tagNonHumanBack in Time Ch. 02

Back in Time Ch. 02


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Isabel couldn't comprehend how it was possible to be attracted to a cave man, but the fact was that he had a certain animal magnetism.

'I'm starting to understand why modern Europeans have 4 % Neanderthal genes..'.

Aside from the more prominant eye ridges and the backward elongated chin, he could participate in Mister Universe and win without put the competition to shame. His features were remarkably human -- high cheeks, a straight, maybe slightly longer than usual nose, and lips that she expected to see from the cover of a modern day magazine. His eyes were a very light blue framed by long, reddish-blond eyelashes.

Surprisingly, his body wasn't hairy -- except for the slight line of fine reddish-blond hairs on his pecs he had no hair on his chest or arms, and even the flat expanse of stomach visible over his trousers was hairless. His skin was a very pale, creamy white, and like most redheads he had a few freckles across his nose and cheeks.. She guessed that he was probably in his early twenties.

'So much for the ape likeness we've been taught, with sloppy nose and missing forehead ...The authors of the Neanderthal's skull reconstructions should probably go and shoot themselves,' she thought, staring at the man. He was throwing curious glances at her from time to time while carefully eating his half of the cherries.

'I'm here -- back in not sure when and where exactly, but this is an opportunity to study a culture we obviously have limited knowledge about. Some field experience...' With these thoughts she started to point at different objects and to pronounce the names.

He had stopped eating and now was staring at her. She pointed at the cherries, then at the tomatoes, and was about to point at the plums when she realized he had never seen such things and therefore couldn't name them. Changing tactics she touched the grass and named it, then pointed at the sky, the shoes on his feet, and at his trousers. During the whole process he was listening and she had the thought that he really understood what she was trying to do.

After she finished Isabel looked at him expectantly. He put the last cherry pit on the napkin and pointed at his trousers, pronouncing one world slowly and clearly.

'Yes! He is intelligent! I knew it!' She was so excited that the first attempt to communicate was successful.

In the next ten minutes while they were eating the plums and collecting the pits, she learnt the words for trousers, shoes, knife, grass, sky, several flowers, and even different plants around them; also for a lot of body parts like arm, finger, leg, and head. Her vocabulary was expanding with every minute. Most of the words sounded very melodic, and she was getting a feel for the way the Neanderthals think about the world around them.

When they had finished eating and as she repacked everything, Isabel decided to test if he had a name for himself particularly. She touched her chest and pronounced her name:


He mirrored her gesture and said:


She blinked in disbelief of a name that sounded so modern. Then she figured out that with a similar vocal apparatus, it was logical the Neanderthals had invented similar names. However, perhaps he was referring to his tribe, or maybe this was the word for a male?

She tried again, saying out loud, "I am Isabel. You are Bren?", making the gestures while talking. He repeated her words and then said something in his language. She realized that he was showing her how the translation sounded.

'He is more intelligent than the majority of the population on present-day Earth...' She was really surprised.

Their language course was interrupted when he suddenly stilled and his eyes lost focus. He quickly stood up, looking around. She followed his actions and tried to see what disturbed him. In the vicinity there was nothing but some distant herds of animals, grass, and few creeks. She was about to ask him when he made a whistling sound that resembled a chirping bird.

After a couple of seconds a similar whistle sounded from somewhere left of them, and then several other men emerged from what she had thought to be a sloping grassy hill. They were about two hundred meters away, and Isabel was surprised that he had heard them --. thoughts of how and why disappeared from her head when she contemplated the idea of more Neanderthals.

They approached remarkably fast for men that looked like the Governor of California in his Conan the Barbarian body form. Soon they were close enough that she could see them clearly. Five males, all of them big and muscled like Bren; four of them with different shades of light red hair and one with darker red hair. They all had light eyes, pale white skins, and a height similar to Bren's.

'So he is not some mutant Neanderthal that has suddenly gone tall and handsome to the horror of my Anthropology professors!'

The new males looked her over, making Isabel feel like an alien who just landed. As they were talking with Bren she recognized the word 'food'. This took her breath away, 'Oh God, they are going to eat me!'.

She was on the verge of a heart attack when one the men came closer and touched her hair. Isabel closed her eyes, feeling like she was about to faint when she heard her name. Recognizing Bren's voice, she opened her eyes to see him making gestures with open palms at her. The man that had touched her hair had stepped back to the group, still eyeing her strangely.

