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Back In Time Ch. 1



Gadget stumbled out of the machine, stepping into a lush green forest. His head was spinning from his recent travel and he almost collapsed from the strain. Gadget sat down on a moss covered rock and took a deep breath, collecting his thoughts and letting his queasy stomach settle.

"Unnkasha! Dabula mekioth!" came a high pitched cry from several meters to his right. Gadget almost fell off his rock in surprise at the sudden commotion. He scooped up the automatic pistol he had brought with him in case of emergencies and hurried over in the direction of the noise.

"Dabula mekioth!" came another shout as Gadget peered through a gap in the dense foliage to see what was transpiring in the clearing beyond.

There was a small group of three very primitive looking fellows armed with short spears topped with sharpened stones. They were waiving these archaic weapons at a female lying prone on the ground. The sight of the woman literally took Gadget's breath away. She was wearing only a fur skirt that covered her loins and was extremely beautiful. She had long grubby looking hair that hung down over obviously large breasts, although Gadget couldn't get as good a view of her tits as he would have liked. The rest of her body was equally well formed, her face was lovely in a cave babe kind of way and her legs were long, tanned and well muscled.

Feeling uncharacteristically chivalrous Gadget yelled out his best imitation of a fierce war cry and burst into the clearing waving his gun above his head.

The men turned towards him just as Gadget squeezed off a shot from the pistol. The bang echoed deafeningly through the clearing and the men's eyes went wide.

"Get outta here!" yelled Gadget with as much ferocity as he could muster. The men hesitated a moment, but a second shot from Gadgets pistol that blew the branch of a nearby tree convinced them and they turned tail and ran, one of them even dropping his spear in fear.

Once they cleared off Gadget slowly walked over to the young woman who was balled up on the ground in fear.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly. Once closer she looked around eighteen years old and his first impression of her was confirmed. She was gorgeous.

She relaxed a little at his soft voice and turned over, looking up at him with eyes wide with fear. As she turned Gadget couldn't help but glance down at her bare breasts which were unveiled by the movement. They were big, round and high placed, not as large as Agent Hooters but still ample enough for Gadget's appreciation.

"Are you okay?" he repeated, but the cave girl showed no sign of comprehending him.

"Relika naboatu?" she stammered in a strange prehistoric language, her tone of voice suggesting to Gadget she was asking him a question of some sort.

Gadget paused a moment not sure what she was asking, then he touched his hand to his own chest, "Gadget," he said, introducing himself.

The girls brow furrowing as if she was trying hard to understand him, "Gadja," she said trying to emulate his word.

"Gadget," he repeated, touching his chest more overtly.

"Gadjaaat," the girl said, touching her own chest. Gadget licked his lips as the girl cupped her large breast in one hand.

"No," he shook his head and managed to tear his stare away from her tits. He then slowly reached out and took her hand and brought it to his own chest, "Gadget."

The girl seemed to finally understand, she touched his chest and said. "Gadget," then she brought her hand to her breast, "Aya."

Gadget swallowed nervously and then touched his chest, "Gadget," he then reached out gingerly, expecting her to attack at any moment and touched her right breast, "Aya."

The girl smiled in understanding.

"Gadget," he repeated touching his chest, he then slowly reached out again and cupped her large breast, "Aya," he said. This time he gave her bare breast a squeeze and seeing that she was not complaining he reached out with his other hand to cup her other breast.

"Aya," he said, half moaning as he squeezed her large tits in his eager hands, fondling them vigorously. He could feel the hard jut of her nipples against the center of his palm, and her tit-flesh felt wonderfully firm and resilient. Gadget groaned as he felt his dick hardening uncomfortably, his hands tightly groping and manhandling her big tits.

Gadget finally released her lovely breasts and rubbed his painfully hard dick through the crotch of his pants, this prehistoric stuff was great. Aya, trying to copy what he was doing began to rub at the animal hide skirt between her legs. Gadget reached out to stop her then a wonderful idea occurred to him. He drew her hand to his own crotch and guided it up and down so that she was rubbing his bulging erection through his pants.

"Gadjaat," she said with a happy smile that almost made Gadget laugh. He then stopped her stroking for a moment and unzipped his fly, reaching in to pull out his rock hard erection. The cave girl gasped and rocked backwards a bit in surprise. Gadget grabbed his own cock and stroked it a little, he was incredibly aroused by the whole situation and set to explode. Reaching out he again took hold of her hand and brought it to his now bare penis. He pressed his cock into her hand and made her move her hand up and down his shaft, stroking him.

