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Back to Reno


Lee and I wanted to head back to Reno. The last trip there, we had made what best can be described as a huge score, enough money that we really had no need for more.

I suppose I could have simply retired, but the fact is, I like what I do! Working as a Massage Therapist has it's rewards. I get to touch women on a daily basis, and also look at them in various stages of nudity, which I concede I very much enjoy.

I also get to teach at a local College, and the students are often young, in shape and attractive, another bonus.

Having adequate available capital is simply the plum on the pudding.

But Summers can be boring, it seems that clients drop off, and while I do teach summer classes, they are usually small groups. The summer courses are more advanced, too, so most of the students are already experienced.

I prefer the Fall classes, and I always get a kick out of watching some young gal when it hits her that she will need to drop her bra and panties, lay down on a table under a thin sheet, and let one of her classmates rub her legs and fanny in front of the whole class!

It is a real fun to watch them progress from turning bright red with embarrassment to just dropping the clothes and hopping on the table stark naked as they get used to the scenario. The girls will squirm early in the season when one of the male students will get a giant erection, then later on they are talking about how to do certain types of muscle releases while getting around the hard on sticking straight up, almost like they don't notice!

So when I walked in the door at home and Lee greeted me with a booking to Reno, I was pleased to look forward to a few days of fun.

We hopped the plane, and a couple hours later we were in our room. We went whole hog, one of the "Player's suites" they called it. Several rooms, well stocked bar, even an ice machine right in the room, and a small refrigerator filled with about every kind of snack one could imagine. All on the house, too! We were thinking they wanted to get some of their money back, especially since a limousine met us at the airport!

I was almost sure of that when I saw that one of the house therapists, Debbie, was booked to give me a massage each day at 4 PM.

I was thinking life is good, Lee and I went down and played a few slots with not much success, then 4 PM was getting close so I went up to the room to shower up for the massage. Debbie arrived right on time, and we had a nice normal session. She did bump my dick around a bit, and not getting much reaction, she asked me if I was "In the mood?" I really wasn't but it was nice to know that service was available, and I made a mental note of it. She gave me the chit to sign as she was leaving, even the massage was on the house this trip! I was starting to like this place...

I went back to the Casino, and finally found Lee sitting at a $10 slot machine, absentmindedly pushing the button while talking to a tall good looking man about my age.

Suddenly I was interested, I stood back out of sight and watched for awhile.

She was flipping her shoe, reaching up and touching her hair, all the signs that I know so well. Lee was interested in this guy!

Finally I walked over and said hi, Lee introduced the fellow as Hal. I shook his hand, looking him over a bit. He was about my age, in his 50's, maybe an inch or so shorter and in shape. He was dressed in what looked like a couple of grand worth of suit, quite a contrast to my blue jeans and Levi's shirt.

Lee's halter top didn't leave a lot to the imagination, and her tight white shorts really didn't either.

Hal finally excused himself and left, a bit reluctantly it seemed. I mentioned to Lee that it looked like she had found a boyfriend, she just gave me that dazzling smile of hers. I felt a little twitch in my underwear at the possibilities. "Don't tell me you are jealous!" she said.

"No, not really," I answered. Then I blurted out, "This time I want to watch!" Lee looked at me with a funny look, "You've watched" she said.

"No, usually I am involved with someone else and don't get to!" I replied, feeling myself starting to get excited.

"Hmmm...we shall see!" she said with a giggle. Then she showed me Hal's card, with his room number scrawled on it.

Lee turned back to the slot machine just as a nice $2000 pay came up. She let out a squeal, and started gathering the coins. "Back to even!" she said, with a grin...

I thought about that for a second, and just shrugged. Then I wandered off to my favorite machine, a $1 triple diamond that seems to like me. I played for a couple of hours, ending up down a couple hundred, and then went looking for Lee again. I found her over at the dice table, a game I never play. She was squealing and hitting pretty good, I watched her flip out a $100 chip, and roll a 7 right of the bat, more squeals! "Hilarious" I thought, finally getting her attention.

We left for one of the restaurants, had a nice meal, then went down to listen to the house band playing in the lounge.

I noticed the female singer right off, she was dressed in a slinky off the shoulder outfit that seemed to sparkle in the lights, nice voice, no bra, jiggling with every motion. Lee elbowed me whispered that we needed to move up close to the stage. So we took a seat right in front, and looking up I could see why. The lady singer had a nice slit up her dress, and every time she moved just right, we go a flash of bare beaver, she had no underwear on!

Lee knows this kind of stuff drives me nuts, and she was enjoying it too, when Hal walked up.

Hal asked me if he could dance with Lee, I said sure. They got up to a fairly fast number, I went back to watching the singer. About that time, they switched to a slower number, I looked over at Lee, she was snuggled up nice and tight with Hal.

Soon they came back to the table and both sat down. "Well, do you still want to watch?" Lee smiled at me with that mischievous grin. She is nothing if not blunt!

I looked at Hal, who seemed slightly unnerved but standing his ground. "Ok!" I said, and off we went.

I opened the bar and fixed some mild drinks, Lee sat on the couch with Hal, they were simply talking as I poured the drinks.

I took up my position across from them in the big recliner. We were just making small talk when Lee hopped up and said something about changing into something more comfortable. She was back out in seconds wearing one of the house robes, a short white little thing with just a loose belt around the middle. She did a little whirl, grinned and said, "You like?" Then she went over and slipped into Hal's lap. The robe slipped open nicely, Hal reached up with his right hand and fondled Lee's left breast, her nipple was already sticking out in excitement. Then I watched as his hand went up her leg, pushing aside the bottom of the robe, up over her fanny and hip.

Lee leaned back, letting the robe fall away from the left side of her body, and Hal touched and explored.

Then she hopped up and straddled him , her back to me. I watched as her hands fumbled with his belt. In short order, she had him freed from his pants, lifting up to get his clothing aside. I could see his erection, a nice solid 7 inches, uncircumcised. Her hands wrapped around him, stoking him to full erection. Then she reached out and tripped the back of the sofa, reclining it. From my vantage point I could just barely see between her legs, she lifted up, placed the end of him against her opening, and settled down.

I watched his full length slid inside, she let out a moan, and began lifting up and down on him.

She tripped the 2nd catch which lay the back of the sofa down all the way, this lifted her completely into my view. I sat there with a rock hard erection as she then began to fuck Hal wildly. I could see her withdraw, almost all the way, then settle down, all of him would disappear inside, the reappear.

This went on for several minutes, finally she could hold back no longer. I watched as she came with a rush, then he came right behind her. I could see his juices running out of her on both sides, then they settled into a quiet little squirm.

Afterwards, they cleaned up, Lee slipped her robe back on and smiled at me. "How was that?" she said with a laugh. "Interesting" I replied, still feeling the pressure of a boner in my pants.

Hal looked at me and said, "I have never done that before!"

"What" I asked, "Made love to someone's wife?"

"No," he answered, "Just not while someone watched..."

Then he looked at me, and said, "My wife's name is Mary, will you do her while I watch?"

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