Back Seat Driver


"I'm so sorry," said Shelby, "I bet you miss your Mom a lot."

"Every day," Matt replied, "She had breast cancer. By the time she was diagnosed, it was too late. Mom never was much for doctors, anyway." Matt leaned back against the fender, her eyes suddenly wet with tears. "She was so brave. We stayed with her right to the end. I thought I had cried myself out, now look at me."

Shelby hugged her lover, kissing her tears. "I'm so sorry, Matt; I can't imagine what you and your father must have gone through. I know I would miss my mother terribly if she was gone."

Matt sighed, "It was really rough on Pop. He and Mom had been married since they were teenagers. He told me it's like a part of him was torn out."

Shelby stroked Matt's damp cheek, "Don't be sad, sweetie. He'll find someone else to love, someday. Look how we have found each other."

Matt kissed Shelby's fingers, "I hope so, babe, I hope so." She shook her head, then brightened and looked at Shelby. "Got anything on tonight, love?"

"Other than being with you, not a thing," Shelby replied, giving her a kiss, "You're stuck with me, remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot," said Matt, getting a swat from Shelby, "I'll pick you up around eight and we'll go to this club I know. It's the weekend, so it'll be rocking. By the way, where do you live?" After exchanging addresses and 'phone numbers, the women reluctantly parted.

Shelby was floating as she drove home. It was all she could do to concentrate on her driving. Oh you wonderful car, she thought, thanks for breaking down. I just had mind blowing sex with the hottest woman I've ever met and now were going out on a date. I know she really likes me and I'm falling hard for her. I'm so nervous. I hope I don't screw this up like the last time with Sheryl. By a quarter of eight, Shelby had tried on most of her wardrobe, but still couldn't decide what to wear. Glancing at the clock, she decided to go with the yellow miniskirt and white cropped blouse with the plunging neckline. Thoughts of showing a lot of leg and cleavage to Matt had her excited. She slipped on her sandals and touched up her lipstick one more time. The doorbell chimed and Shelby jumped. Not too nervous, she thought, opening the door.

The woman standing before her was stunning. It was Matt, but she looked so different! No work clothes this time. Her hair was curled and she was wearing makeup, just enough to complement her pinkish white skin. She wore a light green sleeveless blouse, cut low to emphasize her large breasts and a dark green skirt. The hem cut well above the knee, exposing her firm thighs. Simple jade earrings, green purse and white sandals completed her outfit. Shelby stood gaping at the vision standing before her, her throat was dry and her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth.

"Hi Shel," said Matt, "Ready to shake it up?" Matt looked at Shelby, "Are you okay, babe? I'm on time, aren't I?"

"Oh yes, oh yes," said Shelby, gaining control. "I, I was a little surprised, I guess. You're so beautiful, I couldn't think for a minute." She blushed, "I'm so ready to go anywhere with you."

"Then let's hit it," said Matt, offering her arm, "lock up and we'll go par-tee." The surprises weren't over for Shelby. When they walked out of her building, one of the prettiest cars she had ever seen was parked in the circular drive. "Shelby," Matt said, "meet 'Maggie'. I named her after my mom."

"Oh, she's beautiful," said Shelby excitedly, "What kind of car is it?"

"A '55 Chevy Bel Air," replied Matt, beaming with pride. "Restored it myself, well, Pop helped a little. It took us over two years. How about a ride to the club in this beauty, if you don't mind being stared at, that is."

Shelby walked slowly around the car, admiring the shiny red and white paint, the brilliant chrome, the white wall tires and the gleaming wheels. It was impressive. "Oh Matt," she said excitedly, "I would be honored to ride in it with you."

Matt opened the door and waved her in, "Your carriage awaits, m'lady, by the way, nice legs." Shelby blushed again. Mmmm, Matt thought, this woman makes me so hot I can't stand it. Matt talked about the car as they drove to the club, but Shelby was looking at Matt, not really listening to what she was saying. Matt's long legs, her full breasts and luscious lips commanded all of Shelby's attention. She wanted her tongue in Matt's pussy and couldn't concentrate.

"... tore down and rebuilt the 327, put on dual carbs and pipes, hooked up a Hurst shifter, yeah, I know it's not stock, but it's pretty cool..." Matt was saying as they drove to the unassuming entrance of the club. The valet, a young man looking barely out of high school, walked up, smiling at Matt.

"Hi, Ms. Callahan, how's it goin'? Taking 'Maggie' out for a drive tonight? Special occasion, I bet."

