tagIncest/TabooBack to the Future Ch. 01

Back to the Future Ch. 01


Chapter One

My Name is Jamie and I am 18 years old. In the year 2025 my dad built a time machine. He had been a scientist for thirty years working on how man could travel through time. In the year 2020 he discovered that nuclear power could be used to send man into the past or future.

He built a car that when fuelled with nuclear power could beat the speed of light and time travel. Using an onboard computer the rider could enter the time and date that he wanted the machine to travel too. By pressing the nuclear ignition button it would launch the car through time.

It took my dad five years after the discovery to perfect the process and build the time machine. The first time he actually used the car to time travel he successfully went back in time to the day before. Then he started going on trips further back in time. Going back to his childhood and then to the old west and eventually he went back to witness the birth of Christ, A while later he actually went into the future, but he would never talk about what he had seen.

He wrote a book about time travel and how it should never be used to change history or for personal benefit and gain.

I lived with my mom and dad in southern California. Dad spent his whole life dedicated to his work. He would always be away from home or down in his lab working on his theories and then later on his time machine car. He took very little notice of my mom and seemed far more interested in his work than his wife.

My mom was the hottest woman in the neighbourhood. She was 5ft`7" tall with long brown hair and wonderful blue eyes. She had a slim body but with very large breasts. They hung pendulously from her chest and she often wore low cut tops and tight clingy t-shirts. She wore tight jeans that showed off her amazing ass. It was an ample size and jiggled slightly as she walked. In the summer she would wear short skirts and when she bent over I would try to catch a brief glimpse up her skirt. She would wear tiny thongs that would cling to her ass and cut right up her butt cheeks.

I had long fantasised about having sex with my mom. I would spend many nights jacking off my big thick cock while imagining her bent over in front of me with her ass ready to be pounded. Visions of her big fat tits would fill my mind as I shot my big powerful load.

My mom was now in her early forties but still had the body of a teenager, she was always being ogled by men in the street but my dad seemed to never notice her. He was so wrapped up in his work I don't think they hardly ever had sex.

One night, while dad was out late working in his lab, I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep. It was a very quiet night outside and the whole house was still and silent. I looked over to my clock and saw it was just before 1am. I suddenly heard a noise from my mom's room next door, I thought nothing of it and rolled over and shut my eyes.

A few seconds later I heard it again, this time I thought it sounded like a groan. Then I heard it again, It sounded like my mom was either in pain or maybe.....................

I got out of bed and walked over towards my bedroom door, it was pulled shut but not actually closed so I reached my hand around the handle and slowly and quietly pulled it towards me. When I had opened it wide enough to be able to put my head outside the door, I leaned out.

I listened for any noises coming from the room next door.

At first I could hear nothing but then an unmistakable sound. I heard my mom say

"Oh, fuck yes."

It was not too loud that it could be heard from my room but with my head outside of my open door and close enough to mom's door it was very clear to hear. I heard low moans and deep breathing followed by brief silences before I heard mom say

"Oh yes a nice hard cock."

I thought maybe dad had come home without me hearing him and they were fucking, so I very quietly crept back across my room to the window. Looking down I could see Dad's car was not on the driveway and the porch light that mom always left on for him was still switched on,

so I knew he had not come home.

I crept back across the room and silently put my head back outside the door. I could hear mom's moans getting louder and her breathing deeper. I heard her moan in a deep and throaty voice

"Oh fuck, yes fuck me."

I decided to take a risk and see what was going on.

While I could not hear anyone else's voice, could my mom fucking someone else?

I crept very slowly out of my room. The door to mom's room was only a few feet away. I tiptoed along to the door and got down on my knees. I could still hear mom moaning and her breathing was becoming very load. I brought my face closer to the keyhole in the door. All of the doors in the house had these keyholes but we never used the keys so they were always empty.

I had looked through the keyhole into the bathroom before but it was at the wrong angle to see the shower, so I had not been able to see my hot mom naked before, but now...

I looked through the keyhole and my heart immediately began to race. My breathing became heavy and I had to clench my teeth to stop me opening my mouth and gasping.

As I looked through the keyhole in my mom's door I could see her laid out naked on her bed. She had her legs spread high in the air and wide open. She had a big red dildo which she was sliding into her gaping pussy. I watched wide eyed as she moved her arm in between her legs, pumping the big toy inside herself. With every thrust she let out a deep moan of pleasure and kicked her legs wider apart. I could see her big tits laying heavy on her and drooping over the edge of her body. They shook and squeezed together as mom crossed her arms into herself so she could take the dildo with both hands.

I watched in amazement as my mom quickened the pace of her pumping the mighty dildo up herself. Her breathing was heavy and loud and she kept saying

"Oh yes, FUCK ME."

I felt my cock harden in my shorts as I watched my mom fucking herself. I took my shorts and yanked my cock out over the top of the waistband. I was rock solid hard and I gripped my tool tight and began to slide my hand up and down its long length.

Through the keyhole I saw my mom slide the dildo out of her pussy and slap it down on the bed. It was really big, about 10 inches and thick too. She lay there with her legs spread wide and her pussy pointing right at me. I had a perfect view of her. Her pussy was shaven and I could see through the keyhole at about 5 yards away that she was wet. Her pussy looked gleaming and juicy.

