tagGroup SexBack to School: Incentive Ch. 04

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 04


Saturday was a cool, clear day, just perfect for the big game. Sarah put her rucksack in the trunk of her car as she prepared to go to the stadium. She had packed her sleeping bag, foam mattress, extra clothes, necessities, and some other camping gear she thought she might need.

Cindy was driving her own car and Samantha would be driving up with Sarah after the game...if the team won. Sarah had faith in Tim and Joe's abilities and she knew the team was motivated. She also knew that things could go wrong and wondered what else she could do. The game was being held at Westville, so they did have the home ground advantage. Sarah planned to tell the team before the game that Cindy and Samantha would also be helping her fulfill her end of the bargain when they won.

Sarah was dressed in her normal physical education outfit, skimpy running shorts with sweatpants pulled over top and her sports bra with a fleece jacket over that. She climbed into her car and drove to Westville High. Sarah had planned to arrive several hours prior to the start of the game, and was surprised to see that the bleachers were almost a third full on both sides of the field. She was even more surprised to see almost all of the team in the locker room.

"Morning, Coach," said Joe, cheerfully. "I guess we are all a little restless today. Everyone 's here except for our center, Charlie. You usually can't get him up in the morning unless you stick some dynamite under his...uh...butt."

"I noticed that there are a lot of spectators in the stands already," said Sarah.

"Getting the best seats," said Joe with a smile. "We were heading out to warm-up and stretch before we have to put on our gear. The other team should be arriving soon, so we will see you in about an hour or so."

"Um, what does the other team's arrival have to do with me?" asked Sarah.

"You don't know?" asked Tim. "I'm sorry. You're supposed to meet them in the parking lot and show them to their locker room...make sure they have everything they need."

"I thought the staff did that," stated Sarah in surprise.

"Usually they do, but not for important games," said Joe. "You'll need to hurry."

Sarah raced out of the locker room and ran down the hallway to the doors leading out to the parking lot. She sighed in relief when she saw that the buses carrying the other team had not arrived yet. Warmed by the run, Sarah shucked her jacket and sweatpants. Looking out the doors again, she saw two school buses turn off the main street and into the school's parking lot. Bracing the door open, she jogged out to greet them.

"Holy shit!...Look at dem tits!...Oh, momma!...Fuckin' A!..."

"QUIET!" yelled Coach Calricci from the front seat of the bus. He stood up and glared at all his players that were on his bus. "Get this straight because I'm only going to say this once. That is probably Coach Stevens, the Westville football coach. If any of you insult or offend her, I will bench you, and, if you don't play in the game, you don't participate in the win. Understand?"

"Yes, Coach!" came back the immediate response.

"Good! Warn the guys in the other bus, too."

Sarah slowed her progress towards the buses when she saw Principal Eversol exit his vehicle and head towards her. He was casually dressed in tan slacks, a black turtleneck, and tweed jacket. He smiled and extended his hand as they approached one another.

"Coach Stevens, it's a pleasure to see you again," he said, shaking her hand. "May I introduce Coach Mike Calricci?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you," said Sarah to Mike. "I hope your trip was uneventful."

"It was," replied Mike with a smile. "I would like to wish you the best of luck in the game."

"Would it be bad taste to wish you the worst of luck?" asked Sarah. Both men broke out laughing and Sarah said, "No, I really do wish you the best, also. Let me show your team to their locker room."

Time passed quickly and it was now fifteen minutes before the kickoff. Sarah was meeting her team in the locker room, and she had Cindy and Samantha with her. Principal Schwartz had said her encouraging words to the team and had left to return to her seat in the stadium.

"Okay, guys, we've just heard from Principal Schwartz giving us her best wishes." said Sarah. "I know you have trained hard for this game with Joe and Tim, and I also know you are ready for this game. I want you to be as motivated as you were for the Regional's. I have no doubt that you will win, but it will be a tough battle. You should know that I will be meeting you at the campsite...along with Nurse Brown and Samantha." The team gasped collectively and looked back and forth between the three women. "I'll also be bringing these along with me."

The entire team gasped again when Sarah pulled up her sports bra and her huge DD tits bounced into view. Cindy, with a sexy smile, undid the buttons to the front of her white uniform down to the waist and pulled it apart so that her large breasts sprang into view. The players turned as one to stare at Samantha to see what she would do, and then someone snickered.

