Back Seat Driver


"Nah," replied Billy, "He had to go to his mommy's for dinner this afternoon, the little pansy." Before Matt could introduce them he stuck his hand out to Shelby. "Hi there, pretty lady, I'm Billy Connor."

Shelby giggled, "Hi 'Elvis', uh, Billy, Shelby Foster. How long have you and Matt been friends?"

"Over four years now," said Billy. "We met when she did an emergency repair on my Caddy after I had done a gig at 'The Place. We hit it off and we've been friends ever since."

"What a pretty car," said Shelby, "what kind is it?"

"That's a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado", Billy said proudly, "white roll and pleated leather interior, purple carpet on the floor. Just like 'The King'." Matt stood grinning during the exchange, her arm around Shelby's waist. She knows so many interesting people, thought Shelby, what a fascinating woman I'm with.

A small crowd began to gather around Matt and Billy, all discussing their cars. Soon, Shelby had met all the 'Double Deuces' members, as well as a unique assortment of other people with one thing in common, their cars. Shelby knew some of the car makes, but some were strange to her; Packard, Kaiser-Frazer, Nash, Studebaker, Edsel, Willy's, Hudson. Shelby had no idea there were so many cars that were no longer manufactured, but here they were, shining like new.

Matt walked her up and down the rows of cars, telling her about them. Shelby was so happy. Matt liked cars, she loved being with Matt, everything was fine as far as she was concerned. Then the show was coming to an end. 'Maggie' had won a trophy, "Her eighth," said Matt proudly. Then it was time to go home. Oh no, thought Shelby, the weekends over and I have to go to work tomorrow. I want to stay with Matt. I don't want to go to my apartment; I want to go home with her.

They rode back to Shelby's apartment in silence, her head resting on Matt's shoulder, both lost in thought. Matt pulled up to the door of her building and parked. Shelby didn't want to get out of the car. She lifted her head from Matt's shoulder, her eyes wet with tears. She looked at Matt and saw she was crying too. "I don't want you to go, babe," said Matt, wiping her eyes with her t-shirt sleeve, "Not now, now that we've found each other, come home with me, stay with me, I love you."

Shelby hugged Matt and began to kiss her again and again, tears running down her face. "Oh Matt, I love you so much, I don't want to ever leave you. I want to be with you always."

"Then hurry up there and pack a bag," Matt replied. "I'll circle the block 'till you come down."

The red and white Chevrolet rolled into Matt's garage and the door closed. Shelby had rushed through her apartment picking out clothes and other essentials in record time, shoving it all in a suitcase; they would get the rest the next weekend. Matt lived on the ground floor of the house that she and Pop shared. He lived upstairs and had his own entrance. They respected each others privacy, so Shelby didn't feel uncomfortable about moving in. They sat quietly in the cool of the garage, cuddling and kissing. Their elation in being together soon took a more passionate turn. Matt caressed Shelby's breast through the T-shirt. "Let's go inside, babe, where things are more comfy."

Shelby was feeling naughty. "I want to go in the back seat, sweetie, its comfy back there."

Matt looked at her and grinned, "You sure about that, lover? I have a big, soft bed inside."

Shelby opened the car door and began to pull her clothes off. "Put a blanket back there, babe, that vinyl is cold."

Matt pulled the front seat forward, got out on her side and began to strip. "Won't be cold for long," she laughed, opening the back doors. Unlocking the trunk, she reached inside, "One blanket, coming up." And something else, too, she thought excitedly.

Naked once again, the women luxuriated in the touch of their skin, feeling fire in each contact. Matt cupped Shelby's breasts, sucking on each nipple. Shelby straddled Matt's waist, her soft hands moving down to mold her lover's ass cheeks. Matt slid two fingers into Shelby's moist pussy. Shelby moaned, pushing her finger from each hand in Matt's tight asshole. Shelby's foot brushed against a plastic tote bag half hidden under the front seat.

"Matt, oooh, that feels good. Matt, mmmmm, what's in the bag?"

"It's a surprise, uhhhhh, deeper, babe. It's a surprise for later."

"I want the surprise now, ahhhh, so good, please Matt."

Matt took her fingers out of Shelby's pussy and reached for the bag, "Think you can handle this beauty, my love?"

Shelby stopped fingering Matt's asshole and watched in amazement as Matt removed the largest strap on she had ever seen and a tube of lubricant from the bag. The dildo was huge and bright pink, at least two inches thick with a purple head. "Oh Matt," she gasped, "it's wonderful, is that all for me?"