"Gadget," he told her and slowly let go of her hand, to his joy she kept stroking his stiff member without prompting. He reached for her tits again, grabbing them and squeezing, "Aya."

Aya's hand was now moving rapidly up and down his cock and at the same time he pinched and tugged on her nipples. Aya was apparently getting turned on herself by the action as she reached one hand under her skirt and started stroking her cunt.

It's now or never, Gadget thought to himself as he moved around behind her and pushed her onto her hands and knees. Aya didn't fight him as he lifted her skirt and aimed the throbbing head of his cock at her pussy. With a loud grunt he rammed into her, deep and hard. Aya gasped at his entry but immediately pushed herself back against him.

"Aya!" groaned Gadget as he grabbed her by the hips and began to pump her in earnest. Gadget aggressively pounded her doggy style as the cave girl moaned and grunted in front of him.

"Gadjeet!" she moaned as Gadget suddenly stiffened and exploded inside the beautiful young cave girl, filling her with his seed.

Oh yes, thought the scientist, I'm definitely going to enjoy time travel.

Chapter One

Anna Nicole Smith entered Gadgets workshop wearing only a lacy white g-string and matching bra, covered by a white lab coat she had found in the changing room. Gadget was already busy at work, putting the finishing touches on his latest machine which Anna was assigned to help him test.

"Hello Nicole!" Gadget said with undisguised excitement as the voluptuous blonde entered. The lab coat was a little too small and Anna had been unable to get the top get buttons fastened. The coat gaped open revealing the upper swells of her ample breasts, left bare by her skimpy push-up brassiere, and a deep cleavage. The coat was also quite short, coming down to mid-thigh and displaying an generous portion of her long, shapely legs.

"What on earth is it?" Anna asked as she got her first look at Gadget's newest creation. It looked like a steel cupboard with big double doors on the front and a jumbled mass of wires on the roof. It was no bigger than a meter deep and wide and about 2 meters tall.

"A time machine!" said Gadget proudly.

"No way!" replied Anna in surprise, "Does it really work?"

"Would you like to find out Nicole?" he asked her, a slight smile on his face.


"Great," said Gadget, "Take off your lab coat and get into the machine with me and we'll take a trip back in time!"

Anna nodded enthusiastically and began unbuttoning the front of her coat. She got half way down the front and it hung slightly open, revealing her ample cleavage and lacy white bra. Anna froze as she remembered her lack of clothing.

"But I'm not wearing anything underneath the coat," said Anna, "Just panties and bra."

Gadget's gaze involuntarily dropped to the considerable portion of her bra covered breasts that showed through her open lab coat. "That will be fine Nicole."

"Okay," with that Anna finished unbuttoning the white coat and tossed it over a nearby work bench, she then stepped up to the time machine.

"It's perfectly safe, I have tested it personally," assured Gadget, as he did he urged her forward into the box with a hand on her g-string covered ass. The scientist couldn't help but give the smooth bare cheek of her bum a squeeze.

Gadget then stepped into the machine next to her, the small space meaning her ample breasts were brushing his chest as they stood face to face while he closed the door.

"Are you ready to leave Nicole?" he asked her, enjoying the feel of her bra covered tits mashing against him.

"Let's go!"

With that Gadget pushed a series of buttons on the small control panel just inside the doors and the whole machine began to shake. Anna lost her balance and fell forward into Gadget's arms and he held on tight, her soft and yielding curves pressing tight against him. The machine then started to make a loud whining noise and shake even more violently.

"Is this supposed to be happening?" Anna asked, her voice fearful.

"Perfectly normal," Gadget assured her, dropping one of the hands he had around her down to cup and squeeze her ass. Anna didn't even notice as she was so caught up in the motions of the machines as the whining noise grew in volume until it was almost deafening.

Everything went black for a moment and the machine was still and silent. Then there was a final violent shudder and the machine stopped.

"We're here," Gadget said but Anna had gone limp in his arms, having passed out from the strain of the time travel. The same thing had happened to Gadget the first few times but his body appeared to be adapting to the trauma.