"I don't have their attributes," stated Samantha, reaching up and grasping the top of the row of lockers behind her. The team watched in wonder as she raised both of her legs to the outside and hooked her heels on the top edge of the lockers she was holding on to. Mouths dropped open when the players realized that Samantha was not wearing any panties underneath her cheerleader's uniform. Samantha smiled wickedly and said, "I am very flexible. Use your imagination."

Tim sprang to his feet and exclaimed, "That's all I need to know! Let's go win this!"

To say the game was brutal would be an understatement. Tim scored a quick touchdown in the first quarter with a long pass to the end zone. The Friendship Team came back with a series of running plays that ate up time, and netted them a touchdown despite Joe's best effort. Tim maneuvered his offense around during the second quarter and managed to get to the one yard line on another long pass. An end run and the extra point made the score 14 - 7 in favor of Westville. Joe was getting better at reading the Friendship offense and was managing to hold them when the first foul of the game occurred.

Todd, a Westville defensive lineman, crossed over the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped and slammed his opponent to the ground. Both sides converged on the area as the Westville players pulled Todd away.

"What the hell was that?" hissed Joe angrily, helmet to helmet with Todd as the referee marked of the distance for a personal foul.

"Sorry," snapped Todd, still hot under the collar. "He called Miss Stevens a sleazy, slimy whore, whose only brains are in her tits."

Joe looked over. The Friendship player was sitting up, but still shaking his head as if he was dazed. Joe turned to Todd and said, "Go in."


"No buts! Go in. I'll call you back when I think you can handle it."

Todd turned and dejectedly jogged off the field as his replacement jammed on his helmet, while running out to take Todd's place. Joe walked over to the Friendship quarterback. Mark Tact, who was watching the assistant coach wave smelling salts under the lineman's nose.

"How is he?" asked Joe.

"I think he just got the wind knocked out of him, no thanks to your guy," said Mark bitterly.

"Then he shouldn't have insulted our coach," retorted Joe.

"I didn't realize you guys were so thin-skinned," scoffed Mark.

"Let's say we're very protective of her," replied Joe.

Mark looked at Joe for a second, then looked at Sarah, and then at his own coach. He took in a deep breath and shook his head before saying, "Our coach warned us not to insult her. Let's make a deal...no more insults or reprisals on either side, okay?"

"Deal," said Joe as the two of them banged fists together. "We're even, agreed?"

"Yup," said Mark before heading over to the sidelines to talk to Coach Calricci.

Joe ran over to the sidelines to inform Tim as to what had happened so Tim could tell the rest of the team. He then raced back to bring his defensive squad up to speed and plan for the next play. However, Joe read the play wrong and closed his eyes in bitter disappointment as the Friendship receiver caught the ball right in the end zone.

"Sorry, Joe, I..."

"My fault," interrupted Joe at the huddle. "Sammy, I'm going to try to make a hole. I want you to run right up my back to block the kick."

"You got it," said Sammy.

As the Friendship center hiked the ball, Joe followed in on one of his lineman and then felt himself shoved aside by Sammy. Sammy lunged forward just as the kicker connected with the ball. The ball took off into the air and Sammy just managed to get a swipe at it as it sailed upward. The Westville bleachers roared out in cheers as the ball went wide of the goalposts.

The second quarter ended without either team scoring again. The teams trudged off to the locker rooms, while the bands and cheerleaders set up for the halftime entertainment. Sarah, walking behind the team, could see that some of the steam had gone out of them. She looked back out into the stadium, stopped, and then called the team towards her.

"Guys, I want you to see this," stated Sarah as the team gathered around her.

Samantha's vaulting box and gym mats had not been set up on the field, but on the running track that surround it. Samantha started off by doing a double twist over the box and rolling out to her mat where she did her dance routine while the band played. Samantha's flips, twists, turns, kicks, and splits held the team enthralled.

"I'll remind you that Samantha will be joining us tonight," said Sarah.

"No offense, Miss Stevens, but we all thought she was gay," said Todd. "She doesn't go out on dates or doing anything with the guys in school."

"Let's say, she has higher expectations than most of guys have shown her," stated Sarah. "C'mon, to the locker room."