"Well, nine inches of it is yours, I get the other four and the tickler," Matt replied, fastening the false cock to the harness and rubbing lube on both ends. Shelby was quivering with desire. The woman she loved was about to fuck her silly in the back seat of a car and she couldn't wait. Matt moaned as she slid the short end of the dildo into her slick pussy, the ridges rubbing her clit as the upturned tickler searched for her G-spot. Buckling the straps around her hips, she sat back on the seat and motioned Shelby to straddle her, the nine inch phallus waving to and fro. Shelby spread her legs, kneeling on the seat facing Matt, her breasts brushing her lover's hair. "Take it slow, babe," Matt cautioned, "That's a lot of cock for any pussy, don't want you hurting yourself."

"I'll be careful," Shelby replied, wondering how much of this pink monster she could handle. "Here goes," she whispered, sliding the purple head between her pussy lips. She was creaming in anticipation, fluids dripping down her thighs and onto Matt's tummy. Slowly, she lowered herself on the monster, shifting her hips. The lovers watched as it slid it in another inch, then another, then another. Shelby had never felt so full. Her pussy walls were being stretched apart, but there was no pain. She felt wonderful.

Matt watched, her lust growing as Shelby slowly impaled herself on the false dick. Every time she wiggled another inch into her, Matt's end wiggled, the ridges rubbing her throbbing clit. Then the tickler found her G-spot, adding to her sweet agony. It was all she could do not to grab Shelby's hips, ramming the dildo deep inside and fucking her senseless. She did not want to hurt her, so she waited, beads of sweat running down her face. Shelby continued to move lower, inch by sweet inch, until she felt Matt's belly against hers, their breasts rubbing together.

"Oh my goddess," she gasped, "It's in me, you're all the way in me, fuck me, my love, fuck me."

Matt grasped Shelby by the waist and they kissed. "Let's take this one for a test run, beautiful," she purred in her lovers' ear.

They began with a smooth rocking rhythm, getting used to being filled and stimulated together. Shelby leaned back on her knees, gripping the seat back for balance, pulling several inches out and thrusting back down. Soon, the purple head was spreading her slick pussy lips before she pushed down on her lover's cock. Her deep thrusts were ramming the short end deep into Matt's sopping pussy, increasing the delicious friction on her clit and G-spot.

Shelby began to scream. "Fuck me Matt, fuck me, fuck me, ahhhhh, it's so good, so good."

Matt threw her head against the seat back, her senses overloading. "Oohhhh, oh yeahhh, baby, take it all, fuck my cock, fuck my cock."

Matt was about to cum and she wanted Shelby to cum with her. She grabbed Shelby's bouncing breasts in her hands, rubbing the hard nipples with her thumbs. Shelby threw back her head and howled, the stimulation of her breasts sending bolts of pleasure through her. She ground her throbbing clit again and again on the base of the plastic cock, her orgasm smashing through her like a runaway train. Matt's hands flew to Shelby's hips, thrusting the hard plastic shaft into them both, her orgasm ripping through her.

They erupted together, screaming and crying, thrashing frantically as wave after wave crashed over them. They continued to cum and cum until Shelby could take no more. She lifted up and rolled away from Matt, the huge cock slurping out of her soaking pussy. She sat gasping until the orgasmic pulsing finally subsided. Matt slumped on the seat, moaning softly, the pink monster bobbing as her chest heaved. Shelby slid over and unbuckled the dildos straps from around Matt's hips, pulling the short end from Matt's gushing pussy. It made a wet, sucking sound as it came free. Matt looked at Shelby through half closed eyes and smiled weakly, "Thanks, babe. Oh man, what a ride." The lovers embraced and began to recover from their overwhelming sensations. "Just when I think it can't get any better," Shelby sighed, "you amaze me again. Where did you get that monster, anyway?"

"Where else, the internet," Matt laughed. "I've been saving it for a special occasion."

"I'm flattered," said Shelby, reaching behind her and picking up the 'monster', "But now the special occasion wants a turn."

Matt's eyes widened, "You want to go again, my darling sex kitten?"

Shelby nodded, "Oh yes, I want you all the time, my love, you're so adorable, I can't keep my hands off you."

Matt put fresh lube on the 'monster' and pushed the short end into Shelby's juicy pussy. She sighed as Matt buckled the straps around her hips, pushing the tickler against her G-spot. "Oh Matt, this feels heavenly, I can't wait to fuck you with it." Shelby sat back on the seat and pulled Matt to her, "C'mon, now you ride my big cock, sweetie." She wiggled her hips, making the dildo wave to and fro.

Matt looked at Shelby. "Not that way, babe, I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Shelby was stunned. "No, sweetie, no way, I'll hurt you, I don't want to hurt you."