He gingerly opened the door of the time machine and sunlight flooded inside. The scientist stepped out into a grassy clearing within a thickly wooded forest. He lay Anna down on her back in the grass just outside the machine and looked around for any signs of danger.

Once he was sure they were safe he crouched down beside Anna and made sure that the beautiful secret agent was breathing okay.

Gadget hesitated a moment, then gave into temptation. He reached out and cupped his hands over Anna's gigantic breasts.

"Oh boy," he breathed as he squeezed the sizeable mounds through her bra, then more than filled his hands.

Feeling bolder that Anna had still not regained consciousness Gadget reaching into the deep valley between her breasts and unfastened the catch of her bra. The lacey brassier snapped open and Anna's massive tits wobbled free, appearing even larger free of constraints.

Gadget let out a soft moan and grabbed fervently at her bare tits. He roughly squeezed the big orbs, watching the ample flesh well up between his fingers as he mauled and molded them against her chest. Gadget's fingers found her nipples and he pinched them and tugged on them, lifting her entire breasts up off her chest by the nipples and shaking the fleshy mummeries, sending them quivering and trembling enticingly.

"Mmmm," he grunted as the scientist bent over her prone form and sucked one of the hardened buds of her nipples between his lips. His hands never stopped squeezing and groping as he licked at the fleshy orbs and rubbed his face in her deep cleavage.

Gadget's cock was straining at his pants, bulging painfully hard so he unbuckled his pants and yanked out the stiff member. Without thinking about his actions Gadget straddled Anna's torso and dropped his penis into the deep valley between Anna's breasts. He took hold of a big tit in each hand, pressing them together to form a soft, pillowed sheath around his cock.

"Oh yes," he gasped as he moved her tits up and down on her chest, caressing the sides of his throbbing cock with her breasts. Gadget was in heaven as he used Anna's huge fun bags to stroke his shaft.

"Yeah baby," he breathed, starting to move his hips on her now, thrusting his shaft back and forth in her cleavage. His hands squeezed tight on her breasts as he tit-fucked her with increasing vigor, the head of his penis poking at the top of her cleavage with each thrust then vanishing back into the fleshy pillows of her tits as he drew back.

"Oh god," murmured the scientist, he could not believe he was actually fucking Agent Hooter's magnificent hooters, it was something he had dreamt about on numerous occasions. With each thrust through the slick valley his cock was getting harder and his orgasm closer. His fingers were digging deep into the firm flesh of her tits as his hips pumped faster and faster.

"Yes!" he cried out suddenly as his orgasm rocked his body. His cock spurted heavily between Anna's boobs, shooting cum up between her big tits and splashing over her neck and chin giving her a pearl necklace of sperm. Gadget moaned as he emptied his seed on Anna's tits, his hands finally relaxing their grip on her large breasts.

"Wow," he gasped as he wiped his cock on Anna's nipples, spreading the last of his cum on her. He then stood up and pushed his spent penis back into his pants.

At that moment Anna began to stir from her unconsciousness.

"Wh..what happened?" she murmured in a dazed state as she finally came around. Gadget tried to keep his gaze away from her still bare tits which were covered in his milky cum.

"We went back in time in my machine," explained Gadget, "Remember?"

"Oh yeah," she said, still not quite with it, "What time are we in?"

"The middle ages from what I can tell, medieval England," Gadget told her.

"Wow!" she murmured in wonderment, she then appeared to notice her cum stained breasts, "Wh..what happened, I'm covered in goo."

"A side effect of the time travel process," explained Gadget off handedly.

"Oh," said Anna, not really noticing that Gadget was not in the same state. She wiped off the sperm as best as she could and refastened her bra, stuffing her ample tits back inside the skimpy lace.

"So shall we take a look around?" asked Gadget, surveying the trees around them.

"Yes," nodded Anna, "I'll need to find something warmer to wear than just my underwear though."

"I'm sure something will come up," said Gadget, staring at her stiffened nipples which poked visibly against the lacey bra she wore, "You the secret agent, you lead the way. I've got a homing device on the time machine so don't worry about getting lost."

"Of course," said Anna with a smile as the two of the moved off in a random direction through the trees. Gadget walked a couple of paces behind the scantily clad blonde so he could admire the way her bare buttocks undulated as she walked, her g-string leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The two travellers from the future made their way through the thickly wooded forest, ever cautious of any wild animals or signs of danger. Before long they actually came to a crude path winding its way between the trees.

