tagNonHumanBack in Time Ch. 04

Back in Time Ch. 04


Thank you all – the comments and the critics are inspiring :) As for the cervix stuff, I would like to elaborate that his penis penetrated it a about an inch – that's the bottom half of the cervix and when dilated during the birth's influx of hormones, it can fit a baby head passing through without causing the mother to die. Otherwise the Human race wouldn't exist

Isabel was pelting the sleeping baby tiger that had chosen to sleep on her leg. Finn, after finishing the meat and a few other pieces of half baked meat chunks thrown by Bren had licked himself for about five minutes and then cuddled on her leg. She loved cats and Finn was filling the void of her feline love right now.

She had eaten few big pieces of the boar's meat and now was resting lazily, looking at the fire and the men that were smoking the meat from the buffalo. Curiously she noted that the Neanderthal way of preserving the meat was not like the American Indians habit of creating a supply of dried and smoked meat.

Instead of being cut in thin slings and then dried and left over the smoke, here she was watching the meat being cut in big pieces some of them with the bone in and then put on wooden sticks over the smoking fire. Thar was adding bunches of tree leaves to the fire and some water that created a spicy smell. Isabel suspected that these grasses were some type of plants with anti-fungi and anti-insect effect. And the other interesting thing was that they actually washed the meat pieces first in the creek.

The liver of the buffalo and the one from the boar were roasted over the fire and eaten and the skinned heads of the animals were covered with clay and were now resting inside the flames. She had seen this type of roasting and knew that in this forerunner of the slow cooker will produce, after a few hours when the baked clay is broken, the meat inside with a taste like stew and will be delicious.

The buffalo was with an average size – maybe over one ton, a male and a typical example of the Megafauna. Watching the men meddling with the would-to-be pieces of smoked ham it occurred to her that she actually doesn't know where they are going to. She has met Bren in the bog and after his rescue he has led her to the place where they met his friends. Now as she was calm and could analyze the past events she realized that this was their meeting point not some happy coincidence that they had stumbled on. Then the way the raft was waiting and the way they knew the path....

'They were, in fact, heading back from somewhere...But from where and why are they on such a long journey?'

She knew that the genetics and bone isotopes of the Neanderthals doubtlessly concurred that they didn't migrate at vast distances and in fact spent their lives in a habitat within a range of no more than thirty kilometers. And in the last two day she had seen them covering almost two hundred kilometers through rough terrain and a big river....

She looked at them again, thinking fast, 'They are preparing the meat of a large animal they have caught and until now they were catching only average animals that they can eat fast. So this means we are close to their tribe so they can bring the new food supplies. Probably in a day or two I'll see the Neanderthal's cave!'

Bren washed his hands and face and came to sit next to her. Like yesterday he didn't seem tired. Smiling he pelted the white fur of Finn's back and then hugged her. After her introduction of the kiss, he couldn't stop practicing this new way of showing intimacy, noted Isabel while Bren's tongue was vigorously playing with her own.

After the cuddling and the kiss he laid on the blanket and Isabel followed him. Finn adjusted to the change of his sleeping place without even waking up. The other men also rested comfortably around the fire and in the next two minutes the night sounds of took over.

She was watching the sky again but this time it was so bright due to the gathering clouds above them. She guessed that it was going to rain the next day.

"What do you think Isabel?" She heard Brenn's voice in her ear and turned her head to look directly at his blue eyes. She knew that she should probably keep it to herself but she wouldn't be a scientist if she was afraid of asking questions. So she shot, "Do you have other," she paused searching for the word, "mates?"

His eye bridges climbed up his forehead and his eyes widened in genuine surprise, "No!"

A heavy stone was just lifted off her shoulders with his admission and she proceeded further, "Don't the men from your tribe have multiple females?" she asked and waited for the answer. Polygamy was common among the Stone Age human tribes and even some recently evolved religions like islam created society based on that principle.

