tagNonHumanBack in Time Ch. 03

Back in Time Ch. 03


Thank you for the wonderful feedback and creative comments. I'm grateful for any idea, comment, suggestion or critic. I'm sorry that it takes so long to update but two of my chapters were rejected and had to fix them and wait again. Hope you understand my predicament.

All sentences with '...' indicate her thoughts, and those with "..." the actual words said out loud.

I made some editions to Chapter 1 – mostly spelling and grammar. Hope it will be easier to read I after the correctionst. This chapter contains sexual descriptions of sex between human and Neanderthal. If you don't like, please, skip it. Thank you.

'He tastes great!'

The thought crossed her mind while she was practically devouring his tongue.

At first he flinched slightly when her lips met his, expecting her to bite him but as the kiss progressed further he got the idea and now their tongues were playing with each other in the intricate dance of the sexual foreplay.

'He isn't familiar with the concept of kissing...Interesting!' his tongue was now trying to capture hers, 'But he is a quick learner!'

His fingers caught her head and he deepened the kiss, breathing hard and rubbing his erection against her other lips. She could feel her juices flowing down her thighs while his cock was brushing her clitoris.

She cut the kiss and sat on his muscled stomach taking a deep breath. Glancing absent mindedly she saw that their audience was watching them with the same devotion she had seen men watching football. But strangely she didn't care even if a whole Neanderthal tribe was looking at her right now. Her complete attention was focused on fucking the extraordinary specimen that was between her legs.

She grasped his member and rising slightly plunged herself on it.

'Oh, my...'

The sensation was amazing especially when it hit her g-spot and proceeded further in her vagina. She felt delightfully stretched, sliding down the wide shaft. When his cock hit her cervix she looked down and realized that about one quarter of his penis was still outside her. She didn't have time to ponder on that fact because suddenly she found herself flipped and on all fours facing the naked Neanderthals.

He started pondering her in earnest with deep and powerful trusts like there was no tomorrow. His hands were holding her hips, slamming her rear parts against his body. Isabel felt a little scared of the vigorous assault on her intimate parts but couldn't move from the iron grip. Sensing her reluctance his fingers immediately began to rub her pleasure nub and the combination of the vicious pounding, the fingering of her clit and the amazed stares of the other men led her to a sensation usually achieved after a lot of efforts from her partners so far – an orgasm.

The rush of pleasure almost made her faint and she barely succeeded with keeping on all fours. She was vaguely aware that the head of his penis using the convulsing spasms of her orgasm has slipped inside the entrance of her cervix.

Isabel moaned and started to move her hips trying to meet the trusts of his penis. His testicles were slapping against her and he was balls deep in her. Being fully inside her he started the real fucking she realized when he grabbed her hips and practically lifted her bottom half off the ground.

His penis was felt perfect while her muscles were squeezing around it. Hard and warm, thrusting in and out, drawing the mighty length over every nerve ending inside her, striking deeper and deeper with each thrust.

She collapsed on the grass with her forehead on her arms. The sensitive nipples of her breasts sent another wave of pleasure as they were rubbed against the grass. Her vagina was spasming uncontrollably with non-stop process of repeating orgasms. She was in complete frenzy unable to think of anything else other then the big cock ploughing her mercilessly.

Panting she turned her head and looked at Bren. He looked like a man trying to climb the Everest Mountain.

'He looks beautiful!'

By this thought she felt her vaginal muscles twitching. Mind blowing orgasm ripped trough head and she saw stars. Her body hit the wet grass in the moment Brent exploded inside her and the bursts of his sperm inside her cervix made her scream, overloading her mind with rapture and it choose the moment to blackout.

She woke up feeling groggy like the times when she had awoken after a night of clubbing, dancing and drinking in her student years.

Someone, most probably Bren has brought her here when she had fainted from pleasure and now she was laying again on the blanket, covered with the remains of her clothes. The fire was burning high and when she rolled she noticed the other men were sitting around the flames and were happily eating pieces of the roaster deer.

