tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBad, Bad Thing Ch. 04

Bad, Bad Thing Ch. 04


A/N--If you are Catholic, or easily offended, or both, maybe you should proceed with caution.

Buffy was not interested in Confession. At all. She wasn’t interested in church either. Most Sundays, you could find her still in bed, recovering from a night of drinking, dancing, smoking, and more often than not, fucking. But, she heard that the new priest was very hot, and even if she couldn’t touch, she was very interested in looking.

She caught a glimpse of him before he scurried into the booth, and that was just enough to whet her appetite. He looked good. Far too good to be a priest of all things. He should have been an actor, or a model—a nude model. Buffy didn’t do anything the day she saw him, but resolved that she would be back as soon as possible.

Buffy dressed carefully for the confession. She didn’t want to look too slutty. Accessibility was the key. Keeping that in mind, she didn’t bother with panties, and her skirt was very short indeed. It never occurred to her that Father William would reject her, what man could? Even a celibate man wouldn’t be able to resist her charms for long.

Buffy wasn’t a particularly beautiful girl, or even a sexy girl. But she was pretty and confident, and had a take-charge attitude that most men found extremely luring. The key was how you carried yourself, and Buffy carried herself like a sex goddess.

Buffy was relieved to see that it was a slow day, and there was only one person beside her waiting for confession. She graciously let the other man go before her, and before long, it was her turn.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It’s been 8 years since my last confession.”

“Continue my child.”

Oooooh, British!

She cleared her throat. “I have had sex, several times with several different men. Are the details necessary?”

“I…uh…believe they are.”

“When I was 17, I went parking with my boyfriend. He was my first. I took his hard cock out of his pants and put it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it until he was begging me not to stop. Do you know what I did?”


“Well, it was very naughty,” she confided.

“You must tell me.”

“I put his cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat. I pumped my head hard and fast until he came, and I swallowed every single drop.”

“Was that all you did?”

“Oh no,” Buffy breathed. “He flipped me over, and I hiked my skirt up and wrapped my legs around his neck…”

Father William gasped and Buffy smiled with triumph. “Are you ok, Father?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. Please continue.”

“He started by thrusting his tongue into pussy, over and over. He thrust slow, and fast. While I was begging him to keep going, he…well, Father, you’ll never guess what he did.”

“I don’t suppose I can…”

Buffy lowered her voice to a whisper. “He shoved his finger up my ass. Do you know what I did Father? I asked him to use two.”

“Well, yes, that was very…sinful.” Buffy delighted to hear how flustered he was. “You should do 30 Hail Marys and…”

“But Father,” Buffy protested. “I’m not even half done.”

“I believe that I have a good idea of what you have done.”

“Oh no, Father. Not at all. But I don’t think I can tell you anymore. Are you ok in there, Father William?”

“Quite alright, thank you. Now, as I was saying…”

“I think it would be easier to show you.”

“What?” The priest exclaimed.

“It would be easier to show you,” Buffy repeated. “Then to try to explain everything?”

“No, I think you better…”

“Leave? But I want to be absolved of my sins, Father.”

“You’re forgiven…”

“Oh, that’s very kind of you Father William, let me show you my appreciation.”

Buffy had him cornered and she knew it. Before he could even think of fleeing the booth, Buffy was joining him. “Shhhh,” she whispered. “Don’t make any noise.”

William couldn’t make any noise if he wanted to. He was completely stunned, his face a violent shade of scarlet, his throat dry and closed. He didn’t try to push her away when she shut the door behind her, and he didn’t pull away when she covered his mouth with hers.

“Oh Father William, I’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“Have you?”

Buffy was more than a little surprised to hear that his voice was not as shaky as he looked. He looked as though he was completely shocked and unnerved, but he sounded as though the whole situation was his idea. Buffy hesitated slightly, but then forged forward.

“Yes, yes I have.” Buffy grabbed him through his clothes, and was thrilled to see how hard and large he was. Oh yes, this certainly was a good idea.

She fumbled through his clothes until he was finally bobbing freely, already dripping with his excitement. She wasted no time in getting on her knees, and she looked as though she was about to offer herself in prayer. When she wrapped her lips around the priest’s cock, he hissed with pleasure.

Buffy was merrily sucking Father William off when someone entered the adjacent room.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

With carefully measured words and tone, William asked “How long since your last confession?”

“It’s been five days father. I have committed a sexual sin.”


Buffy swirled her tongue around his head with gusto, and he buried his hand in her hair, grasping the back of her head, holding her down.

“I cheated on my wife with my secretary.”

“5 Hail Marys,” William forced out. Buffy relaxed her throat, and took his full length into her mouth. She looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes and batted her lashes.


“Ten. Ten Hail Marys. God be with you, my child.” She cupped his balls and massaged them gently and slowly with one hand. With the other hand, she gripped his dick and rubbed it in conjunction with her bobbing head.

“That’s not all, Father. I cheated on my income tax.”

“Do you feel genuinely sorry?” Her finger began to rub the sensitive area just under his scrotum and he gritted his teeth, using all his strength to keep from moaning.

“Yes, I’ll never do it again.”

“Then you are forgiven. Is there anything else?”

“No, thank you Father.”

She increased her tempo. With his free hand, he gripped his seat so tightly that his knuckles turned white. He felt himself inching to orgasm. He was so close, and yet he just needed one little thing to push him over the edge.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.” There it was. As he heard the oft-repeated and familiar phrase, he shot his load into the back of her throat. “It’s been 3 weeks since my last confession.”

Buffy sat back on her heels and wiped her face, the wicked gleam still in her eyes. “Take a break,” she murmured. He rushed through the confession of his faithful follower, and sent him away as quickly as possible.

He ducked his head out the side door and checked to make sure the coast was clear, and then the two of them ducked into his private rectory. He pushed the large Bible off of his desk, too insane with lust to even care, and she sat on the edge, her skirt high around her hips.

She smiled coyly, then opened her legs. Throughout the whole encounter, she gave off the air of innocence, as though it wasn’t really her sucking his dick and spreading her legs. She laid back on the large, oak desk and he stepped in between her knees. He was already hard again, and she was more than ready for him. The smell of her desire wafted between them, and William thought idly that he would have to air out the room.

Father William slid into Buffy smoothly, and she thrust her hips up in invitation. William initially tried to move slowly, but he could hear people gathering outside. One person even knocked on the door as William drove into her.

“Who is it?” All things considered, his voice was surprisingly even.

“Father William? Isn’t it confession time?”

“I’ll be right out! Something came up.”

“Is everything ok?”

Buffy reached down and played with her clit, her hazel eyes smoldering and partly covered by drooping lids. She moaned his name softly, and clenched her muscles around her.

“Oh God, yes.”

“What was that?”

“Everything is ok,” William’s voice was high and breathy now. “I’ll be right out!”

Buffy moved her finger faster and wrapped her legs around him tighter. She was going to come soon, if only he would…William repositioned himself slightly and then thrust harder. That was it. That was literally hitting the spot, and Buffy had to bite her hand to keep from screaming out.

Under the watchful eyes of the saints and Jesus himself, they dragged each other to climax, crying and shaking. They tensed and let the sharp pleasure paralyze their muscles for endless seconds before they both collapsed on the desk

“Bless me Father,” Buffy murmured, “For I have sinned.”

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