tagSci-Fi & FantasyBack to the Sea

Back to the Sea


Running through beached sea-weed and ocean debris meant that Orlaith tripped and slipped frequently, but she held her seal skin tight around her cold fists, frantically out-running her husband and crashing into the Atlantic swell.

As the second wave covered her head she was covered in her dark, warm ocean skin. Fluid and powerful she moved swiftly out to beyond the swell, and turned to see her husband flailing in the sea behind her. Turning again she saw her lover's large brown eyes sparkling under the moonlight.

Orlaith silently made her way to the boat swaying with the tide, and lying just off a headland.

As she approached she heard the rhythmic slapping of wet rope on wood.

With a swish of her tail she boarded the boat, and silently came to rest at her lover's feet...

Conall bent down and cradled her in his arms. The wetness of the sea clung to his shirt as he put his arms around her, to keep the wind from her wet skin.

'Mo Chroí' he whispered, and lifted her up, and carried her into the cabin, warm and dimly lit with yellow candles.

Orlaith looked into Conall's eyes, and slowly opened a fold in her seal skin. A glint of pink flesh appeared just under her chin, vivid against her dark sea coat. The strip of skin grew longer, exposing now her chest, then her naval.

While the wind whistled along the Atlantic coast, and wrapped around the dark wooden boat, inside, Conall and Orlaith only heard each others breathing.

Conall pulled his shirt away from his chest and unbuttoned it, gazing at Orlaith. She returned his gaze by staring at his skin, his nipples.

She wanted to reach up to him with her hand, but it was still wrapped in her seal clothes.

The strip of skin was now moving out across her belly, exposing her left hip, then one of her small firm breasts and then her shoulder.

She pulled her arm out from her seal coat and stretched it high, letting Conall admire its perfect and petite form.

Conall reached to her small, perfect hand, and brought it to his chest. He was smooth skinned and Orlaith loved to brush her fingers along his torso, often wondering if he was also related to the sea. She had known him as a boy, when he would accompany his father on the boat. Orlaith had watched him from the waves, her hazel eyes following his movements on deck. But that was a long time ago. A lot had passed, and she was glad that now she was safe and warm, caressing her lover in their secret love nest.

The bedroom was dark, but luxurious. It had not always been so, but Orlaith had added pieces of luxury here and there, and now the room made her feel comfortable and relaxed. The sheets were silk and the pillows full, fresh and light.

As her eyes followed her fingers across Conall's shoulders she felt her seal skin melt away from her face, like water moving down her features. Conall watched as her human face revealed itself, under her damp hair, half-covering her eyes. The dark skin fell from her shoulders and left her naked from the hips up. She lay back on the bed and raised her legs up to her breasts. Her legs always took longest to shed the seal coat, and she would only get full strength in them after a few hours.

Slowly, one of her legs started to emerge from the dark skin. She stretched it out, surprised at how fresh and new it seemed. Then she moved her second leg out from the seal skin and pointed it towards Conall.

He looked down at Orlaith and moved his hand on to her foot. Silently he knelt and kissed the its sole, then heel, then instep. She moved slowly in the bed, enjoying his gentle kisses.

Conall rose and her foot found a resting place in his crotch. She moved her toes gently, feeling his hard cock though his trousers. He grinned and pointed at a chest beside the bed. "I put all your little treasures in the box" he said. "Oh", Orlaith leaned over and opened the chest. It contained all her finest lingerie, as well as her jewelry, high heeled shoes, and of course her feather boas. She glanced at Conall, who grinned mischievously. "Well I know what you're like, and I like what you're like" he smiled.

Orlaith reached for her favorite necklace and fixed it around her neck. She pulled the feather boa from the chest and draped it on her tummy, trailing down around her legs.

She reached out her arm and Conall responded by reaching over and kissing her on the mouth. She moved her fingers through his hair and around his neck and shoulders. They kissed warmly, exploring each others necks, ears and faces. Orlaith tugged at Conall's clothes and quickly they were naked together.

