tagLoving WivesBack Scratches Affair Ch. 03

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 03


Here is the last chapter. Sorry about the delay. My editor had some extra work to do, and. there was mix up. I warn you though that this is the chapter that has the kinky sex in it. Something different for me. Since its been a while I added some of chapter two to elp you catch up.


A few days later, she came over during the day to get some clothes. He was there, but they didn't talk much. On the way through the kitchen, she saw a three pages sitting flat, but with folds to show that, it had been folded over to fit in an envelope. She glanced at the header and saw something to do with a magazine.

"What's this?"

"Its a contract for a story."

She said "oh" and took another step, then her head snapped his way, a big smile broke on her face.

"Does that mean you sold a story?"

"Yes, it does- You know that I've been told that I wasn't putting enough emotion in my stories."

His wife nodded and he continued, "I decided, I should write a couple stories while I was feeling some strong emotions. Besides it helped me pass the time."

"I knew you could you do it," Jennia said still smiling.

"Not bad, for someone who would never be good at writing."

Her face crumbled, with a pained expression, "I said I didn't mean that. I only said it out of shock and anger."

"I'm sorry... That may have been unfair, but... but it hurt to hear you say it."

"I know...If I could take it back I would, but I can't."

Instinctively, Jennia put her arms around him and hugged him.

She said, "Even if I had meant it, this proves you can do it, just like I said many times."

She let go quickly, as she thought that he might not appreciate her attempt at comforting him.

He said, "It really wasn't all that many times."

Jennia looked puzzled, "It should have been, because I thought it all the time."

They talked some more and she eventually left with her stuff.

Later that week they got back together for another talk, this time it was without dinner.

At one point, he couldn't help to ask, "Did you like the anal sex with her?"

She looked shocked that he knew they had done that, but she said, "Yes. The first time was my idea. Susan told me, while we had some of our private talks, that she likes it when she is very aroused. One day I thought about while I was using a finger in her anus, while f... um, while using the strap-on. I thought she would enjoy it, so I stopped and went into the bathroom. She called after me, but I ignored her. Once in there I changed the dildo to the smaller one that came with the strap-on. I came out holding a jar of Vaseline. When she saw the small dildo along with the jar, she immediately figured out what I had in mind. Susan let out a small yip for joy and quickly got on her hands and knees.

"I went straight to her, opening the jar on the way. Once behind her, I scooped some out with two fingers and pushed both fingers into her anus. She groaned in pleasure and I knew that I wouldn't have to do much to get her ready. I spread the Vaseline around her opening then scooped out some more, which I placed on the dildo. I then moved forward and touched her crack just under the right spot with the tip of the strap-on. I moved it up a bit then pushed forward. It still wasn't quite right, so I moved it again. Sideways this time and once I had it right on the spot; I took a breath and pushed again. She yelped as the head started to separate her anus. I pulled back, but as she let out a nooo, I knew that she hadn't made that noise out of pain.

"I pushed with my hips again and this time she pushed back. When the head popped in, we both let out a gasp. I stopped, but Susan continued to push back. It was fascinating to watch that tube shaped piece of plastic disappear into her butt. And it was a turn on. I knew she was enjoying it, and I knew I was responsible for that pleasure. Plus the dildo was pushing against my clit producing all types of pleasure."

Jennia took a breath and continued. "She pushed some more and this time I pushed back. I decided that if she liked it that much we should get it over with so I shoved it in all the way. She let out a very loud gasp and her head went up and back.

"She said, 'oh god. Do it again.'

"My eyebrows went up. She certainly did like it. We, um did that for while, until she came. I think I almost had a climax, but I decided I wasn't going to have one this time, so I quit.

"She wanted to do me once she recovered. I hadn't thought about that when I came up with the idea, I just had wanted to pleasure her, and I wasn't sure if I wanted it then.

"I told her that, and she smiled when I said all I wanted to do was pleasure her. After a second, she said that we could work on it, so that I would want it. She wanted to do it really bad, so I said ok.

