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The idyllic semi rural suburban area was bathed in the dusk growing dark by hour. Feeble street lights hid the sprawling massive mansions strewn across acres and acres of open countryside and managed woodlands. Over twenty miles there were probably more millions than in any other stretch of similar land. The heat of the day had only dulled slightly as the sun went down.

Deep inside one these huge mansions ensconced in about hundred twenty acres of wooded land in his private bedroom suite stood the proud cofounder of S and S company limited, worth about ten billions and interests all over the world.

Taran Raj Singh known as TRS or TR to all his friends and employees and Titu to his close family stood in the middle of the living lounge of his enormous bedroom suite [one of twelve such suites] with a glass of scotch and looked like a man waiting for someone. Taran was a strongly built very handsome man of over six feet tall, extremely well muscled and a slight evidence of softness around his waist. He had curly thick hair wept back with grey showing over his temples. His chest was covered in curly hairs between his pectorals, which thinned down to a streak until his belly button and then expanded again to merge with the dark growth running towards his groin. His legs were strong and hairy. His hands were huge and strong with thick strong fingers more like a farmer's hands than a multibillionaire entrepreneur. There was no denying the extremely charming and handsome presence that exuded strength and kindness all at the same time.

He stood deep in thoughts in boxer shorts and an open short soft fluffy towel-cotton bathrobe. His demeanour expressed his strength but belied his gentle, polite and generous nature. The central AC system ran silently all over the mansion.

Taran slowly swirled his scotch in his glass, as he looked at the picture of his dead wife on the mantle, exquisitely beautiful woman. Close to it stood the picture of his equally if not more beautiful daughter, Neelima Raj Singh, with all the perfect and ethereal beauty of her mother and some influence of her father.

He slowly moved towards the wall to wall AV system and put in a DVD and switched on the system with a remote and sat down on the huge sofa that was designed to lie down in roman style and was big enough for four people to sleep without disturbing one another.

The DVD opened with a shot an extremely beautiful girl of about nineteen years of age with long wavy dark hair that framed one of the most beautiful faces. She was about five feet four inches tall and full bodied. She wore a loose white tee shirt and loose cotton trousers neither of which could hide her large soft breasts unencumbered of a bra and her lush body with full fertile hips filling the trousers most provocatively. She stood most naturally in the beautiful backdrop of Goa's beach. Her face was captivatingly beautiful with bright light brown eyes which never stopped smiling her full cheeks were glowing with a smile and her skin shouted health and natural beauty, only given to a few by nature. Her movements were devoid of any self-consciousness. Even when she stopped smiling her face seemed to bathe in an angelic calmness. Hers was a beauty that had no hauteur and made people believe in goodness and everyone felt happy if she were in a room.

Taran finished his scotch and moved to the well-stacked drink cabinet to pour himself another scotch with three ice cubes and came back slowly. The next clip showed the same girl in a long white tee shirt finishing around her sexy full thighs, with tousled hair smilingly rubbing the sleep out of her eyes in a plush hotel suite as she was being filmed. She was giggling and complaining to stop filming her. Her large breasts danced breathtakingly as her hands moved and laughter shook her body. She nevertheless moved towards the en suite bathroom as the camera kept on filming her. She turned around and lifted her shirt up to expose her full thighs and hips as she sat down on the toilet.

Camera managed to catch a brief glimpse of her lush dark growth over her vagina. She was giggling uncontrollably as she started to pee. The camera caught the sound her urine hitting the water in the toilet clearly as she continued to pee without any inhibition. The sound of her pee almost filled the room. She whispered amidst her giggling, " Please come here and put that thing away."

Her morning bladder was full and the stream of her urine did not seem to weaken for a long time. Camera panned on her unbelievably beautiful face. She whispered again, " If you are not going to be good boy I may withhold all your privileges today," there was a sound of masculine deep laughter as the camera shook for a while, " I want your monster cock in my mouth. Please put this away and bring your giant dandoo to me"

The camera panned on her face filling the screen with the bathroom mirror in the background. The DVD stopped at this point and Taran affectionately looked at the wall-to-wall screen filled with the face of the most beautiful woman alive.