They looked freshly bathed and Bren's hair was still slightly damp. Not so long ago she would be panicking seeing five naked Neanderthals near her but now a lot of her perspectives were thoroughly changed. Their trousers and shoes were hanging over the nearby bushes after what she suspected to be washing in the lake. She got up sitting gingerly on her rear feeling the sore parts of her pussy folds brushing against the blanket. She covered her breasts with what was left of the T-shirt and looked around. Bren offered her a piece of roasted meat and she accepted it feeling the curious stares of the other men.

Biting carefully she tasted the most delicious meat she had ever eaten, 'Oh, my, what a taste'. Noting in common with the meat-like thing she knew as meat that came from the supermarkets. A little chewy but juicy with a texture of beef. Eating she realized how hungry she was and the memories of what exactly tired her so much flooded her head. She blushed and focused her eyes on the meat.

'Climax after climax, again and again! And I thought that going on a sex excursion in Thailand is pleasurable. No human man can have the stamina to do what Bren just did,' she realized that their coupling must have lasted at least half an hour although in one moment she had lost the count of time. Still he didn't look tired at all.

And he had cleaned her body too. Her hair, she noticed now was also damp. But one thing didn't give her a rest, 'Why was I behaving so wildly with him?'

Not that she was a frigid woman but she hadn't reached orgasms fast, in fact several times when she had sex she was left unsatisfied. And he had stretched her wider and deeper than any man she had known. Yet, she didn't feel pain in her vagina.

A sudden memory emerged in her mind. An article from a Russian anthropologist in a scientific journal describing the analysis of the various male skeletons of the early Neanderthals and the conclusion that the males must have been heavily pumped-up on male hormones, possessing a hormonal status unlike anything that exists in modern day Earth. One of the side effects was that the males possessed extraordinary strength and muscle power.

'But what if...?!'

She remembered that actually the sexual attraction was hormone-driven and even the cervix can start dilating under a hormone released from the endocrine system of the mother during birth, 'What if his hormones have triggered these effects in me?'

Isabel had gone horny when she first licked his skin and had jumped him when his salvia had covered her nipples and invaded her bloodstream during the bite.

'Now I know how the interbreeding between the humans and the Neanderthals has taken place! We have only male Neanderthal DNA in our genome, no matrilineal mitochondrial DNA. I guess that the hormones released naturally by the male can drive a human female wild and this is not the same between human male and Neanderthal female. Maybe only males had these powerful hormones?'

Not that she felt drugged and raped. In fact they had left the Nature takes over and the result was surprisingly satisfying for both of them.

She lifted her eyes and noticed that Bren was talking with the man with the darker red hair. Her Neanderthal was making an elaborate braided band of tiny long pieces of animal hide.

'So, I'm his female now. Will he keep me? And maybe this means that I could stay with his tribe?'

She didn't have time to ponder when Bren stood up and quickly went to her. He made her kneel and then removed this time without tearing them the clothes that she had covered her naked breasts. He brushed her hair back and uncovered her neck completely. Then he put the leather braid around the base of her neck and quickly tied the two ends together.

When he was ready he inspected the tied band and with a grunt stepped back and sat near the blanket. Isabel was still kneeling not knowing what to do. What if she moves now and makes some mistake challenging some unknown taboo?

'So, am I his slave now?'

The thought made her feeling something bitter stuck at her throat.

Bren pointed to the blanket and said one word that she still didn't know. He pronounced her name and the word pointing at the blanket again. The other males were watching intensely their interaction. Isabel guessed that the word means 'come' so she stood up and came to him. He touched her knees and then again pointed at the blanket pronouncing again her name and another word, This time Isabel deduced it immediately 'kneel'.

She knelt on the blanket earning a grunt of approval from him and the other males made some comments and then suddenly lost interest to watch. One of them started to put wood in the fire and the others got to sleep talking quietly to each other.

Some important test had just being passed; she became aware, touching the band around her neck. Bren was watching her intensely while she was exploring the leather necklace. Isabel had the feeling that he knows how she is feeling and the buzzing tingling inside her head intensified.

