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Backdoor Training


You wrap me tenderly in the towel, even before grabbing another and wrapping it about your waist. You draw me closer to your broad chest as you move the soft material slowly over my body. Each stroke a lesson in torture. How can I need you so soon after that mind-blowing orgasm? But then again, I have not had you this night, not really.

I cannot stop the moan that escapes my lips. You look up and laugh, "Do we need to try some more orgasm denial to teach you a lesson in patience, kitten?"

I drop my eyes and shake my head, "No, sir."

"That's good to know, my love, because I've been looking forward to fucking your sweet ass all day." You turn me slowly in your arms. The towel makes small circles beginning at my shoulders and moving lower and lower. When you reach my tender bottom, you pat gently. I hear you moving about the bathroom but I keep my eyes down.

I feel the towel wrap about my hair as you squeeze the excess water from it. You brush it to one side as your lips and teeth move along the other shoulder. Your hands cup my breasts, kneading and squeezing until I am begging and pleading for more. But you carefully avoid the hard peaks.

I whimper as you pull back. I hear more shuffling, but I have complete faith that you will take care of all my needs. I jump as I feel something cold and slimy on the cheeks of my ass. But I do not have to wait long as your fingers begin to smear the substance, outlining each of your pink hand prints against my pale skin. "So beautiful," you whisper and my heart soars that I have pleased you once more.

Your fingers trail lower, tracing the crack between my cheeks. I hold my breath. I feel more of the cold liquid trailing down to meet the warmth of your fingers. Oh my god, I think. This is really happening. You are going to fuck my ass. I tighten automatically, but your other hand lands soundly against the already tender skin of my ass at the same moment that you sink your teeth deep into the sinewy flesh where my shoulder meets my neck.

I jump once more and you wrap the hand that administered my spanking around my waist, restraining me, holding me in place. My eyes flare open as I feel your thick finger pushing inside the dark tunnel. "So fucking tight, my pet. Even with all these weeks and weeks of preparation. The butt plugs have done next to nothing to stretch you for my cock."

I swallow convulsively at your words. Will I be able to do this? Can I really take all of your cock inside my back door? Fear grips my insides as dark memories of pain and humiliation assail me. You lay your face against my shoulder as you hold perfectly still inside of me. "Relax, baby. It won't be like that. I promise."

I breath deeply as I force my mind back from that place and my errant body to relax, to obey its master. "Good girl," I feel your hot breath caress the wet skin that now bears your mark of possession as surely as my bottom wears your marks of discipline. My nipples throb.

"Go and kneel on the end of the bed, my pet," I nod, knowing that this too is part of your plan. The anticipation that will border on fear will set my body alight even more than it already is.

"Yes, sir," I say as I walk naked from the bathroom into our bedroom. I bite my lip as I stare at the bed we share. How many nights of languorous love-making have we shared here? How many morning quickies to start the day off right?Now this. New and just a bit frightening adventure. This final sacrifice to my owner and master.

I slowly take my place at the foot of the bed. My knees are just inches from its edge. I assume the position of submission, my head down, my arms locked behind my back. And I wait. And wait. And wait. Each breath becomes that lesson in patience that you promised me.

My muscles tense as I listen for the slightest sound. I am tempted to lift my head and seek out your presence, but I know better. The burning in my bottom reminds me that my master might be loving and kind, but he is also just. I am not one of those bratty little girls that play at submission. I have waited a life time to gift my submission upon a man worthy of it. And I hold nothing back.

I hold nothing back, the words ricocheted through my mind like a benediction. Yes, I breath slowly. I hold nothing back from this man. My husband. My friend. My lover. And my Master. I force my mind back from the brink, replacing each fear, each worry that had me tense and uncertain with images of his care, his protection, his love.

The soft feel of your lips against mine the last memory of each day and the first greeting of the new. Your pride in my accomplishments, as a writer, a mother and a leader. Your strong arms wrapped about me, reassuring and protecting me in my darkest hour. I take cleansing breath after breath as I feel it all drain slowly from my body until I relax into my position, the one most natural to me. Submissive. Slave. Yours.

I smile as I feel the soft caress of your calloused hands across my shoulders. "Such a good girl," you whisper as you push my upper body down into the welcoming clouds of the quilt I had sewn. I feel the bed shift as you reach above me. Your hands lift my lower body as you position pillows beneath my hips. My body attempts to assert itself, my shoulders tightening into knots, but my mind forces it back to you, to this night, to this gift.

"That's it, my pet," you whisper as you mark a trail of chaste kisses down my back, lower and lower. I allow myself to float, my mind to free itself of all worries as I bask in your attention.

You reach my arms, still folded and crossed behind my back. You pause. "Open yourself for me, baby," you command in that rough, low voice that always does funny things to my stomach. My hands release their hold on my forearms as I reach lower, grasping one firm globe in each hand. They pull apart, opening me completely, for you.