Taran sat almost ten minutes sipping his scotch before he got up to freshen up his glass he heard the main door to his bedroom suite open and shut. A smile came on his face knowing who that would be. Soon a vision of beauty and grace breezed into the room. Her curly dark hairs were waving with her movements. She wore a cotton white loose long blouse with sleeves to her forearms and khaki cotton trousers with waist cord tie and the cuffs finishing just below her sexy full calves. Her thighs gave hint of their healthy fullness even through those lose pants and her large breasts moved with each step she took despite a soft cotton bra under her blouse.

Taran put his glass on the counter as he turned to face the living picture of divine beauty. "Daddy, sorry got held up with my group and then traffic was awful. " Neelima threw her bag down on the floor as she continued her floating walk towards her father.

Taran opened his arms as his daughter melted within them. She brushed her face against his hairy chest as Taran kissed the top of her head. Taran gently lifted his daughter's face with his finger under her chin and kissed the tip of her exquisitely beautiful nose, "Neelu, scotch or wine?"

"I have been sweating all day, dad-scotch with ice sounds great. Ekdam bekaar evening (totally useless evening)" Neelima, as did all the family, moved between perfect English and chaste Hindi effortlessly.

Neelu moved towards the sofa as her father brought two glasses of scotch with ice floating gave one to his daughter. Neelima took one long sip from the glass with open glee "It was hot and humid, I am soaked in sweat, look?"

She lifted her arms to show the soaked cotton blouse with her sweat.

Taran put his arm around his daughter's shoulders and kissed her forehead as she rested her face on his chest, "Yes Neelu beta you are stinking."

Neelu gave her hearty childlike laugh and playfully punched her father in his stomach.

"Neels, Ganga has made the dinner and left in dining area. All set to get warmed and ready for ten. You have not eaten, have you?"

"No dad, too hot to eat anywhere. Moreover would I eat out if you were at home? Too early to eat anyway. Ten sounds fine. We have some time to kill." Neelu took another swig from the glass and handed it to his father. Neelu put her hands under her blouse as she unhooked her bra and pulled one strap off through one arm and then pulled it off through the other as only women can do and playfully draped it over her father's head," Too hot to keep it on. There dad you can have it."

Taran laughed and threw the bra behind the sofa. Neelu again snuggled into her father's arms and noticed the still picture of her on the screen, "We should go to Goa again, dad."

Taran flicked the screen off and kissed his daughter's head again, " whenever you want, beta."

Neelu took the remote from her father and switched the screen back on to search the news," Dad shall we catch up what is going on in the world."

She kept the sound down, gulped the scotch and handed the glass to her father and complained facetiously, "daddee meraa glass khali, see," turning the glass up and down. Taran loved this childlike sweetness of his daughter beyond imagination and missed all her sweet talks like these whenever he had to leave town.

Taran got up and filled both of their glasses with scotch and ice and joined his daughter on the sofa who by now had shifted back to the back rest with her legs stretched out in front. Taran followed suit. Once his one hand was free of the glass he wrapped it around his daughter's shoulders who quickly assumed the earlier snuggling position.

Neelu sipped her scotch and whispered, "Daddy, shall I shower before dinner I am really sticky and smelly."

Taran hugged her tight and said softly, "I do not mind. I procrastinated my shower after gym."

Neelima turned her face and buried her nose in her father's armpit and took a long theatrical sniff, "Yes daddy, there is a strong smell of a man, enough to drive any woman crazy."

As her face turned forward she looked up and her father bent his face and kissed her on her lips, "Are you likely to turn crazy?"

Neelima kissed her father back and slowly rubbed her hand over his chest and belly. She used rotating massaging action until her hand rested over the band of his boxers. She slowly pushed her fingers under the waistband of her father's boxer as she looked up and answered, "What do you think dad?"

Her father hand moved from her shoulder and wormed under the lose neck of her blouse to top of her left breast at same time as her own hand moved under the waistband of his boxers and her finger touched the hugely thick semi hard penis of her father. No sooner Neelu's fingers touched his giant penis her father turned her towards him and crushed his open mouth on hers. Neelu pushed her mouth fiercely onto her father's mouth as his tongue shot past her open lips inside her mouth. She pushed her tongue against her father's as it searched inside her sweet mouth for hidden treasure. His saliva was trickling along his marauding tongue into her mouth. Few minutes of this fierce open mouth kissing filled her mouth with her father's saliva and left her breathless. Her hand dipped deeper inside her father's boxers trying to hold his massive cock which was hardening by minute.