"She had me get into the same position, and then she grabbed the smaller dildo, attached and lubed it. After I was on my knees, she used her fingers to get my slit excited. I was already very wet from what we had done before, and with what the strap-on had been doing to my clit. She massaged my anus, while caressing my clit with her other hand. Sooner than I expected, I was ready to try that smaller dildo in my other hole. She used plenty of Vaseline to lube me up. She knew that even though at times I liked it, I didn't love it like she did.

"After a few seconds I felt her move away, and then I felt something hard touch a butt cheek. It slid sideways, slipping into my crack. Another slide and it was on my anus.

"It felt different than you. You can be very hard at times, but there is also a softness to you. This dildo didn't have that type of softness. I had felt it in my slit so I knew that already, but this was in my tighter, less lubricated hole.

"Susan told me to push back which I did. I felt a resistance, but kept pushing and soon I felt it enter me. I gasped. Partly in pain, and partly because I knew what was coming. I heard her gasp too, I didn't know if it was from watching it enter me, or because the dildo was pressing against her clit. She pushed in, but slowly. That surprised me, I half expected her to shove it in like I had. I'm glad she didn't because that would have hurt. I think she knew that, because she was very careful. She waited until I pushed back. It didn't feel so bad sliding in, not as good as when you do it, but it wasn't bad at all. She gasped when hit she my butt cheeks. I knew that was because of the strap-on pressing against her clit, and I remembered how good that felt.

"Once it was all the way in she sat there for a minute, letting my body, and me, get used to having something up my rear. She hadn't needed that time."

Jack started to say something but all he was able to say was, "I..."

Jennia stopped him, "I know you always do that. Your patience, even during times like that, is one of the things I like... what I love about you."

She said that last with a sigh.

They both paused for a moment, and then she continued. "She um, well... fucked me until she had a climax. Even though she got rough at the end, I still had a good time, even though, as usual no climax.

"I was able to watch her in the mirror in the headboard. At one point I saw her boobs flapping as she thrust in, it gave me a surreal feeling. I could see her very feminine face twisted in pleasure as she, um, fucked me and I could see her boobs. I wasn't sure if I wanted her to continue. It just hit me as too strange. I almost told her to take it out and that we should stop with the sex."

"But you didn't?"

Jennia looked ashamed for a moment then said, "No, I thought about her love for me and how that would hurt her, so I just put my head down and got back into the pleasure she was producing in me."

"So you continued having sex with her."

It wasn't meant to be a question, but she nodded anyway.

"At one point I told her I wanted to slow things down, because I was neglecting you too much. She understood that, but she was angry, at George- for treating her like a child- so she didn't say anything that she had been neglecting him also.

"From what she had said, before we started having sex and after we started, I thought she had pushed ahead with our relationship, because her and George's was souring. I knew she still loved him, but things were not going well between them. And I wanted to comfort her, to help her through this time. I care for her and I didn't want to hurt her. She was having enough problems with her husband."

Jack started to say something, but she spoke first, "And yes I liked the sex. She had a way of doing things just right. Even when she first scratched my back, which happened the third time I was on top of her, the sex was enjoyable.

"That was when I started making excuses for not having sex with you. I didn't want you to see the scratches. It surprised me when she dug in her fingernails and scraped them across my back. I yelped in pain, even though I kept up my thrusts into her, and later in the bathroom mirror, I could see that she had dug deep enough to draw blood. Not much, but I knew I had to hide them from you. So I made sure we didn't have sex and that you didn't see me naked, until they were mostly healed up. I tried to make it up to you by having a double session, but you didn't know what I was doing.

"That might be why she and I started having marathon sessions. Susan because of her problems with her husband, and me because you and I were not having sex. You remember that day I came home late and you wanted to have sex? I said that I was tired, but you pleaded that I had promised?"

"Yeah, I remember that day."

She was surprised by how strongly he said that, but continued with her story.