"Good girl," you praise me once more as I feel your breath against the warm skin of my cheeks. You place more tender kisses on each one, moving closer and closer to the center.

Without warning, I feel your tongue pressed tight against my ass. It swirls around it like water circling the drain. Then you are there. Your tongue forcing me open just as your fingers had earlier. I moan, shocked at how sensitive it is. I push back against you, but my disobedience is greeted with another sharp slap to my inner thigh this time.

I force myself to remain still as you lick, suck and nibble at my asshole like you have so many times with my pussy and clitoris. The same warmth begins to spread across my lower abdomen. And I realize that I am fast approaching an orgasm. I wonder how that is possible from just this as I feel my cream begin to leak down my inner thigh towards the bed.

But I do not have your permission to speak, or to come. I bite my lip and focus on holding it back. I cannot come without your permission. My body knows this, but it is confused by these new sensations, finding it hard to fight what seems so natural.

I whimper as I feel the cool air invade the puckered hole. "I want you to come for me, pet. Come all over my tongue while I eat this sweet ass. Then I'm going to fuck it. Hard. Deep. Fast."

My heart beat increases with each word you speak. I find it almost impossible to even breath. Then warm wetness of your tongue is once more upon me. I clutch the quilt tightly between my fingers until they turn my white. My toes curl. Every muscle in my body tenses and releases rhythmically. I bury my face in the bed to keep from crying out. The sensation seems to go on and on forever.

Then my muscles begin to relax. I collapse against the pillows beneath my hips, unable to hold myself upright any longer. I close my eyes as I feel your hands gripping my hips, drawing me back. I jump a bit as something cold dribbles down my ass and leaks inside my open hole, but you hold me firmly in place.

"Now, pet," you murmur in that voice as I feel you surge forward, pressing your hard length into me. I can feel the after-shocks as my pussy and ass continue to squeeze and release. As it begins to relax once more, you push in hard. I tense and moan, but you do not stop. My bottom is on fire as your cock invades it, stretched and burning.

"Oh god, kitten, you feel perfect," you purr as you bottom out inside of me. I feel your balls caressing my clitoris. The stiff hairs brushing against the still throbbing bud. You hold perfectly still as my hole stretches around your thick shaft.

My mind grasps onto your words of praise, repeating them like the chorus of a popular song. My breathing slows once more. I feel my muscles begin to relax, the burning lessens a bit. It is still there, but not as overwhelming as before.

You begin to move. Slowly at first. Pulling back just an inch at a time. Slow, shallow thrusts that seem to lull the burning pain into a gentle acceptance of your invasion. "That's right, pet. Relax. Open for me," you mutter as your hands caress my back tenderly.

I close my eyes once more and follow your instructions. I concentrate on my bottom. My mind bends my flesh to your will as I feel the passage way relax. I imagine it opening like the tender petals of a morning glory unfurling before the soft early morning sunshine. I push back against you and my efforts are rewarded with a low moan.

"That's it muffin. Fuck my hard cock with your sweet ass. Take me deeper, baby," you plead.

I find a rhythm that matches my pulse and begin to rock my hips back and forth, taking your cock all the way inside of me, then slowly retreating. First just an inch or so, but as the tempo increases more and more of your shaft slips from my tight ass until at last it is just the thick head that remains inside the tight ring of muscles.

I hold still enjoying the new sensations. But that is not what you want. Your hands that have been caressing my back move once more to my wide hips. Your fingers dig into my soft flesh until I feel your nails cutting into my skin. Then you slam fully into me once more. Taking what is yours. Claiming this final victory.

The pain is back, but this time it is laced with the same sweet pleasure that I feel as your had or belt spank my ass, thighs, back or even tits. I catch your rhythm this time, dancing this erotic duo with you as slam harder and faster into me. I can hear the slight hitch to your breathing. I recognize that you are close. On the next stroke, I use my muscles to squeeze the head of your cock as you withdraw. "Fuck," you curse as you slam back inside of me.

Your balls slap against my clitoris and it is more than I can take. Each stroke seems to rub against that magic bundle of nerves. Your sack on my clit. The head of your cock against my g-spot from the other side. The sensations are intense. Too intense. My orgasm takes me by surprise as I feel you slamming harder and faster instead of me.

I hear you moan a moment before I feel the hot fluid filling my ass. Your fingers bruise my hips as you continue to thrust inside of me for several long moments. My orgasm milking your cock of its own. After a time you still, your cock still half hard in my hole.

"I did not give you permission to come, slut," you punctuate your words with another slap to my round bottom. You thrust deeper into me and my body ripples around your length in another after-shock. "I think your ass needs training the same way I did your cunt and clit. What do you say? Nothing but me fucking this sweet asshole until you learn to control yourself like my good girl should?"

I moan softly in both anticipation and still a touch of fear. "Whatever pleases you, Sir," I whisper.

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