Bren pondered on the idea like she was offering him to jump from a high cliff, "But why should we have multiple females?! And how a single man is supposed to feed more than one female mate and their children as well as taking care of the elderly people in the family?! And what if the man is killed what will the multiple females do?!" He looked at her trying to figure out if she had gone crazy.

Isabel had a hard time not bursting in laugh, 'I think I just shocked him! And the proponents of the theory of promiscuous Neanderthal males can stuff in a place where the sun never shines!'

Keeping her facial muscles from giggling she took an effort to focus on the topic, 'Well, maybe, I just put too much theory in my words, instead of thrusting my instincts!'

"Bren, then you and I mean the men of your tribe have only one female as a mate?" She wanted to be sure and felt very good when Bren nodded. "And then why are you not mated? You seem a very healthy male..." She actually wanted to say attractive but still didn't know the word for that.

Bren smirked when she said the last and hugged her closer, "If you want to have your own female then you must proof yourself as a successful hunter for at least two winters and then the chief is allowing you to find a mate. And just when I got ready after two winters there were no females that were of age or unmated!"

At the last Bren frowned and Isabel felt obliged to wipe that frown with a kiss. He softened and when she was back at his eye level he continued, "And then just when I was thinking the hyenas are going to kill me you appear and agreed to mate with me. I still think the Sky brought you here. I was just praying before I stumbled in the mud to find a mate!"

The way he said it left her with the impression that he really believed it. Isabel rose her eyebrows while he started to nibble on her ear, "Even though you are different from the women I have met..." He whispered, "So thin and weak but at the same time so creative! I was really impressed with the way you turned the hyenas into running away!"

"What else is different in me?!" The scientist in her immediately took over and tried to stay on top even when Bren began playfully licking her neck.

"You smell so good. Your hair is so dark. I haven't seen such a dark hair before. I only have heard that the tribes in the South sometimes have people with darker hair but you are the first to see in person. And your eye bridges and head are different. Your legs are longer and your chest and shoulders are so narrow. When I was in you I was afraid that I'll damage you but you felt so perfect, so tight and smooth that I couldn't resist you long...And when you were aroused I wanted to fuck you right there!"

He stopped the licking and looked at her, "I'm sorry that you feel pain because of me. I didn't want our first mating to be bad for my woman."

Isabel plunged a finger over his mouth and felt something cracking inside her at his words. Impulsively she kissed him and pushed him on his back then she started to put small kisses all the way down to his nipples. He moaned when she circled them with her tongue while her hand found the road inside his trousers and explored his penis. He was already aroused and when she grasped the tick flesh it gave a twitch with the influx of blood.

Isabel started kissing south of his nipples when a thought entered her head, 'Wait a minute...'

She stopped her activities and sharply removed her hand, rising and throwing an angry stare at him. Bren was completely bewildered at the sudden change and couldn't even react when she sat on his chest and grasped his face, "If you are not mated, how then you are so experienced with slowing down and all that crap about not wanting to cause a pain to the woman. This is not something naturally learned!"

She was ready to rip off his head so angry and betrayed she felt.

He blinked and answered, "I learned it from doing the fucking with my brother's woman, of course" he sounded like it was a common knowledge and for a second Isabel just sat there looking at him uncomprehendingly.

"What?!" She still didn't believe what he has said, "You fucked the woman of your brother?"

Bren tried to nod and in that moment Isabel realized that she was actually talking with a man that was not human. She released his head and still sitting on his chest she dug deeper, "Are you telling me that it is acceptable here to sleep with your brother's mate? And your brother approves it?"

Bren smiled uncertainly and nodded like he was afraid that saying something might ignite her again.

"So, your brother can also sleep with me when we are back in your cave?!" she asked.

At that Bren immediately reacted, "Of course not! He has a mate!"

Isabel found herself speechless, then tried again thinking over what he had said, "Are you telling me..." A lot of possible ways of how the Neanderthals could have evolved their family relationships emerged in her head, "that ... only the unmated brothers can have sex with the mate of the mated brother?"