"You wont hurt me, babe," said Matt. "I want you to do this, I trust you."

A tear trickled down Shelby's cheek. "Okay, I'll do it, but you tell me the second it hurts and I'll stop."

Matt got on her hands and knees, putting her head on the seat, pushing her ass in the air. "Lube me up, babe; put that beauty in my butt hole."


Shelby was frightened, but she was also getting turned on. Her pussy clenched on the dildo and she was creaming freely. The thought of fucking her lovers ass was making her light headed. Following Matt's instructions, she put lube on three of her fingers and in the puckered hole. She pushed her fingers in as far as they would go, rotating them as Matt moaned. After a minute or two, she was ready. Matt was urging her on, begging her to fuck her ass. Shelby held the false cock in one trembling hand, guiding it to its target. She tentatively pushed with her hips, watching with fascination as the purple head disappeared in the puckered hole, followed by two inches of the shaft.

Matt moaned louder, "More, babe, please, I can take it, more." She began to rock backwards, flexing her anal muscles, pushing the shaft in even deeper. Despite her fear, Shelby began to fuck Matt's ass harder. The short cock in her pussy was scrubbing her clit and her G-spot, driving her wild. Grabbing Matt's hips she rammed into her lover, grunting with each thrust, awash in the sensations she was receiving in her sopping pussy. Matt was in ecstasy, she could feel Shelby's pubic hair against her ass cheeks; it was all the way in her asshole. There was no pain, only indescribable pleasure. Shelby began to moan, her pussy was on fire. She wanted to scream as she pounded Matt's asshole with all her might. Matt was on all fours, ramming back on the dildo, meeting Shelby's frantic thrusts. Her orgasm boiled within her, every nerve ending tingling; she was close, so close.

"Shel," she screamed, "Shel, touch my cllt, please baby, rub it, Oh please, please, I need to cum, I need..." Shelby pressed her breasts against Matt's back, finding her lover's dripping pussy with one hand, the other squeezing her heaving breast. She rubbed Matt's clit and pinched her stiff nipple, grinding her hips savagely against her lovers gripping ass. Matt's body went rigid, anal muscles clutching the dildo like a vise. Her orgasms were upon her, consuming her, devouring her. She screamed and screamed overcome by the intensity. She thought she might die, it felt so good. Shelby howled as the short cock thrust deep in her pussy as Matt's body slammed against her. Her clit and G-spot over stimulated, she felt as if she was falling. Her sobbing wails merged with Matt's screams as her orgasms ripped and shook her to her very core. Then all went black. When Shelby awoke, she was lying on a couch in Matt's living room. Matt was bathing her face with a wet cloth as she held her head in her lap. "Hey there, sexy," said Matt, "About time you woke up."

"How long was I out?" Shelby asked. "Oh my goddess, that was so intense."

"Oh, about ten minutes or so," Matt replied, "You want something to drink?"

"Yes, sweetie," said Shelby, "I'm so thirsty and my throats a little sore."

Matt grinned, "I'm not surprised, all that screechin' we did. I'm glad the garage is soundproofed, don't wanna disturb the neighbors, or Pop for that matter. Is Pink Lemonade okay with you?" Matt took a moment to show Shelby her home, decorated in 1950's style, which Shelby found adorable. All the funny furniture, lamps and tables; it seemed so right to her. They returned to the living room and cuddled up on the burnt orange sectional couch.

Sipping their drinks, the lovers discussed the last two days and agreed that they had been the most amazing of their lives to date. "I still can't believe this isn't all a dream," Shelby said, caressing Matt's face, "I never want to wake up alone again."

"It's no dream, babe," Matt replied, "But we better get some sleep. We'll get your stuff out of 'Maggie's' trunk in the morning."

"I'm thinking I'll call in sick tomorrow," Shelby replied, "Besides, my pussy hurts, but in a good way."

"Your pussy," Matt laughed, "what about my ass, I thought you were lookin' for oil there, the way you were drillin'." She gathered up their clothes, "C'mon, let's catch some z's."

Shelby giggled, "Us, in bed, naked? I don't think sleep is an option." She was right of course, but eventually they did drift off. Wrapped in each others arms, they dreamt of their new life together. Matt and Shelby fell more in love each day. Being away from one another for any length of time had become unbearable. The job that Shelby had once found interesting seemed dull compared to the colorful atmosphere of Dave's Garage. All the interesting people that brought their cars in for repairs were more fun than boring balance sheets. Finally, Shelby left her job to be with Matt, she missed her so. "Okay," said Matt, laughing, "I guess I'll put you to work in the garage."