Wondering at the weird, tingling buzz that was back inside her head, Isabel deduced that Bren was trying to soothe her fears. He took her hand and tugged it gently while pointing toward south.

'Ok. He wants me to follow him.' Taking a few hesitant steps at first, she decided that as long as they didn't include her in their menu then she was willing to go along, so she worked to dismiss her concerns over the possible company of more than one Neanderthal male.

Ten minutes later Isabel was sweating profusely despite the comfortably cool air. Their walking pace was more like running, and the backpack felt like a stone on her back. She wasn't used to heavy physical exertion -- her day in the 21st century was spent mostly in the library or sitting in front of the computer. And she wasn't very keen on going to the gym either.

Despite the stress of the fast running-walk she was observing her new companions.

Bren and the other men acted like a group of humans that were close friends, or even more like brothers in arms. The other men appeared near the same age as Bren, and like him, they wore only trousers and shoes made of animal hide. But while Bren was carrying only a stick with a stone blade and a scabbard, they were heavily armed -- leather belts with scabbards held knives with hidden blades; , two spears with sharp stone blades; axes, and even bows and arrows attached in a belt on their backs.

Three of the four men were wearing elaborately made, colored leather bands around their left wrists. Isabel guessed they could be a symbol of some kind, but she still didn't know the words to ask about them.

She remembered an article in which a leading anthropologist on Neanderthals argued that the bone fractures found in prey animal remains and the way the animals were hunted indicated the use of projectile weapons. That was blasphemy in the general scientific community, which supported the theory that Cro Magnons invented the axes and the bows thereby becoming the group making the Giant Leap Forward.

'We have been so wrong...'.

Like Bren, the males were clean shaven and nearly free of body hair. Like him too, their shoulder length hair was tied back, and they looked surprisingly clean. They conversed freely, so she could see that their teeth were white and healthy.

'What happened with the theory of a stressful upbringing that destroyed the tooth enamel!? Or maybe we have always stumbled on the remains of Neanderthals with such health conditions,' which gave her a lot of food for thought. 'If someone finds the remains of a human suffering from Downe's Syndrome does that mean that all humans on Earth look like him?!'

But even pondering the new facts she had discovered could no longer allow her to ignore her fatigue. Bren immediately noticed it, and making inviting gestures offered to take her on his back. She was a little stunned but took off the back pack, and he gave it to one of the men to carry. Then he easily lifted her on his back. She crossed her legs around his waist and her arms over his neck and felt very comfortable. Touching him in full body contact was like touching a rock, but a very warm rock. Holding her legs, he started running, followed by his friends.

Isabel was really amazed, 'Even after enduring hunger, fighting in the marsh with the hyenas, walking for hours, and now carrying a 50 kilogram human he still has the stamina to run'.

He didn't look tired at all, and from their pace she estimated they were traveling about 40 kilometers per hour.

'And another myth debunked. Neanderthals, it was believed, couldn't run. Idiotic statement for a top predator that survived for thousands of years in the Ice Age.'

Leaning on Bren's warm back Isabel felt very tired and buried her face in his neck. He hadn't even sweated and she smelled his skin -- a slight tint of smoke, some herbs, and the unique masculine smell one of her friends had described when she had dated a very handsome guy.

'Is this the smell of attraction?' She knew that scent gave indication if a partner was 'suitable' for sex;that part of the human brain could recognize on a subconscious level the basic match. She felt an irresistible appeal to lick his skin and couldn't stop herself. To her horror she found herself sliding her tongue on a particular spot at the base of Bren's neck and enjoying the slightly salty taste.

'What?' She stopped licking, suddenly aware of the tightened grip on her legs.

Isabel looked up to see that all the other men were staring at her now, though nobody had stopped running. She sensed her cheeks turning red and tried to avoid their stares. 'What is happening to me?Acting like I'm about to jump him!'

She wasn't ashamed of having sex and couldn't complain of a lack of sexual relationships during her student years, but this was not her usual behavior. Isabel clenched her teeth trying to suppress the need to lick again and groaned quietly as she rested her head back against Bren's warm, delicious skin.

Traveling on Bren's back with the rhythmic movements under her made Isabel sleepy despite being aroused. She didn't remember when she had fallen asleep, but she suddenly woke up to the smell of roasting meat. The scent was mouthwatering and her stomach began to gurgle. Realizing she was lying on the blanket from her back pack, she sat up and looked around.