He practically beamed at her and smiled, "Yes! We need that experience and since we are fully grown we have to find a release somewhere. So the mate is perfectly fine and the children will be of one blood. And I assure you that I learned carefully everything, I'm adult and a very successful hunter. I brought a lot of meat and fish to her and she approved me to the chief!"

When she went on staring at him like he had suddenly started speaking Chinese, his smile faded a little but he continued bravely, "I swear it to you I speak the truth! I can hunt very well and I can provide for our children! I even..."

He couldn't go on because his speech was cut off when she suddenly smirked and kissed him trapping his tongue. When she was out of air, Isabel again sat on him and looked down at his still perplexed expression.

'He thinks me crazy. Changing my moods like that. So..."

"So, when we are back you won't continue sleeping with her?" She voiced out her thoughts.

"No. I have a mate now." He responded still unsure what was happening.

"Okay, Bren" she said and when he looked her befuddled, she said, "Very good, I am not angry anymore. Just that habit of your people is not something I have ever met in person and at first I reacted so badly. Forgive me..."

He again nodded and the smile returned to his face, "I was wondering what got you so fiery?"

"That you can cheat with another woman," she answered honestly at which Bren again tried to translate her wording, "But why should I do that? I have a mate?!"

'Obviously to have a mate mean exclusively fucking only her...' she thought and asked aloud,

"So, what if a man that is not blood related and has no mate fucks another man's woman?!"

Bren thought for a second pondering on her words, "If she invites that man and the man agrees this will be good for the meat supplies."

When she again gave him the glassy look, he almost cried, "What did I say wrong this time?!"

Isabel was getting a revelation, "So I can invite another man and you'll agree?!"

Bren's body went rigid under her ass, "Well, if that is what you wish, I'll agree but to be approved he must have proven himself as a good hunter and the chief has to approve him if he is from another tribe."

He didn't seem at all enthusiastic about such a perspective but was ready to follow his people's traditions and the way of life.

Isabel leaned on him again and said, "Bren, don't worry, I was just asking. Please, don't get angry but I'm so new to your tribe's customs. And what if a mated man or woman fucks another mated member of the tribe?"

Bren looked at her like she was lunatic, "Why would someone want to do that?!"

"So, this is not common?" she found it curious, "There are no ends to the mating to find another mate?!"

Again Bren just stared at her like she was crazy, "Isabel have you eaten something that makes you behave so strangely? Perhaps some herb while you were gathering wood with Thar? But to answer your questions. No, I don't know of any mated man or a woman to have ended the mating. It is not possible! And nobody is fucking another's mate. And I haven't heard of such a thing happening anywhere else!"

She smiled and again captured his mouth and when they were breathless, she nibbled at his ear, "Bren, you don't know how happy you just made me. You are a treasure!"

She slid down his neck and shoulder, licking and kissing his slightly salty skin and then she processed further kissing his flat belly and unfastening the front of his trousers. She ended up crawling between his legs and looked at him. Bren was laying like a statue under her obviously still unsure if a movement won't trigger something unexpected.

She grasped the base of his erection with her right hand and with the other fondled his testicles; she couldn't even wrap her fingers around his thick length. He was almost hairless here too. Only fine silky hairs covered randomly his balls and pelvis giving golden-red glimmers under the flames of the fire.

His cock was really impressive; fully aroused it was by what she could measure by eye slightly above ten inches long and thicker than her wrist. The pink flesh was curved with prominent veins and his mushroom head was glistening with the precum that was leaking from the split.

She would have been really afraid to see and fuck something so big and even now Isabel was a little anxious to do it. Her pussy was still itching from the last stretching and although she didn't have any pains she preferred to have sex with him in non-field conditions and with a lot of preparations. So now she was going to test her skills in oral sex...

He sensed her reservations while she was staring at the huge cock in her hand and gently fondled her cheek, "Don't worry, I can wait till you are healed down there..."

Isabel gave him a naughty smirk, "I know that Bren but I just decided to make your waiting time pleasurable!" And without more words she curled the fingers of both her hands on his cock and started to arouse him even more. He made a low sound in his throat and clenched his fists while she was pumping him up.