"Looks like a hunters trail or something," said Gadget, looking both ways along the path to check it was deserted.

"Might as well follow it and see if we can find some signs of civilization," said Anna starting down the path.

Gadget smiled and followed the lingerie clad beauty without protest.

They had walked less than ten minutes along the path when Anna heard a twig snap off to the left, she immediately spun in the direction of the noise.

"What is it?" asked Gadget in surprise, he had obviously not picked up the sound.

Before Anna could reply half a dozen men burst onto the path brandishing vicious looking swords and knives. At that moment Gadget really wished he had remembered to bring his gun with him, but in all the excitement of seeing Anna in her underwear he had forgotten.

Anna grabbed the wrist of the closest attacker and before he could yank his hand back Anna sent him somersaulting to the dirt path. He slammed down with a hard whack and Anna immediately followed it up with a quick punch to the side of his jaw, snapping his head sideways and knocking him out. Gadget went down the next moment as a bandit rapped him on the back of the skull with the hilt of his sword and Anna was left facing five heavily armed men.

"Yield or die!" growled one of the men, he seemed a little older than the others who were mere youths in their late teens or early twenties, and Anna guess he was their leader.

"Okay I submit," said Anna after a moments hesitation sizing up her situation and realizing it was hopeless.

The men circled around her as Anna apprehensively observed them, very conscious of her lack of clothing.

"I've never laid eyes on such big bosoms," said one of the younger bandits, Anna guessed he was only about eighteen years old.

"Aye," agreed the leader, he pointed to two of his men that were behind Anna, "Hold her arms boys."

Anna tried weakly to resist but new she was better to go along with them at this stage and try to make an escape when she saw an opening. The two men held her with her arms pinned behind her back as the leader moved in from the front. He reached up and pressed his hands to her ample tits, squeezing them through her bra.

"Magnificent," he breathed as he fondled the big orbs.

"Let's see 'em!" said the boy who had first pointed them out enthusiastically.

The leader grinned and licked his lips in anticipation. He then fiddled with the catch of her bra between her breasts for a few minutes but his clumsy fingers were unable to unfasten the unfamiliar catch. As he fumbled in her cleavage one of the men behind her had obviously noticed the skimpy panties she was wearing as she felt a grubby hand squeezing her buttocks which were left bare in her lacy g-string.

"Accursed bodice," he grunt, reaching behind his back and pulling out his knife. Anna gasped as he slipped it up between her breasts and sliced through her bra. Her heavy breasts bursts free and all five men gasped in appreciation of the wonderful sight.

"They're huge!" murmured the young bandit who seemed the most vocal of the group.

"She must be a demoness," breathed the leader as he reached for the twin mountains. Anna gasped as he roughly squeezed her tits and mauled them eagerly. He then bent forward to taste her right nipple, sucking it hungrily between his lips. As he did this the outspoken young bandit to the left of Anna reached over to grab her available tit and feel it's size and firmness for himself.

"Mmm, very nice," said the leader as he came up from her breast. The boy fondling her breast continued to squeeze and grope her tit, "Lie her down, and we'll have ourselves some spoils men!"

"I ain't sticking a witch," said the bandit to the right of the leader as Anna found herself dragged to the ground.

"All the more for the rest of us then," shrugged the leader as he tugged off Anna's silky panties, the four men crowding around her.

"Nothing gonna stop me!" said the youngest bandit, both his hands now going for Anna's tits as soon as she was on the ground. He pinched and squeezed at her nipples, her entire tits shaking as he mauled them.

The susperstituous bandit decided to leave them to it, "I'll meet you lot back at camp then, and if there's a pox on yer cocks you'll get no sympathy from me!"

"I get to bugger her then," said one of the men who had grabbed her, it was the first time Anna heard him speak and he had a very high pitched voice that sounded so comical she almost laughed.

Anna struggled nervously as the men yanked off her g-string and then arranged themselves around her. She had been gang raped a couple times in the line of duty, but her assailants usually took turns or at the most two at a time. These men seems to be arranging to go all at once in various holes and orafaces and from the way they arranged themselves it appeared they weren't new to it. Anna briefly wondered what it would be like servicing all six men.

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