Neelu gasped and broke the kiss. Her father removed his arm from over her shoulders. He shoved his both hands under her sweat soaked blouse and pulled it up to expose her large, soft breasts of breathtaking beauty and shape. Neelu automatically lifted her arms and her father pulled her blouse off her and threw it behind on floor. He held his daughter's arms in one of his huge hands and brought his face into her right armpit. Neelu's soft armpit hairs were soaked in sweat. Her father licked the sweat off her armpit hair and skin. Neelu was breathing hard and she gasped as her father sucked on her armpit hair pulling them gently with his lips. She pulled her arms free and wrapped them around her father's neck as his face got even more fiercely buried in her armpit.

Her father moved his face away from her armpit and kissed her right breast with gentle pecks, his right hand moved over her left breast covering it with his strong hand softly making Neelu gasp. Soon her father's lips were locked onto her right nipple as he sucked on it first slowly and soon with a strong suction action. Taran slowly pushed his daughter onto her back until she was sprawled flat on her back on the enormous roman sofa without releasing her right nipple from his sucking mouth. His hand over her left breast started to knead her soft overflowing large breast more insistently.

Neelima slowly ran her fingers lovingly through her father's hair as she felt the lust rising inside her loins in anticipation. Her father's masterful manipulation of her breasts made her gasp. Taran opened his mouth real wide and sucked as much as he could of his daughter's delicious breast flesh in his mouth creating a forceful suction as his other hand mauled the other breast pinching the nipple.

Neelu tried to remove the open bathrobe from over her father's shoulders, as she wanted to feel his bare skin all over.

Sensing his daughter's wishes Taran let go of her breast to free his hand and pulled off his robe without relenting even for a fraction the sucking grip on her other breast. He shrugged the robe off; Neelu pulled it off his back and flung it away. She caressed his bare back with her soft small hands as her father pushed her inexorably towards boiling sexual peak.

Taran covered his daughter's full, lush, voluptuous frame with his massive body, he pushed his hands between their rubbing torsos and searched for the knot of the cord of Neelu's pants. He untied the cord and loosened the waistband. He pushed his hand inside the pants and flimsy cotton panties to find the soft rich growth of his daughter's pubic hair.

Neelu gasped as her father's inquisitive fingers parted her pubic hair to seek the opening of her sweet, wet, soft cunt,

"Daddy, daddy, aaah.....please suck on my breast.....jor se mayree choochee choosiyay." Neelu even in the throes of passion shifted involuntarily between two languages as did her father and rest of the family.

Taran deftly without moving too much pulled the pants off his daughter as she helped him by lifting her hips off the sofa. Taran pulled the pants off completely as she bent her knees to ease them off. Taran freed her right breast from his sucking mouth. He grabbed both her breasts in his enormous hands as he kissed her again with an open mouth. Neelu kissed her father back and sucked on his invading tongue sometime biting it with her teeth ever so gently. She felt her both breasts being mauled with an increasing intensity that seem to set them on fire. Her father would sometime pushed both breasts into her chest and sometime he would squeeze them with his hands and try to pull them away from her chest, both making her gasp and burn with an ever escalating lust.

Taran sensing the increasing lust in his daughter pulled her panties off her hips and rolled them off her feet Neelu inadvertently spread her legs wide as her father's hand covered her sweet smelling very wet cunt covered with lush dark growth of soft pubic hair glistening with her leaking cunt juices. Neelu felt her father's fingers gently parting her lush pubic growth to find the wet soft slit of her cuntal opening.

She gasped as her father inserted his thick index finger inside her cunt up to the knuckle as its tip tried to find the

cervix. Neelima whispered, " oooohhh.....daddeeee......pleeeee...aseee...... soooo....gooood...meri ...choot...aahhh......... dheeray ......dheeray."

Taran was now kissing every inch of his daughter's beautiful face as his one hand mauled her breast and other tormented her cunt. He first moved his finger in and out slowly and then he pushed it to the hilt and tickled her cervix eliciting more throaty gasps and sounds of passion from his daughter. Neelu desperately tried to reach her father's boxers to push them down but the difference in height made it quite difficult.