"Yep," said Matt, "In fact, here she is. Shelby Foster, meet Jim Greene. Jim always takes good care of 'Maggie'." Jim opened the doors for Shelby and Matt. As she was getting out, Matt handed the boy a Twenty and the keys, "Keep her safe for me, Jim."

"I'll put her in the secured lot, Ms. Callahan," he replied, sliding carefully behind the wheel and driving away. Shelby liked the club immediately. Matt told her it was called simply, 'The Place', a place to drink, dance and have fun. Entertainment was supplied by a five piece band that could play just about any style of music and a disc jockey during the breaks with about a million CD's he could choose from. "No ones stumped him yet with a request," laughed Matt.

Shelby also noticed the patrons were a cross section of the city's population. Men and women, young and old, black, brown and white, gay and straight; everyone was just having a good time. She understood why Matt liked it so much. And everyone seemed to know Matt. Shelby had met so many people after they had been there for a few hours, she couldn't remember all their names. They talked to everyone, but mostly they danced, both to the fast tunes and the slow ones. Shelby really liked the slow ones. She loved being in Matt's arms, holding her close, feeling her heart beat. No one gave them a second glance. They were just another couple on the dance floor.

During the pauses between sets, Matt drank the dark beers on tap, Shelby preferring white wine. As the evening wore on, they were both getting a little drunk. They were also thoroughly aroused. Shelby wanted Matt so badly she couldn't stand it. They were having so much fun, she didn't want to leave; but she wanted to be between Matt's legs, licking her pussy until she screamed. Matt was lusting for Shelby as well. The way she shook her booty and rubbed against her on the dance floor was more than Matt could bear. It was taking every bit of her will power not to pull Shelby into a dark corner and eat her juicy cunt all night long.

Suddenly, Matt saw Johnnie Owens the club's owner,walking her way. She had helped him install a new transmission in his 1952 Hudson Hornet, so he owed her a favor. When Shelby returned from the Lady's Room, she saw the two talking and smiling. After a brief introduction, Johnnie walked away.

"What were you two talking about?" Shelby asked.

Matt didn't answer her. "Grab your purse, babe," she said, "There's another part of the club I want you to see." They walked down a short hallway that Shelby had not seen before, despite her trips to the bar and the Lady's room. Matt opened a green metal door with the key Dave had given her. They stepped into a large furnished room. Shelby was at first surprised, and then she knew. "Dave rents this place some times," Matt said, "but it's ours tonight."

Locking the door behind them, she took Shelby in her arms. Shelby was shaking with desire as Matt kissed her repeatedly and nibbled on her neck. Shelby felt her knees becoming weak as she held Matt tightly in her arms. Matt could see the lust in Shelby's eyes and knew that they mirrored her own. Her hands shook as she began to undress her lover, who in turn began to undress her. In a moment, both women were naked. Eagerly resuming their embrace, they placed soft kisses on each others lips, eyes, and foreheads; sweet kisses, the kisses only lovers know. As they kissed, they began to slowly caress each other, discovering every curve and crevice of their partner's body. Gone was the urgency of their first, frantic fucking in the park, this was to be a slow, tender loving, a merging of their bodies and their souls. Holding hands, they walked towards the large bed in the corner of the room. Pulling back the covers, they lay back on the cool sheets, pillows cradling their heads. Holding Shelby's hand, Matt felt as if her heart would burst. She was about to make love once more to the most exciting woman she had ever met. Shivering in anticipation, she rolled on her side, staring at Shelby's beautiful face. Her lover laid perfectly still, her breasts slowly rising and falling as she breathed, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. Matt leaned over Shelby, kissing her face and lips, inhaling the fragrance of perfume and sweat from their evening of dancing. Shelby opened her eyes and looked at her adoringly. "Make love to me Matt", she whispered, "make love to me all night long." She closed her eyes once more and trembled as she awaited her lovers touch.

Matt began to stroke Shelby's body, caressing every inch of skin. She licked the pebbly aureole of each beautiful breast, over and over, sucking each rock hard nipple deep in her mouth. Shelby writhed and moaned, begging her to move further down. She wanted Matt's mouth on her sopping pussy, but was unwilling to end the caresses and licks that were sending ripples of pleasure through her. Her clit was swelling, throbbing with her need. Now Matt's tongue was probing her belly button, licking the silky tummy flesh, ruffling her pubic hair. She could endure it no longer, "Please Matt," she gasped, "eat my pussy, lick it, suck it, it's yours, my love, it's yours."