Back in the locker room, Sarah said to the team, "You've taken on the number one team in the state and are winning, but we haven't beaten them yet. You know what is at stake." Sarah walked over to an easel and pulled off the cloth which had been draped over it. Underneath was a life-size cutout of Sarah completely naked. She was standing with her ass facing the camera and her upper torso turned so that one could see the sides of her huge breasts and her smiling face. "If you want this in the flesh, then you're going to have to fight for it. I'll meet you back out on the field," and then she left the room.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not passing up the sexist teacher in the entire state," said Tim, standing up and moving next to the cutout. He kissed his hand and put it on her paper butt. He then yelled, "I'M WILLING TO FIGHT FOR HER! ARE YOU?"

The third quarter started with the teams playing with the same intensity as when they met at the first kickoff. Westville's defense held back the Friendship offense by sheer tenacity. The Friendship defense completely shut down Tim's offense. Neither team could gain an advantage and it stayed that way through most of the fourth quarter.

The two minute warning had gone off with Friendship in possession of the ball. They were steadily moving up the field, using quick snaps and running out of bounds to stop the clock. Friendship had pushed down to the thirty-eight yard line with three seconds on the clock.

"We've won! We've won!" yelled Sarah, jumping up and down.

Her mood was an indication of what everybody in the Westville bleachers felt. The score was 14 - 13 in favor of Westville and both the students and faculty felt that Friendship could not score in time. Friendship called for a timeout and both of their captains huddled down next to Coach Calricci.

"Easy, Miss Stevens," stated Tim. Sarah looked at him in surprise at the warning in his voice. "The play does not end when the time runs out. The play ends with either a tackle, an incomplete pass, or if they score."

"Oh," gasped Sarah. "Then, they still have a chance. What are they doing?"

Tim looked across the field and tried to assess what the other team may be planning. He then jumped a little.

"They're bringing out their kicker," said Tim. "They're gonna try for a field goal. Todd! Get in there!"

"...But Joe said..."

"Let Joe know they're trying for a field goal!" said Tim quickly. "Tell him I think you've been punished enough."

"Thanks, Tim," said Todd as he jammed on his helmet.

Friendship was going for the field goal. It was a long kick and the position was off to one side. The ball was snapped and Westville piled into the Friendship line to try to block the kick. Joe grimaced and jumped to try to hit the ball as it sailed over his head. He turned to watch as the ball hit the top of its arch and began to spiral downward.

"It's not gonna make it!" exclaimed Tim excitedly. "It's not gonna make it!"

Everyone watched with rapt attention and dead silence as the ball tumbled end or end towards the goalposts. Tim's happiness turned to horror as the ball barely cleared the goalpost by a scant inch. The silence was deafening for a second or two before the Friendship fans broke out in boisterous yells and screams. The Westville side of the stadium just sat in stunned shock.

"C'mon, Miss Stevens," said Tim dejectedly. "We have to do the loser's walk across the field to congratulate the winners."

"I'm so sorry, Tim," said Sarah as she walked beside him. Joe ambled over to join them. "You, too, Joe. I'm sorry. It's just..."

"We tried our best," said Joe. "That's all anyone can ask for."

Sarah walked up to Coach Calricci and shook his hand.

"Congratulations," she said with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Thank you," said Mike with sincerity. "Your boys played an excellent game. You should be proud of them."

"I am. I..." Sarah could feel the tears prickling at her eyes. She saw Principal Schwartz shaking hands with Principal Eversol. She quickly smiled at Mike and said, "If you'll please excuse me."

Sarah turned quickly and worked her way through the crowd. She was stopped by Tim and Joe who were talking to two Friendship players.

"Miss Stevens, this is Mark Tact, the quarterback, and Will Podowski, the defensive captain," said Tim. "Mark...Will...this is Miss Stevens, our coach."

"Congratulations," said Sarah, shaking both of their hands. "It was a great game."

"Coach Stevens?" asked a Friendship lineman, who had just walked up to her. "I was the guy your guy threw to the ground."

"Oh, I am so sorry he did that," apologized Sarah. "I hope you weren't hurt."

"No...no, it was entirely my fault. I insulted you and he defended you. I wanted to apologize to you for the things I said about you."