Sensing his daughter's desires Taran fucked her cunt few times rapidly with his finger and then withdrew it. He got up off the sofa to take his boxers off. Neelu was breathing with an open mouth as she stared at her father taking the last garment off his huge muscular frame. Her mouth went dry in anticipation as Taran pulled his boxers down and his cock emerged almost in slow motion. The massive inhuman girth of his monstrous penis seemed to go on until the boxers cleared the thighs. He threw the shorts away. Neelu licked her lips as she saw the giant yet not fully hard penis of unbelievable dimension hanging between her father's muscular strong hairy thighs nestling below were two huge balls ensconced in his hairy scrotum.

Taran moved slowly towards the sofa fully aware of his daughter's gaze fixed on his monstrous cock. Taran knelt in front of the sofa and pulled Neelima holding her wonderful thighs to bring her ass close to the edge of the sofa. He looked straight in his daughter's eyes, which were shining with love and lust for her father. Taran knew his daughter could see the same in his eyes.

Taran slowly brought his mouth close to his daughter's crotch with her legs now bent and wide open. He licked the wet lush hair and could smell the sweet heady fragrance of his daughter's cunt juices now flowing freely. He used his tongue to part the hair and find the cunt lips. He felt the squirming ass of his daughter anticipating the pleasure ahead of her. His tongue found the cunt opening at the bottom and he used it to part open the large fleshy cunt lips. He brought his arms around the flexed thighs of his daughter and used one hand to pull apart the cunt lips and other to grab one of her overflowing large breast in his other hand squeezing them rhythmically.

Neelima was now burning and she put her hands on top of his head a running her fingers through his heavy thick wavy hair, "Daddy, please lick me.... mayree choot bilkul geelee hai. Daddy mayree choot choosiyay, please." Neelu was trying to lift her hips to push her cunt into her father's mouth. Taran opened his mouth wide and engulfed her whole cunt inside and pushed his stiff tongue like a small miniature cock in a to and fro fucking motion throwing Neelu in frenzy. Taran kept the frantic tongue fucking for few minutes making his daughter gasp for more. Her hands pushed his head firmly into her crotch.

Taran pushed her thighs up lifting her ass off the sofa exposing her cunt and as fully to his hungry gaze and mouth. He traced the opening of her cunt downwards until he reached her anal opening. He could smell the unmistakable mixture of smells of the cleft of her ass and sweat. There was no fragrance like it to send his blood rushing. Taran ran his tongue from below her anus to her cunt lapping all the mixture of sweat, cunt juices. The taste was as strong as was the aroma. Neelu moaned loudly as if in pain, "ahhh daddee ....uuunnnnnhhhhhhhh."

Taran started to lick firmly making sure to linger over her sensitive anus. Soon Neelima was thrashing, as her father used his loving tongue to push her further closer to her first orgasm of the evening. Taran once satisfied that all the collected taste and smell captured in between his daughter's luscious ass cheeks was lapped up he concentrated on her anus. He rotated the tip of his tongue all over the anal ring. Taran lifted his face, "Neelu bete apnee gaand ko thoda sa kholo." Neelima did as her father wished and relaxed her anus and pushed it down as if to relieve herself on the toilet. Taran's tongue soon found its way as his daughter's anal ring relaxed. The taste inside her anal canal raised his passion even more. "Bete apnee jhaango ko khud pakdo," Taran wanted his hands free to maul his daughter's heavenly breasts. Neelima held her legs with her hands to keep her ass and cunt fully accessible to her father's hungry seeking mouth and tongue. Soon her father's both hands found her breasts and he kneaded them harshly making her moan even louder, "Daddy...ahhhh.......mayree choot.....ahhhhh........mayree gaand chaatiyay. I want to cum..uummmm daddeeee...mujhay ab aanaa hai....mayree choot jhaariyay...aaaahhhhhh."

Taran let go her one breast and now concentrated on her cunt. He inserted first index and then middle thick fingers inside his daughter's cut flowing with her cunt juices as he attacked her clitoris with his raspy tongue. Taran used his tongue to lap Neelu's clit harshly and fast as his fingers set up a fast tempo of fucking her wet cunt canal. Neelima was beyond reach of all other sensations but the one that her father had set afire inside her loins. Taran engulfed his daughter's clitoris between his lips and rolled it to and fro at the same time he removed his middle finger from her cunt and gently put it at her anal opening. He pushed the finger with a steady pressure inside his daughter's rectum. He now fucked both her holes with his fingers all the while torturing her clitoris.

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