Slowly Conall moved behind Orlaith, and kissed the top of her back and neck. She felt him pushing against her and slowly moved her bum around his groin. His hand caressed her hip and moved along her thigh. She raised her knee, causing his hand to slide down to her pussy. Conall caressed the mound of her pussy; gently teasing her hair. She looked across the room and realized that there was a mirror reflecting everything they were doing. She watched his hand move lower and slide along her lips. It was as if she was watching someone else, yet she could feel everything. Orlaith moved her hips to reveal more of her pussy to the mirror and raised her knee a little higher. Conall moaned, kissing her, and increased the pressure of his fingers against her lips until a finger sank in to the warmth, and then gently rocked in and out, up and down. Orlaith bit her lip.

Conall moved his finger away from her so that just the faintest pressure remained on her lips, moving up and around her clit. Her hips moved to guide his finger and she felt her ears becoming warmer.

Orlaith reached behind her and moved her hand from Conall's knee up to his thigh. She could feel the definition of his thigh muscles tighten as she moved higher. She let her fingers push into his balls and continue up to his shaft. She stopped there and increased the pressure around him. He felt solid and hot. Very slowly her hand moved higher and then returned to the base of his shaft. Barely moving yet using the pressure in her hands to feel her way.

Conall moved and brought himself up by his arm, causing Orlaith to move back and alongside him. She looked up into his blue eyes and brought her hand up to his hips, gently pressing against him to encourage him to move on to her. She heard herself breathe the word 'now'. He didn't need much encouragement and as she moved her leg under him she felt his shaft pressing down on to her clitoris. His balls brushed against her pussy lips and inner thigh, she brought her hands up along his hips, up his back and rested them on his strong shoulders. Conall moved back slowly and allowed his shaft to slide along her pussy, then, moved his weight forward and let the tip of his cock move into her. His foreskin moved back and let the head, exposed and hard, hot and crimson colored, move into her. He stopped momentarily, savoring the increase in temperature and taking in her beautiful eyes and slowly widening smile. Words were no longer appropriate, but the word 'now' was spoken again, much softer. The n was swallowed in her dry yet wet throat. All that escaped her mouth was 'ooow', ending with 'weh'. She repeated the sound as he moved rhythmically inside her, 'wehhh', quiet as a breath.

Conall pushed a little harder now and she moved in time with him, forcing him deeper, into warmer parts. She pushed her fingers into his shoulders and then released, moving around his face and neck. She lifted slightly in the bed as he continued pushing into her, and wrapped one leg around his back, the other around his legs, finding the space between his thighs and pulling him towards her.

They moved quicker now, and with more strength. Orlaith felt a heat in her chest that spread to her breasts. The feeling tingled and intensified as Conall brushed against her, their skin now becoming moist, warm, and slightly sticky. She reached up and tasted the salt on his neck.

As they continued on the sheets, with the warmth condensing on the small, wood framed windows, Orlaith could feel the warm and electric shivers that heralded an orgasm. She bucked and moaned under Conall, urging him to continue and flashing her eyes, serious now and unstoppable. His body responded to this intensity by running bursts of feeling down the back of his legs and around his groin. He stiffened and pounded into her as she exploded around his waist. Then they slowed, him still inside her, feeling the small spasms inside her, and tenderly they kissed.

The moon continued to rise about them and as it waned the two lovers were lying in each others arms, listening to nothing, but hearing the soft sounds of the sea around them. Dawn was not far away and the sea around them shone a dark blue shimmer, little troubled by gentle waves.

Orlaith looked out the window at the stars, and her thoughts moved away and back to her past. She remembered the night she had first seen her husband Cian, walking the beach at night. He had looked so troubled and distressed; she heard his words carried by the wind out to sea. As she swam towards him she began to feel a tenderness for him, and thought of how she might help him.

As the weeks passed she would often swim close to the beach and watch Cian working, or walking. He seemed to have no friends, no one visited his cottage. She decided she would visit him.

