tagErotic PoetryBack Love

Back Love


Our lovers lie upon their sides

Sipping locker room-like musky air,

For now they pause.


A notion strikes!

Into the curve of her wet back,

The lower swerving of her S, he

Grinds his pelvis, spoon in spoon.


His breath rate doubles, and she giggles

That he loves her shape this way!

Penetrationless sensation, his

Shave-trimmed mid-fist rubs her back skin!


She cocks her eyes over her shoulder,

Wrily half-smiles: “Yes, you may.”

He slides inside her cheeky channel–

Crack of nature up her rear.

She arches back to clench his love

In muscled rhythm to his pumps.

“Is this a waste?” he asks in gasps.


Her free arm reaches back to him,

Urges him and there’s her answer.

Returning, hand back to herself,

Her breasts, each jiggles as he’s lost

In see-saw lunges!

She sighs and reaches to her pleasure.


He kicks a notch in speed and breathing.

Cheeky squeezes clench him, timed

To meet his crack-high sliding.

Then! And there–

He snugs his face to her, her hair and neck,

A gasping brute, and spewage fills the

Spoon of love between the two. Warm drool,

Sideways, slithers droplets down between

The both of them to stain the sheets.

And as it smucks as he slows down,

She too has come unto herself.


He scoops some fluid on his fingers,

Lifts it high above her mouth and,

Head back, tongue, she takes the drops

Into her mouth like proffered grapes.

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