I so much wanted to run into the room and stick my tongue on it.

She was breathing heavy, just lying on her back when she brought her hand down between her legs and began to play with her clit. She used her other hand to grab her tit and pull it high up onto her chest before sliding her hand over the massive tit and pinching the hard erect nipple.

I kept jacking my big hard cock as I continued to spy her through the keyhole. I watched in awe as she plunged three fingers straight up her cunt and began pumping them in and out. Her groans of pleasure kept getting louder and deeper, as did her cries of

"Fuck me."

She flipped herself onto her side and then up onto her knees. Her ass was now pointed straight at me and her massive pendulous tits swung underneath her as she continued to slam her fingers up her wet pussy.

For the first time I could study my mom's naked ass. It was big and round, perfect in everyway. The skin looked tight and as smooth as silk. How I wanted to slam my thick hard cock right up her right now. There she was all alone, naked on her bed, shoving her fingers up her pussy, making her big tits swing below her and in a perfect position for me to walk in and ram my cock up her so hard she would pass out.

After several minutes of pumping her fingers up her pussy she took them out and reached out for the big red dildo that lay next to her on the bed. She took hold of it and brought it to her clit. I watched in eager anticipation as she held the dildo by its end and slapped the 10 inch length against her pussy. She began to really slap her pussy with the dildo, whacking it against her wide open pussy before sliding the whole length of it against the outside of her dripping wet pussy lips and against her clit.

My cock was so throbbing hard in my hand as I watched her through the keyhole slide the entire dildo back up her pussy. She remained on all fours with her ass pointed right towards me and the door. She moaned out,

"Fuck yes, give me that big fat cock."

I had never heard my mom use any sexual language like that before but it was making me so horny.

I kept pumping my mighty tool as I watched her pounding herself with the dildo.

With every deep thrust into her cunt, her massive tits bounced and swung underneath her, crashing into each other with a slapping sound that echoed around the whole room.

Several moments later she flipped herself back over and lay flat on her back. It was an incredible site to watch her big tits slap together and then crash down on her chest as she fell onto her back. She kept the dildo wedged up her pussy until she again took hold of the end and resumed pumping the mighty big red monster up herself.

I could feel my cock tighten and I knew a mighty big load was coming. I could not shoot all over the carpet outside of my mom's room so I pulled myself back until I was almost laying flat on the floor and I shot a huge load all over myself. Thick ropes of spunk shot out of my cock and landed on my well muscled chest. My abs were covered in my own cream. All the time I could hear mom still pumping herself with the dildo and could clearly hear her moaning out

"Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME with that big hard cock."

This made me orgasm even more intensely knowing that my mom was naked just a few feet away on the other side of that door, pounding herself hard with a 10 inch dildo.

I hardly recovered from shooting my own load when I heard mom cry out

"Oh fuck YES, I'm coming all over that thick juicy

hard cock."

I sat right up and looked back through the keyhole. She was fucking herself with even greater speed and intensity as she pushed every inch of the dildo up her pussy and squeezed her legs together to take it as deep as she could. She let out the loudest moan yet and flung her head forward off of the pillow. She shook and quivered as she almost yelled out


She gripped the dildo tight with both hands; I watched in utter amazement as she ripped the dildo from her pussy and actually squirted her pussy juices out onto the bed. I had never seen a woman squirt before but my mom's orgasm had been so intense she could not hold it all in her pussy I guessed.

She slowly came down and her breathing slowed, She took the dildo and brought it to her mouth, She ran her tongue along the length of it and then threw it onto the floor beside the bed. She laid spread out on the big double bed; her giant tits flopped on her chest and her gleaming wet pussy wide open from the huge pounding she had just given it.

I was still sitting on my knees outside her door with my eye pressed against the keyhole enjoying the view.

My cock was still semi hard in my hand and glistening with cum. My chest and stomach had large amounts of cum splashed across me and my breathing was still heavy.

I watched my mom as she sat up and pulled the covers over her. Her big tits crashed together with a loud slapping noise as she threw herself forward and then back down again. I heard her give out a loud satisfied groan as she lay her head down on the pillow and pulled the covers over herself.

I slowly and quietly got back to my feet and crept the few yards back to my door. I inched back inside and slowly pushed the door back to its shut but not quite closed position. I crept back over to my bed and gently got back under the covers, trying not to make any noise that might alert my mother that I had been up.

As I lay back down I reached to my bedside table and grabbed a tissue. I reached my hand under the covers and wiped my spunk from my chest and stomach. My cock was still gleaming and wet so I took it in my hand and dried it off too. Throwing the tissue to the floor I went through in my head the amazing sights I had just witnessed. The images of my mom fucking herself and saying all those things, Her big fat tits bouncing around and the loud slapping sounds as they crashed together.

The sight of her ass pointing right at me as she fucked the dildo up her pussy and that incredible sight of her squirting as she came.

My cock began to harden again as I relived what I had just seen. I finally fell asleep with images of my cock pounding my mom's pussy, filling my mind.

to be continued...

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