Hiding her seal skin amongst the rocks Orlaith picked her way towards the cottage early one morning. She found some trousers and Cian's shirt hanging in the yard and quickly put them on. Then she waited for him to appear.

When Cian opened the door he stopped and stared, surprised at the beauty standing before him. He never noticed that she was wearing his clothes, so captivated was he by her face and demeanor.

She stepped forward and put her hand to his face, and so their relationship started. Cian was happier than he had ever been. He worked productively and spent all his free time with Orlaith, in their cottage. Orlaith was happy too, and was glad to see such a change in Cian.

But as Cian's heart grew it also developed a fear that his happiness might leave him. Slowly but surely he began to distrust the joy he felt, and became fearful that it would end. He made excuses to keep Orlaith in the house and began searching for her seal skin. Orlaith was unaware of what Cian was doing, but began to notice that their love was growing strange.

When Cian found her seal skin he felt the joy of certainty and control. Now he could enjoy Orlaith as he wished. He swept into the cottage and told Orlaith that he had hidden the seal skin and that now they would be together forever.

At that moment, Orlaith's heart sank, and broke. She gazed on the nervous face of her husband, and noticed for the first time his strange grin. He seemed so alien to her and yet he now felt he had everything.

She took to walking the beach at night, complaining of headaches but furtively looking for her seal skin. Cian's cleverness was ill-judged. His hiding place was eroded by the movement of the sea, and in six months Orlaith's seal skin revealed itself from under the sand.

But that was in the past, now Conall was stirring, not far from waking up.

Orlaith let her fingers touch Conall's shoulders and moved them down to his back. He was on his side, and Orlaith gazed down from behind him, slowly moving her gaze to his buttocks. She placed her hand on the back of his thigh and squeezed gently. Twisting her hands slowly she pushed her slim finger between his legs, and moved down in the bed slightly to give herself more reach. Conall stirred slowly, dreaming sweet thoughts. Orlaith peered over his hip and saw her hand moving towards his warm balls. She caressed them, teasingly pulling at a stray hair. Conall's cock moved, thickening and becoming hard. Orlaith placed her hand around his cock and began to move in light strokes, up the shaft, then letting go, then starting from the base again.

Conall rolled onto his back, trapping her arm under his thigh. Orlaith looked up at Conall, He opened his eyes and saw, her face above his hard cock, her fingers placed on the head. "Hello" he said. Orlaith smiled, "breakfast, sir" she smiled, and kissed his cock lightly.

Conall thought of saying something witty, but words would not come. He rolled his head back, pushing his fingers through Orlaith's hair. She opened her mouth a little and pressed her lips around him, pausing before taking him into her mouth. She pushed her hands against his balls, pulsing her grip slightly. Her other hand gripped his buttocks, fingers pushing against his muscles.

Slowly moving up and down his shaft, letting her tongue drag against him, tasting him, Orlaith was lost in an intense emotional wave. Fully aware of the pleasure she was giving, was capable of giving, and of his acceptance of her, she felt every move his body made, her pussy wet and awake.

Conalls foot moved between her knees, and rode up to press against her pussy. The top of his foot was cool and sent an excited quiver up and down to her toes. Hungry now, she kissed his inner thighs, pushing her nose into his balls and then moving to his tummy, and back to his cock.

She looked up, cock in mouth, and caught Conalls stare. A broad smile formed on her face, and she rose up, letting his cock fall from her mouth. Orlaith moved on top, crawling onto his chest. She reached under her and positioned his cock on her lips. Before Conall could moan she sat down on him, stretching his foreskin back before rising up slowly and rhythmically moving her hips up and down. Her hands wrapped around Conall's wrists above his head. Her firm breasts hanging just out of reach of his mouth. She leaned forward and allowed her nipples to rest on his face.

Conall began thrusting involuntarily, primal and without doubts. He knew he would come soon. Orlaith knew it too and squirmed down on him, urging him to push her higher. He came without a sound, frozen under her. 'Oh, Conall, yes' she whispered in his ear, nibbling his hair, kissing his neck. Later, she thought, we'll do this again.

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