He produced from somewhere an identical leather band and handed it to her. She took it not sure what he was expecting. He extended his left arm to her and pointed at the wrist, making a circling gesture with a finger.

Isabel looked questionably in his eyes and then slowly put the band around his wrist, waiting for a reaction. He nodded and again made circling gesture pronouncing another word. She guessed it meant 'tied' and carefully tied up the ends of the leather braid. When she was finished Bren inspected the knots and then smiled.

'Oh! That is...'

She was suddenly caught off guard, realizing that this was actually the first time she had seen him smile. The smile revealed a white line of teeth not so dissimilar than the humans but what really surprised her was that the smile actually changed him in a way she didn't expected. His eyes grew warmer and something almost flirtatious emerged, captivating her.

She couldn't stop herself and impulsively leaned forward and kissed that smiling mouth. This time Bren didn't flinch, on a contrary he returned the kiss, playing with her tongue.

'So, we are married now. That's not how I imagined my wedding...'

Isabel was almost out of air when she stopped the kiss and started kissing his neck founding a spot that made Bren shudder. She pushed herself closely to his naked body, feeling his rampant erection like an iron rod next to her leg. She traced the line of his muscular shoulder while her hands were exploring his abdomen. When she grasped his erection he made a sound and removed her hand saying something at her.

She looked bewildered at him when he touched her pussy lips and made face like he is in pain and pronounced a word.

'Ok, I just learnt the word for pain,' she deduced and allowed him to put a distance between them. She contemplated the idea of offering an oral sex for his erection but then decided that it could be considered too bold. From the way the mating and the bonding ceremony had taken place she theorized that the Neanderthal society was male dominated structure and a female place was to obey. No that this surprised her – most of the modern day Earth's Stone Age tribes and a lot of cultures in the Middle East had similar ways to treat women. She hoped that the theory of hormone driven Neanderthals and their promiscuous sexual relationships wasn't true. Living with others of his females wouldn't be fun.

Isabel laid next to him and allowed him to hug her closely. She was between the fire and his warm body and despite the chilly air she felt good. Laying on her back she gazed at the night sky. It was cloudless and the starts were shining like diamonds on black velvet.

She was watching at the sky, recognizing some of the constellations.

'Is that Lyra?!'

She blinked and realized that she was actually looking at Vega – the brightest star in that constellation. From what she could figure this was the North Star right now, which meant that she could pinpoint the approximated periods she could have been transported back in time. Due to the Earth precession Vega was periodically getting a North Star and Isabel was not so good at astronomy to use the night sky to figure the exact location of time.

'How bright is the sky! No blinking lights from airplanes, no cities, no pollution...just a virgin planet that we no longer have...'

The memories of her life in the twenty first century flooded her head. Even with all the technological advances of her time she has never felt so cared about. Her relationships with men usually didn't last long and she didn't have a boyfriend when she found herself here. Her mother had died when she was still a student and Isabel wasn't close with her father. They hadn't spoken from more than a year and she didn't miss him at all. Her aunt had the keys from her apartment so her cat wouldn't be hungry and she would take care for the animal even if Isabel didn't return from her holiday.

She felt a little sorry for Pamy, her cat, but she wouldn't be left alone. And her career was the other thing she would miss.

'Now I have to build a career of a Neanderthal's wife...'

She sleepily closed her eyes and cuddled close to Bren's warm body, 'I'll think of this tomorrow...'

Someone was gently stroking her back, plunging a palm from her neck to the crack of her ass cheeks. She smiled and rolled aside, waking up in the very pleasant morning. The sun was still low so it was very early. Somebody had tucked the blanket around her front and the fire was burning. The air was chilly and she could see the puffy breaths of Bren while he was towering over her. She sat up and noticed that he was dressed back in the trousers and the shoes.

Isabel had to stop her observations because she felt a pressing need to find the toilet. She gingerly took the blanket around her and said, "I have to go to the toilet!"