"I forgive you," said Sarah with a smile. "Emotions can get the better of us at a time like this. I..." Just then, Sarah caught sight of Principal Schwartz, with Principal Eversol and Coach Calricci, pointing at her and start walking in her direction. Depression hit her again and Sarah did not feel like talking to them right now. "I'm sorry, guys. I've got to go."

Sarah turned and walked quickly away. She was almost off the field when her arm was snagged. She stopped and turned to see who was holding onto her arm, dearly hoping it was not either of the principals.

"Hey, where are you rushing off to so fast?" asked Natalie Porter, the math teacher who had temporarily taken over the cheerleading team while Sarah was working with the football team.

"Hi," said Sarah. "I was just...uh...running up to my office for something."

"Had enough of the well-wishers?" asked Natalie rhetorically as she linked arms with Sarah and started walking towards the school. "I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but we lost. That's all there is to it."

Sarah smiled ruefully as they entered the school and headed down the hallway to her office.

"Thanks," she said to Natalie. "You know, I do feel better."

"What did I say?"

"We lost," repeated Sarah as they entered her office. "Not...You played a great game or it was so close. I feel bad about losing the game, but it was everyone's..."

"...condescending attitude and pity," finished Principal Eversol, lightly rapping on the door as he entered. Mike Calricci was right behind him. "Coach Stevens, do you realize how much your team won, even though they lost the game?"

"Please, call me Sarah. This is Natalie Porter, one of our math teachers. Natalie, This is Principal Eversol and Coach Calricci."

"Mike, please," said Coach Calricci. "The field goal was a Hail Mary play. We were out of plays, out of time, and out of steam. The field goal attempt was the only possible way we could score and win. The odds of making it were astronomical. The crosswind was working against us. The angle of the kick was all wrong, as was the distance the ball had to travel. Let's not forget your team was also on the field and they had blocked an extra point earlier."

"But your kicker did make the field goal and is now the hero of the hour," stated Natalie.

"Yes, but to those of us who know this game, we know the kick was a fluke," said Mike. "Jeremy, our kicker, is a good kid, but not that good. He'll be hailed as a hero in our school for the rest of the year, but the agents and scouts watching the game probably won't give him an offer. His stats don't support it. There are better kickers out there. The scouts will be after your two captains, the black linebacker, and a couple others."

"So, even though we lost..." Sarah started to say.

"You won," said Principal Eversol. "I'm proud that our two teams were able to meet for this game. I'm so proud that I asked Mark and Will to extend an invitation to your two captains to join us for part of our celebration. I would have invited your entire team, but our venue isn't large enough to handle them all."

"Our place is," laughed Sarah. "It's a campground that sleeps over one hundred and twenty."

"I know," said Principal Eversol with a smile. "Your captains declined our offer to stay with their team, but did invite our whole team over to join them...if we get your permission to do so."

"Uh, how many are we talking about?" asked Sarah.

"There's fifty-six on our team," stated Mike. "With your forty-eight, that's one hundred and four."

"One hundred and four!?!" gasped Sarah. "That's...that's..."

"Our kids will bring their own supplies, if that's what you are worried about," injected Mike quickly. "They have already ordered enough pizzas to sink a battleship and can bring the pizzas with them, but we have to let the players know before we leave here."

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and said, "How can I say no?"

"Terrific!" exclaimed Principal Eversol. "Our school is much closer to the campground than you are. Our team can pick up their gear and will only be forty-five to fifty minutes behind your team."

"Great," said Sarah. "I'll let our guys know."

"No need," said Principal Eversol. "We'll inform them as we leave. You do know your team was exceptional today. They did you proud."

"Oh, fuck!" sighed Sarah as she collapsed back on her chair after they left and closed the door.

"What's the matter?" asked Natalie.

"I sort of made a bet with the team," explained Sarah. "If they won, I, Cindy, and Samantha Crowe were going to fuck their brains out up at the campground. Even though they lost,...they fought so hard...played so well...that I was half-decided to go up there anyway. With the other team there, though..."

"...the more to split between the four of us," interjected Natalie.


"I was a part of this, even though, it was on with the cheerleading team," stated Natalie. "If you made that bet and still wish to fulfill it, even though we lost, I feel that I should participate. The dynamics of the group interaction should be interesting to observe."

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