Matt slid down the bed, licking Shelby's legs. Spreading them apart, she lay on her tummy, kissing and nipping gently on the flesh of each firm thigh. Shelby's hips began to jerk as she continued to beg Matt to eat her, eat her. Finally, Matt gripped Shelby's thighs in her strong hands, bringing the drooling pussy to her mouth. She nibbled and licked the puffy outer lips, then darted her tongue in and out of the pink hole, nuzzling the throbbing clit with her nose. Shelby dug her heels into the mattress and clawed at the sheets. Her senses were swimming, floating in a red haze. "Ohhhh, Matt, please, please, suck me, eat me, bite me, ahhhhhh."

Matt didn't want to stop loving Shelby's delicious pussy. She eagerly licked and swallowed the sweet juices, sucking the inner lips into her mouth, exploring the soft walls with her tongue. Feeling the warm, wet muscle deep inside her body, Shelby clamped her thighs against Matt's head, trapping her face in the depths of her pussy. She felt her orgasm building, building. She began to whimper, her throat constricting, muscles in her neck tightening.

Matt felt her lover beginning to cum and launched a final assault on her gushing pussy. She sucked hard on Shelby's clit, worrying it with her tongue, plunging four fingers deep into the creamy depths. She wanted to fist her lover, but didn't think she was ready for it, yet. Shelby's hips rose from the mattress as she bucked and thrashed. Matt held on like a bulldog, driving her fingers harder into the juicy cunt, inhaling Shelby's throbbing clit. Shelby shrieked and howled, "Aaahhhh, ohhhhh, fuck me lover, fuck me, fuck meeeeee..." her orgasms rolling over her like ocean waves.

Matt choked and swallowed desperately. She was drowning in Shelby's juicy cum and enjoying every second of it. She couldn't catch her breath, her face and hair were soaked, but she still wanted more. Shelby gave a final wail, shuddered and fell back limp on the bed. Matt looked up and saw only the whites of her eyes. Moving up the bed, she cradled her lover in her arms, crooning softly, "Shel, Shel, sweetie, come back, baby, come back to me, please."

Shelby moaned as her senses returned. When she could focus again, she saw the concern on Matt's face. "I'm okay, darling," she smiled weakly, "talk about a mind bending orgasm, I think I had five. My goddess, woman, you are nothing short of incredible." Matt hugged her tightly, relieved that she was okay. After a few minutes, Shelby stretched and sighed. Sitting up, she gripped Matt by her broad shoulders, pushing her body to the mattress. "Now, it's your turn," she said, grinning.

Matt smiled back at her, "You're sure you're up to it? You came pretty hard."

"Oh yes," Shelby replied, "I'll always be ready for you." She straddled Matt's waist, "You're going to enjoy this, my love. I'm taking you to paradise."

Matt never wanted to leave that bed. Shelby's warm lips, darting tongue and delicate fingers were touching her everywhere. Her lover was finding erogenous zones Matt never knew she had. The hollow of her neck, her armpits, the backs of her knees, Matt was awash in pleasure. "Sweetie," Shelby said her voice thick with lust, "I want you to roll over on your tummy. I'm going to make love to that delicious ass of yours." Matt's senses were on overload. Shelby somehow knew how sensitive she was back there. This woman was wonderful.

Matt rolled over eagerly, getting on her knees and putting her head on the pillow. She thrust her butt high in the air, shivering as she awaited Shelby's touch. Shelby was entranced by Matt's glorious ass. She licked and sucked each butt cheek until they glistened with saliva. The pinkish brown, puckered hole drew Shelby's tongue like a magnet. She began rimming it, enjoying Matt's gasps as she licked closer and closer to her treasure. With one more saliva filled lick, she stiffened her tongue and began to burrow it into the wrinkled orifice. Matt screamed with delight as Shelby's probing tongue slipped past the ring of muscle into her pulsing asshole. The hot, wet intruder exploring her tender inner flesh was sheer ecstasy.

Pulling out her tongue, Shelby lubricated two fingers with pussy juice and plunged them into the puckered hole past the knuckles. Simultaneously, she thrust three fingers of her other hand into Matt's gushing pussy, rotating them rapidly. Matt felt as if she would faint, but held on, wanting the sensations to last. Shelby's magic fingers in her pussy and asshole were sending her into orbit. She pushed back frantically onto Shelby's fingers, trying to drive them deeper into her holes. "Ohhhh, fuckkk," she wailed, "please, baby, please, fuck my asshole, fuck my pussy, fuck them, ahhhhhh..."