Matt began training Shelby to be a mechanic, much as her father had trained her. Shelby was a fast learner, plus she wanted to help her lover any way she could. She began by assisting Matt and Pop, but soon she was making repairs by herself. Word got around that there were two sexy woman mechanics at Dave's that could fix anything on four wheels. Business was booming. Dave worked at the garage less and less as time went on. 'His girls' were doing fine by themselves. It was time to do a little fishing, join a bowling team, and even go out on a date.

Shelby became a member of the 'Double Deuces' Car Club with Matt as her sponsor. Soon 'Baby', as she named her convertible, was on display with 'Maggie' at the car shows. 'Baby' began to earn some trophies of its own, much to Shelby and Matt's delight. Now they had two winners in the 'family'. One rainy Saturday, Matt and Shelby lay in bed, luxuriating in the afterglow of lovemaking. They had spent the morning pleasuring each other with their growing collection of toys. After they had enjoyed multiple orgasms, Matt called a halt, saying she needed to rest for a minute.

"Babe," said Matt, looking serious, "I want to ask you something."

"The answer is yes," Shelby replied, "but I want to be on top this time."

Matt laughed, "That's not exactly what I meant, my sexy angel."

She reached into the drawer of the night stand, removed a small box covered in blue felt and handed it to Shelby. Her eyes grew wide when she opened it. Two of the most beautiful diamond rings she had ever seen were inside.

"Shelby Foster," said Matt, her voice breaking. "Will you marry me? Will you become my partner, will you be my wife?"

Shelby almost knocked them both off the bed as she hugged Matt with all her might. "Oh yes, my sweetheart, my darling, yes, yes, yes." She began to cry tears of happiness as Matt held her close, nuzzling her soft brown hair. Matt and Shelby were wed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Waterside Park. Dave, Billy, Johnnie and their many friends from the car clubs and 'The Place' in attendance. Matt looked stunning in her tailored tuxedo, Shelby was radiant in her flowing white gown. Shelby's parents could not attend, but sent their love. Matt and Shelby had written their own vows, reading them as they exchanged rings.

Matt spoke first. "Shelby, you are the love of my life. You are the sunshine of my days, the moonlight of my nights. I will love you until the stars grow cold and the mountains crumble into dust. Please accept this ring to become my partner and my wife." *

A tear trickled down her cheek as Shelby replied, "Mattie, my wonderful Matt, I love you more than life itself. As long as there is breath in my body, I will love you. I cannot and could not imagine life without you. Please accept this ring to become my partner and my wife."

When they finished speaking and exchanged rings, the wedding guests were profoundly moved. Everyone was humbled by Matt and Shelby's love for one another being expressed so beautifully. Even as the Minister pronounced them Partner and Wife, she wiped tears from her cheeks. Then they joined hands, lighting their Commitment Candle as the 'Place' band played 'Love Me Tender', accompanied, of course, by Billy.

The reception was held at 'The Place' across town. Johnnie opened it just for them. It seemed every vintage car in the city was in the wedding procession. The newlyweds rode in the lead car, a pearlescent white 1956 Packard Caribbean convertible with the top down. They waved and laughed from the back seat as people stopped and stared at the parade of vintage automobiles. The party lasted into the wee hours of the morning, ending with Billy performing a medley of Elvis' greatest hits. Then it was time to leave. Matt carried Shelby over the threshold of their front door saying, "Welcome home, Ms. Shelby Foster-Callahan."

They walked to the bedroom, shedding their wedding clothes. After sitting on the side of the bed for a few minutes, kissing and hugging; Shelby said, "This is a very special occasion, my love, get the 'pink monster'."

Matt arose from the bed, taking the 'monster' from a drawer and rubbing lube on both ends. Shelby watched eagerly as Matt slid the short end into her wet slit. Lying back on the cool sheets, she spread her legs wide, pussy glistening in the lamplight. "Oh Matt," she moaned, "Hurry, please, come fuck your new wife, I want you so bad."

Matt's hands were shaking with desire. She could hardly buckle the straps. Then she was done. Crawling on her knees between Shelby's legs, she leaned forward and kissed her repeatedly, their stiff nipples rubbing together. Shelby was going wild with lust, "Please, sweetie, fuck me; give it to me, please."

Matt slipped the purple head between Shelby's slick nether lips, kissing her passionately. Then with one thrust, she buried all nine inches of the dildo into her new partners gushing pussy. Shelby gasped, wrapping her arms and legs around Matt, hugging her so tightly she could hardly breathe. Their hips began to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

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