"That was our second marathon session. We started having sex in the scissor position and that lasted longer than normal, then we almost fought over the strap-on, because we both wanted to, um, use it on the other. I was able to wear it first that time. Halfway through, me using it on her I got an idea. I surprised her when I said just a moment and pulled out. I got my purse and took out a vibrator I had brought along. I quickly rubbed some lube on it then went back to her. I saw her eyes widen as I walked back to her while rubbing the lube on it. She got the idea really fast.

"When I was standing next to her she flipped over and pulled her legs up allowing me complete access.

"I have to say that again I felt a moment of surrealism as I stared at her slit, knowing what I was going to do to another woman. That time I just shook my head and bent over her. I jammed in the dildo, lying on top of her again. After kissing her, I slipped the vibrator between her butt and the bed. I fumbled a little, but I found her crack and slipped it inside. I managed to find her anus with my finger then slipped the tip in. I had lube on it so I spread it around, and then pushed in all the way with one hard shove. She jumped and yelped, but I knew she liked it. I pulled it out, knowing she was ready for the larger device. I managed to get it in the right position then slowly pushed it in. She pushed back to help and soon it was halfway in. At that point, I pushed the 'on' button. She again jumped and let out a purring moan, as I thrust the vibrator in all the way. I let it sit there a moment then started thrusting again with the strap-on. A minute later, I started thrusting in and out with the vibrator.

"That wasn't easy, I kept losing my rhythm, and a couple of times my hand slipped from the device, but she didn't care. Her groans and moans were loud, in the end she had one of the biggest climaxes I had ever seen her have. That wasn't the end; I kept going until she had an even larger one.

"We just kept going, not wanting to stop. I surprised myself by cumming three times, and I'm not sure how many times she came, ten times, or more.

"When I got home that day, I was tired and sexually satisfied. When you insisted, I knew I had promised you, but I also wanted you to have some of what I had experienced. I argued because I didn't want you to see anything that would give you an idea that I had already had sex. When you played with my anus, I told you that I didn't feel like it not only because I didn't want you to discover the lube, but because I was sore. Susan had gotten a little rough toward the end, which I hadn't minded at the time, but I was sore down there afterwards.

"That day you discovered us was another of those sessions. We had already used our fingers on each other, and she had had one climax. This time it was her turn to use the strap-on first and the way I was feeling after she used her fingers on my G-spot, I knew I was going to have a climax with her on me. She wanted to do it from behind and I don't know what she was doing that was different, but it felt good, better than usual. As good as you do sometimes, I started shouting for her to fuck me like that more and as she did, I could feel a large climax building. I've only felt something like that once, or twice before. It just kept building and building. It was at the point that it was feeling better then most of my usual climaxes, and I wasn't there yet.

"I knew I was right there on the edge, just a few more thrusts and I would be shouting, but then she stopped. I couldn't understand why. I suddenly heard your voice and it took me a minute to realize who had spoken, then I got angry that you would dare interrupt at just the wrong moment. I turned and looked at you. It took me a second to realize why you were wearing those clothes and that you had been spying on me. That made my anger flare up even more. Shock set in, that you knew, but instead of calming the anger, the shock made it grow even more. That was when I said that about you not being able to give me a climax and that you couldn't write."

She looked ashamed, "It was a stupid thing to say. I shouldn't have said it even as angry as I was, but I didn't say it because I believed it. I said it to get back at you."

"You do satisfy me, not only sexually, but with your presence. I said that I had only experienced a climax like that once or twice. The first time was with you. I think you can remember a year ago when we were staying at the beach house. I went wild and wanted to have sex with you every way we could. You had already had two climaxes and I had had one. You were licking my slit like crazy. You would lick for a few seconds then suck hard on my clit. Each time you sucked, I jumped from the intense pleasure. I finally couldn't take it anymore and told you get up on top of me and fuck me. You made me say it twice before you moved up. I raised my legs even before you were in the right position, when I felt your hard shaft at my slit I humped against you, trying to get it in faster. I was humping even before you were halfway in. You used that new technique, of pressing down as you pushed in, we found by accident. Each time I felt you slide in pressing against the walls of my slit, I felt like I was in heaven. It had already felt better than usual and I wanted more. I started screaming for you to fuck me and you pushed in deeper and faster. I knew a big one was building and I wanted it to be huge. Soon I was so aroused that all I could think of was the ecstasy I was feeling between my legs... that you were producing.

