn't form a complete sentence, much less express the confusing emotions running through him now. He rolled over and kissed his sister on the lips, letting his tongue slip into her mouth. "You'd better get back to your room. It's almost 5 o'clock."

"I know. I'm going." Brandy grabbed her T shirt and kissed Paul on the cheek. "I'll see you later," she said as she squeezed his soft cock. She then slipped out of the room.

The little play on words was not lost on Paul. He laid back and thought about what had just happened. Maybe this would turn out to be a good holiday after all...

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