He grinned and she had the feeling that he knew what she was going to say even before she did it out loud. He took he hand and led her to a bush about twenty steps from the camp fire. Isabel was almost trembling when they reached the bush and without more words she went behind the plant making a gesture to Bren to stay back and squatted on the wet grass.

After ten seconds she finally felt relived and in that moment she realized what else she was missing from the modern civilization, 'I left the roll with toilet paper in the backpack....'

Looking around, she ripped leaves from the bush and tried as best as possible to wipe herself. Finally she emerged behind the bush and blushed at Bren. He again took her hand and they went to the creek. He motioned to the water and looked at her expectantly. Isabel gingerly touched the water, flinching from the freezing cold.

But staying dirty and smelling bad, with all these wild animals and Neanderthal males with keen sense of smell didn't seem very good idea. So she left the blanket on the grass and stepped in the water. Cleaning herself as fast as possible she cut off the idea of washing her hair, 'This is so fucking cold!'

Her teeth were clattering when she finished her bath and grasped the blanket, wrapping her body in the synthetic cloth.

Bren was watching her with some mixture of amusement and anxiety, taking notice of her shivering form.

He lifted her up on his arms like she was weightless and quickly covered the distance to the fire. She said one grateful 'thanks' and sat there finally noticing what the other men were doing.


She couldn't take her eyes off them. All the cold was immediately forgotten. Each one was plunging a sharp piece of obsidian over his face and neck. She noticed that the obsidian blades were put in a handle of bone and that she was witnessing the ancient progenitors of modern day Gillette. They were managing the shaving without mirror and so far she didn't notice any cut marks, 'Which indicates some level of experience shaving that way...'

Instead of shaving cream they were using some sort of oily substance she could guess. Isabel realized that she was staring when she heard Bren's grunt and when she looked at him he seemed displeased.

She rose her hand and touched his face, 'Clean shaven...So he has awaken before them and taken care of this...'

She noticed that his body was clean and he was wearing the slightly damp leather trousers.

Looking at his trousers she remembered her torn clothes and frowned. He immediately tightened and stood up when she rose on her feet. She found her clothes on a heap near the place where she had slept and took them. The T-shirt due to its elastic material had been torn only half the way on its front and the trousers were torn on its left along the line of the seam. Her bra hadn't been torn because the lock between the breast cups had unlocked when Bren had tried to tear it. Her panties were nowhere around and she didn't want to waste body heat searching for them. Her shoes and socks were there too without damages.

She found her backsack and opened it.

After some searching she finally found her small purse that was always with her and usually resided in her handbag. She opened the zip and felt the eyes of Bren on her when she did it. Lifting her eyes up she smiled at him and then took out the little spool with white thread and a stainless steel needle stuck in it. He was watching her mesmerized when she threaded the string in the needle and started sewing together the torn parts of her clothes. When she was finished, Isabel put the clothes on and feeling warmer she dressed in the other long-sleeved T-shirt and the hat.

With her body temperature finally getting to its normal scale she felt better. Bren was still watching her curiously like she was performing some strange ritual and even the other males were throwing weird stares at her.

Isabel ignored the open curiosity she was provoking and packed her stuff back in. The others have finished the morning shaving and now were eating the leftovers from the deer. Bren took two pieces and handed her one. She again said 'thanks' and started eating.

'Even cold and a little caked with fat the meat is still great...'

While they were eating Isabel included in her dictionary the words for meat, eat, bones, razor, knife and deer, as well as some pronouns. She was starting to comprehend a lot of the words that Bren and his friends were conversing. Bren seemed to know what she was trying to do and with words followed by gestures she learned the words for pull, take, put, give, the description of what they named her backsack, smile, speak and a lot of other verbs. She even got the words for verbs expressing emotions like pain, like and few others.

'And it seems that there are no social taboos about eating with a female...'

In most cultures on modern day Earth existed taboos about women and men eating together, most striking example among the Islamic societies where the prohibition of gathering during eating was ingrained even in their religious texts, 'And no one felt offended that I started eating before Bren or other males...'

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