It was late afternoon; she could see the setting sun. They had obviously stopped at some point and made a camp near a small lake while she had been asleep. They were no longer in the empty grassland with the distantly visible icebergs, but in a hilly plain with mixed stands of coniferous trees containing others that looked like oaks. The camp was on a height and she sawvast numbers of animals grazing around.

Mesmerized, Isabel stood up and looked intently. Giant herds of buffalo, horses, and antelope were lazily walking and grazing on the plain along with various kinds of deer, some small and others as big as an Alaskan moose. She even spotted some hairy rhinoceros.

'A planet full with life -- so much more fertile and alive than modern day Earth.' The realization made her a little sad at what had been lost because of civilization.

She could still see the Ice Mountains of the Alps to the east, but they didn't appear to be as close. 'We must have traveled at least one hundred kilometers!'

Isabel turned around and looked at the fire.

A big, skinned animal that looked like a giant deer was roasting on a wooden stick over the glowing fire. One of the men was kneeling near the fire working on the hide of the animal for, probably for tanning or something like that. He looked at her, pointed to the roasting meat, and said in Bren's language, "Food".

His voice was a little gruff, but not unpleasant. She stepped closer and asked, "Bren?", hoping that this really was a personal name. The man grinned and pointed to the closest trees and the creek glistening behind them, and then continued working on the hide.

She considered what this could mean and decided to go and check. The grass here was almost knee high which told her the climate was more temperate. Also, among the trees were oaks and willows that existed only in non-arctic environments. Passing through an opening between the trees Isabel noticed the creek was actually a small river with a lot of sunlit stone plates along the banks. The water was flowing slowly but was very clean.

Walking along the river she spotted a fish almost half a meter long that looked like a salmon. And this fish was not alone -- the river was full of them, some even bigger. She was so amazed by the sight that she almost stumbled into Bren before she saw him.

He and his buddies were standing fully naked and peering at her like she was some tasty treat coming for dinner.


The first thing Isabel noticed was Bren's penis. He was thick, half aroused, and looked to be at least nine inches long. The pink head was glistening under the setting sun with a slight bit of precum.

Her mental gasp was accompanied by a visible blush on her cheeks. Isabel tried to step back from the penis brushing her thigh. She felt suddenly hot, and with humiliation sensed wetness between her legs.

She saw how Bren's nostrils twitched almost immediately when her juices started to run.

'Just how strong is his sense of smell?' She didn't have time to explore that thought because one of the men -- the one with the darker red hair -- jumped over to her and caught her wrists, rubbing his erect cock against her body. She flinched and started to pull away just as Bren pushed the hands aside. He shouted something at the man, who retorted while still looking at her. The other men made sounds of agreement.

Bren took hold of her wrist and put his other hand on her breast, saying something in a loud tone that Isabel didn't understand, but with the likes of what was transpiring around her, even she couldn't stay clueless.

'Is this a claiming?' Wait.....!!!!!!'.

Bren turned to her and looked her in the eye. Was it her imagination, or did he really look apologetic?

The other men had gone silent. Bren grasped the neck of her T-shirt and tore it in one single movement uncovering her bra. Looking bewildered at the bra, he disposed of it with another single move, and then tore away her trousers and underpants. Bren gripped her hair near the nape of her neck and tugged downward, making her sit on her torn clothes. He removed her shoes and socks, without destroying them, and then released her hair.

All the while Bren was stripping her bare, Isabel's mind was in like a trance. She knew that fighting was futile -- she couldn't outrun them, and she was not strong enough to fight them.

He put his hands on her shoulders, indicating she should lie on her back. Isabel complied, trying to suppress her fear. Being raped was not how she imagined gaining her field experience in Anthropology.

She expected Bren to force fuck her the moment her back touched the ground, but he surprised her when he gently began to lick her nipples. The touch was most unexpected -- his is tongue was slightly rougher than a human. As he brushed her sensitive areas the arousal that had vanished with the unfolding events again started to grow in her.

He teased both nipples till Isabel stared to squirm and moan and then he bit her left breast. The bite wasn't too deep, but she knew that his teeth marks would be visible. Strange, but the bite didn't make her less aroused and didn't feel as painful as she expected. On the contrary, Isabel felt ignited. Between her legs was an erupting volcano and she could no longer hold back.

She pushed Bren back, and in his surprise he rolled off and onto his back. Feeling bold Isabel straddled his lap and leaned over him.

'When you sin, better to sin completely...' passed in her head just a second before her mouth descended on Bren's lips and she locked them in a passionate kiss.

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