Isabel felt the first signs of her own arousal and Bren's nostrils immediately broadened. His breathing sharpened and he sat up, grasping her hands.

"Isabel, I can't hold on forever while you are teasing me like this. In one moment my instincts will take over and I'll hurt you again. Better to ..." His eyes were frantic and she could feel his cock throbbing when he almost pleaded her to stop.

She put a brief kiss on his lips, "I am your mate, right?" At his nod, she continued, "And as your mate I demand to fuck your penis with my mouth and to taste your seed. Right now!"

She was inches close to him so the effect of her words can be clearly traced in the way his eyes widened. His surprise was almost comical but she felt the hardening of his member while his brain was processing what she has just said.

He looked baffled at her, "How exactly are you going to do that?!"

For a moment Isabel was taken aback, 'They don't have oral sex?!' She voiced her thought, "Don't the mates satisfy with their tongues the cocks of their men?"

He looked at her like she was talking of some new and interesting invention, "No. Or at least that hasn't happened to me."

She smiled again and pecking list lips whispered, "You said that I'm creative, so let me show you a little of my creativity!"

His hands lifted off hers but he remained seated curious to watch what she is going to do with him.

She squeezed his shaft again and bent over his lap to touch the tip of his cock with her tongue. He took a deep breath when she engulfed the head and then started to lick the tip.

She was never a fan of providing a blowjob to her partners and only once had tried swallowing the sperm. She did it when the lover in her bed requested it but she has always avoided it so her sudden wish to grant him her favors was really remarkable. She tasted his precum feeling the known sense of arousal every time she was in contact with him, 'Hmmm, a little salty but not as bitter as I remember the human men were! Or is my arousal speaking in me and I'm not sensing it correctly?!'

Isabel took a second lick and again tasted the liquid, 'It is not my imagination, his precum really is not bitter. In fact...' She started licking hard, plunging her tongue down his length following a particular vein, 'It has a taste of butter with wine and something unrecognizable!'

His fluid was easier to stomach and much easier to swallow which she did as the sensation of being ignited flooded her blood stream after the first licks, 'His hormones just woke up the endorphins in my brain!'

She eagerly continued licking him as her hands eased downwards, finding his heavy balls. She fondled them gently feeling the silky hairs and massaging the sacks that were full with seed. He sharpened his breathing and she was paying a special attention to the underside of his cock licking and sucking gently at the vein there. Her tongue was treating his manhood like that was her favorite ice-cream popsicle giving his nerve endings and sensitive head a new definition of the word pleasure. She licked every inch of his massive shaft, enjoying the taste and even giving a gentle graze with her teeth to the sensitive skin of his tip and making him gasp. She paid a nice care to his slit circling her tongue around it, triggering a flowing river from it.

Then her hands went up stroking him while her mouth found his balls and started exploring them. His first moan indicated he was really interested in her creativity. She traced the silky surface, sucking gently at the skin and even trying to engulf each ball in her mouth. She succeeded only in half because they were so big but she tried in earnest. He was moaning now and she removed his lips and tongue off his balls and lifted her head to look at him.

His muscled torso was covered with drops of perspiration making him glimmer under the fire light. His eyes were staring dreamily at her while his hands were clenched in fists like he was fighting his impulses to grasp her. She smirked, 'Let's see how long he can fight these impulses!

Bending down again she took his cock into her mouth as deeper as she could. When his half length was enveloped in her she felt the tip touching her throat. Isabel had never thought her jaw can open so wide but she insisted in giving him pleasure. His body started to move with her, trusting his cock against her throat and making her gag. He immediately went still as she tried to suppress her gagging. Taking a deep breath she sucked harder on the part of his penis that was in her mouth while her hands were stroking the flesh that was still outside.

She relaxed her throat muscles and sucking and bobbing her head up and down tried to take him deeper. His tip slid pass through her tonsils and she was out of breathe but the feeling of success gave her the determination to go on. She wanted to make his experience with oral sex as best as possible.

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