Shelby pumped harder adding another finger to the two already in Matt's ass. Matt almost tore the pillow in half. She had never been fucked like this in her life! She was beyond rapture, beyond any feelings she had ever had before. Knowing that the person bringing her such pleasure was the one she loved intensified the sensations. Suddenly her orgasm slammed into her, "Unnnhhh, my sweet baby, my love, I'm cumming, I'm cumminggg, eeeeeehhhh..." Matt's body stiffened, locking her pussy and ass muscles around Shelby's fingers. She spiraled through one orgasm after another until she collapsed on the bed.

Shelby carefully pulled her fingers free, scooting up the bed to check on her lover. Seeing Matt was okay, she carefully licked each coated finger, savoring the juices. Matt was curled up in a fetal position, snoring softly. Shelby pulled the blanket over them and cuddled with her sweetheart, reliving the wonderful day they had together. Relaxed and happy, she too fell asleep. When the women hadn't appeared by 3 a.m., Johnnie closed the club and left. They can let themselves out, he thought, sweet dreams, ladies. Shelby awoke in an unfamiliar place and momentarily panicked. Then she felt Matt's body next to her and relaxed. Gently rolling over, she saw a digital clock on the nightstand. Ten-thirty, did that say ten-thirty. What day was this? Had she missed work? She began to panic again. "Matt, sweetie, wake up, we have to leave, and we have to go, now."

Matt opened one eye and looked at the chestnut haired beauty next to her. "Well, good morning to you too. What's got you so jumpy all of a sudden?"

"Oh Matt," Shelby replied, "I'm sorry I was so abrupt. Good morning, my love. I was just scared we had over slept into the week."

"Relax, sweetie," Matt chuckled, "unless my ears are ringing from all that great sex last night, those are church bells I hear. It's Sunday, babe."

Shelby immediately relaxed and began kissing her red haired sweetheart, "Ohhh, it was so wonderful last night, I love you so much, I cant believe we've just met and I already feel we've been together for ages."

Matt kissed her back, "Yeah, it's really weird how this all happened so fast, it's almost as if..." She sat bolt upright in bed. "Oh shit, oh shit, Sunday, today's Sunday, what time is it? Oh shit, we're gonna be late." She jumped from the bed and began dressing frantically.

Shelby began dressing too. "Where are we going?" she asked, "Where are we supposed to be?" They had begun to refer to themselves as 'we', not even realizing it.

"The Quarterly Vintage Car Show at the Fairgrounds, sweetie," Matt replied, pulling on her sandals, "The rest of the club won't let me forget it if we're not there with 'Maggie'. She always brings home a trophy."

"What club is this?" Shelby asked. "Can I join and be with you?"

"I'll explain as we go, babe," said Matt, "We gotta run." Letting themselves out through the rear door, they found 'Maggie' in the secured lot around the corner and were on their way.

Matt drove Shelby to her apartment to wash and change clothes. "What shall I wear, Matt?" she asked.

"Jeans and a t-shirt is fine babe, nothin' fancy for The 'Double Duce's'." Matt explained that the 'Double Duce's' Car Club always brought their cars to the quarterly show. Matt, being a senior member and past President, felt obligated to be there, but she also wanted Shelby to be with her today. Okay, she thought, let's see how she likes being a part of my life this afternoon. Matt really hoped she would enjoy herself. She knew she was in love with Shelby and wanted her with her always. They drove back to Matt's so she could wash and change, then it was off to the fairgrounds. Shelby was happy to be with Matt, and that she was taking her to the car show. We're a couple, already, she thought. I want to be with her all the time, doing everything together, I love her so much. When they arrived at the fairgrounds, Shelby was in awe at the number of cars on display, row upon row of them. Paint waxed and glowing, chrome shining; white wall tires and continental kits, 'dog dish' hubcaps and fender skirts. Shelby felt like she had stepped back in time, this was going to be fun. As usual, Matt seemed to know everyone, stopping to talk again and again as they drove to the 'Double Duce's' display area. As Matt parked 'Maggie' in her assigned space, Shelby heard someone holler, "Hey Red, where the hell have you been and who's the skirt?"

She looked to her right and saw Elvis Presley getting out of a purple convertible. At least it looked like Elvis, white jumpsuit, rhinestones and all. Matt jumped out of the Chevy and grabbed 'Elvis' by the shoulders, shaking him roughly. "Billy, how the hell are you, when did you get back from Vegas?"

"Just last week, little momma," said 'Elvis'. He looks and sounds just like him, Shelby thought, walking shyly up to them.

"So," Billy was saying, "Are you still queer, or do you wanna be my teddy bear?"

Matt punched him in the shoulder and laughed, "Still queer, just like you. Hey, where's that stock broker you've been screwing lately, he find another guy?"

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