Back in Time Ch. 04


Isabel had a bad feeling when the shaman wailed again, pointing at the hunter with the darker red hair that was still standing at her left side. He seemed pale white like he was expecting an axe at his neck.

"Merk is bringing the death again this time in the shape of a youngling lion carried by this creature that has seduced our warrior to mate with it!" announced the shaman looking at her.

Isabel became aware that he was talking about her as 'it' and 'creature'. She took a step back wondering if trying her chances with the giant eagles outside hasn't been the better choice.

The shaman's words seemed to be met with bewilderment but some faces showed agreement and Isabel paled, 'Oh my...He is their religious leader!'

"She is not our death you crazy freak she saved me!" Bren was now force to kneel by the other men as the shaman smirked at him, "You have been glamoured by this alien. It has clouded your thoughts with her fake innocence. But I'll heal you!"

Bren shouted, "No!"

Isabel felt hands on her and saw that the shaman had grasped her shoulders and now was urging her to step forward. She was walked to Thar's mate and forced to kneel between her opened legs over the gore of amniotic fluids and blood while Merk was pushed to his kneels next to her. He didn't resist like he believed what the shaman was saying.

'Exactly what has had happened in the past?!' she thought thinking over the words of the psychopath.

Contractions started again and Isabel looked at the flesh before her. From what she could tell looking at the vaginal opening she seemed to be wide enough to give birth, except if...'Could it be a breech birth?!'

"This alien is looking at his prey trying to reach the child inside the woman so it can feed on the life force!" Shaman's voice put her out of her stare and Isabel looked at him. Suddenly she realized that he might not be as crazy as she though but just playing the role of the madman to gain benefits as the shaman's position.

He threw her an evil glaze and Isabel realized she was right. He brought the memories of her high school years when girls and boys similar to the shaman were bullying the other classmates.

'And the best way to stop them is not just to ignore them because weak minded idiots find that as a sign of the bully's greatness and become their followers. No, the best way is to fight back and get rid the irritating jerk. Permanently!'

A slow smirk extended her lips while Isabel rose back to her feet. No one tried to stop her and she knew that her emotions and thoughts were projecting out loud like she was shouting them.

She hissed, "Your time spreading lies about what the Sky wants has come to an end!"

He was watching her like she was something poisonous, 'To you yes!'

She looked at Thar and the woman that was now conscious and staring in awe at her, "What is her name Thar?" she asked and he immediately responded, "Creya."

"Now I want you to take Finn and keep him safe while I help Creya gives birth to your baby, Thar" she continued and Thar again obeyed taking Finn who has gone quiet.

She knelt between the woman's legs and trying not to think of complications, infections and whatever else that could happen she slowly plunged her right hand inside her vagina. She was right that she was dilated enough as her hand passed through effortlessly eased by the blood and the slime. She touched the cervix and something that should be the baby's rear end. It seemed stuck in the uterus that was stretch along the baby but still not wide enough for the child to pass through with his with buttocks and feet first instead with his head as was normal.

Carefully she pushed it back and her hand followed it into the womb. She was breathing hard as she tried to maneuver the child with his head down and with her left hand she pressed the upper end of the belly. She remembered her cousin telling stories about the same experience when the doctor had turned the baby with his hand and that avoided the cutting of the Cesarian section.

When she thought the baby is in the right position she slid out her hand and told Creya, "Now push!"

The woman was silent during the procedure just making slights gasps which surprised Isabel but woman was ready to endure everything that could save her life.

Creya pushed finding out of somewhere strength to push and Isabel saw the baby's head propped through the dilated opening of the cervix, "Yes! The head already passed through. Just one more push!"

Again she pushed and the shoulders appeared and Isabel helped pulling the baby out. A long limbic cord followed the body as she lifted the baby up. He was male, with the size of a human baby but for Neanderhal's criteria this meant born prematurely. The placenta was tightly wrapped around him and he was not crying. She tore the placenta and took a closer look, 'His skin is not blue so he shouldn't been without air for long...'

Isabel cleaned his nose and mouth and shook him a little hoping that he will start breathing but the baby was laying limp in her hands. She put him on the hide and carefully tried first aid help.

Again nothing but give up was not possible so Isabel continued blowing air in his mouth, again and again. At her third attempt the baby moved and suddenly he caught and took a deep breath, making a high pitching sound that sounded like music in Isabel's ears.

The people burst with cries of joys and she realized she had won! The shaman was looking at her like he wanted to kill her but this time he was held in place by the chief. Bren ran to her and wrapped his hands around both her and the baby paying attention not to squeeze.

She smiled and handed the baby to his mother under the amazed stares of Thar and his mate.

Then she said to Creya that was looking bewildered at the little piece of flesh in her hands, "Just a few minutes and then we'll see what can be done to prevent infection and cutting the limbic cord"

She nodded not understanding most of her words but Isabel could elaborate later.

'First things first! Getting rid of the trash!'

She fixed the shaman with a cold stare, "You deliberately tried to kill two innocent persons, one cub and to cause physiological damage to a prominent hunter. You are no longer a shaman as the Sky commands me to save the tribe of your harmful influence!" The same determination that had made her stand up the hyenas flooded her head.

All thoughts of how bad the death sentence is, the ideas of trial and human rights that she had supported back in her modern time vanished, 'After all I actually supported the death sentence for child molesters and murderers, better to finish them than let them hang on the taxpayers money for a few years in jail, then being released by the twisted modern day ideas of what was right, only the criminals to commit the same deeds again...' and Isabel looked at the chief.

"This criminal should be killed at ones!"

The shaman shrieked as the chief held him still. Two warriors plunged their spears in the abdomen of the man and finished him quickly. Surprisingly there wasn't much blood around as they lifted the corpse and headed it out of the house.

Sighing Isabel suddenly felt tired but she had to fix the woman first. So she turned around and found Bren looking at her with Finn in his arms. He stepped closer, "You did the right thing, Isabel. Something that we were not strong enough to do with him for many winters. I'm proud of you!"

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