tagIncest/TabooBack to the Farm Ch. 02

Back to the Farm Ch. 02


Des sat back on her heels feeling quite pleased with herself and the effect she obviously had on him. She gave a little giggle and smiled at Doug as she said, finally "Well, Hi."

He gave a wry grin as he realized they had not spoken until then and replied "It's really great to see you." He blushed a little and added, "I am sorry about that, I just couldn't hold off."

Des chuckled: "Believe me, I understand. If you've been thinking about it as much as I have, it was bound to happen."

Des stood and finding his shirt in the scattering of clothing on the floor, put it on. Even unbuttoned, it covered enough of her to give her the small feeling of modesty that she needed. She was in her mid 40's and carried a few extra pounds. Enough to make her voluptuous but not fat. With large breasts and curvy hips, she still had an hourglass figure that turned a man's head now and then.

She knew, too that the peek-a-boo effect of the shirt was alluring as it hung straight down from her nipples allowing an enticing glimpse of the bottom curve of her breasts and almost, but not quite covering the expanse of closely trimmed pubic hair. Almost, but not quite covering the cheeks of her ass as she moved around.

He had settled down on the couch as his legs had nearly buckled after cumming in her mouth that hard. Des sat near him, laying her hand on his thigh.

"I'm glad to see the attraction is still there for you, too. I'd always been afraid to mention that summer or ask if you still felt the same." She said. "I didn't want...I don't know....embarrass you or something."

"I've always remembered that summer. We shared something special. It felt as natural then as it does now." Doug replied reaching out to caress her neck. "I just wish we'd had some time alone at the last reunion or when you guys stayed with us in the city."

They talked about the reunion and caught up on news of their families. She had a new grandson and his oldest was going to graduate this year. Their parents' health and gossip about some of the more notorious cousins were mentioned and he filled her in on some of the business of the farm.

As they talked, their hands moved over each other gently. Their conversation stopped frequently for a kiss or a nuzzle. Soon, her mouth was working it's way around his neck and shoulders licking and nipping here and there and she started a downward journey over his chest, lingering over his nipples. She rubbed his thighs, grazing her fingertips against his balls and burrowing in the triangle of hair above his growing rod.

As much as Doug was enjoying the attention, he couldn't take it anymore. He had to touch her. He wanted to taste again the sweetness of her juices that he remembered from so long ago. With his hands on her shoulders, he pulled her back up to kiss her, working the shirt she was wearing off her shoulders and down her arms where she willingly abandoned it, letting it slip off her hands and onto the floor. Their tongues entwined in lustful abandon as he leaned her back on the couch. Her legs curved around him and his mouth started it's own journey. He cupped her tits, pushing them together and his tongue made a wet path down the cleavage and along the sensitive underside. Teasing the hard nipple with his tongue, he drew it into his mouth, stroking it with his tongue. Doing the same to the other large breast and continuing down the slight swell of her belly.

With his hands at her hips, he shifted her upward so his tongue could finally reach the slit of her lips. He parted them and licked along each side of her clit, teasing and exciting her as her hips lifted. At last, his mouth was at her opening. He felt the flow of her juices and lapped it up eagerly. Running his hands back up along her stomach, he caressed her tits and fondled the still hard nipples. Her hands ran through his hair, giving subtle guidance to his movements.

"Oh, yes", she groaned as she felt her ecstasy nearing it's peak. His tempo increased as her hips gyrated, pressing her mound into his tongue. As she came, her body spasmed and shook as she let out the gasp of breath she'd taken.

He moves up to kiss her passionately and share with her the sweet taste of her own desire. He runs the head of his cock over her swollen lips, slowly teasing, gently penetrating with just the head, turning wants into needs before he slowly enter the warm wetness with the full length of his throbbing cock as it disappears deep inside his heaven. He slowly moves and gyrates, trying to find that spot that will make her moan with pleasure. He stops, wanting to savor the moment and starts again, wanting to feel her cum on the whole length of his throbbing cock. He feels her tighten and slowly, sinking his cock in up to his balls, feels the flood. Hearing the pleasure coming from her throat and feeling the warmth of her cum, he starts to pump back and forth along the length of his cock, hearing how wet she is on every stroke.

His tempo increases with his urges and soon he feels the explosion of his climax as he fills her with his own juice. He holds his hips tight against her until the pulsating orgasm subsides then relaxes against her.

For both, this was the fulfillment of long held dreams and fantasies and they were content to lie in each others arms enjoying the quiet.

They laid together until the ringing of his phone stirred them. He was working this week and had to answer it. He usually had a long lull from mid-morning to early afternoon, but knew he'd be busy for a couple of hours now. After Des's mind cleared a bit, she realized she had to make the calls that being a wife and mother obligated her to so she called her husband to let him know she had arrived safely. She apologized for not calling sooner, and used the excuse that they'd been chatting and catching up.

As expected, both her daughters called shortly after. Sometimes Des resented the fact that it seemed like she was answerable to so many people and had little freedom of movement. It had taken the justification of paperwork concerning the transfer of the farm to make this trip up here. Overall, she had a good life that she wouldn't trade, but there were times she'd like to do what she wanted, go where she wanted without having to explain anything to anyone.

While Doug was working, she laid down to rest. She'd had an early start that morning to get to the airport and crossing zones had disrupted her circadian rhythms. She fell asleep pleasantly reliving the events of the day and the events of that summer so long ago.

At the sound of her even, relaxed breathing, Doug walked over to pull a blanket over her. There was still a chill in the air that she needed some protection from if she was going to get enough rest to bolster her stamina while she was here. As he looked at her, he was struck by how beautiful she was.

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