"I couldn't take a deep breath, but I had to so I could scream when it finally hit. I think my scream startled you."

"It shocked me. I had never heard you cum like that and I thought I had gone in too deep and hurt you. I lost half my erection for a few seconds."

"I felt you pause and your shaft start to shrink, but I was too far gone to say anything. All I could do was frantically hump against you."

"Yeah, you did. I got myself going again and you screamed again, but I knew it was from pleasure that time."

"I came and came and came. God, I thought it was going to go on forever. Each climax was more powerful than anything I had felt before. When I finally recovered, I realized from your humping that you hadn't had a climax yet. I wanted to give you something special for what you had just given me."

"You did. When you started licking me, I couldn't take it. And when you started nibbling on the edges of the head of my shaft, I almost went through the roof, then you started licking where the V is on the underside and I couldn't help moving against your mouth."

"I know, you were almost screaming out your moans and I knew I had you."

"You did things you had never done before, like the biting just before I blasted, and letting me cum all over your face."

"I knew you would appreciate that and I wanted it to be special, so I just licked your V and let you shoot... You screamed that day. You started groaning very loudly thirty seconds before you came, then you let out that deep manly yell just before the first of your sperm shot out. I felt it come up through your shaft so I knew your climax had started, but I kept licking anyway. I felt your cum land on my face. It was sticky and yucky, but warm at the same time. You just kept cumming and then a blob went up my nose, but you weren't done so I kept licking. Finally, you pulled away. I looked up at you and smiled with all your cum dripping down my face.

"I was surprised by your reaction. You picked me up and almost threw me on the bed. Then you climbed on top and stuck your still hard shaft into my slit. Then you started jamming it in and out. I was excited enough still that I liked it. It took so long, that I had another climax as you fucked me hard. It was a smaller one, but it still felt good. Finally, you came again and rolled off, panting. I loved that session."

"Which is why you did it with her?"

"I'm sorry, but it felt so good that I wanted to experience it again and again."

They sat in silence for a minute and finally she said, "Maybe I should be going..."

"Yeah, I'll take you home."

She got her stuff and he took her back to her place, and then went back to the house.

A few days later Jack was typing out another story when there was a knock at his door, he got up to answer it even though he had his bathrobe on. He did have shorts on underneath it, so he dressed, but he didn't want whoever it was to stay long. He figured they might get the idea if they saw him with the robe on.

He opened the door and was shocked to see Susan standing there.

After a second he said in what he hoped was a nice sounding voice, "Hello Susan. Do you want something?"

She looked at him then glanced down, "could I come in. I want to say something to you."

He nodded and backed up, pulling the door open as he did. She stepped in and he closed it. It was at that point that she got a good look at what he was wearing.

"Uh, I...am I interrupting s...ssomething?"

"No, I'm alone if that's what you mean and I was writing, not taking a shower or anything like that."

"I... I well; I need to say something about Jennia."

He watched her eyes look at him, then fall three times, as she lightly blushed.

It hit him what her problem might be, so he said, "I'm wearing something under the robe. They are kinda short shorts, but I am not nude."

She visibly relaxed some. She still was tense, but not for the same reason he thought.

"I came over here to ask you to give Jennia another chance. I know she is depressed. I haven't spoken to her, or seen her since George said I could come back home, but she was depressed before I left her. Now, without someone there to be with, it's probably worse."

"She probably is depressed, but she made the problem."

He said the last with more bitterness than he had intended to.

Susan's head jerked up, and then she dropped her eyes again.

"I...I know what she did was bad, but...but please forgive her. She loves you and wants you. A... after all George forgave me...can't you do the same for her?"

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